53 Must-Try Money Piece Hair Highlights To Transform Your Look

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Written by Rachel Miller

Updated: April 4, 2024

A money piece hairstyle is when you highlight (or lighten) the parts of your hair that frame your face. The money piece creates a stunning, contrasting color against the base color of your hair, giving you a bright look that shines. In this guide, we’ve highlighted 53 must-try money piece hair highlights to inspire you.

magnific q8HP3YkigrMS6kGAErVD Brunette Hair with Blonde Money Piece

If you’re indulging in a rich brunette shade but want to add a subtle pop of color, a blonde money piece is the best way to go. The face-framing highlight adds a youthful glow around the face – right where you want it.

#2. Dark Brown Hair with Honey Blonde Money Piece

magnific yrZIzVwkBMTz7VtHAElV Dark Brown Hair with Honey Blonde Money Piece

If it’s contrast you’re craving, this combo is a must. Darker tresses are beautifully enhanced with a honey-blonde money piece, a delightfully warm pair yet full of dimension.

#3. Raven Black with Platinum Blonde Money Piece

magnific fq7wkAzMaA0SWGBjzPqx Raven Black Hair with Platinum Blonde Money Piece

Those wanting impeccable, eye-catching boldness won’t want to pass up this stunning combo. The look starts with an edgy raven-black hue, complemented strikingly with bright, platinum-blonde money pieces. 

#4. Warm Chestnut with Golden Money Piece

magnific JkPQr3stKarSHyt8cUKb Warm Chestnut with Golden Money Piece

For some women, tame is the name of the game. You’ll love this look because the golden money pieces are “barely there,” allowing for a sun-kissed appearance that’s radiant and natural-looking.

#5. Jet Black with Fiery Red Money Piece

magnific baTtnJdrLxynqdX2daD3 Jet Black with Fiery Red Money Piece

Fierce, bold, and powerful, this hair color is certainly not for the faint of heart. Jet-black strands are highlighted with fiery red pieces, creating an energetic and vibrant look that demands the room.

#6. Natural Blonde with Ash Blonde Money Piece

magnific Jna9CvJmP66HqaWYwLCE Natural Blonde hair with Ash Blonde Money Piece

Subtle yet stunning, this hair color features a natural blonde shade highlighted with ash blonde money pieces. The result? A look that has an all-natural appeal loaded with brightness and beauty.

#7. A Mix of Charcoal Gray with a Money Piece

magnific 8zc0CdsDibkK5ghW7349 A Mix of Charcoal Gray with a Money Piece

Whether you’re rocking your natural gray locks or opted for a fun new shade, one great way to kick your gray strands up a notch is with some exhilarating silver money pieces.

#8. Auburn Hair with a Copper Money Piece

magnific cXokL0lkyUr4KeqQVm0m Auburn Hair with a Copper Money Piece

Are you looking for the perfect look for fall? Then you’ll love this hair color! Enriched with #fallvibes, the style starts with a gorgeous auburn shade highlighted with a copper money piece. To say this hair is warm and comforting would be a definite understatement.

#9. Deep Burgundy Hair with a Cherry Money Piece

magnific RiPSEk0qnHUzdRePpVGq Deep Burgundy Hair with a Cherry Money Piece

Deep burgundy locks exude mystery and seductiveness. What’s one way to brighten this lovely shade? Add a cherry money piece and enjoy another layer of red goodness.

#10. Chocolate Brown Hair with a Gold Money Piece

magnific vhObr9UbOrnO9RAHR4dL Chocolate Brown Hair with a Gold Money Piece

Everybody loves chocolate. Everybody loves gold. Naturally, this look is a popular choice for those seeking to indulge in the finer things of life. It’s so silky smooth and delectable that you might almost want to take a bite out of it.

#11. Midnight Blue with Turquoise Money Piece

magnific XTrurZuV1TxvLkaZ1QhS Midnight Blue Hair with Turquoise Money Piece

Mermaid hair, who? If you want to step into the world of enchanting hair color without going too crazy, this blend is the ideal choice. Enjoy a glorious midnight blue base enhanced with a look-at-me turquoise money piece.

