These 83 Cute Shoulder-Length Curly Hairstyles Are The Ultimate Inspiration For Your Next Curly Hair Adventure

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Written by Rachel Miller

Updated: June 23, 2024

If you have curly hair, you’re going to look for a hairstyle that flatters the shape of your face, and works with the natural texture of your hair. Right now, shoulder-length curly hairstyles are having a bit of a moment. From the curly bob to playful pixies, you’ll find plenty of options in our roundup of the best shoulder-length curly hairstyles to try this year.

#1. Curly Bob with a Defined Part

magnific AJzLzpQeJYMR11nkPd58 Shoulder Length Curly Bob with a Defined Part

Curly bob with a defined part is the type of curly hairstyle that can add form to your natural curl. As for face-framing, a side part will do the trick and make you look contemporary. Opt for a curl cream that will help retain the curl pattern. It is a cross-cut, which makes it very easy to handle.

#2. Elegant Soft Waves for Medium Hair

magnific yjIu5nMXqf02q4Xw3tdm Elegant Soft Waves for Medium Hair

Elegant soft waves is a versatile style for medium-length hair. A volumizing mousse enhances the natural texture, hence fitting for a day-to-night appearance. This hairstyle is about keeping the soft touch of natural curls and extra lushness.

#3. Angled Cut with Voluminous Curls

magnific EczyVhKYPFpmgQUqLBa2 Shoulder Length Angled Cut with Voluminous Curls

A curly lock calls for an angled cut with voluminous curls. Go for this daring model with bold angles for maximum volume of curly hair. Apply to define gel to achieve the most defined curl pattern, and you will be under the limelight.

#4. Tousled Natural Curls with Bangs

magnific xL1IUDNgJtCM8ViP9j22 Shoulder Length Tousled Natural Curls with Bangs

Release your curly girl spirit with tousled natural curls with bangs. Mid-length curl hairstyle with curls across the forehead that highlights a playful side of your face shape. To ensure the best results, let your hair dry out in the atmosphere and only use an old t-shirt to prevent the formation of split ends.

#5. Loose Ringlets with Middle Part

magnific tyxGcXT7s9wiWBZCKrzO Shoulder Length Loose Ringlets with Middle Part

Go for the medium-length curls with a middle part and loose ringlets if you desire to have a medium-length curly haircut. This is the full curl, and the middle part helps distribute weight. This bouncy curl look can be retained using a light curl product to avoid frizz.

#6. Symmetrical Curly Cut with Layering

magnific dnhAzliVfdrlZKimkuGI Shoulder Length Symmetrical Curly Cut with Layering

For structured curly hair, the symmetrical curly cut with layering will be perfect. This creates manageability of the hair texture and removes bulk. This type of curly cut requires a lightweight defining gel, providing extra springy curls.

#7. Shoulder-Length Soft Barrel Curls

magnific 7i2L5Nu4STfhLFQqQ9S2 Shoulder Length Soft Barrel Curls

Elegant feel design shoulder-length soft barrel curls thick hair. This curly haircut is ideal for any curly girl as it has voluminous curls and layers on the face. This gives a better curl definition and a sleek finish, as well as any use of curl cream.

#8. Subtle Layers with Tight Coils

magnific 9637OPuBnnai173CItMd Shoulder Length Subtle Layers with Tight Coils

Curly cut with structure and fullness- subtle layers with tight coils offers a kind of curly cut that is suitable for those with curly and thick hair. Your natural curl shapes and gets dimension with the help of the layers. To keep your thick curls going with this style, you may need the curl cream.

#9. Mermaid Waves for Curly Hair

magnific cYkly4UfkNmFR6j7tT9M Shoulder Length Mermaid Waves for Curly Hair

Mermaid waves for curly hair allows your loose curls to flow with feminine finesse. This curly haircut represents your unruly texture with the right cut. Go for a mousse with volume for extra hold and to retain the curl.

#10. Teased Crown with Soft Curls

magnific cT9VbtAAVA3v4eJZfaBz Shoulder Length Teased Crown with Soft Curls

Medium-length hair cut adds gloss to a teased crown with soft curls. Tease the crown to get extra volume, and let your loose curls fall down. It is perfect for thick and coarse curly hair when added fullness is desired.

