43 Highly Trending Hairstyle Ideas For Curtain Bangs with Layers

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Written by Rachel Miller

Updated: April 24, 2024

Pairing curtain bangs with layers may be a classic look, but it’s all the rage right now. This trendy style can level up any haircut on any hair texture. And, guess what? It compliments ANY face shape, too! Name a more versatile style, we’ll wait. 

But more than physical versatility, layers and curtain bangs have beautiful blending superpowers, allowing them to fit any aesthetic. So, whether you want something gritty and bold, or soft and elegant, there’s a layered look with curtain bangs out there for you.

#1.  Long Layers with Wispy Curtain Bangs

Long Layers with Whispy Curtain Bangs

If your thick hair needs a lightweight lift, try long layers with wispy curtain bangs. The long layering lets you celebrate your thick, long locks without being weighed down by them. Then, the wispy bangs enhance that light and airy look while creating a charming frame that highlights your features.

#2. Textured Bob and a Soft Curtain Fringe

Textured Bob and Soft Curtain Fringe

Are you looking for an effortlessly chic look with a little energy? Try a textured bob with a soft curtain fringe to balance it out. This trendy look zaps the bob’s clean and polished aesthetic with texturized layers, finished off by a curtain fringe to emphasize the style’s face-flattering shape, particularly on rounder face shapes. 

#3. Curtain Bangs with Tapered Layers

Curtain Bangs with Tapered Layers

Bring a laidback yet elegant vibe to your hair by adding curtain bangs with tapered layered. Paired together, the curtain bangs and transitional layers bring effortless movement to any hair texture while creating a charming frame that highlights more than just your cheekbones.

#4. Choppy Layers and Blunt Curtain Bangs

Choppy Layers and Blunt Curtain Bangs

Do you love the blended look that curtain bangs with layers offer, but you need something with a little more impact? Go for some choppy layers and blunt curtain bangs instead. This duo gives your hairstyle a chunkier texture and a chicer touch for a cool and playful vibe.

#5. Curtain Bangs with Layers on S-Waves

Curtain Bangs with S Wave Layers

If your hair has those “not curly but not straight” kinds of S-waves, curtain bangs and layers are the perfect enhancement to give it a wavier-looking texture while adding tons of volume and a stylish touch, courtesy of the curtain bangs.

#6. Straight-Cut Layers and a Side-Parted Curtain Fringe

Straight Cut Layers and Side Parted Curtain Fringe

Is your blunt cut looking a little flat these days? Revive it by getting some straight-cut layers with a side-parted fringe. These clean-cut layers bring volume and life back into your hair without losing that sleek sophistication.

#7. Angled Layered Bob with Wispy Curtain Bangs

Angled Bob with Wispy Curtain Bangs

If you’re looking to give your sophisticated style a shake, try an angled layered bob with wispy curtain bangs. This cut is perfect for fine and thin hair that needs some life and lift without taking too much. The wispy curtain bangs are the chic cherry on top, connecting the whole look with a charming touch.

#8. Curtain Bangs with Feathered Layers

Curtain Bangs and Feathered Layers

Soften up your style with curtain bangs and feathered layers. These curtain bangs add a stylish fringe-esque flair with a wispy texture that seamlessly blends with the flowing feathered layers. The airy movement of this pairing is perfect for bringing thin hair a dreamy look.

#9. Sleek Layers with a Rounded Curtain Fringe

Sleek Layers with Rounded Curtain Fringe

Layers don’t always have to be wild and crazy. Give yourself a slick, stylish look with sleek layers and a rounded curtain fringe. The subdued layers give any hair type a much-needed change with elegant volume, gentle texture, and a rounded curtain fringe to top it off with a chic charm.

#10. Face Framing Layers with Volume Boosting Curtain Bangs

Face Framing Layers with Volume Boosting Curtain Bangs

Add a bit of drama and glamour to your hair with face-framing layers and volume-boosting curtain bangs. In this style, the jobs of each element are switched, with the layers framing your face and the curtain bangs giving the illusion of even more volume for any hair type to have a bouncy and glamorous aesthetic.

#11. Curtain Fringe Bangs with Disconnected Layers

Curtain Fringe with Disconnected Layers

Curtain fringe bangs with disconnected layers bring a flawlessly edgy flair to fine hair that needs some extra attention. The fringe bangs are full, making your hair appear thicker, while the disconnected layers do just that for the rest of your hair while giving the look a grungy twist.

#12. Long A-Line Cut with a Straight Curtain Bangs

Long A Line Cut with Straight Curtain Bangs

If you’re into the more subdued and sophisticated styles, go for a long A-line cut with straight curtain bangs. This cut is famous for its sleek texture and rounded ends, which are the ideal pairing for straight curtain bangs for a quiet kind of class.

#13. Asymmetrical Cut with a Short Curtain Fringe

Asymmetrical Cut with Short Curtain Fringe

Need something fresh and snappy? Go for a contemporary look, like an asymmetrical cut with a short curtain fringe. This totally versatile cut brings a modern twist to any hair texture and adds short curtain fringes to soften things up for a beautiful balance.

