These 31 Short Shaggy Haircuts Are The Secret To Making Fine Hair Look Thicker And More Gorgeous

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Written by Rachel Miller

Updated: March 31, 2024

Short shaggy haircuts make a grand statement. But, especially for fine hair, these styles do wonders, like giving fullness, volume, body, and texture. 

If you need a new “do” packed with style and personality, the short and shaggy cut might be for you. Get inspired with our list of stylish short and shaggy haircuts for fine hair.

feathered bob

Suitable for almost any hair texture, a feathered bob with an undercut is a fashionable cut that shows off your bold and fearless side. The shaggy top layers allow for much more movement while offering lots of bounce and body for fine hair. 

#2. Asymmetrical Shaggy Pixie

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The avant-garde asymmetrical pixie cut brings a new look to a classic haircut. The asymmetry brings a modern and playful touch to the look, while the shaggy layers offer lots of texture and volume to finer hair.

#3. Inverted Bob Shag with Face-Framing Layers

Inverted Bob Shag with Face Framing Layers

The inverted bob shag with face-framing layers cut combines two trendy looks to give fine hair everything it needs to look its best. Volume, texture, shape. Everything. And the face-framing layers are the cherry on top.

#4. Platinum Blonde Shaggy Pixie

Platinum Blonde Shaggy

For something as vivacious as it is voluminous, look no further than a platinum blonde shaggy pixie. A chic take on the bold platinum pixie, the textured, shaggy layers bring a slightly softer and more playful vibe.

#5. Angular Shag Cut with a Deep Side Part

Angular Shag Cut with a Deep Side Part

If asymmetry is your look, the angular shag cut with a deep side part is the style for you! Nothing adds drama like asymmetry, which is exactly what this cut does with the angular cut and deep side part. Then, the shaggy layers give the style that perfectly undone look.

#6. Pixie Shag with Micro Bangs

Pixie Shag with Micro Bangs

Get the “Lily Collins” look with a stylish pixie shag with micro bangs. This contemporary cut is perfect for fine hair, only giving the body where you need it and shaggy texture everywhere else.

#7. Short Shag with Tapered Nape

Short Shag with Tapered Nape

If you’re looking for something stylish but easy to manage, look no further than a short shag with a tapered nape. This cut takes the feathered pixie and adds even more visual interest in the back. Plus, the tapered nape means the only part you need to worry about is the top.

#8. Blunt-Cut Shag with Jagged Ends

Blunt Cut Shag with Jagged Ends

Jagged ends bring just a touch of chaos to the bodacious blunt-cut shag. It creates an exciting, edgy look that’s perfect for giving fine, wavy hair a much-needed boost with some added pizazz.

#9. Shaggy Mullet with Wispy Strands

Shaggy Mullet with Wispy Strands

Channel all of the 70’s vibes and add a modern twist with a shaggy mullet complete with wispy strands that give this grunge-esque look a soft twist. Plus, it gives finer hair a whole lot of texture and height.

#10. Lavender-Hued Shaggy Bob

Lavender Hued Shaggy Bob

Give your hair a total transformation with a bold cut and color. A shaggy bob is the perfect short haircut to give thin hair layers for texture and movement with an angled cut for added visual interest. The lavender hues give the whole look a fashionable finishing touch.

#11. Stacked Bob Shag with Piecey Layers

Stacked Bob Shag with Piecey Layers

The stacked bob shag is another hot take on a classic short haircut. The stacking at the back creates the illusion of thicker, fuller hair, while the piecey layers give it a bold, modern touch. Style daily with a round brush and blow dryer to achieve that perfect stacked look.

#12. Curtain Bangs Shag Cut

Curtain Bangs Shag Cut

For that effortlessly edgy “Joan Jett” rockstar vibe, try a shag cut with face-framing curtain bangs. The shaggy layers add volume and dimension to fine pin-straight hair and give wavy hair more body for enhanced wave texture, while the bangs highlight all the right facial features.

#13. Curly Pixie Shag with Volume at the Crown

Curly Pixie Shag with Volume at the Crown

If you want something short but want to keep your curls, go for a curly pixie shag with some added volume at the crown for a little extra volume. Pixie cuts can make even the curliest hair manageable. And, with added flair from the shaggy top, you still get to keep some of that lovely length.

#14. Shaggy Pixie with Swoop Bangs

Shaggy Pixie with Swoop Bangs

Nothing adds drama to a hairstyle like texturized side-swept bangs. And when you pair it with a bold style like the layered shaggy pixie cut, you get a look with an undeniable enigma that will get compliments wherever you go.

#15. Two-Tone Shaggy Bob

Two Tone Shaggy Bob

A two-tone shaggy bob is a head-turner with a dash of playful charm. Having a combination of colors adds depth and interest, while the messy bob cut brings volume and texture, enhancing the colors even more.

