65 Short Haircuts That Prove Thick Hair Can Be Insanely Stylish

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Written by Rachel Miller

Updated: April 2, 2024

We don’t need to tell you that thick hair isn’t always a blessing. Sure, all that extra density gives you a lot more volume. But we know that styling thick hair isn’t easy. When it’s long, it’s just too much hair! The solution? Go shorter! 

Short haircuts are great for showcasing all that thick, full-bodied texture while keeping your styling routine to a minimum. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of 65 stellar short haircuts for thick hair. Are you ready to find your new do? Let’s go!

#1. Angled Bob with Side Swept Bangs

Angled Bob with Side Swept Bangs

Bring some voluminous elegance to your thick hair with an angled bob with side-swept bangs. The angled cuts of the bob shape the look so your hair only has volume and body where it’s supposed to. The side-swept bangs keep things sleek while highlighting your most important facial features. 

#2. Classic Short Pixie Cut

Classic Short Pixie Cut

The classic short pixie cut is the most common short haircut for those with thick hair who want something way more edgy than a bob or cropped cut. This charming cut is super simple to style, meaning thick hair gets all the texture and style it needs with zero effort.

#3. Choppy Jaw-Length Bob

Choppy Jaw Length Bob

A choppy jaw-length bob is the perfect blend of structure and chaos. The shapely jaw-length bob is nothing short of chic. With choppy layers for added texture, this classic cut is taken to the next level, and so is your look. 

#4. Sleek Side-Parted Pixie

Sleek Side Parted

If you want to make your thick hair look all things chic and sophisticated, get yourself a sleek side parted pixie. This simple yet show-stopping statement of a haircut creates a slicked-back style made even more glamorous by the side part.

#5. Wavy Lob with Side Bangs

Wavy Lob with Side Bangs

Don’t want to go pixie-level short? Not a problem! A wavy lob with side bangs is a magnificent mid-length cut with gentle waves to give all that hair some movement, while the side bangs add a playful edge.

#6. Textured Undercut Bob

Textured Undercut Bob

Be bold, and go with something unique, like the textured undercut bob. This captivating cut features a structured bob with a full undercut for a striking contrast and visual imbalance. This style also helps keep your styling routine simple. You only have to worry about one side! 

#7. Curly Pixie with Tapered Sides

Curly Pixie with Tapered Sides

Thick, curly hair can be the hardest to handle, but not with a cut like a curly pixie with tapered sides. Tapered sides make this an uber-easily managed style that offers tons of textured personality. Apart from keeping the focus on top where it belongs, this cut can also help enhance your curls.  

#8. Blunt Bob with Fringe

Blunt Bob with Fringe

There’s nothing more effortlessly elegant than a blunt bob with fringe bangs. This style is designed to make thick hair shine. Straight edges keep things simple but sophisticated, and the fringe bangs take the look a notch some chic charm. 

#9. Layered Wavy Bob

Layered Wavy Bob

Put some lightweight movement into your hair with a layered wavy bob. This lovely style frees waves from being weighed down by thick hair, with layers adding light texture that gives your waves more bounce with a little flirty flair. 

#10. Asymmetrical Short Crop

Asymmetrical Short Crop

Nothing helps thick hair make a statement like an asymmetrical crop. This bold style features contrasting lengths for uber uniqueness and a contemporary edge while giving your hair some lightweight definition. 

#11. Soft Curled Bob with Side Part

Soft Curled Bob with Side Part

Bring romantic glamour into your style with a side-parted bob with soft curls. This style may be understated, but it definitely isn’t underrated. The side-parted bob cut is all about giving thick hair balance and structure. And when you style it in soft curls, you give it elegant movement.

#12. Edgy Pixie with Spiky Top

Edgy Pixie with Spiky Top

Nothing is more bold and modern than the edgy pixie with a spiky top. This cut is the perfect way to bring some funky texture to thick hair while keeping your daily styling routine short and simple. 

#13. Short Mullet Hairstyle

Short Mullet Hairstyle

Live the business in the front, party in the back life with the super-retro short mullet. This revived classic gives thick hair the tamed texture it needs while giving your look an undeniably quirky flair. 

#14. Rounded Bob with Side Swept Fringe

Rounded Bob with Side Swept Fringe

Keep things simple and chic with a rounded bob and side-swept fringe bangs. This timeless look gives a sleek finish to thick hair while ensuring that density only happens where it should, meaning the back and crown. The side-swept fringe bangs give a uniquely chic touch, pulling it all together. 

#15. Textured Bowl Cut

Textured Bowl Cut

Don’t run away! The new-and-improved short bowl cut is all about texture and contemporary style. This cut is perfect for giving thick hair texture and volume, with an avant-garde edge that is nothing like this style’s predecessor!

