69 Lovely Copper Hair Color Ideas for This Year

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Written by Rachel Miller

Updated: March 1, 2024

Remember when the “copper peach ombré melt” hairstyle went semi-viral on Instagram? We sure do. All credit there goes to Kasey Oh, and we have to admit, we absolutely love the fresh, bright, summer vide of all things copper hair. So what better way to celebrate than round-up our collection of our favorite copper hair color ideas to try this year?

Woman with Autumnal Copper Curls hair

It’s easy to embrace the beauty, warmth, and coziness of the autumn season when opting for autumnal copper. This color is undeniably enchanting and reminiscent of fall leaves, but it gets a sultry makeover when dressed up with bouncy curls.

#2. Bold Copper Burst Pixie Cut

If you want to make your copper hair a bit more daring, chopping your locks into an edgy pixie cut is the best way to do it. This look showcases plenty of tousling, which not only adds dimension to her hair – but also shows off those stunning copper colors exquisitely.

#3. Dramatic Fiery Copper Ombre

Woman with Fiery Copper Ombre hair

Ombre is one of the top hair coloring techniques out there, and it just so happens to be a surefire way to show off fiery strands. The base is kept a bit darker, with glowing red ends slightly lighter. The result? A mesmerizing finish that looks great, straightened or curled.

#4. Radiant Copper Beach Waves

Woman with Luminous Copper Beach Waves hair

You might think that beach waves are reserved for the blondes, but think again. This hairstyle proves that beach waves can look glamorous on any hair color – especially radiant copper! Go with a lighter, sun-kissed shade to get that beach-ready look.

#5. Copper Fringe with Subtle Gray Undertones

Woman with Copper Fringe with Ashy Undertones hair

Fringe bangs are an excellent way to add some daintiness around the face, which may be necessary for a bold copper color. Yet, if you want to add even more gracefulness to your appearance, consider some gorgeous gray undertones. It’s the surprising combo that just won’t quit.

#6. Dark-Rooted Copper Fade

Woman with Dark Rooted Copper Fade hair

If you’re looking to create jaw-dropping contrast, this is a great way to do it. The hair color starts with dark, mysterious roots, leading to a striking copper shade. The result is nothing short of dramatic – even with adorable waves tossed in. The best part? This look is bold yet super low-maintenance!

#7. Copper Foilyage

Woman with Copper Foilyage hair

Never heard of foilyage? It’s the latest technique to sweep the hair coloring nation. Simply put, it combines the handpainted approach with foils for added precision. The result? Fabulously coppered strands that combine the best of both worlds.

#8. Auburn Copper with Delicate Honey Highlights

Woman with Auburn Copper with Honey Highlights hair

If you want your copper locks to take on a browner shade without being too dark, this is an excellent choice. The base is a deep, reddish copper hue. With honey highlights added, there’s plenty of glow and depth to create a stunning ‘do.

#9. Copper Lava Layer

Woman with Copper Lava Layers hair

Yes, your copper locks can be red-hot. Just ask this hairstyle! The copper color is rather bright and intense, taking on the appearance of molten lava. The style finishes with plenty of layers that add delightful bounce and volume to her mane. Love everything about this!

#10. Spiral Copper Corkscrews

Woman with Spiral Copper Corkscrews hair

Whether you were blessed with all-natural ringlets or add some gorgeous corkscrews to your mane, be sure to start with a visually appealing copper shade. This hair color puts your ringlets on full display, ensuring every coil can be seen for miles.

#11. Vintage Copper Victory Rolls

Woman with Vintage Copper Victory Rolls hair

Do you want to look like you just stepped off of the set of “I Love Lucy?” Then consider this charming get-up! Begin by dousing your locks in a fiery copper shade. Then, style your hair into a retro hairdo featuring victory rolls.

#12. Copper Halo Braid

Woman with Copper Halo Braid hair

Copper locks can be somewhat intense, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be dainty and fragile. If you want to achieve a more feminine and coy aesthetic, interlock your copper strands into a halo braid.

#13. Subtle Copper Ribbons

Woman with Subtle Copper Ribbons hair

Copper doesn’t have to be the star of the show. For those seeking just a hint of copper, consider adding subtle copper ribbons – or highlights – to your natural tresses. This will give your mane a slight “pop” you’ll surely love.

