Women Over 60 Are Embracing These 35 Hairstyles With Bangs For A Fresh Look

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Written by Rachel Miller

Updated: May 27, 2024

You know those older women who just seem like they’re aging gracefully, with their hair complementing their features perfectly? The secret behind their ageless beauty: the right hairstyle that embraces their age and elegance. For women over 60, going with a hairstyle with bangs gives you a youthful and dignified look—stylish and elegant. Here are our favorite flattering hairstyles for women over 60 with bangs.

magnific XpifOpiE6JbOMJB4qzjJ Layered Bob with Curtain Bangs

The best thing about the layered bob with curtain bangs is that it looks amazing on all face shapes. It is a chic, versatile hairstyle for women that also adds beautiful movement through the layers. Curtain bangs are a gentle feminine accent, and they will help to conceal forehead lines. It is perfect for women who deal with fine hair, as it can give a sense of volume.

#2. Soft Waves with Wispy Bangs

magnific 4nGOgdD44igYrrOwFtAU Soft Waves with Wispy Bangs

The style is soft waves with wispy bangs which provides a soft and romantic shape that can be well carried by women of different face shapes. The wispy bangs delicately border your face, which will give you some youthful keenness in the style. This hairstyle is ideal for women with naturally wavy/curly texture, giving enough of a boost without consuming the face. It is a plain and classic one, suitable for both casual and business occasions.

#3. Asymmetrical Cut with Long Side Bangs

magnific vO78GSfVWKQ9JvBwD15U Asymmetrical Cut with Long Side Bangs

A modern and edgy look is this asymmetrical cut with long side bangs. For ladies who desire to have short hair but keep some length, this hairstyle is ideal for them. The side bangs are good for most face shapes and give variety in styling. It is a fashionable pixie cut for those who want to be fashion-forward.

#4. Classic Pageboy with Rounded Bangs

magnific YAIBQFn307bOaJxH831J Classic Pageboy with Rounded Bangs

Classic pageboy with rounded bangs for older women is classic. For people with sharp angles in their face shape, its rounded bangs reduce this and make it good for them. It has an old-school touch to it, a subtler form of elegance. The hairstyle is perfect for those people who love the retro look and make it sophisticated.

#5. Voluminous Curls with Blunt Bangs

magnific MBJCJFLu0sjCRoxSanIe Voluminous Curls with Blunt Bangs

Blunt bangs and voluminous curls deliver a dramatic look. This style is ideal for women who happen to have curly hair naturally. Curls and blunt bangs do not make a good combination, which keeps her from looking chic and stylish. This is a great way to install volume and texture; it is just the thing for women who want to add an exclamation point.

#6. Sleek Straight Hair with Micro Bangs

magnific WyI3snIV8tv6sWJ6pfkj Sleek Straight Hair with Micro Bangs

Micro bangs with sleek straight hair is a fresh, snappy look for minimalist women. It has trendy micro bangs, which give a different look that suits straight hair. This style is best suited for people with oval or long faces, and the micro bangs help complement it well.

#7. Textured Lob with Side-Swept Bangs

magnific F2qkOKdhSj8BfJp0Na5d Textured Lob with Side Swept Bangs

The versatile and modern hairstyle of textured lob with side-swept bangs. If paired with some sassy side-swept bangs, it looks terrific on a range of face shapes and gives chic playfulness to the lob. It is a suitable style for women with medium to thick hair as it gives body and adds volume because of its texture and layers. A mixture of sophistication and casual elegance.

#8. Angled Bob with Sharp Fringe

magnific wdt8KspuexesrhxJ07tS Angled Bob with Sharp Fringe

Bold and stylish angled bob with sharp fringe. The modern-day edge of the sharp fringe on this traditional bob is a type of cut that only out-forward ladies have today. It is meant for fine or straight hair, giving a silky smooth finish. The angle cut highlights the jawline, making it pronounced.