#16. Textured Pixie with Long Sideburns

Textured Pixie with Long Sideburns

Next up, we have a style with everything a grungy gal could want in a hairstyle. It’s sleek, low-maintenance, and oh-so-edgy. The textured pixie cut gives fine hair everything it needs for effortless style. And the long sideburns give the whole look that extra grunge rocker vibe.

#17. Salt-and-Pepper Shaggy Crop

Salt and Pepper Shaggy Crop

If you’re embracing your gray hair but refuse to sacrifice style, try a salt-and-pepper messy crop cut. The shaggy crop is a chic, low-maintenance look that enhances your salt-and-pepper look, with the shaggy layers giving you a youthful edge.

#18. Layered Short Shag with Baby Bangs

Layered Short Shag with Baby Bangs

Choose a layered short shag haircut with baby bangs to achieve a youthful style. The baby bangs will beautifully frame your forehead, while the layered shag will add dimension and volume to your hair. To achieve a sleek finish, you can use a flat iron. This hairstyle is perfect for those who love a style that exudes playfulness.

#19. Disheveled Shaggy Pixie

Disheveled Shaggy

The disheveled shaggy pixie cut is ideal for those who want an effortlessly chic “bedhead” kind of style. This disheveled can give the flattest, finest, straightest hair texture and body, but it can really work on any hair texture.

#20. Voluminous Pixie Shag with Undercut

Voluminous Pixie Shag with Undercut

If your pixie cut is looking a little “bleh,” shake it up with some voluminous shaggy layers and an undercut. This style draws a visual line for eyes to follow, starting with the full and texturized top layers with a super-short undercut that peeks out at the bottom for visual contrast. 

#21. Bob-Length Shag

Bob Length Shag with Curls

If you want body and volume for your curls, but you’re not ready to let go of your length, the bob-length shag provides the perfect compromise. This cut puts oomph into finer curls, sometimes weighed down by too much length, which enhances the curls while still having long, luscious locks.

#22. Silver Fox Shaggy Pixie

Silver Fox Shaggy

The stylish silver fox pixie with shaggy layers is a fantastic choice for embracing your natural silver hair while showing your wild side. This youthful cut is super-easy to style and gives fine, aging hair a much-needed boost. 

#23. Tapered Shaggy Bowl Cut

Tapered Shaggy Bowl Cut

If nostalgia is the name of your game, we have something for you! The tapered shaggy bowl cut brings your look all those 90s vibes, but the tapered back gives it a sleek and modern twist. One thing’s for sure. This isn’t your mom’s kind of bow cut.

#24. Short Shag with Chunky Highlights

Short Shag with Chunky Highlights

Another shaggy cut that features some nostalgia, the short shag with chunky highlights gives all of those Y2K vibes. Style, texture, body, and contrast–this cut’s got it all. All in all, it’s the perfect short and shaggy haircut to relive that era!

#25. Shaggy Pixie with a Hidden Undercut

Shaggy Pixie with a Hidden Undercut

Bold yet approachable: three words that describe the shaggy pixie with a hidden undercut. The iconically bold pixie cut gets a softer look with shaggy layers, while the hidden undercut adds a playful finishing touch to the whole look.

#26. Curly-Q Shag with Blonde Tips

Curly Q Shag with Blonde Tips

Hey, curly girls! We’ve got you! The Curly-Q shag gives any kind of curls more bounce and volume while still keeping length and layers. The blonde tips bring more brightness to your face and give your curls a beautiful sunkissed glow.

#27. Wet Look Shaggy Pixie

Wet Look Shaggy

Nothing says “sleek and chic” like the wet look, particularly on a flashy cut like the shaggy pixie. The shaggy layers give you texture, edge, and unlimited styling options. The only downside to this style is that it will require a lot of product.

#28. Blunt-Shaggy Pixie with Subtle Highlights

Blunt Shaggy Pixie with Subtle Highlights

If you want something natural-looking and effortlessly beautiful, a modern blunt-cut shaggy pixie with subtle highlights is the perfect style for you. The highlights, while toned-down, give your hair even more texture, so the cut can focus on turning up the volume!

#29. Half-Shaved Shaggy Bob

Half Shaved Shaggy Bob

Bring out your inner rockstar with a confident cut like a half-shaved shaggy bob. This style takes a classic bob, gives it an edgy twist with layers, and the half-shaved head cranks that up full blast. To sum it up, absolutely iconic.

#30. Shaggy Pixie with Mini Mohawk

Shaggy Pixie with Mini Mohawk

Give your look all that punky pizazz and more with a shaggy pixie cut complete with a mini mohawk. The mini mohawk takes a texturized shaggy pixie cut  to the next level, giving it a voluminous focal point guaranteed to garner attention everywhere. 

#31. Short Shag with Elongated Front

Short Shag with Elongated Front

Hey, gamer girls. Did you think we’d forget about you? Heck no! A short shag sets the scene for the asymmetrical flair that an elongated front gives. This style is virtually perfect, providing even the finest hair with all of the volume, drama, and style it needs with minimal product.

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