23 Adorable Perms for Short Hair to Try this Year

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Written by Rachel Miller

Updated: April 12, 2024

#1. Chic Bob with Voluminous Curls

Chic Bob with Voluminous Curls

Women looking for a combination of sophistication and fun should go for the chic bob with voluminous curls. This hairstyle becomes short with curls that assist it not look too plain for fine hair. Style with a diffuser to curl the hair up and out. Teamed with a chic bob, the voluminous curls make a contemporary and classy look that can work anywhere.

#2. Retro-Inspired Tight Curly Perm

Retro Inspired Tight Curly Perm

Sport a retro-inspired tight curly perm. This style captures the glamour of curly hair reminiscent of classic Hollywood. Keep these adorable curls alive with special curly products that define and moisturise. It is a beautiful short style for women that like retro note – and it combines the old-fashioned glamour with present-day spiciness.

#3. Modern Messy Curled Bob

Modern Messy Curled Bob

For a girlish look but with some ease, the modern messy curled bob is ideal. Permed bob with messy touch and loose waves will give you natural texture. It is an ‘on the go’ look for the client so there would be little effort in daily styling. With its delicate waves, this style is appropriate for various hair colors, most notably making brown-colored locks truly glamorous.

#4. Elegant S-Curl Wave Perm

Elegant S Curl Wave Perm

Elegant S-curl wave perm is a gentle perm with an elegant s-curl twist. Perfect for women have desire of free natural curls where they don’t need to keep styling it daily. The look is versatile and goes with many hair colours making your appearance shiny and exciting. Wear this style with a layered bob cut for additional sense of glamour.

#5. Soft Beach Wave Perm

Soft Beach Wave Perm

The soft beach wave perm provides a slice of the seashore for those who daydream of the ocean. This creates soft beach waves, which show a very exciting and relaxing mood. For short hair, it’s great, giving even wavy locks on gentle brown or any other light shade. Keep them looking natural and soft by using a light-hold product to continue keeping the waves.

#6. Classic Pin Curl Perm

Classic Pin Curl Perm

A classic pin curl perm again works with pin curls as a memorable statement of beauty. It is an innovative way of curling women’s hair involving sole use of a perm rod for perfect curls. This kind of style would be very good for short hair since it is a combination of traditional sophistication and modern fun. Set the curls with a light gel for all day hold.

#7. Short Layered Perm with Volume

Short Layered Perm with Volume

Choose a short layered perm with volume to complete your look. This style works as a layer with soft perm to give volume – an excellent match for thin hair. With lots of depth and movement, the layered bob cut is a classy option for women wanting an animate, filled out style.

#8. Avant-Garde Kinky Coiled Perm

Avant Garde Kinky Coiled Perm

The avant-garde kinky coiled perm for the bold and adventurous. It is known as the spiral style evident with tightly coiled curls that give a daring and outgoing look. Simply put, it is an amazing loose perm that owners will use to tell exactly about their hair. The kinky coils are great for short hair; they give it a lot of texture and volume.

#9. Sleek Body Wave on a Pixie Cut

Sleek Body Wave on a Pixie Cut

Opt for the sleek body wave on pixie cut to achieve an elegant and classy look. This style gives a classic pixie cut some soft body waves, which results in a subtle and yet big change. This is great for ladies who want a chic no-fuss haircut. A body wave leaves the daring pixie more feminine.

#10. Asymmetrical Curly Perm With Side Bangs

Asymmetrical Curly Perm With Side Bangs

This style is referred to as an asymmetrical curly perm with side bangs. This coiffure is playful and contemporary because it entails asymmetry integrated with curly locks. Side bangs are beautiful and does well to cover your face, while the unit adds volume to relatively thin hair. Apply a product with the ability to enhance curls and make them more prominent.

#11. Vintage Finger Wave Perm

Vintage Finger Wave Perm

Vintage finger wave perm takes us back to the elegant 1920s. It is a classic, soft wavy style for the shorter haired customers. It’s the perfect option for ladies who embrace a classic look and looks particularly stunning on hair that has some heat-induced color in it. For neat waves, spray with a light-hold hairspray.