#9. Wavy Mid-Length with Feathered Bangs

magnific KMwlS4qhl9hYuMegxD1J Wavy Mid Length with Feathered Bangs

Versatile and feminine wavy mid-length with feathered bangs. The feather bangs tend to soften the look; therefore, they are very suitable for most face shapes. It also manifests as a type that offers women an amalgamation of elegance and casual celeb look. Ideal for medium to thick hair, this gives it some texture and fluidity.

#10. Rounded Layered Cut with Arching Bangs

magnific XrBf1wNLJAEn0urnbxqr Rounded Layered Cut with Arching Bangs

Classic and flattering a rounded layered cut with arching bangs. This creates a soft, bouncy effect, which is great for ladies with fine or thin hair. The arched bangs contour the face softly, and this is ideal for rounded or heart-shaped faces. With the style, volume is created, and so is a younger-looking appearance.

#11. Tousled Pixie with Edgy Bangs

magnific PWIaon1XVqcGwiow53so Tousled Pixie with Edgy Bangs

Tousled pixie with edgy bangs is a sophisticated and youthful hairstyle. This is a perfect choice for ladies who enjoy a bob with some variation. The fringe is edgy and modern, while the messy style looks fun. It is best for oval and square face shapes, giving a new fashionable appearance.

#12. Long Layers with Flowy Side Bangs

magnific ZA1GMqSHcspcPtmMMyKN Long Layers with Flowy Side Bangs

With long layers with flowy side bangs is a clipper comes up with Lisbon. This style is perfect for women who want their medium to long hair to be more textured and bouncy. With the side bangs gently framing the face, it makes a good choice for different face shapes. It is a simple and gorgeous look, just to add some elegance to it.

#13. Choppy Cut with Jagged Bangs

magnific lDoPCXM5UXqhh5aWbaym Choppy Cut with Jagged Bangs

The choppy cut with jagged bangs is a really bold cut for ladies who are interested in a choppy, textured hairstyle. It is very good at adding volume to fine hair. The jagged bangs will give a playful and aggressive look that is perfect for people who like trendy styles. This is a fantastic way to inject some personality into your look while keeping it on the sharp side.

#14. Slicked Back Style with Short Fringe

magnific ju17P73dTnovCquaD7wL Slicked Back Style with Short Fringe

The slicked-back style with a short fringe is cute haircut for older woman. What a great choice for women who like being smart and polished! Savvy modernity picks with a sense of confidence from the slicked-back hair and short fringe. This is a refined, powerful image suitable to especially those with oval and heart-shaped faces.

#15. Shoulder-Length Perm with Curly Bangs

magnific WDWTJ4F82ooLMQ9h8vgw Shoulder Length Perm with Curly Bangs

A delightful and vibrant option is that of a shoulder-length perm with curly bangs. This hairstyle is appropriate for women whose hair is naturally curly or wavy. These curly bangs focus the face while encouraging a playful and young look. This is a very good way to enjoy your natural texture and have a carefree, even smart, hairdo.

#16. Straight Cut with Parted Bangs

magnific uNKRqgnIQSLQEKDMbQ3b Straight Cut with Parted Bangs

Elegant and simple short hairstyle for women is a straight cut with parted bangs hairstyle. It is also a chic minimalistic style, and parted bangs will complement it. This style works on many shapes of the face, especially those with an angular feature. It is a perfect alternative for women who have straight hair and wish to wear a simple, sophisticated style.

#17. Shaggy Layers with Choppy Fringe

magnific gOxVQWbTJtugBXfNsAt4 Shaggy Layers with Choppy Fringe

This shaggy layers with choppy fringe is an ideal hairdo for older ladies who want a laid-back hairstyle with some aspect of roughness. The shaggy cut keeps it playful and young, while the choppy fringes create a contemporary feel. It is an especially lenient style for a woman with thin hair as it gives volume to the hair. This is perfect for those who prefer the freedom look.

