35 Gorgeous Plum Hair Color Ideas That are Easy to Style

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Written by Rachel Miller

Updated: April 13, 2024

Plum hair colors are incredibly stylish and flattering for a variety of skin tones. Discover 35 gorgeous and easy-to-style variations of this beautiful hue, ranging from subtle highlights to bold, all-over color.

#1. Deep Plum with Subtle Violet Undertones

Deep Plum with Subtle Violet Undertones

Deep plum hair color exudes sophistication; its rich base enhanced by violet undertones adds depth, suiting a range of skin tones. Preserve its vibrancy with color-safe products and protect the shade with regular gloss treatments.

#2. Rich Plum with a Chocolate Brown Base

Rich Plum with a Chocolate Brown Base

Merging deep plum with a chocolate brown base creates an inviting warmth, perfect for those desiring a rich, dimensional hue. To extend the vibrancy, opt for color-safe hair care products adept at preserving the depth of your shade.

#3. Vibrant Plum with Magenta Highlights

Vibrant Plum with Magenta Highlights

Embrace the dynamic blend of vibrant plum accented with magenta highlights, a playful duo that injects depth into your mane. Maintaining this radiance demands consistency with color-safe products.

#4. Muted Plum with Ashy Tones

Muted Plum with Ashy Tones

You’ll find that muted plum enriched with ashy tones exudes understated sophistication. Ideal for formal gatherings or corporate environments, this hue imparts a chic flair. To attain ashy undertones, seek out a toning shampoo that moisturizes while it neutralizes warmth.

#5. Plum Ombre on Dark Hair

Plum Ombre on Dark Hair

For those with naturally dark hair, an ombre technique seamlessly transitions your tresses into a captivating plum. Apply this low-maintenance style to reduce frequent touch-ups. Utilize a blend of subtle lowlights and balayage for a smooth gradient.

#6. Plum Balayage on Brown Hair

Plum Balayage on Brown Hair

Imagine a cascade of vibrant plum melting seamlessly into your chocolate brown strands. This balayage technique, adored for its low-commitment luminosity, subtly elevates your mane. To safeguard these jewel-toned accents, use color-specific shampoos and avoid excessive heat.

#7. Plum Babylights

Plum Babylights

Baby-fine plum streaks can subtly elevate the natural depth of your locks. Ideal for a minimalistic color update, strategic placement near the face or ends provides a soft, yet transformative effect.

#8. Two-Toned Plum with Burgundy and Violet

Two Toned Plum with Burgundy and Violet

Immerse yourself in the daring fusion of burgundy and violet, crafting a two-toned plum spectacle. For an audacious and singular array of hues, merge these shades elaborately. To conserve this vibrancy, ensure regular touch-ups and specialized color care.

#9. Dark Plum with a Glossy Finish

Dark Plum with a Glossy Finish

Achieve that coveted shine with a deep, dark plum hair tint, where gloss amplifies the rich hue’s vibrancy. You’ll swear by serums and glazes designed to bestow a mirror-like sheen upon your luxurious locks.

#10. Plum with Subtle Face-Framing Highlights

Plum with Subtle Face Framing Highlights

Introducing touches of plum to frame your face subtly enhances your features with a natural glimmer. For added elegance, style relaxed curls or gentle waves that dance around these vibrant pieces.

#11. Plum Highlights on Black Hair

Plum Highlights on Black Hair

Infusing black hair with plum highlights instantly elevates your mane, injecting a luxurious touch of color and multidimensional allure. Achieving standout streaks in raven locks often demands expertise; entrust your strands to a seasoned colorist for optimal vibrancy.

#12. Plum with Copper Undertones

Plum with Copper Undertones

Embrace the luscious blend of plum hair color infused with warm copper undertones; a perfect harmony that radiates rich vibrancy. Suitable for those with warm complexions and ideal for autumnal events, ensure you use color-enhancing products to keep those coppery hues vivid.

#13. Dusty Plum with a Vintage Feel

Dusty Plum with a Vintage Feel

Embrace a dusty plum hue to channel a chic, vintage vibe reminiscent of bygone eras. Enhance this muted plum beauty by pairing it with lipstick in subtle plums and attire in sepia tones. For lasting richness, opt for color-care shampoos that safeguard ashy tones.

#14. Plum and Black Color Melt

Plum and Black Color Melt

Embrace the blend of deep plum melting flawlessly into a chocolate brown base, offering a dramatic, seamless transition. For a smooth color melt, trust a skilled stylist to layer hues expertly.

#15. Plum with Cool-Toned Blonde Highlights

Plum with Cool Toned Blonde Highlights

Introduce a striking contrast with cool-toned blonde highlights woven through rich plum locks. This combination suits you perfectly if your complexion has cooler undertones. Opt for styles that cascade or layer, ensuring those cool blonde streaks catch the light and turn heads.

#16. Deep Plum Dip Dye

Deep Plum Dip Dye

Dip dyeing invites you to experiment, letting you apply a bold plum to your hair ends. This playful style, brimming with personality, will require the use of nurturing treatments to maintain healthy, vibrant tips.

#17. Plum Shadow Root

Plum Shadow Root

Shadow rooting with plum on lighter locks heralds elegance with ease. You’ll find regrowth carefree and upkeep minimal. For seamless integration, graduate the tones gently towards the tips, achieving an impeccable gradation.

#18. Bright Plum with a Bold Money Piece

Bright Plum with a Bold Money Piece

Embrace the drama of bright plum tresses complemented by a bold money piece, a statement style that invariably turns heads. To ensure perfection in this precise coloring, seeking professional expertise is advised.

