These 54 Trending Wolf Haircut Ideas Are The Ultimate Inspiration For Your Next Hair Transformation

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Written by Rachel Miller

Updated: April 19, 2024

The wolf haircut. Never heard of it? Then, let me proudly introduce you to this awesome haircut—otherwise known as the idyllic blend of the mullet and the shaggy haircut. While the wolf haircut initially crept up in the mid-2000s thanks to several K-pop bands from South Korea, the style has quickly gained traction and is now one of the hottest haircuts for this year.

If you’re one of those women who just can’t decide between a mullet or a shag haircut, then the wolf haircut might be right for you. Not only are wolf haircuts the best of both worlds, but they’ll give your locks a much-needed boost in the dimension department, thanks to all those layers. From thin-haired beauties looking for volume to thicker-haired babes who want some awesome color combos and looks, our comprehensive list has everything you’re looking for.

magnific sBJ4irsvnhEwYA3ilnTx Auburn Shag with Face Framing Layers

The auburn shag with face-framing layers is a definite front-runner for your next fall-friendly look. With this look, you can embrace a warm yet enticing hair color that can be seen for miles while face-framing layers draw attention to those lovely cheekbones.

#2. Beachy Waves on Mid-length Shag

magnific cNYsWROpoPnUnPlOKDEg Beachy Waves on Mid length Shag

Mid-length shags already have a cute and casual appeal to them, but you can enhance the carefree vibe with some beachy waves. Use your favorite texturizing spray and your hands to scrunch up your locks. 

#3. Platinum Blonde Razor-Cut Shag

magnific UDbctDUBJH6cmjBIWwnZ Platinum Blonde Razor Cut Shag

Rebel babes who aren’t afraid to be the center of attention will love this look. Start by chopping your locks into a razor-cut shag, which already emits edgy vibes. Then, throw in some platinum blonde hair color for a daring, eye-catching finish.

#4. Black Wolf Cut with Silver Streaks

magnific 8p7jpIbffXuoybc295ls Black Wolf Cut with Silver Streaks

This hairstyle really puts the “wolf” in “wolf cut.” Playing heavily on the mullet side of things, this look is already daring and cool. But adding silver streaks to a dark base definitely adds plenty of drama that can’t be ignored.

#5. Chic Pixie Shag with an Undercut

magnific zJUwePCOcdFk6hxbLR6N Chic Pixie Shag with an Undercut

Those who prefer a low-maintenance look that’s anything but dull should consider this interesting pixie cut. The shag allows you to retain some of your lengths for clever styling, while an undercut adds structure and sass. Show off this unique cut with contrasting hair colors.

#6. Tousled Brunette with Long Shag

magnific bxI2bEgA6ACamYjte1C8 Tousled Brunette with Long Shag

Who said a long, shaggy haircut couldn’t look elegant? This sophisticated style is a more “mature” version of the wolf cut, with delightfully dark brunette tresses effortlessly tousled with some gorgeous waves.

#7. Textured Bob with Shaggy Layers

magnific e3F4irrAL0s5SNVO35sE Textured Bob with Shaggy Layers

A fashionable haircut with plenty of retro vibes, this textured bob with shaggy layers is a game-changer in the hairstyling realm. It looks particularly cool with an ash tone that’s contrasted with darker roots.

#8. Modern Shag with Curtain Bangs

magnific 97cbF4UlUVOcBOmMTeXJ Modern Shag with Curtain Bangs

Ready to finally chop your tresses and enjoy a set of bangs? Consider curtain bangs with your modern shaggy cut! Curtain bangs look fantastic on any face shape, making them a versatile choice that pairs wonderfully with a shaggy ‘do.

#9. Silver Fox Short Shag

magnific kUjUQKHQSTVQV0oXIp8q Silver Fox Short Shag

Being called a “silver fox” never hurt anyone. In fact, it’s a compliment. And you can rest assured you’ll be labeled the drop-dead silver fox with this hairstyle. Enjoy a striking silver hue on a heavily layered, ultra-short shag.

