80 Short Curly Hairstyles That Steal The Show

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Written by Rachel Miller

Updated: April 25, 2024

Everyone loves a short curly cut for its effortless spunk and ability to get your curls back into shape. No matter what kind of look you want, there’s a short curly cut just waiting to revive your ringlets. 

Even if you don’t necessarily want to change your cut, there are plenty of ways to remix your curls and get a show-stopping style.  

Keep things short and sweet with these short curly hairstyles that steal the show.  

Let’s jump in!

#1. Voluminous Curly Bob with a Side Part

Voluminous Curly Bob with Center Part

The voluminous curly bob sculpts your natural curls in the perfect bubble shape with maximum volume and body from root to tip. This short and curly cut doesn’t just enhance your texture, but the layers also create a flattering frame for any face shape, amplified by the side part

#2. Ringlet Pixie with an Undercut

Ringlet Pixie with Undercut

Embrace your bold and edgy side, and go for a ringlet pixie with an undercut. This pixie cut is made just for ringlet curls, giving it volume and definition, with a dramatic undercut for that edgy element and easier styling.

#3. Asymmetric Curly Lob

Asymmetric Curly Lob

Give your curls a contemporary twist, and go for an asymmetric curly lob. The asymmetrical layers bring a modern unbalanced look that also provides highly-defined textures for your natural curls to really stand out.

#4. Texturized Tousled Curls

Textured Tousled Curls 1

Looking to add a Bohemian touch to your style? Go for textured tousled curls. This is an effortlessly beachy style you can pull off in minutes, and all you’ll need is some texturizing spray and mousse. Instant beach babe? Yes, please!

#5. Short Layered Shag for Curly Hair

Short Layered Shag for Curly Hair

Bring a retro meets Boho vibe to your look with a short layered shag for curly hair. This short curly style is packed full of shaggy layers for intense height and texture that complements your curls and face flawlessly. 

#6. Angled Curly Bob with Bangs

Angled Curly Bob with Bangs

Going for a softer, more youthful look for your curls? You need an angled curly bob with bangs. The angular layers soften square faces and slim rounder face shapes, making this a very versatile short curly cut. Then, the bangs come down to give the face-framing layers a soft and chic finishing touch.

#7. Graduated Curly Bob

Graduated Curly Bob

Add a dose of Paris-chic to your style with a graduated curly bob. The fashion-forward angle frames your face and lays a flawless foundation for revived curls, thanks to the graduated layers that provide high-definition texture and robust volume. Magnify that French girl flair by parting this bob to the side or by adding blunt-cut bangs.

#8. Short Waterfall Curls

Short Waterfall Curls

Bring your short hair a carefree coastal-chic vibe with waterfall curls. These flowing curls fall just right for full definition and playful bounce, giving a style that’s all things summer fun. Get this short curly style with a small wand or flat iron and tousle for that extra beachy twist. 

#9. Curly Bob with Curtain Bangs

Curly Curtain Bangs and Bob

A curly bob with curtain bangs brings a casual and retro-inspired look to your aesthetic. The striking shape allows your curls to do all the heavy lifting, taking center stage courtesy of the curl-specific cuts. Then, the curtain bangs sweep in for that soft old-fashioned flair.

#10. Pin-Curl Pixie Cut

Pin Curl

Want something bold with all of the vintage glam vibes? This classy cut makes your natural curls look like those famed 40s pin curls without any effort. Yep, that’s right. No bobby pins, gel, or excessive styling. Just all-natural curls with effortless pin-up charm.

#11. Double-Tiered Curly Bob

Double Tier Curly Bob

Are you looking for a style that makes your curls twice as nice? Try a double-tiered curly bob! This dynamic do is curated with double-stacked layers to give twice the volume and body for an exaggerated bubble bob-inspired shape that brings life back to your curls with more style than ever.

#12. Springy Spiral Curls

Springy Spiral Curls

If you’ve got tight curls or coily hair, springy spiral curls are an easy-breezy way to whip them back into shape. Use a curl-defining cream and style with your fingers for high-definition texture and spring-loaded bounce that gives your curls that clean and polished element with a playful twist.