#14. Copper High-Low Bob

Woman with Copper High Low Bob hair

High-low bob haircuts are undeniably chic. They allow for longer layers that exquisitely frame the face with an edgy appeal that can’t be matched. To add even more avant-garde to your aesthetic, go with a spicy copper shade.

#15. Mahogany-Infused Copper

Woman with Mahogany Infused Copper hair

If copper is just a bit too bright for your liking, consider going with this mahogany-infused number. The earthy mahogany allows for a slightly darker and warmer shade, ideal for chillier seasons. 

#16. Copper-Dipped Ringlets

Woman with Copper Dipped Ringlets hair

Ringlets should absolutely be head-turning. And to be fair, most of the time, they don’t need much help grabbing attention. But if you really desire all eyes on you, dip your adorable ringlets into the copper paint bucket and enjoy a seriously enticing finish.

#17. Dimensional Copper Waves

Woman with Multi Dimensional Copper Waves hair

Craving some dimension? Then this is the hair color for you! This hair color features various copper tones to create plenty of depth that can be beautifully enhanced with waves, curls, and other textured hairstyles.

#18. Layered Copper Shag

Woman with Layered Copper Shag hair

Still craving more dimension? Take your volume and depth to the next level by tossing in some layers to create a shaggy haircut. Yes, shaggy haircuts are 100% trendy this year, and a dimensional copper shade will idyllically showcase every adorable layer.

#19. Copper Bouffant Updo

Woman withCopper Bouffant Updo hair

Honestly, ladies, it doesn’t get more sophisticated than this. Women seeking an unmistakably elegant ‘do for the finest occasions should consider sporting their copper locks into a bouffant. Just make sure you have plenty of hairspray to keep the look intact!

#20. Dark-to-Light Copper Transformation

Woman with Dark to Light Copper Transformation hair

If you’re a lady who loves to dabble in different shades, you might consider this thrilling dark-to-light copper hue. The color is designed with darker roots and lighter tips, a contrast that’s invigorating and sexy all at once.

#21. Ethereal Copper and Lavender Blend

Woman with Ethereal Copper and Lavender Blend hair

You might not pair copper with lavender – but you should. A copper base is whimsically highlighted with lavender blends, creating a style that is as mythical as it is enthralling. This hairstyle will undoubtedly set you apart from the sea of copper heads!

#22. Cinnamon Spice Copper

Woman with Cinnamon Spice Copper hair

Want a copper hair color that’s spicy and warm at the same time? Then consider this cinnamon spice copper hair color. It’s riddled with plenty of depth and coziness, making it the ideal choice for the colder season.

#23. Lush Copper Feathers

Woman with Lush Copper Feathers hair

A feathered haircut is a surefire way to take your copper from bold to captivating, instantly softening this intense hair color. To add some playful volume that will show off every layer, consider styling your locks into some lovely waves.

#24. Smoked Copper Undercut

Woman with Smoked Copper Undercut hair

Are you lookin’ for a bold and edgy hairstyle, miss “thang?” Then I’ve got the look for you! Start by chopping your strands into a contemporary and eye-catching undercut. Then, douse your strands into a smoked copper – with darker strands at the root and fiery ends. 

#25. Icy Copper with Platinum Highlights

Woman with Icy Copper with Platinum Streaks hair

Love your copper locks but want to venture out into platinum blonde hair? Why not enjoy both of these trendy hair colors? Keep the copper on top, and let the rest of your tresses dipped into a bright platinum shade. The result is too cool, girl.

#26. Elegant French Twist in Deep Copper

Woman with Deep Copper French Twist hair

If you have a classy event coming up and don’t know how to style your hair, consider adding this ‘do to your “maybe” list. This French twist is nothing short of elegant, and it just so happens to look flawless with deep copper shades.

#27. Fiery Red-Hot Copper Fishtail Braid

Woman with Red Hot Copper Fishtail Braid hair

Going with a brighter, fiery, red-hot copper shade may be exhilarating, but you can tame the intensity by wrapping your strands into a gorgeous fishtail braid. Leave a few loose strands around the face to add some playfulness.