#11. Choppy Cut with Curls

magnific Cj2CSY9y1NEzB00W9c0v Choppy Cut with Curls 1

Choppy cut with curls will play up your natural curl. The ragged layers add more body and texture to the hair. Choose a defining gel that will enhance the formation of curls and leave it bouncing.

#12. Loose S-Shaped Curls

magnific O6JXTPSSuteX0xV9UQfF Loose S Shaped Curls

The loose S-shaped curls are perfect for achieving a more carefree, casual style for their medium-length curly hair. Using a curl product such as a light cream helps to hold the curls in place. It is a voluminous yet sophisticated curly hairstyle.

#13. Asymmetrical Cut with Soft Waves

magnific TvOfYMJRqzGvWfRcEqkD Asymmetrical Cut with Soft Waves 1 2

Asymmetrical cut with soft waves – if you’re after a curly hairdo with modern vibes. The angular cut is very different and goes well with your face shape and curly locks. It is the girl’s go-to if she has curly.

#14. Voluminous Curls with Long Bangs

magnific svGjLLaFWagxEc7ODUxC Voluminous Curls with Long Bangs 1 1

Voluminous curls with long bangs for shoulder-length curl. With its voluminous look, this haircut is full of lots of Long layers mixed with thick, bouncy curls. To get this full-bodied look, you may use a volumizing mousse.

#15. Classic Square Cut with Defined Curls

magnific rfHbF0RNssdwSgvzw6kC Classic Square Cut with Defined Curls

Classic square cut with defined curls for medium-long curly hair. This cut can be a good choice to balance your curl pattern and go symmetrical. Finish with curl cream for a smoother, well-defined finish.

#16. Curly Shag with Long Layers

magnific sJKmQUFMeP0uqOeawjFN Curly Shag with Long Layers

Curly shag with long layers is a shag- hairstyle that looks natural because of the curly cut, which shows lots of movement. Add long layers to soften the curls. Choose a volumizing mousse for your curl to remain buoyant. Your natural texture can look beautiful in this style.

#17. Air-Dried Soft Waves

magnific rsaiEEDVkmVIXA6HlMw8 Air Dried Soft Waves

Air-dried soft waves celebrate the air-dry reality. An old t-shirt comes in handy for this shoulder-length curl look and helps to take up all extra moisture without causing any frizz. With minimum effort and maximum results, this is a curly girl’s go-to.

#18. Curly Layers with Curtain Bangs

magnific Yk4XUHT1cMQSNpxcNTER Layers with Curtain Bangs 1

Curly layers with curtain bangs for a youthful look. Curtain bangs will act as a soft frame for your face, while layers will make medium-long curly hair more voluminous. A defining gel will ensure that your curls remain in shape and they bounce.

#19. Rounded Layers for Curly Hair

magnific yKHZ2d41oQhUy4V2CiZn Rounded Layers for Curly Hair 1

Rounded layers for curly hair in general give you the illusion of dimension and add a continued shape to elongate your face. For the best effect, use a curl product that maintains the curl but gives it a soft look.

#20. Romantic Curls with Side Part

magnific QNo6uXnB5TnTuYiYuo1K Romantic Curls with Side Part

The only thing that defines dreamy and old vibes shoulder-length curl styles is romantic curls with side part. Maintaining the classic and elegant touch can be done by using a defining gel to create a side part. This style is ideal for medium-texture curly locks.

#21. Jet Black Tight Curls

magnific Cf4McnVuOENzGYdD5xE9 Shoulder Length Jet Black Tight Curls

Jet black tight curls are the most striking for people who love a darker shade. This deep hair color would look sophisticated on your mid-length curl. A curl cream can be used to keep your hair off the normal format and also add shine.

#22. Spiraled Curls with Middle Parting

magnific F1RnAuVVUjawljY2IONB Shoulder Length Spiraled Curls with Middle Parting

Spiraled curls with middle parting is most suitable for those who want their medium-length haircut to have defined curls. In the middle part, it falls naturally on two sides. Use curl cream to bring out the curl in your hair.