#12. Platinum Blonde with Lavender Money Piece

magnific TyfJGnXD0Uwq28RLCmUZ Platinum Blonde Hair with Lavender Money Piece

For some, platinum blonde locks may be too intense and bright. Well, a lavender money piece is the perfect way to add some softness and femininity. The lavender shade effortlessly gives this hairstyle a soft and beautiful makeover.

#13. Sandy Blonde with Pearl Blonde Money Piece

magnific c7DXmhG5XlxtFW9OEQQb Sandy Blonde Hair with Pearl Blonde Money Piece

Summer’s calling – and this hair color is answering. Starting with a sandy blonde base, this summer-ready hairstyle is gently brightened with a pearl blonde money piece for a refreshed, right-out-of-the-beach aesthetic.

#14. Chestnut Brown with Strawberry Blonde Money Piece

magnific uaB1UuGuhZFHRNbLZqdM Chestnut Brown Hair with Strawberry Blonde Money Piece

Diving into strawberry blonde hair can be daunting. What’s a great way to ease into the red setting? Start with a gorgeous chestnut brown base color. Then, add a strawberry blonde money piece. The result is a lovely shade that brings back memories of beautiful summer sunsets.

#15. Emerald Green with Lime Green Highlight

magnific dtDQGXghJP9fntSooYCY Emerald Green Hair with Lime Green Highlight

Want to make a statement with your hair color? Consider this green-on-green-thing! Begin your look with a regal emerald green shade that’s deep, dark, and mysterious. Then, add a bright, look-at-me lime green highlight for a touch of brightness and dimension.

#16. Vibrant Purple with Lilac Highlight

magnific 89BZ5gy7dAFe1U5o3ZLw Vibrant Purple Hair with Lilac Highlight

For those who want to look fairy-like, this is the ideal hair color. This combination features a vibrant pastel purple base with lovely lilac highlights. The significant color difference ensures this hair can be seen from a mile away for all the right reasons.

#17. Golden Blonde with Champagne Highlight

magnific mL4gNWTdvTKuC3G0d8yK Golden Blonde Hair with Champagne highlights

Golden blonde hair may be sophisticated and stunning on its own, but why stop there? Add a champagne highlight to take this lovely shade to the next level. The blend is undeniably radiant with a glamorous appeal that can be worn to all the finest events.

#18. Mocha Brown with Toffee Money Piece

magnific h40eyDvYwu03Ng7KKDjE Mocha Brown Hair with Toffee Money Piece

Mocha brown hair is one of the most intriguing brown shades out there, offering an immense amount of depth and warmth. This is fine and all, but if you need some shimmer in your life, consider some perky toffee money pieces.

#19. Cherry Black with Ruby Red Money Piece

magnific hzXsWlio6sikWfjjvXfR Cherry Black Hair with Ruby Red Money Piece

Drama. Art. Passion. These are three words we would definitely use to describe this exciting hair color. The cherry black shade acts as the ideal velvety canvas for majestic ruby red money pieces. This is a look that’s designed to turn heads.

#20. Sunset Orange with Peach Money Piece

magnific kpuLASchncOAcaoxeFBu Sunset Orange Hair with Peach Money Piece highlights

If you want to turn your hair into a walking billboard for delicious orange sherbert ice creams, this is the perfect way to do it. The look features a bright sunset orange shade with peach money pieces – a combination that’s almost sweet enough to eat.

#21. Golden Brown with Sun-Kissed Blonde Money Piece

magnific rA0PtwDVH0SyT65QzbiO Golden Brown with Sun Kissed Blonde Money Piece

Let’s face it—this is one of the most popular hair colors, especially during the winter months when you want something warmer but not too dark. Golden brown with sun-kissed blonde money pieces is a blend that’s delightfully warming and comforting but plenty radiant.

#22. Deep Purple with Soft Pastel Purple Highlight

magnific ogGB267WJNnHBR1WO6wS Deep Purple Hair with Soft Pastel Purple

Are you obsessed with all things purple? Then this hair color is for you! You’ll love the exotic deep purple base, complete with a face-framing pastel purple highlight. The subtle hint of pastel purple is a great way to brighten the rather intense shade around the face.