#13. Short Curly Crop with Shaved Sides

Short Curly Crop with Shaved Sides

Unleash your edgy side, and get a short curly crop with shaved sides. This trendy cut keeps just enough length to shine a light on your gorgeous curls, while bringing that bold-as-brass element, intensified by the shaved sides. Best of all, this cut takes seconds to style.

#14. The Deva Cut with Soft Fringe

The Deva Cut with Soft Fringe

The DevaCut is a special cutting technique just for curls and waves. This is a personalized style that uses precise cuts on individual curls to intensify your natural texture for better-looking curls. You can add a soft fringe for a playful touch.

#15. Retro Glam Short Curls

Retro Glam Short Curls

Go back in time, and capture some old Hollywood look with retro-glam short curls. Whether you have naturally curly or pin-straight hair, this lavish short curly style has everything to give your aesthetic some retro red-carpet-level glam. Use curl creame to style these waves naturally or use a flat iron to create that controlled curl.

#16. Curly Bob with a Tapered Nape

Tapered Nape Curly Bob

Pairing the curly bob with a tapered nape gives your style the ultimate blend of classic charm and polished style. The classic curly bob gives your curls all of the volume and texture for better bounce and curl structure, while also providing a charming frame for any face shape. Then, the tapered nape comes in for that clean and tidy element.

#17. Curly A-Line Bob with Side-Swept Bangs

Curly A Line Bob with Side Swept Bangs

Looking for something simple but still stunning? Go for a curly A-line bob with side-swept bangs. This bob’s A-line frame works with your natural texture to create a voluminous frame for any face shape, with side-swept bangs to add a touch of trendy asymmetry.

#18. Razor Cut Curly Bob

Razor Cut Curly Bob

The razor-cut curly bob is the perfect combination of classic and contemporary. The classic bob structure gives your curls the lift and definition they need to come back to life, while also giving your face a fashion-forward frame. The razor cuts add even more texture and a modern edge.

#19. Chin-Length Kinky Coils

Chin Length Kinky Coils

Celebrate your curls and add a dose of chic charm with chin-length kinky coils. This short curly gives your eye-catching coils high-definition and layering for an iconic shape that really showcases that kinky texture.

#20. Curly Pixie with Baby Bangs

Curly Pixie with Baby Bangs

Going for a bold-meets-playful aesthetic? You need a curly pixie with baby bangs! The pixie style gives that bold element, with just enough length for your curls to come out and play. Then, the baby bangs add an even more youthful touch.

#21. Disconnected Curly Undercut

Disconnected Curly Undercut

A disconnected curly undercut proves there’s beauty in chaos, with random layering and uneven lengths to level up any curl type. Then, the undercut adds another striking contrast, highlighting the top curls, and bringing a slightly edgy element.

#22. Layered Frizz Free Curly Bob

Layered Frizz Free Curly Bob

Don’t give up on finding a short curly style to tame your thick and curly hair. The layered frizz-free curly bob has come to save the day! This style features bulk-removing layers that bring a voluminous, full shape, with precision cuts to ensure a flawlessly frizz-free look.

#23. Curly Faux Hawk

Curly Faux Hawk

Feeling bold? Try a curly faux hawk! This cut combines the iconic fauxhawk, voluminous curl-enhancing texture, and the grungy contrast of the shaved sides for a truly jaw-dropping style. And best of all? It’s low maintenance.

#24. Side-Parted Curly Shag 

Curly Shag with a Center Part

Get those hippy-rocker vibes of the 70s with a side-parted curly shag. This short curly cut features shaggy layers to revive your curls with high volume and groovy movement while giving the whole look a relaxed look. Then, the slight side part adds an extra touch of texture.

#25. Curly Hair with a Tousled Top

Curly Hair with Tousled Top

Boho meets va-va-voom when you style your curly hair with a tousled top. Tousling amplifies your curls, giving you maximum volume right on top where you need it, while also adding that beautiful beachy texture.