#16. Mohawk-Inspired Pixie Cut

Mohawk Inspired Pixie Cut

Take a walk on the wild side and embrace an edgy look like the mohawk-inspired pixie. This striking style blends the best of two styles, meaning the mohawk’s shapely star power and the pixie cut’s toned-down texture. 

#17. Short Shag with Curtain Bangs

Short Shag with Curtain Bangs

To give your thick hair some simplistic style and a little vintage flair, go with a short shag with curtain bangs. Textured layers bring slight volume and movement to your hair, with the soft curtain bangs swooping in to frame your face. 

#18. Razor Cut Pixie

Razor Cut

The razor-cut pixie is a stellar way to give your look some artistic-inspired. This sassy style gives thick hair some lightweight texture complemented by a slight undercut for a look that radiates style and confidence.  

#19. French Bob with Micro Bangs

French Bob with Micro Bangs

The French bob with micro bangs is a tres fab look perfectly tailored to showcase the fullness of your thick hair with a pinch of Parisian style. The bob’s chic shape is perfect for taming thick hair and framing your face, with the micro bangs adding a playful twist.  

#20. Boyish Crop with Textured Top

Boyish Crop with Textured Top

The boyish crop with textured top is a youthful, gender-fluid look that can blend into any aesthetic. This look is perfect for a high-fashion but low-maintenance look that tames thicker hair without sacrificing volume or texture. 

#21. Slicked Back Undercut Bob

Slicked Back Undercut Bob

Pair sleekness with edginess with a slicked-back undercut bob. This hybrid haircut keeps things easy with a sleek undercut that leaves all the volume up top for you to slick back or dress up. It’s all up to you!

#22. Retro-Inspired Wavy Bob

Retro Inspired Wavy Bob

The retro-inspired wavy bob is a ravishing take on old Hollywood glam. This wavy hairstyle is designed to give natural and style waves more body and movement for that timeless bombshell look. 

#23. Short Layered Bob with Wispy Bangs

Short Layered Bob with Wispy Bangs

Breathe some life into your thick hair by choosing a short layered bob with wispy bangs. This zesty hairstyle features layers and wispy bangs that lighten up your hair and soften the structured bob look for something spunky.

#24. Tousled Beach Wave Bob

Tousled Beach Wave Bob

If you love the beach babe look, but you’re drowning in thick hair, go for a cut like the tousled beach wave bob. This relaxed take on the bob style creates a captivating yet casual cropped style elevated by touseled beach waves for that perfect seaside aesthetic. 

#25. Side Parted Pixie with Long Bangs

Side Parted Pixie with Long Bangs

Release your inner rocker with a punky side-parted pixie with long bangs. This iconic combination of cuts can help you relive your 2000s goth girl era with a heavy dose of elegance that brings the look into this decade. 

#26. High Volume Top with Short Sides

High Volume Top with Short Sides

Be loud and proud of your edgy style with a short cut with high volume on top and short sides. This versatile style is perfect for changing up your look, but with the high contrast, keeping it eye-catching any way you style it.  

#27. Modern Bowl Cut with Fringe

Modern Bowl Cut with Fringe

Another hot take on a classic, the modern bow cut with fringe bangs offers all of the chic style you could want for your hair. This fashion-forward style is perfect for taming thick hair, making it nothing short of sleek and chic, especially with the fab fringe bangs.

#28. Short Bob with Flipped Ends

Short Bob with Flipped Ends

Get that blowout queen look in half the time it takes for long hair with this short bob with flipped ends. As always, a bob is a classic cut to give thick hair everything it needs, complemented with flirty flipped ends for that just-left-the-salon look. 

#29. Tapered Pixie with Voluminous Top

Tapered Pixie with Voluminous Top

Live on the edge, and look fabulous while doing it by choosing a tapered pixie with a voluminous top. Your thick hair gets all the texture and volume you want with a grungy tapered bottom for that extra flashy flair.  

#30. Feathered Pixie Cut

Feathered Pixie Cut

The feathered pixie cut is all things style and grace. The iconic pixie is perfect for simply styled sophistication with delicate feathered layers to give even the thickest hair a light and airy texture. 

#31. Chin-Length Layered Bob

Chin Length Layered Bob

If texture and edge aren’t part of your look, smooth things out with a chin-length bob with subtle layering. This keeps your thick hair looking sleek with a tiny bit of movement for something more simple and understated. 

#32. Graduated Bob with Angled Layers

Graduated Bob with Angled Layers

For a beautiful balance between flawless and flashy, try a graduated bob with angled layers. True to the bob fashion, this style shapes thick hair perfectly, with graduated layers creating a touch of movement, but not too much, making this look effortlessly elegant.