#23. Cool Ash Brown with Icy Blonde Highlight

magnific 6pZPSY8MRXm7mXWBsv1P Cool Ash Brown Hair with Icy Blonde

Known for being an icy duo, you’re going to want to pull out this hair color for the chillier seasons of the year. Ash brown is idyllically highlighted with icy blonde pieces, creating a frosty appearance that’s stylish and full of life.

#24. Rusty Brown with Amber Highlight

magnific Fb5vQ2RFs8d90qrg9lB0 Rusty Brown Hair with Amber Highlights

Where are my redheads? If you’re ready to dive into the world of red hair but don’t want it to be too overwhelming, this blend is perfect! It starts with a rusty brown shade with plenty of red undertones. Finished with an amber highlight, it’s a look reminiscent of glorious fall foliage.

#25. Pastel Pink with Hot Pink Money Piece

magnific Yz55bFD4oJo8BHh5ILrE Pastel Pink Hair with Hot Pink Money Piece

Those in the “pink tribe” won’t want to miss this sweet and sassy appearance. The base features a lively and expressive pastel pink shade, finished with a hot pink money piece for some razzle-dazzle. This look is reserved for the fierce babes out there who love pink!

#26. Indigo with Sky Blue Money Piece

magnific khjkUz5rQonmiKKCN3Lb Indigo Hair with Sky Blue Money Piece Highlights

Honestly, the best way to describe this hair color blend is “ethereal.” The indigo shade and enticing sky-blue touches create an utterly out-of-this-world look. Add this duo to your “must-try” list if you want something mesmerizing.

#27. Walnut Brown with Butter Blonde Money Piece

magnific K9bvgpnm48u0qBeNbbzq Walnut Brown Hair with Butter Blonde Money Piece

Beaming with natural elegance, this walnut brown with butter blonde money piece hair color is a year-round style you’ll love to flaunt. The walnut brown is soft and delicate, while the butter blonde adds a youthful glow around the face. Such a stunning style!

#28. Copper Brown with Goldenrod Money Piece

magnific 3uEes6WTZxzrGDJFGowq Copper Brown Hair with Goldenrod Money Piece

Hey, firecracker! If you want a spicy style to rock next fall, consider showering your locks in a copper-brown base with goldenrod money pieces. Reminiscent of a crackling fire, this look has all the fiery passion you could ever wish from a hairstyle.

#29. Rich Mahogany with Vibrant Crimson Accent

magnific WMQL7Fe4Io402GYJaFjA Rich Mahogany Hair with Vibrant Crimson Accent

Mahogany hair is known for being exhilarating, rich, and enchanting, and it really doesn’t need any helping hands to make it look incredible. However, add a vibrant crimson accent if you need a little dimension.

#30. Elegant Silver Gray with Subtle Charcoal Highlight

magnific X4O3lnwI6kD1SYcJFmif Elegant Silver Gray Hair with Subtle Charcoal Highlights

Although silver gray is an elegant and graceful standalone hair color, there’s nothing wrong with adding some intriguing elements to the look. In this style, subtle charcoal highlights add some subtle smokiness and depth to the silver-gray base.

#31. Warm Honey Blonde with Dazzling Platinum Highlight

magnific jwo2v5ztGfJCTaWrVecZ Warm Honey Blonde Hair with Dazzling Platinum Highlights

Turn your hair into a billboard to celebrate the many wonderful shades of blonde with this stunning hair color blend. Warm honey blonde sets the stage with a tamer shade of blonde, while platinum highlights add shimmer, shine, and brightness.

#32. Deep Teal with Aqua Money Piece

magnific fN5PfNhad6tKzIAaA3ew Deep Teal Hair with Aqua Money Piece Highlights

Releasing your inner mermaid is a cinch when you opt for a captivating hair color such as this. It all starts with a deep, oceanic teal refreshed with hints of seafoam aqua green. With this hairstyle, you’ll look like you’ve just emerged from the ocean’s depths!