#26.  V-Cut Curly Lob

V Cut Curly Lob

The V-cut curly lob is a contemporary spin on the timeless A-line style. This reversed shape brings an even more defined frame for your face. This also brings a modern look, with more volume on the bottom than on the top, bringing your curls their best look ever.

#27. Pixie Cut for Tight Coils

Tight Coiled Pixie Cut

Make a statement with your curls with a pixie cut for tight coils. This pixie cut takes your natural texture back to basics, resetting curl structure and showcasing your tight coils in a low-maintenance and high-profile style. 

#28. Curly Bob with a Layered Fringe

Curly Bob with Layered Fringe

The curly bob with a layered fringe is the quintessential blend of classic elegance and contemporary style. This snazzy style features voluminous, face-flattering layers that bring enhanced volume and texture to your curls for that classic bob shape, with a layered fringe for a soft yet modern element.

#29. Inverted Bob with Curly Bangs

Inverted Bob with Curly Bangs

Give your curls a runway-ready look by going for an inverted bob with curly bangs. This inverted bob features stacked layering at the back for full body to complement the volume that the rest of the cut brings to the table. Then, the curly bangs add a girlie and playful touch.

#30. Loose-Curled Bob with Subtle Highlights

Loose Curl Bob with Subtle Highlights

Need something to level up your loose curls? Go for a bob with subtle highlights. The fab bob shape and highlights put a trendy flair on your hair’s natural elegance by giving your hair soft volume and movement and enhancing your wave pattern with renewed structure. Then, the subtle highlights bring light dimension for more depth and a sun-kissed element.  

#31. French Bob with Loose Curls

French Bob with Loose Curls

Think loose curls can’t get that French girl fab? Try a French bob with loose curls, and you’ll never be so glad to be wrong. This brings that classic bob shape with just a touch of that chic Parisian flair, allowing your loose curls to flow better than ever. And even better, you can get this sophisticated style in seconds.

#32. Short Curly Angled Bob

Short Curly Angled Bob

The short curly angled bob is all things striking and chic while shining a light on your curls. The angle layering brings a super-flattering shape that highlights your cheekbones, while also creating an effortlessly tousled texture for your natural curls to really shine. 

#33. Pixie with Defined Micro Curls

Micro Pixie with Defined Curls

If you’re looking to bring something punchy and playful to your natural texture, go for a pixie with defined micro curls. This short and curly style is your one-stop-shop for super high-definition and pristine micro curls with a bold meets fun vibe.

#34. Wavy Bowl Cut

Wavy Bowl Cut

Go for a new take on a timeless cut, like the wavy bow cut. This is a minimalistic style with gentle layering to enhance your haves and that classic rounded shape to soften and flatter your facial features. The best part? This low-key cut is even lower maintenance.

#35. Tight Curly Afro

Tight Curly Afro

Show some love to your kinky curls with a tight curly afro. This short curly style is personalized to fit your texture and face shape perfectly, while also giving that big, bold, and beautiful shape!

#36. Short Curls with Pinned Sides

Short Curls with Pinned Sides

Shine a light on your curls by giving them a retro-glam-inspired style. This style takes seconds to do but instantly takes your look up a notch. Use your favorite curl definer, and then pin the sides back. You can do this with any curl type and on a side part or middle part.

#37. Shattered Bob with Curly Ends

Shattered Bob with Curly Ends

If your waves are starting to lose their shape, a shattered bob with curled ends is just what you need to bring them back to life. Shattered layers bring exuberant volume and piecey texture for bigger and better waves and curled ends for even more emphasis.

#38. Asymmetric Curly Pixie Cut

Asymmetric Curly Pixie Cut

Feeling spunky? Bring out your bold side with an asymmetric curly pixie. This short curly haircut is perfect for showing off your playful personality, with edgy texture and just enough length to keep your styling options open.