#33. Sleek Blunt Cut with Deep Side Part

Sleek Blunt Cut with Deep Side Part

Keep your look polished and refined, but give a slightly edgy twist with a deep side-parted sleek blunt cut. The blunt cut showcases your full, luscious locks in a tamed, smoothed-out way that you can maintain easily, with the deep side part for a slight edge. 

#34. Curly Tapered Pixie

Curly Tapered

Delightfully daring, the curly tapered pixie is designed to shine a light on your natural curls. This cut goes from textured to tapered, giving the look a contemporary contrast with a curl-enhancing boost at the top.  

#35. Messy Pixie-Bob Hybrid

Messy Pixie Bob Hybrid

If you’re looking for something adventurous and trendy, look no further than the messy pixie-bob hybrid. This combination cut brings together the classic edge of the pixie cut and softens it with the bob-inspired structure for a more laid-back look. 

#36. Spiky Textured Pixie Cut

Spiky Textured Pixie Cut

Are you feeling brave? Go bold with the spiky textured pixie cut. The pixie’s shape tames thick, bulky hair, while the spiky texture creates energetic and artistic chaos you’ll never get tired of!

#37. Jaw-Length Bob with Bangs

Jaw Length Bob with Bangs

A jaw-length bob with bangs is the quintessential classic cut for thick hair for something sleek and simple. The bob’s shape keeps things neat and tidy, with the length and bangs creating a charming frame for any face shape. 

#38. Short and Sassy Layered Cut

Short and Sassy Layered Cut

Nothing gives thick hair some pizazz better than a short and sassy layered cut. Playful layers enhance movement and create texture, all while keeping your styling routine to a minimum. 

#39. A-Line Bob with Side Bangs

A Line Bob with Side Bangs

Simple, sleek, and sophisticated. That’s how we describe the A-line bob with side bangs. This stunning style features a sleek A-line frame with side bangs, giving this simple look a bit of trendy flair. 

#40. Short Razor Cut with Side Fringe

Short Razor Cut with Side Fringe

Can soft and edgy coexist? They can, with a style like the short razor cut with side fringe bangs. This sharp style has a bold tone, thanks to the razor-cut ends, but the cut’s shaping and side fringe soften it up for a more toned-down look.

#41. Layered Pixie with Feathered Bangs

Layered Pixie with Feathered Bangs

The layered pixie with feathered bangs is dreamy and daring, all wrapped in one short haircut. Lightweight layers give thick hair an airy lift, complemented by feathered bangs for some extra-edgy texture. 

#42. Softly Layered Graduated Bob

Softly Layered Graduated Bob

Refined yet relaxed, the softly layered graduated bob is the best way to tone down your bulky hair without sacrificing all of its texture and definition. The soft layers bring a subtle cascade of definition, while the angles of the graduated bob keep things chic and perfectly shaped.  

#43. Short Layered Cut with Side-Swept Fringe

Short Layered Cut with Side Swept Fringe

Looking for something super-fashionable but simple to style every day? Try the short layered cut with side-swept fringe bangs! The short layers pump your hair full of texture and movement, with a chic side-swept fringe to top it off. 

#44. Textured Pixie with Undercut

Textured Pixie with Undercut

If contemporary class is what you’re looking for, you’ll find it in the textured pixie with an undercut. This cut is all about stylish contrast and definition, with the sharp undercut offsetting the textured pixie top for a brilliant cutting-edge style.  

#45. Short Curly Bob with Bangs

Short Curly Bob with Bangs

Make your curls look fun and flirty with a short curly bob with bangs. This cute cut is perfect for bringing some youthful bounce back into your natural curl texture, with the bangs coming down to form a charming frame for your face.  

#46. Classic Pageboy Haircut

Classic Pageboy Haircut

The classic pageboy haircut has been a fan favorite for a hundred years. And there’s no wondering why. This cut is perfectly sculpted with clean, straight lines that curve to showcase your cheekbones and jawline while giving your thick hair some sleek, super-sophisticated style. 

#47. Wavy Lob with Choppy Layers

Wavy Lob with Choppy Layers

Lighten up and improve your hair’s natural texture with a texturized cut like a wavy lob with choppy layers. This lively cut is packed full of choppy layers to enhance natural and styled waves while giving your look an effortless edge. 

#48. Pixie with Long Side Bangs

Pixie with Long Side Bangs

Pixie cuts are always a go-to for thick hair. Why? Because no other cut tames and texturizes better than a pixie cut. But this look puts a touch of punchy personality into the already iconic cut with long side bangs. 

#49. Short and Sleek A-Line Bob

Short and Sleek A Line Bob

There’s nothing more high-profile but low-maintenance than a short and sleek A-line bob. This style is great for something simple but sophisticated, giving your thick hair a smooth, stylish silhouette that never fails to turn heads. 