#33. Cocoa Brown with Milk Chocolate Money Piece

magnific czMbYpzbUFeYeLd5w3sY Cocoa Brown Hair with Milk Chocolate Money Piece Highlights

If you want your locks to cascade with delicious tints of brunette hair colors, then this is the look for you. A seductive cocoa brown hair color is given just the right amount of dimension with irresistible chocolate money pieces for a ravishing result.

#34. Black with Electric Blue Money Piece

magnific tQ0IuYfh9UizvhLoBJ22 Black Hair with Electric Blue Money Piece Highlights

Get ready for an energetic look with this combination! Electric blue money pieces accompany jet-black strands for a style that’s, in a word, intoxicating. This style has “rockstar” written all over it, and it’s certainly not for the faint of heart.

#35. Caramel Brown with Vanilla Money Piece

magnific 1jotuMIc7evUZOloAnJm Caramel Brown Hair with Vanilla Money Piece Highlights

Caramel brown is a beautiful shade that plenty of women enjoy year-round. However, if you want to add brightness and radiance to liven up your caramel brown strands, this is the best way: with sultry vanilla money pieces. It’s a win-win!

#36. Dark Ash Blonde with Pale Gold Money Piece

magnific 0igtsnqweprdc3VTapyT Dark Ash Blonde Hair with Pale Gold Money Piece Highlights

If you’re a fan of cooler blonde hair colors, you will love this combination! The look starts with the timeless dark ash-blonde tone. Then, pale gold money pieces are thrown around the face to liven it up a bit. The final result is a blonde hair color with understated beauty.

#37. Magenta Hair with Baby Pink Money Piece

magnific K8Vck38rNPel30EegYeB Magenta Hair with Baby Pink Money Piece Highlights

Anyone looking for a hair color that oozes charm and delicateness should consider this fascinating hair color! The magenta base is wildly intoxicating, but the baby-pink money pieces add some much-needed daintiness. Don’t be bashful, babe—try this lovely look!

#38. Navy Blue with Cobalt Blue Money Piece

magnific Lqe88qtm7O0x9kjdla3c Navy Blue Hair with Cobalt Blue Money Piece Highlights

Do you feel like dipping your strands into the blue paint bucket but don’t know which shades to settle on? This look can help you out! Showcasing a captivating navy blue and cobalt blue duo, this hair color allows you to indulge in the many shades of blue tones without settling for less.

#39. Hazelnut Brown with Cappuccino Money Piece

magnific Mb7F0G4BCQ52w2DiLYOw Hazelnut Brown Hair with Cappuccino Money Piece Highlight

Brown hair doesn’t always have to be dark and mysterious. This hair color duo proves you can enjoy warm tones while indulging in lighter hues, creating a perky yet comforting style. To achieve this flawless year-round look, start with hazelnut brown and toss some delicious cappuccino money pieces.

#40. Taupe with Cream Money Piece

magnific ww7oPQ6v1Pk6d4UNDY1a Taupe Hair with Cream Money Piece Highlights

Do you desire an earthy, creamy, and delightful hair color? Then, this is precisely the shade you’re looking for! Enjoy a chic taupe shade, idyllically highlighted with creamy money pieces for a shade that showcases elegance and sophistication.

#41. Berry Red with Rose Money Piece

magnific PL4GrlPmneAuXi1fk3cV Berry Red Hair with Rose Money Piece Highlights

Sugar, spice, and everything nice, this hair color is a genuinely stimulating blend. Berry red and rose are an undeniable match made in heaven, with the berry base offering a deep shade that’s subtly brightened with a pinch of rose.

#42. Olive Green with Mint Money Piece

magnific RERgM59LjG8xziY0ndMp Olive Green Hair with Mint Money Piece Highlights

Olive green hair is designed for those who love green and want to embrace an earth hair color. However, if you want to freshen up your olive green base, the best way to do it is with some mint money pieces.

