34 Dazzling Strawberry Blonde Hair Ideas to Turn Heads This Year

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Written by Rachel Miller

Updated: January 29, 2024

Plenty of hair colors are known as “in-between” shades, including the ever-popular strawberry blonde shade. Not quite red, yet not quite blonde, it allows wearers to indulge in the best of both worlds without having to pick a side. Are you thinking about going with a strawberry blonde hair color this year? Then you’ll be glad to know that you have plenty of options. In fact, this article proves that there are at least 34 different dazzling strawberry blonde hair ideas *guaranteed* to turn heads. Have fun picking out your next strawberry blonde hair color, babes!

woman with SunKissed Strawberry Blonde Lob hair

A lob haircut tousled with wavy detailing is already adorable on its own, but you can turn this sweet and flirty cut into a summertime dream come true by throwing on a sun-kissed strawberry blonde color. 

#2. Strawberry Blonde with Rose Gold Highlights

woman with Strawberry Blonde with Rose Gold Highlights hair

Strawberry blonde with rose gold highlights can easily be described as the “mature” way to wear pink hair. The best part is that rose gold is incredibly trendy right now, ensuring this look is fashion-forward. Let the color speak for itself by adding stunning ringlets.

#3. Fiery Strawberry Blonde Curls

woman with Fiery Strawberry Blonde Curls hair

If your naturally curly locks need a statement-making makeover, it might be time to dabble in a fiery strawberry blonde shade. This captivating ‘do showcases a deeper shade of red that’s undeniably head-turning.

#4. Strawberry Blonde to Pastel Pink Fade

woman with Strawberry Blonde to Pastel Pink Fade hair

Anyone looking for a fairy-tale-like hair color to wear through the spring should consider this charming look. Strawberry blonde is beautifully meshed with a subtle pastel pink fade, creating a delicate style reserved for the daintiest women.

#5. Beachy Strawberry Blonde Waves

woman with Beachy Strawberry Blonde Waves hair

Nothing says “summertime fun” quite like a set of beachy waves. They’re cool, relaxed, and playful, and they just so happen to look stunning when paired with a multidimensional strawberry blonde shade.

#6. Strawberry Blonde Fishtail Braid

woman with Strawberry Blonde Fishtail Braid hair

Creating eye-catching detail using your tresses is always fun – and here’s an easy way to do it. Start with a strawberry blonde hair color that’s loaded with dimension. Then, show off every hue with the intricate – and downright charming – weave of a fishtail braid.

#7. Textured Strawberry Blonde Bob

If your short bob haircut needs a little pick-me-up, this is an excellent way to do it. This strawberry blonde shade is somewhat subtle, allowing you to indulge in a new color without going too bold. Add some playfulness with textured waves from root to tip.

#8. Strawberry Blonde and Creamy Blonde Balayage

woman with Strawberry Blonde and Creamy Blonde Balayage hair

Blondes looking to add a touch of sophistication to their strands will appreciate this mix of colors! It all starts with a luscious creamy blonde hair color on top cascading down into a strawberry blonde swirl. The result? It is a downright delicious and elegant duo you can wear year-round.

#9. Strawberry Blonde Shag Cut

woman with Strawberry Blonde Shag Cut hair

A shaggy haircut is known for its laid-back, boho-chic appeal. Designed with tons of layers, it’s the go-to for many different hair types. Want to know the best way to put these carefree layers on display? Go with a subtle strawberry blonde hue heavy on the red coloring.

#10. Strawberry Blonde Undercut

woman with Strawberry Blonde Undercut hair

A long pixie haircut paired with an undercut can be daring, but this hairstyle proves you can indulge in a bolder style without sacrificing your womanhood. This strawberry blonde shade radiates beauty and femininity, even when paired with this rather edgy cut.

#11. Two-Tone Strawberry Blonde

woman with Two Tone Strawberry Blonde hair

A cute, wavy lob is the perfect base for a two-tone strawberry blonde, and this color is the perfect example of how you can work with multiple shades without having to decide between the two. Enjoy the best of both worlds with a strawberry blonde color riddled with highlights.

#12. Strawberry Blonde with Lavender Tips

woman with Strawberry Blonde with Lavender Tips hair

If your warm strawberry blonde locks are craving some whimsy and color, lavender is an excellent choice. Something about the strawberry and lavender combination is utterly fairy-like and enchanting, and it looks especially bedazzling with loose waves.

#13. Strawberry Blonde with Auburn Lowlights

woman with Strawberry Blonde with Auburn Lowlights hair

Play up the red undertones in your strawberry-blonde tresses by adopting auburn lowlights. With a rich, coppery hue, auburn lowlights will immediately add warmth and dimension to your locks, ensuring they are prepared for fall.

#14. Short Strawberry Blonde Pixie

The simplicity of strawberry blonde locks on a pixie haircut is effortlessly stylish and low-maintenance. As long as you use color-safe products, you can enjoy this laidback yet high-fashion style for months.

#15. Loose Strawberry Blonde Curls

woman with Loose Strawberry Blonde Curls hair

Loose strawberry blonde curls are effortlessly elegant and luxe, making them the go-to for fancier occasions and events. The curls immediately elevate the highlights and lowlights while adding plenty of jaw-dropping volume.

#16. Strawberry Blonde Box Braids

Those seeking a protective, practical, and cute style will love this look! Box braids are the ideal platform for gorgeous strawberry-blonde strands. Every interlocking strand reveals a different shade of strawberry blonde, ensuring a mesmerizing finish.