#12. Short Curly Fringe for Playful Looks

Short Curly Fringe for Playful Looks

Choose a style perm for yourself with a fun and flirty curly fringe on short hair. With curls that wonderfully frame the face, this style is great for establishing character with your look. It is effective on any type of hair and looks especially remarkable on curly hair. Use curl-defining product to keep the bangs in shape.

#13. Edgy Stacked Perm Bob

Edgy Stacked Perm Bob

For those who are daring, the edgy stacked perm bob. The style has little graduated bob with curls, which promotes the fashion-forward trend. The layers create a thick look, and it’s perfect for women with thin hair. Finish this look off with a texturizing spray for added movement.

#14. Textured Perm with Defined Curls

Textured Perm with Defined Curls

Choose a sophisticated textured perm with defined curls. Short hair always requires more definition and texture of the style in order to look polished that is convenient for women loving any clean appearance. A curl-defining product can be used to make the curls defined so as they don’t go limp.

#15. Contemporary Loose Curl Perm

Contemporary Loose Curl Perm

The former loose curl perms is a contemporary classic. From this style, your hair appears to have loose and flowing curls giving it a soft and natural sense. It is a good short hair do and it brings out the feeling of motion and sophistication. Instead, they help in maintaining loose and airy curls by using a light mousse.

#16. Textured Hair for Short Afro Perm

Textured Hair for Short Afro Perm

A short Afro perm for textured hair is a stylish way of embracing the natural texture. It is an excellent style for a lady having curly hair as it improves the natural curl by enhancing on its volume and creating shape. Afro perm is incredible with short hair and creates an audacious appearance. Opt for curl-enhancing products to save the curls and make them shiny.

#17. Glamorous Hollywood Waves on Bob

Glamorous Hollywood Waves on Bob

The glamorous Hollywood waves on a bob that embrace classic elegance. This style reflects vintage glamour, a perfect choice for women that love the eternal type. This way they provide a soft perm to your hair making it look luxurious and sleek. This style especially highlights brown-colored hair, which makes it suitable to various hair colors and provides them with an old Hollywood charm.

#18. Whimsical Spiral Curls with Undercut

Whimsical Spiral Curls with Undercut

It is a playful and fiery hairstyle named whimsical spiral curls with undercut. This style pairs tight spiral curls with a contemporary undercut for an interesting juxtaposition. The style is ideal for bold women and the curls can be preserved using a gel with hold. It’s the perfect hairstyle that brings out your adventurous nature but with a touch of feminine.

#19. Effortless Soft Perm with a Side Part

Effortless Soft Perm with a Side Part

Effortless soft perm with side part means that there is the need to choose such combination of these components in order to make it look gentle and elegant. This literally gives some natural and soft look to the short hair in the shape of mild waves. This is a great option for women who are always on the go but want to keep up with fashion. A part on the side gives it a sophisticated twist, making it suitable for casual and official settings.

#20. Short Crop and Bold Z-Shape Perm

Short Crop and Bold Z Shape Perm

Bold Z-shape perm on short crop is an avant-garde style for people who want to be the trend setters. It is a spiral perm that makes Z-shaped loops offering an out of the ordinary texture to your hair. It is especially nice for women who like to have a vivid style and suits many types of hair. Apply firm hold product to maintain the different shape of the curls.

#21. Dynamic Multi-Textured Perm

Dynamic Multi Textured Perm

The dynamic multi-textured perm is an ideal choice for women who’d like to have a versatile hairstyle. In this look, different curl sizes and patterns are mixed hence the final effect is trendy and lively. It is a great option for short hair to give it volume and flavor. Use styling products such as mousse and gel to maintain the different textures.

#22. Subtle Wave in Sleek Short Hair

Subtle Wave in Sleek Short Hair

Choose sleek short hair and subtle waves for a polished and understated look. It’s a soft wave, incorporated into an ultra-short haircut celebrating sleekness and clean lines. This renders it a good option for professional environment, where such an appearance will be needed. Apply a light serum to maintain smooth and shiny waves.

#23. Volumizing Root Perm and Pixie Cut

Volumizing Root Perm and Pixie Cut

Pixie cut with volumizing root perm is great for giving the hair more body and volume. With this style, the roots are permed to make it look voluminous while the rest of hair is left in a standard pixie cut. This is a good choice for ladies with thin hair because it adds the appearance of thicker and longer hair. Instead, apply a volumizing spray to the root for better results.

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