#18. Bob with Wispy Side Bangs and Texture

magnific MMGHVb1kj56yAd1Cgk6C Bob with Wispy Side Bangs and

Bob with wispy side bangs and texture for older women to look young. The wispy side bangs complement the face and are ideal for most face shapes. The texture of this hairstyle would bring life to the hair, thereby perfect for adding some volume, mostly for people with fine hair. It is a very good option for women looking to achieve a stylish hairdo that they can easily manage.

#19. Short Cut with Brushed Forward Bangs

magnific T2ynmx5aWlfu699V4G4u Short Cut with Brushed Forward Bangs

It is a cool and trendy decision to choose a short cut with brushed forward bangs. This hairstyle is the ideal choice in fringe styles for women who want to say something. These brushed-forward bangs are modern and can suit people with oval or square-shaped faces. This is an excellent opportunity to reflect your personality in the form of a hairstyle.

#20. Sleek Lob with Eye-Skimming Bangs

magnific PEeYexwOCL5EH1KXyyXI Sleek Lob with Eye Skimming Bangs

Sleek lob with eye-skimming bangs is a chic hairstyle. It has eye-skimming bangs that give a mysterious and chic aura, perfect for women with discerning preferences. This hairstyle is a perfect option for straight and fine hair that has a neat appearance. The style is great for just a simple but powerful look.

#21. Wavy Shoulder Cut with Soft Fringe

magnific Mg1tcYZ3ZIbdJYKqOtDV Wavy Shoulder Cut with Soft Fringe

The romantic and feminine hairstyle is the wavy shoulder cut with soft fringe. This also means that the soft fringe side bang is versatile and can flatter different face shapes. This kind of style is extremely flattering for a woman’s wavy or curly hair, as it accentuates the natural texture. It is a beautiful option designed for people who like soft and tender effects.

#22. Short Bouffant with Full Bangs

magnific 9T19AzMt8XuK9QYoPTiL Short Bouffant with Full Bangs

Retro-styled voluminous hairdo with full bangs and a short bouffant. These bangs are known as full bangs, and they make a bold, stylish appearance ideal for people who love vintage styles. It is the perfect hairstyle for ladies with fine hair because it gives a lot of volume and dimension due to the bouffant. Perfect pick if you want to look smart and trendy.

#23. Classic Updo with Swoop Bangs

magnific B5EVgf2psGbdxoScdWaX Classic Updo with Swoop Bangs

Have a classic up-do with swoop bangs. Swoop bangs also make the hair glamorous and suitable for official events or as a posh casual look. For women with medium to long hair, this style is ideal if they want to have a sophisticated and refined look. This is a refined option for people who prefer a classical sense of style.

#24. Mid-Length Curl with Side Feather Bangs

magnific aArghWqazyGT5zt5ITL3 Mid Length Curl with Side Feather Bangs

Mid-length curl with side feather bangs is a fun and youthful hairdo. The playful side feather bangs are perfect for any face shape. This is especially an attractive trend for women who have naturally curly hair due to the fact that the style enhances their curls, and still, it is of considerable length. It is an enjoyable and stylish choice for people who want to be more accepting of their own natural curls.

#25. Tapered Cut with Side-Swept Wispy Bangs

magnific tUhaNNAwAzS7uPYf0bSG Tapered Cut with Side Swept Wispy Bangs

Choose the sleek and modern tapered cut with side-swept wispy bangs. The side-swept wispy bangs add softness to this hairstyle, which makes it perfect for an angular-shaped face. Women with fine or straight hair will love the chic and refined look of this style, for Women with taste in a style that can complement ordinary and contemporary demeanor.

#26. Long Straight Hair with Baby Bangs

magnific HcRASKTMOrdScL8cRphI Long Straight Hair with Baby Bangs

The bold and trendsetting hairstyle is described as long straight hair with baby bangs. The baby bangs are something different and novel, ideal for that fashion-forward woman. This style is suitable for many face shapes, like long-shaped faces. It is a great hairstyle for a woman who has straight hair and wants to be

#27. Half-Updo with Wispy Curtain Bangs

magnific kWuYkMOWOTrlOp5zMG0a Half Up Half Down Ponytail with Wispy Curtain Bangs

Wispy curtain bangs with a half-updo are graceful and feminine hairstyles. It consists of wispy curtain bangs that gently frame the face, which makes it suitable for nearly any face shape. This is a very modern look with medium to long hair on women, and it gives such a sophisticated, romantic perception. This option is multifunctional and great for casual as well as festive events.