#10. Dark Bob Shag with Lavender Highlights

magnific g5BNCxgdjPFbZkgFDDKa Dark Bob Shag with Lavender Highlights

A dark bob shag is chic on its own, but if you want to add a pop of color to your mane, the best choice is lavender. Lavender looks vibrant and beautiful when paired with a darker base. Bring your color combo to life by designing waves throughout.

#11. Collarbone-Length Shag with Wispy Ends

magnific ZtFzQWJMkBYrWc0sP5sx Collarbone Length Shag with Wispy Ends

A shag haircut is typically recommended if you have thin hair, as the layers will add some movement for a more full-bodied appearance. However, you can increase the volume even more by opting for wispy ends. It’s a win-win for thin locks!

#12. Curly Shag with Blonde Balayage

magnific 7hhaLC7UI2tD4r7YNe9Z Curly Shag with Blonde Balayage

This look needs no description – one glance and you can immediately tell this is a trendy and show-stopping style you’ll want to wear year-round. A curly shag is loaded with flirty volume, but to ensure it captures all the attention, the blonde balayage technique is utilized in the *best* way.

#13. Pastel Pink Wolf Cut

magnific bHQpIjLrp2DpGgN8gFXS Pastel Pink Wolf Cut

If you’re dreaming of becoming a cute, ethereal princess from another world, look no further than this hairstyle! The look is loaded with body and fairy-like vibes, with a bright pastel pink shade that’s nothing short of delicate and sweet.

#14. Long Shag with Golden Money Piece

magnific 0plBlUqMfDnj4G1Vduya Long Shag with Golden Money Piece

OK, punk-rock princess – this one’s for you. A longer shag leaves plenty of room for styling, even if that means embracing your rocker roots and going with funky volume. Don’t forget the golden money piece, the perfect way to add a youthful glow to your aesthetic.

#15. Fringed Wolf Cut on Coarse Hair

magnific zL73B0iZgyNOyB8upbIq Fringed Wolf Cut on Coarse Hair

Yes, coarse hair can enjoy a wolf haircut just like the rest of us. However, it’s recommended that coarse-haired babes go with a fringed wolf cut instead. This technique will get rid of unnecessary bulk so you don’t *accidentally* end up looking like a bobblehead.

#16. Sun-Kissed Shag with Lowlights

magnific v5CzJGnEkTHxfHG0Wges Sun Kissed Shag with Lowlights

For some women, nothing is more beautiful than a multi-dimensional hair color. Does that sound like you? Then, you might consider this charming style, which has a brunette base paired with red-tinted lowlights. The combo is bedazzling and natural-looking.

#17. Edgy Shag with Sharp Angles

magnific GSfklQnfyvgAeuSlpasD Edgy Shag with Sharp Angles

Your inner rebel is calling – and this hairstyle is ready to answer the call. The edgy shag with sharp angles is all about creating a blunt structure, only adding to your ruthless personality. Finish this rebellious look with a mix of charcoal and silver streaks.

#18. Tapered Shag with Textured Ends

magnific CxaJRy5TIMadjQ4oOZIq Tapered Shag with Textured Ends

A tapered shag with textured ends creates a silhouette that’s heavily desirable. Emitting fashion-forward and modelesque vibes, this look is reserved for the ladies who consider themselves “on-trend.”

#19. Blunt Bob with Shaggy Layers

magnific N9cEjBRB36h1qFnyOMQO Blunt Bob with Shaggy Layers

Do you want a haircut that’s feminine but with a little bit of sass? Then this wolf haircut may be right up your alley! A shoulder-length cut is loaded with layers to create movement for hair that may otherwise be lifeless. Tousle your locks a bit for even more luscious volume!

#20. Choppy Brunette Shag with Micro Bangs

magnific iaCPoAYJIQ2SieZdPkhJ Choppy Brunette Shag with Micro Bangs

Shag haircuts are known for their low-maintenance and chic appearance, and this look is no different. However, it gets an instant modern makeover with the inclusion of trendy micro bangs.