#23. Natural Fro with Shoulder-Length Cut

magnific ObfjYS6cKUDcdrykZiuo Natural Fro with Shoulder Length Cut

Natural fro with a shoulder-length cut is for you. You will have a lot of volume with this curly haircut as every bit curls up nicely to form a spherical shape that suits round faces. With a curl cream, your curls will be soft, but at the same time your hair will be structured.

#24. Loose Curls with Defined Edges

magnific TRYKrIwMnazskHmpWzcw Shoulder Length Loose Curls with Defined Edges

With loose curls with defined edges, you get the best of both worlds. This will give you the feel of loose curls that are relaxed but also have a defined outline. To attain such a casual & edgy feel, choose a light-hold curl product.

#25. Half-Up Bun with Curly Strands

magnific ZNibSzefb7GDvaH6pno1 Shoulder Length Half Up Half Down Bun with Curly Strands

Another way to work the style is the half-up bun with curly strands, a joyful trend off on the curly girl classic. The versatility of this style is best for a medium hair length and has an appealing casual look. Apply a defining gel to keep your curls big and bouncy.

#26. Voluminous Barrel Curls

magnific 7HEWroBYrfUakaq75eta Shoulder Length Voluminous Barrel Curls

Voluminous barrel curls are to get a big bouncy curl. It is the best for a night out, which can be created using fat curl cream to make it voluminous. Long layers provide the curls with more depth.

#27. Slicked Back Wet Look

magnific CCKkqqYUGLAwYdNLYsKr Shoulder Length Slicked Back Wet Look Curly

A bolder look is the slicked-back wet look. This style is great for thick curly hair and is best when you have wet hair. You can use a strong-hold gel to maintain your curls and make them appear neat.

#28. Curly Hair with Feathered Layers

magnific A7Ls3VTw3fN0tA7VHLYm Shoulder Length Curly Hair with Feathered Layers

Curly hair with feathered layers is a light celestial look for any curly girl with shoulder-length hair. With texture and depth through feathered layers, you can readily manage your curly locks. This will be done by ensuring the curls remain in shape through a lightweight curl cream.

#29. Symmetrical Curls with Side Bangs

magnific geobkl3ZzLU39dFu0tLe Shoulder Length Symmetrical Curls with Side Bangs

Curls with side sweep bangs appear symmetrical and suited for square or round faces. Wear your medium-curly hair with side bangs for a cute variation. A curl cream could be used in order to ensure the natural bounce of the curl.

#30. Casual Flipped-Out Curls

magnific I2TS1ORY3vFadqBds7IN Shoulder Length Casual Flipped Out Curls

Casual flipped-out curls are a simple but classy option for a laid-back look. The long layers of this shoulder-length curl style provide a flippy, playful texture. A relaxed vibe can also be maintained by using a curl product that is light in weight.

#31. Curly Bob with Angular Layers

magnific 1hAlDzHiIBk4EZP9YulV Shoulder Length Curly Bob with Angular Layers

Curly bob with angular layers is a contemporary version of classic style. Working with the curly girl, angular layers and texturing give her curls a more structured look. Apply volumizing mousse for a lift at the roots and add some volume to your medium-curly length.

#32. Textured Curly Lob

magnific xBNOZitBxmxqygtuKg97 Shoulder Length Textured Curly Lob

Textured curly lob offers limitless options for medium-length curly hair. Such long layers make your curly haircut really shag, as well. Use Curl cream to define a natural curl pattern.

#33. Shimmering Silver Curls

magnific vmS93uGlfu4e9hzaXdY4 Shoulder Length Shimmering Silver Curls

If little color showing is required, shimmering silver curls provide a glow. Your curls look fresh despite the focus being more on color and medium-length cuts. Use a curl product meant for colored hair to achieve maximum shine.

#34. Defined Curls with Undercut

magnific WgDKsyFFSC6CZwTnHUlK Shoulder Length Defined Curls with Undercut

Once more, this is an edgy and youthful hairstyle called defined curls with undercut. This keeps the emphasis on what’s happening above while decreasing the volume at the sides. For your curl pattern to pop, I recommend using a defining gel.

#35. Tousled Curls with Long Bangs

magnific o8fgks7Zdplwp1Iy2iBv Shoulder Length Tousled Curls with Long Bangs

The tousled curls with long bangs are best for people who love a bohemian look. The long fringe merges seamlessly with your other medium-length curls. For this, a lightweight curl product is necessary to maintain the natural texture and effortless look.