#28. Retro Beehive with Blunt Bangs

magnific ZUaCqi8NihMmFaHJi2VG Retro Beehive with Blunt Bangs

It is a dramatic vintage hairstyle of the retro beehive with blunt bangs. The beehive looks smashing and funky with the modern blunt bangs, ideal for gals who appreciate retro dos. This hairstyle is good for people with fine or straight hair because it makes the hair look thick and high. This is perfect to go bold on fashion.

#29. Curly Bob with Full Fringe Bangs

magnific Hg7EoGMpCL98m8cD7rcj Curly Bob with Full Fringe Bangs

The next hairstyle is a playfully chic and cool look for older woman which is the curly bob with full fringe bangs. The curly bob goes well with the full fringe bangs, making it a beautiful hairstyle for ladies who have curly or wavy hair. The style brings out some textural and volume appeal, hence ideal for those who would like to express their curls. It is a playful and chic alternative for an energetic, young feel.

#30. Layered Cut with Long Wispy Bangs

magnific Xm797d3YXrW0Qkd9dfub Layered Cut with Long Wispy Bangs

Versatile and stylish layered cut with long wispy bangs. The long, wispy bangs make it ideal for different face shapes since they give a gentle and delicate appearance. The number of layers makes this style best suited for women with fine or medium hair, as the increased height serves to work on adding volume and movement. This is a good option for people aiming to keep an advanced, simple style.

#31. Undercut Pixie with Long Side Bangs

magnific brtLQ6DCxeovS5rTjA2E Undercut Pixie with Long Side Bangs

Bold and edgy undercut pixie with long side bangs. The undercut keeps it modern and edgy, while the long side bangs take down some weight and help to soften this cut, bringing it a hint of femininity. It is suitable for modern women desiring a fuss-free yet stylish pixie cut. It is perfect for people who want to make their hair look outstanding.

#32. Classic Bun with Short Fringe

magnific wIxzXVP872v5Kif6vUQE Classic Bun with Short Fringe

This is a stylish hairstyle that is called classic bun with short fringe. This fringe is short and trendy looking; this modernizes the otherwise timeless bun, therefore making it perfect for any woman who wants a combination of the olden times with a touch of today’s fashion. Medium to long hair works well with this style and allows for a sophisticated updo on formal occasions or a refined casual appearance.

#33. Flipped Ends with Rounded Bangs

magnific Wd9emsjT9CC5n6umzSlv Flipped Ends with Rounded Bangs

The flipped ends with rounded bangs give ladies a retro-chic appeal, similar to that used by classic Hollywood. The flipped ends are balanced by the rounded bangs that result in a graceful hairdo. It is perfect for women with fine to medium hair and gives some volume and sophistication. This makes it a perfect option for vintage style lovers with a little bit of touch from today.

#34. Wavy Pixie with Textured Bangs

magnific ji6zmt9cbxoEvjPMG9Qi Wavy Pixie with Textured Bangs

Playful and modern wavy pixie with textured bangs hairstyle. When paired with the rest of this look, the textured bangs really make a fun and edgy element of an otherwise classic pixie cut that can perfectly suit women who have short hair but like to have some twist in there. This hairstyle is especially favorable for women who have wavy or curly hair, as it makes the hair look more lively and dynamic.

#35. Sophisticated Chignon with Sleek Bangs

magnific MKBW6Q4A0r8B3pG6pLjl Sophisticated Chignon with Sleek Bangs

Classic and polished chignon with sleek bangs for older woman. Its traditional chignon looks beautiful with the smart bangs and makes this an excellent option for formal functions or modern finesse as everyday style. This style is perfect for those with medium to long hair, creating an elegant, classic updo that will look sophisticated.

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