#39. Curly Taper Fade

Curly Taper Fade

The curly taper fade cut is the perfect blend of polished and punchy. The voluminous top layers put your curls on center stage, right where they should be. Then, the faded sides bring a unique and edgy visual contrast, while keeping the cut low-maintenance.

#40. Stacked Curly Bob

Stacked Curly Bob

If you’re looking for high-volume and high-definition curls? You need a stacked curly bob! This cut combines 3 versions of the bob. The inverted shape highlights your facial features, stacked back for elevated volume and body, and that classic curly-cut bob all come together to keep your curls looking their best.  

#41. Short Curly Cut with Feathered Layers

Curly Hair with Feathered Layers

Bring that “too cool to care” look to your hair with some feathered layers. These layers are cut to give light and airy volume with a soft texture that intensifies any curl pattern and gives you that carefree vibe.

#42. Curly Bob with Deep Side Part

Curly Bob with Deep Side Part

Add a touch of vintage drama to your style with a deep side-parted curly bob. This classic curly cut has everything your curls need to show up and show off, while the deep side part adds an effortless dramatic and retro-esque vibe.

#43. Curly Undercut with a Design

Curly Undercut with Design

Show off your unique style by going for a short curly undercut with a cool design. This brings stone-cold confidence, with a touch of artistic flair. You can get any design you’d like, giving it a personal touch. After all, why blend in when you can stand out?

#44. Curly Pixie with Side-Swept Bangs

Curly Pixie with Side Swept Bangs

If short and sweet is your vibe, go for a curly pixie with side-swept bangs. This iconic cut brings your curls brand-new life, with energized texture, high volume, and a few face-framing pieces and side-swept bangs to sweeten the deal.

#45. Choppy Curly Bob with Bangs

Choppy Curly Bob with Bangs

Elegant meets electric, with the choppy curly bob with bangs. This curly cut has the bob’s timeless structure but the choppy layers give it an edgy twist, with maximum height and intense texture. Then, the bangs complete the look, bringing an extra sophisticated charm.

#46. Messy Shoulder Length Curly Bob

Messy Curly Shoulder Length Bob

Get that bedhead vibe with the messy shoulder-length curly bob. This shoulder-length bob gives you a little more length for style versatility, while the messy layers create an effortlessly tousled texture for that perfectly undone element. 

#47. Playful Short Corkscrew Curls

Playful Short Corkscrew Curls

If you love that youthful and girly aesthetic, get your corkscrew curls a playful short cut. This cut may seem simple, but inside that pristine bubble-bob-type shape, your corkscrew curls are brought back in great detail, thanks to the playful layering. This really is a style that screams all things fun.

#48. Edgy Curly Pixie with an Undercut

Edgy Curly Pixie with an Undercut

Are you all about that grunge aesthetic? Try an edgy curly pixie with an undercut! This combination cut pairs longer top layers to show off your curls and an undercut for that bold-as-brass vibe. And did we mention this cut’s super easy to style?

#49. Textured Asymmetrical Wavy Bob

Textured Asymmetrical Wavy Bob

Bring your look a Boho-chic vibe with a textured asymmetrical wavy bob. This bob style may feature off-balance lengths, but trust us when we say it’s the perfect balance between casual and contemporary, thanks to the beachy texture this cut gives your natural waves.  

#50. Side-Parted Ringlet Curls

Side Parted Ringlet Curls

All about the simple style? Perfect! Parting your ringlet curls is a quick and easy way to get a brand-new look, with more volume and the illusion of brand-new texture. Plus, there’s always something irresistibly elegant about a side part. 

#51. Long Pixie Cut for Curls

Long Curly Pixie Cut

Go for a softer edgy vibe with a long pixie cut for curls. This pixie cut is characterized by longer layers for more versatility and to leave room to show off your captivating curl pattern. This style is perfect for any curl type but is especially ideal for thick hair that needs a lightweight and shaped-up style.

#52. High Top Fade for Coily Curls

High Top Fade with Curls

If you love shortcuts that make styling your coily curls super simple, you’re going to love a high-top fade. This style brings an old-meets-new vibe, with high volume, and classic texture, with fading at the back and sides for a modern contrast.