#50. Inverted Bob with Razor-Sharp Ends

Inverted Bob with Razor Sharp Ends

If you like the bob look but want something with a little more shape, try the inverted bob with razor-sharp ends. This bolder take on the bob features sharp razor-cut ends for clean lines with a little bit of a cheeky edge. 

#51. Short Cut with Voluminous Curls

Short Cut with Voluminous Curls

Give your ringlets some razzle-dazzle with a shortcut that voluminizes your curls and enhances them. The short cut with voluminous curls gives you body, shape, and texture, all in one stylish cut that helps boost your curl pattern and keeps styling to a minimum. 

#52. Side Shaved Pixie with Long Top

Side Shaved Pixie with Long Top

The side-shaved pixie with a long top is the perfect short haircut to give thick hair effortless style and extreme edge. The short pixie cut keeps taming your thick hair easier than ever, while the shaved side and longer top layers take the elegant pixie and pack it full of volume and feisty flair. 

#53. Short Bob with Outward Curls

Short Bob with Outward Curls

Go retro with a short bob cut styled in outward curls. The beloved bob keeps thick hair tamed and sculpted, while the outward curls give you that vintage vibe for soft, glam-like movement. 

#54. Sleek Chin-Length Bob with Middle Part

Sleek Chin Length Bob with Middle Part

Go for brilliant balance with a sleek chin-length bob with a middle part. This clean cut offers symmetrical shaping to keep your thick hair polished and refined while the length highlights your cheekbones and jawline.   

#55. Pixie with Shaved Sides and Long Bangs

Pixie with Shaved Sides and Long Bangs

The iconic pixie cut gets an avante-garde makeover with shaved sides and long bangs. The pixie cut is famous for being a textured cut you can style in seconds, amplified by the shaved sides but toned down with long bangs for a soft feminine charm. 

#56. Wavy Pixie Cut with Textured Top

Wavy Pixie Cut with Textured Top

Don’t let your natural texture get held back by heavy, thick hair. Free your natural flow with a wavy pixie cut with a textured top for a little extra something. This style creates exuberant texture and movement enhancing your waves but keeping them manageable. 

#57. Retro Bob with Pin Curls

Retro Bob with Pin Curls

There’s no better hairstyle for vintage glam than a retro bob with pin curls. This classic cut creates full-bodied volume and movement for thick hair in a charming old-school style that gives you some bouncy waves when you take them out. It’s a win-win!

#58. Short Layered Cut with Flipped Out Ends

Short Layered Cut with Flipped Out Ends

The short layered cut with flipped-out ends is a fun take on a Y2K favorite. Short layers remove bulk and liven up your thick hair for more definition. Then, flipped-out edges add a playful and nostalgic charm. 

#59. Asymmetrical Pixie with Buzzed Sides

Asymmetrical Pixie with Buzzed Sides

Take your thick hair to the next level with something irresistibly unique and alluring, like an asymmetrical pixie with buzzed sides. This uber-edgy cut is perfect for making a confident statement with your thick hair without the extensive styling routine.   

#60. Tousled Bob with Side Parting

Tousled Bob with Side Parting

If you thought short hair couldn’t be beachy, think again. The tousled side-parted bob is the perfect way to make thick and straight hair have beautiful beach babe-level movement with some added texture and edge from the side part. 

#61. Pixie Cut with Dramatic Side Bangs

Pixie Cut with Dramatic Side Bangs

Bring some striking style to your thick hair with a pixie cut styled with a dramatic side bang. This breath-taking twist on the classic pixie cut makes a bold, sultry look you can style in multiple ways. 

#62. Short Layered Shaggy Bob

Short Layered Shaggy Bob

Give your hair that perfect undone look with a short-layered shaggy bob. The bob is famous for blessing thick hair with shape and body. But this look takes that to the next level, with short, shaggy layers to lighten things up and create distressed texture, giving your look a beautifully Bohemian vibe.  

#63. Tapered Neckline Bob with Side Bangs

Tapered Neckline Bob with Side Bangs

Sleek, sculpted, and sophisticated. Three words to sum up the bob with a tapered neckline and side bangs. This chic cut brings an undeniably elegant aesthetic, thanks to the bob’s clean lines, which are given a modern edge by the tapered neckline. 

#64. Boy Cut with Textured Layers

Boy Cut with Textured Layers

Another alluringly androgynous look, the boy cut with textured layers is the perfect way to shake up and stylize thick hair. This slick short haircut is the ideal minimal-effort-maximum-slay kind of look, with its bold contrast and intense texture giving you all the style, but the short length keeps the style easy to maintain. 

#65. Rounded Short Bob with Feathered Layers

Rounded Short Bob with Feathered Layers

Soften up your look with a rounded short bob with feathered layers. The rounded shape is perfect for boosting thick hair. Then, the elegant feathered layering adds some subtle definition for a soft feminine flair.

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