#14. Soft Curtain Bangs With Curly Layers

Curly Hair with Soft Curtain Bangs

Show your curls some love, and get some soft curtain bangs to go with your curly layers. The layers bring more volume and bounce for an enhanced texture, while the soft curtain bangs add a flirty touch that complements your best features.

#15.  Curtain Bangs with U-Shaped Layers

Curtain Bangs with U Shaped Layers

U-shaped layers are a highly trendy spin on layering, but it’s just the thing to give thick hair a super-classic style. This style shapes hair to give fullness from root to tip while creating a slightly wavy look for effortless movement, meaning this cut is also low maintenance. Then, the curtain bangs add a cute connection to bring the cut together and highlight your eyes.

#16. Curtain Bangs with Shattered Layers

Curtain Bangs with Shattered Layers

Curtain bangs with shattered layers offer a balanced blend of softness and edge. The shattered layers create height and body with massive visual interest complemented by the cute curtain bangs.

#17. Curtain Fringe with High-Low Layers

Curtain Fringe with High Low Layers

Give your chic girl aesthetic a dose of grit, and go with a curtain fringe with high-low layers. This style is an irresistible combination of edgy and elegant, with transitional layers that go high to low and a fab curtain fringe to finish it off and soften it up.

#18. Long Layers and Subtle Curtain Bangs

Long Layers and Subtle Curtain Bangs

If you’re looking for a soft and natural look, you’ll find it in long layers and subtle curtain bangs. These long, shaggy layers give any hair type carefree texture and volume, with subtle curtain bangs to add that trendy touch.

#19. Pixie Cut with Long Curtain Bangs

Pixie Cut with Long Curtain Bangs

Think curtain bangs can’t take your pixie cut up a notch? Guess again! These long pixie bangs bring a sleeker shape to the pixie cut that frames your face without taking any of the bold style of the pixie cut.

#20. Multi-Length Layers with a Defined Curtain Fringe

Multi Length Layers with Defined Curtain Fringe

If you want to add some razzle-dazzle to your style, go for multi-length layers with a defined curtain fringe. This modern layering technique brings dynamic texture to even the finest, straightest hair with a delightfully defined curtain fringe to finish the look off.  

#21. Layered Lob with Wispy Curtain Bangs

Layered Lob with Wispy Curtain Bangs

Thick, wavy hair doesn’t have to be tricky to style. Make styling quicker and easier by going for a layered lob with wispy curtain bangs. This style includes lightweight layers to give thick hair a lively lift that enhances waves, fabulously paired with wispy curtain bangs. 

#22. Voluminous Layers with a Heavy Curtain Fringe

Voluminous Layers with a Heavy Curtain Fringe

Bring your hair some va-va-voom vibes with voluminous layers and a heavy curtain fringe. These robust layers bring maximum height and body (for thick hair, especially) with glamorous movement and a chic heavy curtain bang for a long, luxurious look.  

#23. Curtain Bangs with Razor-Cut Layers

Curtain Bangs with Razor Cut Layers

Give the classic look of curtain bangs a modern edge by pairing them with razor-cut layers. This gritty cutting technique energized layers to bring life to the flattest, finest hair without removing the classic charm of the curtain bangs.

#24. Long Choppy Layers with Mini Curtain Bangs

Long Choppy Layers with Mini Curtain Bangs

If you’re looking for a style with fab flair, you need long chippy layers with mini curtain bangs. The mini curtain bangs blend into the long, choppy layers for a softer contrast that still makes a big impact for a flawlessly fabulous look.

#25. Stacked Bob with Short Curtain Fringe

Stacked Bob with Short Curtain Fringe

If you like short and chic styles, you’ll LOVE a stacked bob with a short curtain fringe. The stacked bob gives your hair volume, texture, and a flattering shape, and the curtain fringe brings that chic look for the perfect blend of timeless and trendy.

#26. Short Layers with Long Curtain Bangs

Short Layers with Long Curtain Bangs

Switch up your typical style and go for short layers with long curtain bangs. This contemporary cut gives your hair a sleek, modern look with soft movement and high volume, thanks to the short layers. Then, the longer curtain bangs come down and create that “too cool” vibe.

#27. Long Hair with a Delicate Curtain Fringe

Long Hair with Delicate Curtain Fringe

Bless your tresses with a graceful style, like long layers with a delicate curtain fringe. The gentle layers add texture and volume to your luscious long hair without losing that beautiful length. Then, the delicate curtain fringe comes in for a flawless frame to highlight your eyes and cheekbones for a youthful touch.

#28. Curtain Bangs with Razor Sharp Layers

Curtain Bangs with Razor Sharp Layers

Curtain bangs with razor-sharp layers provide a striking balance between soft and sharp. This low-key layering technique gives all that texture and volume with a much sleeker finish. Then, the curtain bangs soften the look and provide that playful vibe.

#29. Curtain Fringe on Lived-In Layers

Curtain Fringe and Lived In Layers

Are you going for that Bohemian babe aesthetic? You need lived-in layers with a curtain fringe. These layers bring effortless texture for that perfectly undone vibe, complemented by the trendy curtain fringe.

