27 Wolf Cuts for Short Hair With SERIOUS Wow Factor

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Written by Rachel Miller

Updated: April 12, 2024

Are you looking for a short style to help you embrace your wild side? Does your flat, boring hairstyle need some new life? What you need is a short wolf cut!

The wolf cut brings a vintage vibe, similar to the shag, but with much more delicate layers. These layers give any hair type the volume and texture it needs to give your hair a serious wow factor. 

However, before we make any rash decisions, we wanted to make sure a wolf cut was the perfect fit, so we reached out to Asil Simsek, the owner of NYC Balayage, as well as a hair influencer and TRUSS Professional Ambassador.


Meet The Expert

Asil Simsek is the owner of NYC Balayage, as well as a hair influencer and TRUSS Professional Ambassador.

He spilled all the tea on wolf cuts, telling us, “The wolf cut is known for its edgy and effortlessly cool vibe, making it a popular choice among those seeking a modern and versatile haircut.” 

“It’s more of a shaggy, layered look and often features shorter layers on top that gradually blend into longer layers towards the bottom,” Simsek tells us.

“The cut typically has textured ends, giving it a slightly messy, undone look that resembles the shaggy appearance of a wolf. The style can vary in length, with some versions featuring shorter, chin-length layers, while others have longer layers that extend to the shoulders or beyond.”

Sleek Bob Wolf Cut

The sleek wolf-bob is a high-profile hybrid of two trendy haircuts. The wolf bob blends the structured style of the classic bob with the edgy texture of the wolf cut for a sophisticated and slightly unrefined style. This haircut is also ideal for thick hair that needs extra lightweight volume and texture but could work well on any density.

#2. Tight Curled Wolf Cut

Tight Curled Wolf Cut

If you’re looking to give your natural texture a dramatic edge? Go for a tight-curled wolf cut. The short layers create vivacious volume and texture to enhance your natural curl pattern while creating fuller-looking hair. And best of all? This cut makes styling a breeze.

#3. Side-Swept Wolf Cut

Side Swept Wolf Cut

Do you love the modern edgy aesthetic? You’ve got to get a side-swept wolf cut! This trendy take on the wolf cut is asymmetrical, with the layers focused on one side for extreme texture and volume for a punchy contemporary flair that can revive the finest hair.

#4. Undercut Wolf Cut

Undercut Wolf Cut

The undercut wolf cut is an energetic combination of the wolf cut’s wild layers and the undercut’s raw edge. Plus, the buzzed sides give the illusion of even more volume. And all while providing an undeniably avante-garde aesthetic.

#5. Angular Wolf Cut

Angular Wolf Cut

An angular wolf cut is the perfect way to get all the trendy texture and volume of the classic wolf cut much more softly (to fit your aesthetic better). The angled lines frame your face but give a much easier movement for a sophisticated touch.

#6. Wolf Cut with a Tapered Nape

Tapered Nape Wolf Cut

If you love polished and pristine looks but want to add some punchy personality, go with a short wolf cut with a tapered nape. Besides the texture and body the wolf cut is known for, this style also creates iconic shape and structure, amplified by the tapered nape. 

#7. Long-Front Wolf Cut

Long Front Wolf Cut

If you love those Joan Jett vibes, you need a long-front wolf cut. This retro and edgy style brings all the rocker-chick texture and volume of the classic wolf cut with longer layers in the front to create a charming curtain-like frame for your face.

#8. Slicked Back Wolf Cut

Slicked Back Wolf Cut

Keep things sleek and simple with a slicked-back wolf cut. This high-profile hairstyle is perfect for a balance of untamed layers from wolf cut. But they’re toned down and smoothed out by the slicked-back style for something a bit more polished. 

#9. Choppy Layered Wolf Cut

Choppy Layered Wolf Cut

The choppy-layered wolf cut brings a bolder and more contemporary vibe than the classic wolf cut. Choppy layers give a chic twist to the dynamic wolf cut, adding even more body and texture for a slightly tousled effect, even for pin-straight and fine hair.

#10. Wolf Cut with Razor Sharp Edges

Wolf Cut with Razor Sharp Edges

Looking for something with a feisty personality? A wolf cut with razor-sharp edges is exactly what you need! The razor-sharp edges shake up the classic layering, giving even more texture with all the volume and body you need. Plus, this haircut works on thin and thick hair!

#11. Graduated Wolf Cut

Graduated Wolf Cut

The graduated wolf features shorter back layers and longer front layers for an angular edge that brings a modern version of volume, dimension, and movement to any hair type but is best for reviving thin hair

#12. Wolf Cut with a Micro Fringe

Micro Fringe Wolf Cut

A short wolf cut with a micro fringe blends grungy and chic for a super-trendy style. The wolf cut gives you all the layering for bold volume and exuberant texture. Then, the micro bangs give the look a fashion-forward charm.