#43. Sable Brown with Mink Blonde Accent

magnific jnEWchLoBD9dm7dcLvyE Sable Brown Hair with Mink Blonde Accent Highlights

Sable brown is known for being a gorgeous and subtle brown shade that’s not too light or dark. Yet, it’s easy to illuminate this hair color without going too bold. All you have to do is toss in some mink blonde accents to create a refined hairstyle that’s still natural-looking and lovely.

#44. Golden Yellow with Lemon Accent

magnific qPooIo6ERbz7PghZ3iVd Golden Yellow Hair with Lemon Accent Highlights

Do you want your hair to capture the attention of an entire crowd? Look no further than this thrilling combination of golden yellow hair with lemon accents! As bold as it gets, these shades offer unmistakable brilliance that’s shocking and intriguing all at once.

#45. Slate Gray with Snow Accent

magnific 5aYO7DLf97StBktyI7FX Slate Gray Hair with Snow Accent Highlights

Contemporary elegance, anyone? Slate gray with snow accents offers a chic and trendy appeal that’s undeniably modern and cool. The snow accent exquisitely adds some much-needed dimension to the one-note slate gray, immediately becoming an enticing duo.

#46. Rich Brown with Golden Highlight

magnific TRbIEkc3DZBchMAXdA8A Rich Brown Hair with Golden Highlights

Rich brown with golden highlights is an ever-popular hair color that will never go out of style, and it’s clear to see why. Rich brown is always the go-to for those desiring a delightful brunette shade, while golden highlights bring some liveliness and glow to the appearance.

#47. Deep Green with Vibrant Jade Highlight

magnific hHL5g6GvpOBEM02YLMmp Deep Green Hair with Vibrant Jade Highlight

If you’re looking for a hairstyle as vibrant and regal as the most expensive gemstones, you might consider going with this deep green shade with glorious jade highlights. Overall, this hairstyle has a majestic and captivating err that can’t be ignored.

#48. Gentle Lavender with Pure White Highlight

magnific Ke0dnnvN36gz3wa6bco3 Gentle Lavender Hair with Pure White Highlight

When you opt for this luxurious and eye-catching combo, transforming into a magical creature is a cinch! Gentle lavender tresses set the stage for an enchanting and pixie-like style, while pure white highlights offer an ethereal contrast that’s impossible to miss.

#49. Warm Beige with Cool Ash Money Piece

magnific yby4HT76wiY5BMHqqN43 Warm Beige Hair with Cool Ash Money Piece Highlight

Do you want cool or warm tones in your hair? Why not have both? With this hair color, you can indulge in warm and cool shades! Enjoy the best of both worlds and look like a modern diva with every step you take.

#50. Smoky Black with Charcoal Money Piece

magnific dUiG5IR8sNP1tQYjw5Df Smoky Black Hair with Charcoal Money Piece Highlight

Powerful yet subtle, this look is reserved for those who want to add some mystery to their aesthetic. Smoky black is the ideal foundation for charcoal money pieces. The contrast is unbelievably modern yet fascinating at the same time.

#51. Raspberry with Pink Lemonade Money Piece

magnific 5lga9TmIzZw5cJFFpZfB Raspberry Hair with Pink Lemonade Money Piece Highlight

Are you dreaming of becoming a pop princess? Maybe not, but that doesn’t mean you have to ditch colorful and playful hairstyles! This look features a delicious raspberry base with pink lemonade money pieces. It’s known as the tangy twist you’ll crave all summer long.

#52. Graphite with Silver Money Piece

magnific rRf1A5quSJXcPKw60Q7t Graphite Hair with Silver Money Piece Highlight

Is she stepping out of a 1950s black-and-white movie? No, she’s simply stepping out with a sleek hair color, unlike anything you’ve seen before. Muted graphite hair is given a dose of life and attitude with silver money pieces, a contemporary, refined, and unique hue.

#53. Tawny Brown with Wheat Blonde Money Piece

magnific ReG8b8UH3hh18wWRIYNB Tawny Brown Hair with Wheat Blonde Money Piece Highlight

If you want to glow, you won’t want to pass on this blend. Tawny brown is a stunning shade, but when wheat blonde money pieces are added, it becomes an even more beautiful design. You’ll love flaunting this sun-kissed, natural-looking blend all year round.

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