#28. Dynamic Blend of Copper and Blackberry Tones

Woman with Copper and Blackberry Melange Hair

This enthralling take on copper hair color will surely be a hit – especially for those who enjoy darker hair color tones. Featuring a dynamic blend of copper and blackberry tones, this wowing hairstyle is reserved for those who aren’t afraid to take hair risks.

#29. Copper Waterfall Braid

Woman with Copper Waterfall Braid hair

If you want to show off the different shades of copper in your locks, interlock your strands into a luxurious waterfall braid. Not only is this braid infinitely charming, but it creates a cascading effect that beautifully displays every copper shade. It’s a win-win!

#30. Copper Rockabilly Pompadour

Woman with Copper Rockabilly Pompadour hair

The pompadour may be old-school, but this look is anything but dated. Recreate the classic pompadour into something fashion-forward and exciting by transforming it into a sky-high rockabilly ‘do, complete with a look-at-me copper color.

#31. Loose Copper Curls with Baby Lights

Woman with Loose Copper Curls with Baby Lights hair

Do you need some more brightness? How about a bit of softness? Then stop here – you’ve found your perfect hairstyle. This copper hair is beautifully enhanced with bright baby lights, instantly creating dimension. Fashioned into loose curls, it’s a feminine style that’s downright lovely.

#32. Copper Kissed by the Sun

Woman with Copper Kissed by the Sun hair

To make your copper tone appear more natural, you can always opt for a series of highlights. This will create a “sun-kissed” visual effect, leaving everyone thinking your copper color is 100% natural. Nobody will be able to tell!

#33. Vintage Copper Chignon

Woman with Vintage Copper Chignon hair

Another excellent choice for elegant events is none other than the vintage chignon. Yet, this look gives this timeless hairstyle a new-age twist. It all comes down to the fascinating copper shade you pick!

#34. Copper Bowl Cut with Discreet Layers

Woman with Copper Bowl Cut with Hidden Layers hair

Don’t think a bowl cut is “cool?” Not sure if this style is right for you? Think again, babe. This hairdo proves that you can look and feel like a contemporary goddess. Enjoy a unique bowl cut with plenty of discrete layers for added volume. Finish with a stylish copper tone!

#35. Glossy Copper Blowout

Woman with Glazed Copper Blowout hair

Glossy copper is a little lighter than other copper shades, making it perfect for those who want some brightness in their life. To ensure your hair looks like a million bucks, don’t forget to finish your hair appointment without a blowout. Hello, immense volume and shine!

#36. Lively Peachy Copper Vibes

Woman with Peachy Copper Vibes hair

Want to know a secret? Peach and copper go together better than peanut butter and jelly. Don’t believe me? Then simply check out this gal’s hair color! The addition of peach adds playfulness and liveliness to her hair – and just the right amount of whimsy for summer and spring.

#37. Fiery Copper Curls

Woman with Flaming Copper Curls hair

If you want your copper hair color to lean more towards fire engine red, don’t hesitate to add red highlights to your mane. Needless to say, it creates a fiery aesthetic that’s amplified with alluring ringlets.

#38. Futuristic Metallic Copper Bob

Woman with Metallic Copper Bob hair

Did she just arrive from space in her rocket ship? That’s exactly what everyone will think when they see you step out in this hairstyle! Riddled with futuristic vibes, this look showcases a chic bob haircut with an undeniably innovative metallic copper tone.

#39. Balayage with Copper Prism

Woman with Copper Prism Balayage hair

When it comes to adding some razzle-dazzle to one’s hair, it can be complicated. If you’re looking for an easy way to enhance your copper shade without being too overwhelming, consider a balayage with copper prism – i.e., plenty of light and dark accent pieces.

#40. Fusion of Rose Gold and Copper

Woman with Rose Gold and Copper Fusion hair

Rose gold and copper are two incredibly popular hair color choices this year. But why settle on a single shade? This fusion proves that these trending hues go together majestically. The result is a shade that’s totally unique yet ethereal and dainty.

#41. Blend of Copper and Espresso

Woman with Copper and Espresso Blend hair

Do you want your copper to take on a darker, brown-based appearance? Then consider this alluring blend of copper and espresso – aka, the easiest way to transform your locks into the color of your favorite latte. So beautiful!