#13. Fluffy Wolf Cut

Fluffy Wolf Cut

Need to lighten up your thick hair? Go for a fluffy wolf cut with lightweight layering to bring a soft and airy texture to your style, breathing life into heavy and thick hair. Plus, this short wolf cut makes styling easier!

#14. Wolf Cut with Disconnected Layers

Disconnected Layer Wolf Cut

If you’re into the punky aesthetic, you’ll love the wolf cut with disconnected layers. The choppy, uneven layering brings an artistic edge, enhancing the modern look of this cut, all while offering the bold texture and body the wolf cut is known and loved for.

#15. Sculpted Wolf Cut

Sculpted Wolf Cut

If you love clean and polished looks with a personalized twist, you need to try a sculpted wolf cut. The contemporary layering brings precision and refinement to an otherwise untamed look, giving this modern cut an elegant flair.

#16. Boxed Wolf Cut

Boxed Wolf Cut

Need to revive your thin and fine hair? We’ve got the perfect do for you! The boxed wolf cut features square layering that brings the illusion of more volume and body from root to tip, all while adding irresistible texture. And the square layers are great for highlighting square face shapes.

#17. Wolf Cut with a Voluminous Crown

Crown Voluminous Wolf Cut

Does your hair need an extra lift? Go for a wolf cut with a voluminous crown. The layering focuses at the top, near the crown, so even the finest and thinnest hair can get full-bodied volume. 

#18. Soft Blunt Wolf Cut

Soft Blunt Wolf Cut

The soft-blunt wolf cut is a gentler take on the edgy wolf cut. If you have wavy hair, this style is especially effective in creating soft movement, with the blunt-cut layers enhancing your natural texture for a tousled effect.

#19. Mohawk Inspired Wolf Cut

Mohawk Inspired Wolf Cut

If you love all things bold and edgy, you need a mohawk-inspired wolf cut. These combined cuts create contrasting textures for a high-impact style with a confident and creative look, especially in a vibrant color. 

#20. Pin-Straight Wolf Cut

Pin Straight Wolf Cut

If you love the clean and tidy look of your straight hair but want to add just a bit more life to it, the pin-straight wolf cut is your new do! The gentle layering gives soft volume and movement, making this wolf cut perfect for straight, sleek looks. And best of all? It’s totally low-maintenance.

#21. Curled Under Wolf Cut

Curled Under Wolf Cut

Are you looking to give your hair a tousled texture? Go for the curled-under wolf-cut. The layers provide inward movements for full-bodied volume and a tousled effect that only takes minutes to style.

#22. Piecey Wolf Cut

Piecey Wolf Cut

Is avant-garde your aesthetic? You’d love a piecey wolf cut! This punchy look features piecey layering for a shaggy look that enhances any hair type, bringing maximum volume and lively texture. And all while giving your style a creatively chic charm.

#23. Retro Wolf Cut

Retro Wolf Cut

The retro wolf cut is a fab fusion of old and new. This cut blends the modern look of the classic wolf cut with a mullet-inspired charm. This layering creates flipped ends for an effortlessly vintage vibe, all while keeping the newer wolf cut’s timeless charm. 

#24. Undercut Pixie Wolf Cut

Pixie Undercut Wolf Cut

An undercut-pixie wold cut is a triple threat trend that combines three striking styles. The undercut’s grungy contrast moves up to the punchy pixie’s shape that features the wolf cut’s famous layering. Together, this trio creates a style that screams confidence and is easy to style.

#25. Spiky Top Wolf Cut

Spiky Top Wolf Cut

If you love the wolf cut but want to add a punk-inspired twist, look no further than a spiky-top wolf cut. This grungy twist on the classic cut brings even more volume, texture, and definition to your hair through spiky top layers.

#26. Textured Wavy Wolf Cut

Textured Waves Wolf Cut

Hey, all you wavy ladies! The textured wavy wolf cut is for you! This version of the wolf cut is just for your beautiful waves, designed to give them a texturized beachy twist through shaggy layering that enhances your natural texture for an effortless beach babe look. 

#27. Wolf Cut with Razor-Cut Ends

Razor Cut Ends Wolf Cut

Bring a sharp and chic flair to your look with a wolf cut with razor-cut ends. These fine-pointed cuts create more depth and definition in your hair (beyond the layering we know and love the wolf cut for), giving it an extra edgy and super-stylish charm. 

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