#53. Curly Bob with a Shaved Side

Curly Bob with Shaved Side

Classy and contemporary. That’s how we describe the curly bob with a shaved side. The curly bob brings all curl types that timeless shape, with added volume and texture, thanks to the side part. Then, for a little trendy flare, shave one side.

#54. Deep Side-Parted Soft Waves

Soft Waves with Deep Side Part

If you’re blessed with naturally soft waves, you don’t need much to make them look luxurious and elegant. All you need is a deep side part for all those glam vibes and a little extra oomph for your waves, too.

#55. Short and Curly Bowl Cut with Blonde Highlights

Curly Bowl Cut with Blonde Highlights

Want a style that serves looks wherever you go? Go for a short and curly bowl cut with blonde highlights! This big and bright take on the bowl cut is all things fabulous, with a chich shape to complement your facial features, soft layering for curl-enhancing volume and texture, and blonde highlights to give your curls more detail, while brightening the whole look up. 

#56. Tight Curly Buzz Cut

Tight Curly Buzz Cut

If you’re looking for something short and sleek, you’ve got to go with a tight-curled buzz cut. This is a straight-to-the-point kind of cut, with shaved sides that transition into super-short top layers that highlight your natural texture while keeping the style effortless.

#57. The Half-Shaved Curly Mohawk

The Half Shaved Curly Mohawk

Bring out your inner punk girly with the half-shaved curly mohawk. This edgy look screamed rocker chick, with an undercut seamlessly transitioning into the curly top layers in that magnetic mohawk shape. Take this short and curly style up a notch with a unique touch, like a vibrant color or undercut design.

#58. The Curly Q-Haircut

The Curly Q Haircut

The Curly-Q is an iconic short and curly haircut for tightly curled or coiled hair. The refined layering doesn’t just enhance your curls, but it also creates massive volume and a polished vibe, thanks to the rounded shape.

#59. Short Curls with Side Bangs

Short Curls with Side Bangs

Getting side bangs may seem like a tiny change, but it has a big impact on your style. This slight asymmetrical touch can bring an edgy or retro-glam vibe, depending on how you style it. Either way, this simple short, and curly style is the best step-up for your look without changing too much.

#60. Soft Curly Undercut

Soft Curly Undercut

If you thought soft and edgy could blend, you thought wrong! The soft curly undercut proves these two opposite aesthetics can work together to create a well-balanced style, with a bold undercut that blends into long, texturized layers that create vivacious soft curls with tons of body and volume.

#61. Textured Taper Cut

Textured Taper Cut

Need to add some depth and dimension to your fine wavy hair? No problem! Try a textured taper cut! This is a modern and magnetic hairstyle that gives almost wavy hair that boosts to give those perfectly undone waves, with a texture that gives you all the depth and dimension you need for tousled movement, and tapered sides for an added edgy element.

#62. Tight Coils with a High Fade

Tight Coils with High Fade

Give your tight coils a super-simple style (with a little bit of spunk), and go for a high fade. This short and curly cut may not have a whole lot of volume, but it puts a spotlight on your natural texture. Everything from the faded undercut to the texturized tight coils on top is made to show off the beautiful curls you were born with.

#63. Sassy Short Curls

Sassy Short Curls

A sassy short curly haircut is all you need to revive any curls. This youthful cut has a bubble-bob-inspired shape with playful layers for better bounce, and full volume, not to mention that fab meets fun flair.

#64. Layered Curly Bob

Layered Curly Bob

The layered curly bob is a well-balanced blend of refined and relaxed. The layers create full-bodied volume and dimension for any curl type to look effortlessly stylish, while a classic bob shape for that clean and tidy vibe.

#65. Waterfall Waves

Waterfall Waves

Give your look that ethereal wow factor with waterfall waves. These short waves are perfect for creating a boho-chic vibe, with flowing movement and boosted body. You can easily get this look by braiding your almost-but-not-quite-wavy hair or by brushing and styling your loose curls in S-like waves.