#42. Silver Streaks on a Copper Pixie Cut

Calling all women with fearless and adventurous personalities! The next time you sit in the styling chair, opt for this wild hairstyle. It starts with a daring pixie cut with lots of lengthy layers. It finishes with silver hair brilliantly highlighted with copper streaks. You’re gonna love this one!

#43. Elegant Wispy Updo with Copper Accents

Woman with Wispy Copper Updo hair

Updos can be a little too clean-cut. For those who want a wispier and more playful yet still sophisticated hairstyle, this is the look for you. This updo is loaded with loose, wavy strands that create a sensuous finish. Of course, this look is only pulled off with a sultry copper shade!

#44. Crown of Copper Braids

Woman with Copper Braid Crown hair

Want to be queen of the copper? Of course you do! Don’t worry – it’s easy. All you need to do is interlock your copper strands into a crown braid across the front section of your head. Leave some loose strands around the face for some playful attitude. So simple – yet so impressive.

#45. Copper Highlights on Jet Black Hair

Woman with Copper on aJet Black Base hair

There’s no denying that black and red is an energetic and mystical combination. Why not wear it in your hair? Whether you have natural jet-black hair or not, we encourage you to dip your ends into copper paint for a striking combo.

#46. Textured Quiff with Copper Tones

Quiffs aren’t just for men – and this look is proof. The classic quiff gets a ladylike refresher thanks to an attractive copper shade and plenty of texturing. Bust out your favorite texturizing product and get to work, ladies!

#47. Illusion Bangs in Copper Shades

Woman with Copper Illusion Bangs hair

You don’t have to have bangs to enjoy bangs. With some nifty handiwork, you can create “illusion” bangs using your own hair. This is a great way to shake things up a bit – all while indulging in your delightful copper shade.

#48. Shimmering Waves in Iridescent Copper

Woman with Iridescent Copper Waves hair

Waves are alluring on their own – as is a deliciously deep copper hue. But if it’s radiance you’re looking for, add some shimmer and shine to your mane. Use a product that adds an instant glow to your locks and enjoy a glistening hairstyle everywhere.

#49. Effortless Copper Messy Bun

Woman with Effortless Copper Messy Bun hair

Messy buns may be “basic” or “simple,” but let’s face it, even this casual hairstyle looks incredible with copper hair. Turn your casual, everyday hairstyle into something still red-hot and fantastic by opting for a bright copper shade.

#50. Strawberry Copper Short Stack

Woman with Strawberry Copper Short Stack hair

Stacked bobs are the easiest way to create instant volume. Yet, when you go with a strawberry copper shade, you can enhance your appearance even further. Let those short layers and picturesque strawberry strands take center stage by tossing loose curls into the mix.

#51. Copper and Amethyst Ombre

Woman with Copper and Amethyst Ombre hair

Copper hair is attention-grabbing as it is, but if you’re looking for an even more head-turning hue, consider adding some amethyst ombre to your mane. This look is exciting and brand-new and will undoubtedly stand out from the crowd.

#52. Autumn Leaf Copper Coils

Woman with Autumn Leaf Copper Coils hair

Riddled with plenty of orange tints, this hair color is the ideal depiction of autumn. For those who are completely enthralled with the beauty of fall, consider going the autumn leaf copper route. Show off your bedazzling hair color with tighter ringlets that bounce with every step.

#53. Voluminous Copper Beehive

Woman with Voluminous Copper Beehive Hair

Are you on the hunt for a classy hairstyle that not only shows off your copper hair color brilliantly but is also exceptionally voluminous? Then I have the look for you: a beehive! Yes, it’s a flashback from the 60s, but there’s no denying that this look is impressively sizable and upscale.

#54. Beautiful Honey Dip Dye

Woman with Copper and Honey Dip Dye Hair

Gorgeous gradients are all the rage, and this is certainly one that doesn’t “miss.” The hair color begins with some coppery roots, creating the ideal platform for honey hues to immerse the rest of the strands. Glowing, bright, and glimmering – the perfect trifecta for your strands.

#55. Bold Fiery Copper Faux Hawk

Come on, girls, it’s time to rock and roll – and what better way to do it than with a bold, fiery copper faux hawk? If you’re not afraid to “go there,” douse your mane in a spicy copper shade and toss your locks into a faux hawk. Don’t forget the gel!