#36. Elegant Pin Curls

magnific PvOpFxUT8zQbytI5W3gm Shoulder Length Elegant Pin Curls

One classic formal hairstyle is the elegant pin curls. A wet set of longish curls will give you a shoulder-length curl style. Strong-hold gel will keep the curls in place throughout the night.

#37. Retro Waves for Medium Length

magnific 7AKbzIiD51MWONqVvYLL Shoulder Length Retro Waves for Medium Length

Retro waves for medium length is styled from the vintage look. Use a curl cream to have such glamorous curls that hold onto their bouncy nature. This timeless style is an ideal option for any curly girl.

#38. Double French Braids with Curls

magnific 7RddPa9FJusp8rJwPZ5X Shoulder Length Double French Braids with Curls

The double French braids with curls is a playful and secure do for active days. The braids also prevent the hair from interfering with the face and making it look dirty, while loose curls at the end add style. To maintain the curl pattern, a lighter-weight curl product is recommended.

#39. Glossy Ringlets for Thick Hair

magnific KSWqVNgMJVbdf6TEwVV6 Shoulder Length Glossy Ringlets for Thick Hair

Glossy ringlets for thick hair is the best way to show off your thick hair in all its glory. Apply a replenishing curl product that provides shine and defines individual curls. Whether left natural or styled straight, this is ideal mid-length hair for your curl.

#40. Wavy Layers with Center Part

magnific P9AElz8DzX3xaFjhba82 Shoulder Length Wavy Layers with Center Part

This is perfect for natural waves as wavy layers with a center part. The middle part results in an excellent shape that is balanced, thus suitable for a moderate-length cut. Enhance your natural curl with light-defining gel.

#41. Beachy Waves for Curly Hair

magnific 55E82tvtb3pAp3GhkOAO Shoulder Length Beachy Waves for Curly Hair

Beachy waves for curly hair is a carefree style perfect for summer. Creating a beachy texture in mid-length curls can be done with salt spray. Allow the hair to dry naturally to give it a more natural feel.

#42. Curly Hair with Blunt Ends

magnific ZsyMryvu7hvXGI3RW4kI Shoulder Length Curly Hair with Blunt Ends

Blunt ends for curly hair is nice. Your shoulder-length curls will look even more polished when you add the blunt ends. Apply a strong-hold curl product to these new sections for strength so that the cut holds.

#43. Curly Side Ponytail

magnific cFsZN1amK7IHItxfz1Nv Shoulder Length Curly Side Ponytail

This casual curly side ponytail is a fun style that will take you minutes to achieve. One can simply divide their medium-length curly hair to one side and fix it there. Using a volumizing mousse will give the ponytail extra volume and bounce.

#44. Curly Hair with Face-Framing Highlights

magnific ymy73U4vnwtUhNL9H6lv Shoulder Length Curly Hair with Face Framing Highlights

Curly hair with face-framing highlights gives a glamorous feel to your curly figure. The medium-length cut, though a little in color, offsets any light highlights. Apply a curl product that augments color and curliness.

#45. Afro-Textured Shoulder-Length Curls

magnific hVQ4RWJbyVTRQvfjA24Y Shoulder Length Afro Textured Shoulder Length Curls

It is this aspect that makes Afro-textured shoulder-length curls an addition to the discussion of beauty and natural hair. With its full shape that emphasizes your natural curl, this is a medium-length haircut. Your curls will still remain soft on this critical with the active gel.

#46. Natural Curls with Long Side Bangs

magnific JPsPW114t50d0fCw0BfZ houlder Length Natural Curls with Long Side Bangs

Long side bangs with natural curls add an elegance to your curly style. Your side-bangs merge with your entire shoulder-length curls and refine the shape of your face. Apply a little defining gel to keep the shape of your curls.

#47. Side-Parted Layered Curls

magnific wHjqynsh2qTjhfQLY8LS Shoulder Length Side Parted Layered Curls

The modern curly girl just likes side-parted layered curls. Asymmetry is accentuated with a low side part, and the tresses look dense and fluffy. To achieve the full curl. For this look, apply a curl cream.