#66. Curly Bob with Side-Swept Bangs

Curly Bob with Side Swept Bangs

Looking for a short and curly haircut that combines simplicity and style? Look no further than the curly bob with side-swept bangs. This style gives your curls all the classic structure, texture, and volume that the curly bob is known and loved for, with side-swept bangs to enhance the frame the cut creates for your face while giving it a trendy flair.

#67. Short Afro Curls

Short Afro Curls

Celebrate those captivating coils with a short afro cut! This short curly cut is personalized to bring out the best in you. Your facial structure, your curl pattern, and most of all, your best self!

#68. Rounded Curly Pixie

Curly Pixie with Rounded Shape

Bring out your bold side while keeping things sophisticated with a rounded curly pixie cut. This rounded-out take on the pixie tones things down a notch, making it look a bit more polished while still looking punchy.

#69. Relaxed Waves for Short Hair

Relaxed Waves for Short Hair

Get that summer-ready vibe with relaxed waves for short hair. These beachy waves are easy to achieve with natural waves. All you have to do is use some sea salt spray and tousle for that relaxed seaside aesthetic. 

#70. Retro-Inspired Poodle Cut

Retro Inspired Poodle Cut

Embrace the iconic rockabilly look of the 50s with a retro-inspired poodle cut. his short curly hairstyle works best with softer waves and curls to get a voluminous and glamorous pin-up aesthetic. Take this look to the top by wearing some pin curls or a victory roll.

#71. Middle-Parted Balanced Bob

Balanced Bob with Middle Parting

Love all things clean and tidy? Give your curls a dose of that with a middle-parted balanced bob. This style brings all of the bouncy bob’s shape, body, and style, with refined layering and a middle part for an even and subdued upgrade for your curls.

#72. Voluminous Short Curls

Voluminous Short Curls

Don’t tame your thick, curly hair. Turn it up with voluminous short curls. This high-impact cut has massive volume and intense texture for luscious short curls with va-va-voom level volume.

#73. Edgy Short Curly Mohawk

Edgy Short Mohawk Curls

Get a look that reflects your stone-cold style with a confident cut like an edgy short curly mohawk. This high-profile cut features shaved sides to build the gritty foundation for the short curly mohawk to rock on!

#74. Classic Finger Waves

Classic Finger Waves

Bring back those glamourous Gilded Era vibes by styling your curls in classic finger waves. These controlled waves are perfect for fancy occasions, bringing your aesthetic a vintage red carpet style.

#75. Curly Pixie with Long Bangs

Curly Pixie with Long Bangs

Upgrade your short curly style with a charming curly pixie cut with long bangs. You get all the iconic style of the classic curly pixie, but the longer bangs give the cut a flirty flair, especially when you sweep them to the side.

#76. Curly Lob with a Side Part

Curly Lob with Center Part

The curly lob is a fan favorite, and there’s no wondering why. This curl-specific cut is perfect for creating full volume, better-looking curls, and a little more length to keep your style options open. Then, to spice things up, you can style it with a side part.

#77. Short Curly Shag

Short Curly Shag

Give your curls a funky flair with a short curly shag cut. No matter your curl type, the shaggy layers are just what you need to give your natural texture a hippy-hippy shake for even groovier curls.  

#78. Mini Curls with Temple Fade

Mini Curls with Temple Fade

Switch your style up with a contemporary look like mini curls with a temple fade. The short layers bring texture that fortifies mini curls for even more spring and bounce, while instantly upgrading your trendy aesthetic.

#79. Asymmetrical Curly Bob

Curly Bob

Go modern and magnetic with an asymmetrical curly bob. This unconventional cut is a hot take on the classic curly bob, giving that same level of shaping and structuring for your curls, with asymmetrical layers and a side part for that extra modern flair.

#80. Curly Bob with Inverted Back

Curly Bob with Inverted Back

A curly bob with an inverted back is an intriguing twist on the curly bob. The U-shaped back creates a softer shape and a gentler frame for your facial features but still brings that beloved body and volume for any type of curl.

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