#17. Strawberry Blonde with Mahogany Roots

woman with Strawberry Blonde with Mahogany Roots hair

Go bold and opt for deliberate contrast by adding mahogany roots to your strawberry blonde locks. This rich, multidimensional shade is ideal for those seeking a transitional color between seasons or for those who simply want to dabble in a more robust shade of strawberry blonde.

#18. High Ponytail in Strawberry Blonde

woman with High Ponytail in Strawberry Blonde hair

Indulge in a hair color that’s more red than blonde and reap the reward – a tantalizing shade that looks fabulous in any hairstyle, including a high ponytail. Dress this hairstyle up or down and wear it everywhere – you’re bound to look flawless.

#19. Strawberry Blonde Buzz Cut

woman with Strawberry Blonde Buzz Cut hair

Buzz cuts seamlessly blend a bold attitude with a carefree spirit. It’s designed for women who aren’t afraid to “go there” and want something low-maintenance. Add a dose of daintiness to your chic cut by opting for a lovely shade of strawberry blonde.

#20. Strawberry Blonde with Platinum Streaks

woman with Strawberry Blonde with Platinum Streaks hair

Platinum streaks on a strawberry blonde base immediately add a radiant glow that will shimmer against the sunlight. Is this the perfect look for summer when you want to shine bright? We certainly think so!

#21. Classic Strawberry Blonde Updo

woman with Classic Strawberry Blonde Updo hair

It doesn’t get much more timeless or elegant than with this classic strawberry blonde updo. Suitable for the finest occasions, this sensational updo not only exudes sophistication but also draws more attention to the eyes.

#22. Strawberry Blonde with Deep Red Undertones

woman with Strawberry Blonde with Deep Red Undertones hair

Add a sense of intensity by adding deep red undertones to your strawberry blonde tresses. The pairing is known for its incredible depth and irresistible appearance, and it may just be your next go-to for the upcoming fall season.

#23. Strawberry Blonde Curtain Bangs

woman with Strawberry Blonde Curtain Bangs hair

An adorable lob paired with curtain bangs is the best way to combine contemporary and retro effortlessly. It has a “girl next door” aesthetic that’s enhanced with the addition of a charming strawberry blonde hue and playful waves.

#24. Tousled Strawberry Blonde Bob

woman with Tousled Strawberry Blonde Bob hair

If your cute bob haircut needs to be revitalized with a new color, consider this shade! Displaying an enchanting blend of highlights and lowlights up against darker roots, this hair color is unmatched in the “depth and dimension” departments.

#25. Strawberry Blonde Ombre Lob

woman with Strawberry Blonde Ombre Lob hair

With this strawberry blonde ombre lob, you can enjoy darker roots leading down to lighter ends – a quick way to brighten things up. This hair color shows off just one of the many ways you can work strawberry blonde into your tresses and look *amazing.*

#26. Strawberry Blonde Retro Curls

woman with Strawberry Blonde Retro Curls hair

This flashback ‘do allows you to embrace your inner 50s diva in a glamorous and refreshing way. Strawberry blonde locks are idyllically dressed up with compelling retro curls, the perfect way to style your locks for any classy event.

#27. Sleek Straight Strawberry Blonde

woman with Sleek Straight Strawberry Blonde hair

Straight-haired gals who need help in the volume and dimension areas will appreciate this sleek, straight strawberry blonde hairstyle. Adding strawberry blonde from top to bottom allows even the finest strands to take on a bolder look-at-me aesthetic.

#28. Strawberry Blonde French Braid

woman with Strawberry Blonde French Braid hair

French braids are a cute way to add some intricacy, and there’s no better way to liven up this hairstyle than going with a light strawberry blonde shade. This unmistakably adorable ‘do can easily be worn to casual gatherings or upgraded for fancier affairs.

#29. Textured Strawberry Blonde Pixie

A daring pixie haircut doesn’t need any help demanding the attention of a room, but why stop there? Opt for a deep shade of strawberry blonde to add even more edge and liveliness to your style. Lightly texture your locks to add body and movement.

#30. Side-Swept Strawberry Blonde

woman with Side Swept Strawberry Blonde hair

This luxurious shade of strawberry blonde offers a sun-kissed appearance that looks especially nice on blue-eyed divas. Go with a soft side-swept style to immediately upgrade this look with an elegant appeal. 

#31. Strawberry-Blonde Low Bun

woman with Strawberry Blonde Low Bun hair

A low bun is the perfect way to achieve understated elegance, whether you wear it to an upscale restaurant or enjoy it poolside with your pals. Start with a charming strawberry blonde hue to ensure your style looks flawless regardless of where you’re headed.

#32. Strawberry Blonde Cropped Cut

woman with Strawberry Blonde Cropped Cut hair

Expertly pairing low-maintenance with high-impact, this strawberry blonde cropped cut should definitely be on your “must-try” list. Yes, the shorter haircut is a bit bold and daring – but it’s time to unleash your rebellious side and give it a try.

#33. Strawberry Blonde with Chocolate Underlayer

woman with Strawberry Blonde with Chocolate Underlayer hair

Add chocolate underlayers to give your strawberry blonde locks a mysterious makeover. This is an ideal way to add depth and darkness for winter without completely overhauling your aesthetic.

#34. Strawberry Blonde with Money Piece

featured image strawberry blonde2

Brightening your locks around the face is an easy way to add a youthful glow to your appearance. Add some lighter money pieces around the face, and let the rest of your wavy tresses display an enchanting strawberry blonde shade.

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