#48. Vintage Curls for Medium Hair

magnific Cz5R5VIy455kZtxIroN0 Shoulder Length Vintage Curls for Medium Hair

The vintage curls for medium hair give a classic look. Getting the correct cut and using a styling product that has a good hold, like volume mousse, is important to achieve this curly haircut. Ideal for special occasions or everyday elegance.

#49. Bantu Knot Out for Curly Hair

magnific 85v5bGwh5XHuYU0cR0AA Shoulder Length Bantu Knot Out for Curly Hair

You can experiment by using Bantu knot out for curly hair to reveal a natural texture. After untying the knots, your medium-length curly hair will just have stunning curls. Shine can be added by an extra moisturizing curl cream.

#50. Curly Shag with Curtain Bangs

magnific AQRhuJWDswmO7dGxgOSX Shoulder Length Curly Shag with Curtain Bangs

The curly shag with curtain bangs looks vintage but is very current. Curtain bangs make the forehead shape softer, and the shaggy layers add extra movement to your medium-length haircut. For that perfect hold, opt for a defining gel.

#51. Curly Lob with Stacked Layers

magnific xWK0QKeZZ5DU4edmMx4i Shoulder Length Curly Lob with Stacked Layers

The trendy voluminous look of curly lob with stacked layers. Layered stacked layers provide maximum volume throughout your curly locks. Opt for a lightweight curl product that will ensure your curls are bouncy and full.

#52. Voluminous Curly Bob

magnific 98kSV6Iszc2svaVVP4Eo Shoulder Length Voluminous Curly Bob

Voluminous curly bob is perfect for those who want to enhance the volume of their curly hair. A volumizing mousse, combined with the correct cut, will give one that everyone covets bouncy curl.

#53. Wispy Curly Layers

magnific OJhAVWocPGlbf2SSOYz0 Shoulder Length Wispy Curly Layers

Add softness and romance to your mid-length hair with wispy curly layers. Choose a curl cream that will boost the soft, relaxed curls and provide somebody to your curly hair.

#54. Wet Look for Curly Hair

magnific QE2i6ISZGv9g9EFseXpw Shoulder Length Wet Look for Curly Hair

Another sleek edgy choice for medium-length curly hair is wet look for curly hair. Apply wet gel curl on your hair to achieve this style. To maintain the wet look, let your hair dry naturally.

#55. Wavy-Curly Hybrid Cut

magnific gHDCDcDAxgVSIo4bAm4Z Shoulder Length Wavy Curly Hybrid Cut

For the wavy-curly hybrid a mix of waves and curls will do and one can sport a wavy-curly hybrid cut. Shoulder-length cuts can be easier to control for intriguing hair textures. Unifying the look might entail the use of a lightweight defining gel.

#56. Messy Curls with a Fringe

magnific qhKrfk0yxVKsRlPkhCVW Shoulder Length Messy Curls with a Fringe

Messy curls with a fringe provides an innocent and fun look. Your curly haircut will look funnier with a fringe and messier with curls. Apply a curl cream to give it definition but not make it too heavy.

#57. Classic Curly Lob

magnific bSah0DjS72AM83I1AQiY Shoulder Length Classic Curly Lob

One of the timeless favorites in today’s medium or short-curly hair community is the classic curly lob. With a shoulder-length cut and even layers, it is an ageless style that can be washed at any time. Finally, apply a little bit of volumizing mousse to create your soft, curly definition.

#58. Big Bouncy Disco Curls

magnific KtKoUAejn784gCmU7ibT Shoulder Length Big Bouncy Disco Curls

Big bouncy disco curls for maximum drama and volume. This look is most beneficial for people with medium-length haircuts with long layers. Get a strong hold curl product to keep the big bouncy curls all day.

#59. Medium-Length Tapered Curls

magnific MVOvDEcz0ARybOooB5od Shoulder Length Medium Length Tapered Curls

The tapered silhouette of medium-length curls. Longer front layers will help you make your curly hairstyle more structured and frame your face. The curl pattern will be improved by a defining gel, which helps hold its shape.