#21. Sleek Shag with Feathered Ends

magnific zZ90epWiHorF5Zdimb5H Sleek Shag with Feathered Ends

Don’t think your shaggy haircut can be sleek and playful at the same time? Think again! While achieving this balance can be tricky, it’s easy when you choose feathered ends. The feathering adds a dainty touch to a rather polished haircut.

#22. Inverted Wolf Cut with Pastel Streaks

magnific Ha8y9ScdGSLU7FhY9HoP Inverted Wolf Cut with Pastel Streaks

Stepping outside the box and going for a hairstyle that’s completely you is trendy for this year, and there’s no better time to show your personality through your tresses. This look is entirely unique and fascinating, with an attractive inverted cut paired with wowing pastel streaks.

#23. Multi-Tonal Shaggy Lob

magnific KTEHsqujLs5X1qNbuMQ6 Multi Tonal Shaggy Lob

Love your shaggy lob haircut, but want to revive it? Consider adding contrasting highlights and lowlights to your mane. The cascade of colors will add some interest and dimension to your tresses. 

#24.  Voluminous Shag with Side-Swept Bangs

magnific nAo974XqZ9JkmjMznMyM Voluminous Shag with Side Swept Bangs

Consider this hairstyle if your thinner strands need help in the volume department. For one, a shaggy cut with layers above the shoulders will create the illusion of fullness. Secondly, side-swept bangs instantly create a full-bodied finish. Tease your crown to complete this show-stopping style.

#25. Edgy Razor-Cut Shag with Vibrant Highlights

magnific wH5XxqHLvU4lnuPx64S6 Edgy Razor Cut Shag with Vibrant Highlights

There are only two words to describe this look: bold and statement-making. The edgy razor-cut shag gives off rockstar chic vibes, while the vibrant highlights take things to an all-new and exciting level. This combo is certainly not for the faint of heart!

#26. Long Shag with Chunky Layers

magnific Oo4c8qrrjROqTCDGh5x1 Long Shag with Chunky Layers

For a softer spin on things, consider a longer shag with chunky layers. This lovely ‘do have undeniable boho chic vibes that are idyllically enhanced with the ends flipped outward. Stick with a charming blonde shade for a “just off the beach” appearance.

#27. Short Wolf Cut with Icy Blue Hues

magnific ym7UQFofSEbnz5w1fzsc Short Wolf Cut with Icy Blue Hues

If you’re seeking an unforgettable hairstyle, don’t hesitate to try something new and exciting with this short wolf cut in icy blue hues. The shorter haircut is the perfect palette for this exciting hue.

#28. Textured Shag with Copper Money Piece

magnific DtOY2P7voaSRvUGKbKvE Textured Shag with Copper Money Piece

Copper locks are known for being head-turning. The color is fierce yet compelling, but you can make your hair *that* more interesting with a money piece. Texture your tresses just a pinch to add some delectable movement.

#29. Wispy Shag with Subtle Balayage

magnific idAk4bUGz1eqU9QepTE4 Wispy Shag with Subtle Balayage

A wispy shag that’s tousled in just the right places is a great way to liven up thin and fine hair types. Of course, you’ll also want to dip your strands into a gorgeous balayage color, like this lovely cascade of brunette and ash blonde.

#30. Sunkissed Long Wolf Cut

magnific DJSuLLTOUHAusXvJBpWS Sunkissed Long Wolf Cut

Long wolf haircuts come with a glamorous vibe that many women enjoy. The longer cut makes the layers more present while allowing plenty of styling options – including this unique sunkissed color featuring sharp red on a silvery gray base.

#31. Curly Shag with Honey Highlights

magnific vnPAP9hwjVvggbcL1MX0 Curly Shag with Honey Highlights

Women with naturally curly locks tend to stay away from layered cuts, but this shag shows that any hair type can indulge in this glamorous ‘do. The best part about going with a shaggy cut is that it emphasizes each and every ringlet for a full-bodied and fabulous silhouette.

#32. Feathered Mullet Wolf Cut

magnific 2Xi5v1TFsSitq11uSH8M Feathered Mullet Wolf Cut

More mullet than shag, this hairstyle is undoubtedly reserved for women who aren’t afraid to break free from the “norm.” Play up the “wolf” vibes by going with a black-and-white blend that isn’t too in your face.