#19. Plum with Chunky Highlights

Plum with Chunky Highlights

Revive the retro vibe with chunky highlights in your plum tresses. Opt for this daring style to make your locks pop with vintage flair. Focus on the crown for maximum impact, and pursue regular touch-ups to maintain the bold contrast.stening

#20. Subtle Plum Lowlights on Blonde Hair

Subtle Plum Lowlights on Blonde Hair

Infusing your blonde locks with subtle plum lowlights elevates your look, adding rich sophistication. Perfect for diverse blonde tones, these lowlights distribute evenly to intensify depth gracefully. Seek professional guidance to ensure a balanced and seamless blend.

#21. Dark Plum with a Hint of Red

Dark Plum with a Hint of Red

Immerse yourself in the depth of dark plum hair enriched with subtle red undertones, adding a lively contrast. To keep those fiery hints vibrant, use color-safe shampoos and schedule regular gloss treatments.

#22. Soft Plum on Relaxed Curls

Soft Plum on Relaxed Curls

Enhance your relaxed curls with a soft plum hue, lending dimension and movement that captivates. Maintain its allure with hydrating routines, and let loose spirals fall, showcasing the plum’s playful dance.

#23. Plum with a Purple Tint

Plum with a Purple Tint

Infusing your plum hair with a whisper of lavender creates an enchanting glow, exuding radiance under the sun’s gleam. For longevity, opt for color-enhancing shampoos and schedule regular gloss treatments.

#24. Iridescent Plum with Metallic Shimmer

Iridescent Plum with Metallic Shimmer

Iridescent plum coalesces with metallic shimmer, bestowing a futuristic sheen upon your locks. Meticulous application yields this lustrous effect, and to sustain it, opt for specialized shimmer-enhancing products.

#25. Plum on a Short Pixie Cut

Plum on a Short Pixie Cut

Reinvent yourself with a short pixie cut drenched in an edgy plum hue. This low-maintenance style exudes modernity and sharpness, ideal for a striking aesthetic change. Amplify the impact with texturizing sprays, ensuring your vibrant plum stands out with undeniable volume and flair.

#26. Plum and Silver Ombre

Plum and Silver Ombre

Imagine transitioning your hair from a luxurious deep plum to a sleek silver ombre, where vibrant plum melts into a shimmering silver finale. You’ll turn heads with this daring look that marries warm plum and cool-toned silver highlights. To keep both hues true, opt for color-protective shampoos and regular toning treatments, ensuring lasting brilliance and preventing brassiness in your bold money piece.

#27. Plum with Lavender Highlights

Plum with Lavender Highlights

Weaving lavender highlights through a deep plum base produces a soft, romantic essence, ideal for anyone coveting a delicate touch to their appearance. To keep the hues vibrant, invest in color-safe shampoos and embrace loose, tousled styling to spotlight those whimsical streaks.

#28. Multi-Dimensional Plum with Various Shades

Multi Dimensional Plum with Various Shades

Dive into a world of color with multi-dimensional plum, where mixing hues from muted plum to vibrant plum adds extraordinary depth. To achieve a harmonious blend, layer shades with care, considering undercurrents from warm auburn to cool ashy tones.

#29. Plum Roots with Pastel Pink Ends

Plum Roots with Pastel Pink Ends

Experience a whimsical transformation with deep plum roots that effortlessly cascade into soft, pastel pink ends, crafting a playful gradient. For this enchanting color journey, seek a professional’s touch to ensure a perfectly smooth, seamless gradation.

#30. Plum with Hidden Rainbow Highlights

Plum with Hidden Rainbow Highlights

Imagine infusing your plum locks with a secret splash of whimsy. The trend of weaving hidden rainbow highlights into deep plum tresses creates a joyful surprise, bursting forth in movement or peeking out in an updo. For the ultimate hidden gem effect, select hues that complement the base and ask your stylist to position them beneath the surface layers, ensuring your vibrant secret is yours to unveil at will.

#31. Plum and Teal Color Blocking

Plum and Teal Color Blocking

For those yearning to make an audacious style statement, consider the striking contrast of plum and teal color blocking. Achieve crisp delineation between the vivid hues for an artistic flair that captivates.

#32. Plum with Geometric Accents

Plum with Geometric Accents

Dare to dazzle with plum hair featuring geometric accents, a masterpiece where precision meets modernity. For striking angles that turn heads, seeking expert advice ensures those bold lines remain impeccable.

#33. Plum on Layered Bob

Plum on Layered Bob

A layered bob accentuates plum’s depth, imparting texture that vivifies the hue. You will find this cut remarkably manageable, with strategic layers boosting the plum shade’s vibrancy, making your hair’s movement a captivating visual symphony.

#34. Deep Plum with a Blue Tint

Deep Plum with a Blue Tint

Transform your look with deep plum hair enriched by a mesmerizing blue tint, a combo that fiercely commands attention, catering perfectly to those with cooler skin undertones. Ideal for festive celebrations, sustain its vibrancy with color-depositing shampoos.

#35. Warm Plum with Auburn Highlights

Warm Plum with Auburn Highlights

Imagine the leaves in fall, their auburn glory mingling with the twilight. Warm Plum with Auburn Highlights captures this essence, presenting an inviting canvas for those graced with warm undertones. Master the blend, ensuring the highlights whisper through the plum, crafting an effortlessly sun-kissed and natural veneer.

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