#60. Twist-Out Shoulder-Length Curls

magnific AJtlQKHSroHitReyyN8F Shoulder Length Twist Out Shoulder Length Curls

If you need to achieve something like defined curls without heat, then twist-out shoulder-length curls will be the best choice. Following the twisting of your wet hair, allow it to dry naturally. After the hair is dry, unravel for flawless curls. In addition, one should apply a relatively light curl product to make them stay that way.Soft curled

#61. Curly Bob with Subtle Highlights

magnific hHC4o26xSOJDFZUU2dMS Shoulder Length Curly Bob with Subtle Highlights

Curly bob with subtle highlights is a contemporary take on a traditional cut. The highlights add another level of dimension to your big curls. This will make your curls look vibrant. Use a curl cream to achieve additional definition and luster.

#62. Shoulder-Length Corkscrew Curls

magnific Elql9JglmijFg1AE7sfk Shoulder Length Corkscrew Curls

Add a little play with curly shirley-medium shoulder-length natural corkscrew curls. The one-of-a-kind curl pattern provides a nice detail to the medium-long hair. Smoothen out your corkscrew curls with a dime-sized smudge of defining gel.

#63. Layered Curly Cut with Side Fringe

magnific 9d7rrlDPFmziW4rmLid5 Shoulder Length Layered Curly Cut with Side Fringe

This layered curly cut with side fringe would frame your face shape flatteringly. Our take on this is that the layers give extra volume and bounce while the side fringe makes it trendier. For another trigger, you can apply some curling products to keep your curly locks in place.

#64. Voluminous Curl with a Deep Side Part

magnific j7Gv2aFmufqOwHqWQCxU Shoulder Length Voluminous Curl with a Deep Side Part

This is a perfect look for your curly girl as a voluminous curl with a deep side part that can be more sophisticated. For instance, the deep side part adds drama to your medium-length curly hair, hence giving it ultimate volume. This elegant style can be enhanced using a lightweight volumizing mousse.

#65. Medium-Length S-Curls

magnific XwPwcqjPLYt7a6w0ddSI Shoulder Length Medium Length S Curls

The latest trend is toward medium-length S-curls for your curly hair. The coils that form S shapes give a unique look to your shoulder length. Use a light curl cream to keep your S-curls intact.

#66. Textured Curly Bob

magnific Q0VidZwxFDun1G1YUbsX Shoulder Length Textured Curly Bob

Textured curly bob offers a nonchalant beach-like feel. The curly style with textured ends feels relaxed. Spray generous amounts of sea salt spray to enhance your natural curl.

#67. Smooth Top with Curly Ends

magnific cUJptU7AIvWS4bYWBxTK Shoulder Length Smooth Top with Curly Ends

The smooth top makes a unique contrast to the curly ends. This style flattens the upper part and allows curls to spring up at the end. Apply a smoothing serum and curl cream cocktail to the hair to achieve this look.Soft curled

#68. Undercut Curly Lob

magnific 93Q0uGu32tXw1iYxs040 Shoulder Length Undercut Curly Lob

The undercut curly lob is the right balance between edgy and modern. It’s a perfect cut for the adventurous curly girl. The undercut is an unexpected twist, and the lob allows for some natural curling to come out. Just add some defining gel, and styling is easy.Soft curled

#69. Curly Asymmetrical Bob

magnific 4dYa78fZGQHbtzeUkoj7 Shoulder Length Curly Asymmetrical Bob

The idea of cuts is to give a modern look and curly asymmetrical bob does just that. It draws more attention to your curly hairstyle and is much easier to style. And you can use a curl cream for extra shine and hold.

#70. Mid-Length Spiral Curls

magnific vFhf5rKmAZD2fa3umARc Shoulder Length Mid Length Spiral Curls

Its mid-length spiral curls look absolutely stunning. Your curls popped you and made it look good. Use a pea-sized curl product and keep the curls fine-tuned.

#71. Retro-Inspired Glam Curls

magnific 353RcWVns6yKYn9UfwJF Shoulder Length Retro Inspired Glam Curls

Old Hollywood’s retro-inspired glam curls. This kind of style is perfect for special events or when you feel like going the extra mile. She should use a curl cream to keep her curls in place.