#33. Choppy Shag with Caramel Lowlights

magnific YOaRkoyuHpilkMVMxDPo Choppy Shag with Caramel Lowlights

An ultra-choppy shag is precisely what you need if you’re looking for a lightweight and carefree aesthetic. All of the layers add some whimsy to this look, especially when designed with shimmery caramel lowlights and subtle texturing.

#34. Asymmetrical Shag with Platinum Tips

magnific m28oeisqT5y6YUtsCRGk Asymmetrical Shag with Platinum Tips

Who doesn’t love 80s-inspired hair? If you feel like you’re destined to be the next Cyndi Lauper, don’t hesitate to douse your tresses in a look-at-me platinum shade and tousle it up sky-high. The crazier your locks look, the better

#35. Beachy Waves on Medium Shag

magnific A0PWxYpCAGJSaUNdXi80 Beachy Waves on Medium Shag

Laidback and lovely, this casual take on the medium shag haircut is perfect for the carefree gals who want to indulge in their boho chic era. Go with a charming, deep brunette shade during the winter season, and don’t forget your go-to texturizing product.

#36. Wolf Cut with Rose Gold Accents

magnific LIiV8XhHRmFNbTS4KGAu Wolf Cut with Rose Gold Accents

If you want your wolf cut to really pop, this color combo is the perfect way to go. An ashy silver rests on the top portion of the mane with bright rose gold accents playfully hiding underneath. The contrast is exciting and unbelievably on-trend for this year.

#37. Bob-Length Shag with Undercut

magnific au7lH7mS12XqVCdob6DQ Bob Length Shag with Undercut

Thick-haired girls might think they can’t rock a bob-length shag; their hair is simply too thick, and the outcome would be overwhelming. But this haircut is the answer. This bob-length shag is paired with an undercut, removing some weight to let even the thickest tresses fall gracefully.

#38. Retro Shag with Curtain Bangs

magnific eHuebwT9e3msK3DJoJTV Retro Shag with Curtain Bangs

Are the 80s not quite your thing? Do you prefer the more untroubled vibe of the 70s? Show your love for this renowned era by going with a retro shag paired with curtain bags. Really, this look will work well on any face shape, but it tends to be better for thinner tresses.

#39. Razor-Sharp Wolf Cut with Jet-Black Color

magnific iEawhmXaLK4wMLVUltO2 Razor Sharp Wolf Cut with Jet Black Color

Captivating, edgy, and bold, this razor-sharp wolf cut is designed to be the talk of the town. Whether you’re planning to hop on stage with an electric guitar or simply need a style to match your tenacious energy, you’ll love this hairstyle.

#40. Long Shag with Soft Pink Streaks

magnific xD6WrQYZ5fHRWYwWDmVK Long Shag with Soft Pink Streaks

Longer shag haircuts tend to have a graceful err about them, but you can enhance the overall beauty and delicateness by choosing the right color. Enter: beautiful platinum blonde hair that’s blessed with soft pink streaks throughout. 

#41. Micro Bangs on Short Shag

magnific 6sG7A5DRKXijROoYrCTD Micro Bangs on Short Shag

Keeping things short, cute, and to the point is never a bad thing. This look is riddled with feminine energy with a modern twist. As a bonus, it’s incredibly low maintenance. Just keep your micro bangs snipped, and you can rock this look year-round.

#42. Waterfall Shag with Lavender Undertones

magnific Kup7E0j5xmtTT0iqRV0u Waterfall Hair Shag with Lavender Undertones

Add a touch of magic to your adorable waterfall shag haircut by going lavender. Not only is lavender hair one of the trendiest choices for this year, but it exudes an ethereal aesthetic that many women find enjoyable.

#43. Angled Bob Shag with Seafoam Streaks

magnific m056HoiSSnkqKZm5IPLJ Angled Bob Shag with Seafoam Streaks

Hey, mermaids. A shag haircut is the perfect base for seafoam streaks. Just make sure you pair them with some darker roots to create a mesmerizing, oceanic contrast you’ll want to flaunt all over your social media.