#56. Gorgeous Copper Ribbon Ringlets

Woman with Copper Ribbon Ringlets hair

There is something oh-so-glamorous about ringlets. Why wouldn’t you want to wear this hairstyle? You’ll need a narrow hair curler and holding spray to recreate this enticing aesthetic at home. Then, you can enjoy these bouncy and romantic curls for date night. 

#57. Copper-Tousled Beach Waves

Woman with Copper Tousled Beach Waves hair

Nothing gives off laid-back vibes quite like some beach waves, right? Oh, and they just so happen to give your mane some much-needed movement, all while allowing you to show off your copper hues beautifully. Simply put, this is a hairstyle you’ll want to sport year-round.

#58. Majestic Copper Afro

Woman with Majestic Copper Afro hair

Are you looking to give your afro a new color and aren’t afraid to try something striking and cool? Then consider giving your textured strands a copper makeover! Copper looks awesome on afro manes, creating a visually appealing look that will turn heads.

#59. Buttery Copper Lob

Woman with Buttery Copper Lob hair

A buttery copper is the ultimate way to go for those who want their hair color to take on a smooth and velvety appearance. And while this shade looks fantastic on any length, it looks charming with a lob cut just above the shoulder blades.

#60. Pixie Cut with Copper Veil

Pixies are known for being low-maintenance and cute. But if you want your pixie to take on a more daring personality, consider throwing in some copper color. Finish by tousling your pixie for some essential dimension.

#61. Solar Flare Copper High Ponytail

Woman with Solar Flare Copper High Ponytail hair

With bright and dark pieces intermingled into a copper base, you can create a fiery blend that perfectly depicts a solar flare – talk about hot, honey! Craft your solar flare copper into a high ponytail for an added sense of modern fashion.

#62. Copper Velvet Long Layers

Woman with Copper Velvet Long Layers hair

Deeper, more alluring, and undeniably sensual, velvet copper strands are ideal for those seeking a copper shade that’s a bit darker and less look-at-me. Consider going with long layers to add bulk and movement.

#63. Rusty Copper French Twist

Woman with Rusty Copper French Twist hair

Rusty copper adds just the right amount of reddish-brown tint to a copper base, making a unique shade that isn’t too intense. Fashion your rusty copper strands into a lovely French twist for five-star events.

#64. Moonlit Copper Pixie Bob

This pixie bob is anything but whimsical and fairy-like. Instead, it’s posh and daring, the ultimate duo for the girls who want all the attention. Start with a lengthy bob that’s riddled with layers. Then, apply a moonlit copper color that glistens and shimmers, especially under the moonlight.

#65. Frosted Copper Updo

Woman with Frosted Copper Updo hair

When it comes to copper hair, it’s mostly about fire. Yet, this hair color proves you can add some frosted tips and still look red-hot. This enticing color combination is definitely different but in the best way possible. Make it snazzy with an elegant updo such as this.

#66. Copper Swirl Mermaid Hair

Woman with Copper Swirl Mermaid Hair

Is she a mythical creature? Maybe not, but that doesn’t mean she can’t dream of being one – or look like one! This copper swirl mermaid hair starts with natural roots, with the rest of the hair designed with copper shades that are beautifully highlighted with the addition of loose curls.

#67. Spiced Copper Feathered Cut

Woman with Spiced Copper Feathered Cut hair

Does your mane need some body, but you’re unsure how to do it? Here’s how: consider a feathered cut. Feathered cuts instantly create volume and movement, and what better way to show off your new cut than with a spicy copper shade?

#68. Dual-Toned Copper Mullet

Woman with Dual Toned Copper Mullet hair

Is it time to break free from the humdrum of “traditional” hairstyles? Consider shaping your mane into a fantastic, new-age mullet – but don’t stop there. Add fire to your appearance by starting with a copper base and dipping your tips into a darker hue. This look is so intriguing!

#69. Twilight Copper Balayage

Woman with Twilight Copper Balayage hair

Effortless yet glamorous, twilight copper balayage is designed with darker roots and shimmery copper ends. You can leave this hair color sleek-straight, but waves are the perfect way to show the stunning blend from dark to light.

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