#72. Shoulder-Length Kinky Curls

magnific vyICTGhZ9O51s5oYqZCX Shoulder Length Kinky Curls

Shoulder-length kinky curls give a beautiful style to present your natural hair. All those kinks and coils give a lot of lively energy to your mid-length curl. Use a specific product for curls to keep your hair well moisturized.Soft curled

#73. Middle-Parted Springy Curls

magnific LxMmtuVRcLejruWRF8LO Shoulder Length Middle Parted Springy Curls

With middle-parted springy curls, the balance is observed in terms of symmetry. Your springy curls frame your face just right in the middle. A little bit of defining gel on the fibers could go a long way in giving it some bounce.

#74. Loose Curl with Layered Cut

magnific fEYp7mj9gegemJ0oMZYc Shoulder Length Loose Curl with Layered Cut

The relaxed easy-going look it provides is the loose curl with layered cut. The layers will bring some movement into the life of your curly hairstyle. This look is good with a lightweight curl cream that defines the curls.

#75. Waterfall Curls for Medium-Length Hair

magnific YQx58BRhQJMOznit1m3K Shoulder Length Waterfall Curls for Medium Length Hair

Pure elegance is the waterfall curls for medium-length hair. Your look is thus given a romantic touch with these cascading curls. This is where a little bit of volumizing mousse can help your waterfall curls to be more bodacious.

#76. Curly Shag with Wispy Bangs

magnific yAtGqhYiFmjxHSMySaJQ Shoulder Length Curly Shag with Wispy Bangs

To add a band of retro flair to modern look, choose curly shag with wispy bangs. This is because the shag layers give volume and texture, while wispy bangs make the facial frame look soft. A little curl cream can allow the natural texture to reign and create a sexy fall.

#77. Mid-Length Uniform Curls

magnific 2MEHrqXnLUWqHbYHs1BN Shoulder Length Mid Length Uniform Curls

These are clean styles with structures that usually do well for formal occasions, such as mid-length uniform curls. When it comes to medium lengths, a curly cut like this is all about demonstrating an even curl pattern and providing a neat look. Top up the perfect curls using a defining gel.

#78. Thick Waves with Middle Part

magnific 2pdR3lhhYKg398BluCZY Shoulder Length Thick Waves with Middle Part

For a casual but polished look, thick waves with middle part is for you. It is also suitable for individuals with strong hair and a natural curl pattern. Finish off by running volumizing mousse through your thick waves for an extra lift.

#79. Long Layered Curls for Mid-Length Hair

magnific 3lw3gClliBQFjmQ0V87t Shoulder Length Long Layered Curls for Mid Length Hair

Long layered curls for medium hair is a waterfall of curls that offers more texture and personality. Incorporating long layers into your curly haircut enables you to enjoy a flexible and active look. Layers can be maintained by using a touch of curl product.

#80. Defined Low Curls for Medium Length

magnific mArpWlUNlQN77rI0LB9r Shoulder Length Defined Low Curls for Medium Length

Defined low curls for medium length pinpoint the curl at your hair’s ends. This gives a distinctive and sophisticated appearance that brings out the natural curl in your hair. If you have low curls, a little curl cream will hold your hair in place.

#81. Shoulder-Length Ringlets with a Side Part

magnific fH02XU3MXDAIMpklbKZO Shoulder Length Ringlets with a Side Part

Middle parted ribbon-like ringlets reach your shoulders and add a feel of a fairy tale to your look. These tight curls look very romantic with the side part. Just a bit of defining gel will keep your ringlets springy and complete.

#82. Tousled Beach Waves for Curly Hair

magnific FsyfXzED4KkzM66kTi0h Shoulder Length Tousled Beach Waves for Curly Hair

Curly hair tousled beach waves would be perfect for a casual holiday look. In order to attain this beachy look, use a salt spray, then let it air-dry. The waves give a fresh twist to your natural curl and throw in some casual texture.

#83. Blunt Cut with Soft Curls

magnific bWGnISaHK6WHXH1HOGCy Shoulder Length Blunt Cut with Soft Curls

Blunt cut with soft curls for a sleek look. The soft and feminine curls are perfect to fall over the facial region, while the blunt ends add that crisp or sharp line. Add the proper softness back to your curls with a dab of curl cream.

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