#30. Straight-Cut Curtain Fringe with Layers

Layered Cut with Straight Cut Curtain Fringe

If you’re looking to add something sleek and sophisticated to your layers, go for a straight-cut curtain fringe. This simple addition brings your look to the next level, offering a chic and polished vibe.

#31. Asymmetrical Bob with Side-Parted Curtain Bangs

Asymmetrical Bob with Side Parted Curtain Bangs

Are you all about the contemporary vibe? Try an asymmetrical bob with side-parted curtain bangs. The imbalanced layers bring a modern and slightly edgy texture without sacrificing the classic sleek shape of the bob. Then, the side-parted curtain bangs elevate that modern vibe and bring more attention to your eyes. 

#32. Tapered Cut with Feathered Curtain Fringe

Tapered Cut with Feathered Curtain Fringe

Looking for a shorter Boho chic style? Go for a tapered cut with a feathered curtain fringe. This unexpected duo features a slightly longer tapered cut that blends into a feathered curtain fringe for a beautiful blend of bold and beachy.

#33. Long Soft Layers with Peekaboo Curtain Bangs

Long Soft Layers with Peekaboo Curtain Bangs

Pay up your chic and luxurious aesthetic with long soft layers and peekaboo curtain bangs. These hushed layers bring elegant volume and movement to your hair, amplified by the peekaboo curtain bangs.

#34. Mid-Length Shag with Soft Curtain Fringe

Mid Length Shag with Soft Curtain Fringe

Bring all those groovy 70s vibes to your hair with a mid-length shag and soft curtain fringe bangs. This super stylish cut brings shaggy layers for exuberant texture and volume. Then, the soft curtain bangs bring everything together with a casual and cute touch.

#35. Layered Pixie with Micro Curtain Bangs

Layered Pixie with Micro Curtain Bangs

The layered pixie with micro curtain bangs is another sharp style for shorter-look lovers. This cut is a softer take on the edgy pixie cut, with short layers bringing a youthful and girlie vibe, enhanced by the super-chic micro curtain bangs. And best of all, this style is a wake-up-and-go kind of look.

#36. A-Line Bob with a Blunt Curtain Fringe

A Line Bob with Blunt Curtain Fringe

If you want a timeless style with a touch of edginess, look no further than an A-lin bob with a blunt curtain-fringe bang. This clean-cut look has barely-there-looking layers that create that classic bob shape with a touch of edgy texture. Then, the blunt-cut curtain fringe adds a flawless finishing touch.

#37. Sleek Long Layers with Middle Parted Curtain Bang

Sleek Long Layers with a Middle Part Bang

Looking for a low-key but high-fashion kind of style? Sounds like you need some sleek, long layers with middle-parted curtain bangs. This laidback layering technique brings subtle glamour to long hair, no matter how thick or thin, while the middle-parted curtain bangs bring a sense of balance and harmony to the whole look while framing your face. 

#38. Wavy Bob with a Wispy Curtain Fringe

Wavy Bob with Wispy Curtain Fringe

Hey, wavy ladies! Get a short and spunky style that shows off your natural texture with a wavy bob and a wispy curtain fringe. This bob is designed to freshen up your natural wave pattern for robust volume and easy-breezy movement, with complementary curtain fringe bangs for a light and airy finishing touch.

#39. Angled Layers with Thick Curtain Bangs

Angled Layers with Thick Curtain Bangs

Angled layers with thick curtain bangs are a pairing of all things chic. This style is perfect for any hair texture and density, with angular layers for lightweight and dynamic body and movement and thick curtain bangs to bring the whole look together with a chic charm.

#40. Choppy-Layered Cut with a Long Curtain Fringe

Choppy Cut with Long Curtain Fringe

Bring a soft-meets-edgy look with a choppy-layered cute and long curtain fringe. These choppy layers bring bold and full-bodied texture for an effortlessly tousled look. Then, the long curtain fringe slightly softens the look.

#41. One-Length Haircut with a Subtle Curtain Fringe

One Length Hair with a Subtle Curtain Fringe

Shape up your thick hair with a sprinkle of sophistication, and go for a one-length haircut with a subtle curtain fringe. This style is all things minimum-effort and maximum-slay, with a simple one-length shape that tames thick hair in an easily maintained style with the subtle curtain fringe to provide some elegance. 

#42. Classic Layered Cut with Chunky Curtain Bangs

Classic Layered Cut with Chunky Curtain Bangs

The classic layered cut with chunky curtain bangs is a brilliant blend of old and new, with retro shag-inspired layering that levels up any hair type. Then, the chunky curtain bangs add that fashion-forward flair. 

#43. Layered Lob with a Side Swept Curtain Fringe

Layered Lob with a Side Swept Curtain Fringe

If you love the look of effortlessly tousled hair and edgy glam, you need to try a layered lob with a side-swept curtain fringe. This style brings all the body and texture your hair needs for low-maintenance styling. Then, the side-swept curtain fringe adds a pinch of grunge glamour.

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