#44. Long Wolf Cut with Golden Highlights

magnific 6CynQAAWBAdTlfhw6beK Long Wolf Cut with Golden Highlights

This unique hairstyle is geared toward fierce ladies who want to look and feel like a stunning lioness. Start with a long wolf cut that’s asymmetrical and longer on one side. Then, grace your ends with a bedazzling golden yellow hue to pull everything together. Rawr.

#45. Messy Shag with Smoky Roots

magnific sfQc85mgL9oxVIKoamyF Messy Shag with Smoky Roots

Who knew you could pair drama with a nonchalant vibe? This messy shag is loaded with all of the posh attitude you could ever want, yet it’s carefree enough to wear anywhere. All you’ll need is some hair product and hand-crunching to achieve this look.

#46. Punk Rock Shag with Neon Accents

magnific bliaUiDJ3GhUo7G3yhcK Punk Rock Shag with Neon Accents

Punk rock babes know they can’t be tamed – and this look is the perfect way to showcase that ferocious energy. This punk rock shag loads up on the drama with lots of volume that replicate incredibly long spikes, but the standout feature is the neon accents in every direction.

#47. Chestnut Shag with a Mahogany Money Piece

magnific BDKLIscARiz6hAMmrIL9 Chestnut Shag with a Mahogany Money Piece

If you need to quickly transform your shaggy haircut to be fall-friendly, it’s pretty simple, hon – ask your hairstylist to douse your strands in a warm chestnut color. But don’t forget the mahogany money piece!

#48. Short Wolf Cut with Fiery Red Tips

magnific QK5CWWnIZlrtrUVUjbiv Short Wolf Cut with Fiery Red Tips

If you’ve got a fiery personality, why not go with a spicy hairstyle to match? This short wolf cut is unlike the others and bursting with energy – and it’s all thanks to the bright red highlights sitting on top of a silver base.

#49.  Loose Waves on a Mid-Length Shag

magnific j3m1TYcSroJoRvojZZce Loose Waves on a Mid Length Shag

This dapper hairstyle is an excellent choice for everyday wear. It’s casual enough to wear to the office but can easily be styled up for a high-end event. The silver-gray hair color is also quite enchanting and a fashionable option this year.

#50. Platinum Blonde Shag with Dark Underlayer

magnific ILc5w3WKZyKHjjrH9MJJ Platinum Blonde Shag with Dark Underlayer

Platinum blonde hair will always look mesmerizing when paired with darker undertones, which is one great way to show it. Opt for a shorter, shaggy haircut that can easily be tousled for that bedhead vibe. 

#51. Feathered Shag with Caramel Balayage

magnific c5pPkfqWNrnAqVHeipPR Feathered Shag with Caramel Balayage

With a more mature and elegant aesthetic, this feathered shag haircut is a good pick for older women who still want to look refreshed and trendy. The caramel balayage is also a big hit, especially during the switch from summer to fall.

#52. Pixie Wolf Cut with Silver Streaks

magnific EHP7ayvzvwcZN4173i3i Pixie Wolf Cut with Silver Streaks

Keep it icy hot, honey, and adorn your pixie wolf cut with silver streaks. The blend of silver hues will have an enchanting cast, especially when worn underneath the moonlight. Like a creature out of Twilight, you’re bound to be enticed by this incredible style.

#53. Choppy Shag with Emerald Money Piece

magnific veB0jt0RBR2Al96LawSF Choppy Shag with Emerald Money Piece

She’s rich, sophisticated, and confident – that’s exactly what this hairstyle says. Loaded with green hues and a gorgeous emerald money piece smack dab in front, you can exude an err of excellence like never before.

#54. Asymmetrical Long Shag with Rosé Highlights

magnific owAvUwYKPQsY1NfuwI0k Asymmetrical Long Shag with Rose Highlights

Is your long shag haircut looking a little boring? Don’t let the dullness take over, babe! Instead, give your look a refreshing makeover by adorning your tresses with charming rose highlights. This delicate blend will help you to achieve a feminine style you can wear regardless of the season.

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