74 Expert-Picked Pixie Haircuts And Styles For A Brand New You

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Written by Rachel Miller

Updated: May 8, 2024

Pixie haircuts are famous for being the it style for when you’re having a serious life change or just need a huge confidence boost. It really creates a whole new you!

This dashing and daring look is more than just a cut. It’s your personal declaration of independence. Short and bold styles like this do wonders for how you see yourself. They’re a symbol of strength and style. 

Whether you’re into Avant-garde looks or clean-cut crops, the pixie cut is bound to bring some boss babe energy your way (all personalized to your style)!

We tapped Emily Pinegar, hairstylist and owner of Salon M + Suites, and she spilled major tea on all things pixie haircuts, stating, “I LOVE pixie cuts and I have specialized in them for over 32 years. They make a statement. I think everyone should try one at least one time in their life. It breathes freedom.”

We couldn’t agree more, Emily!

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Meet The Expert

Emily Pinegar is the owner of Salon M + Suites, based in Cedar Hills, Utah. She has 32 years experience in the beauty industry.

“Pixie cuts are known for their short length, typically ranging from half an inch to a few inches long,” Pinegar tells us. “The length may vary based on personal preference and the specific style desired.” 

Aside from their iconic short length, pixie haircuts also often have shorter sides and longer tops. In fact, a lot of trendy pixies have texture and layers, according to Pinegar, who says, “Pixie cuts often incorporate texture or layers to add dimension and movement to the hair. This can be achieved through various cutting techniques such as razoring, point cutting, or layering, resulting in a soft and tousled look.”

If you’re not already sold on the iconic pixie haircut, check out our list of expert-picked pixie cuts and styles to find your new look!

Chic Mocha Pixie with Baby Bangs

If you want flawlessly fab, look no further than a chic mocha pixie with baby bangs. This pixie features gentle texture to give your hair some energy while keeping things soft, sophisticated, and simple to style. Then, the baby bangs add that chic finishing touch.

#2. Fiery Red Pixie with a Shaved Side

Fiery Red Pixie with a Shaved Side

Feeling fierce? Go for a fiery red pixie with a shaved side. This is a top-tier combination that features full and voluminous layers and one shaved side for an asymmetrical element, all on a fabulously fiery red.

#3. Classic Audrey Hepburn-Inspired Pixie

Classic Audrey Hepburn Inspired

Inspired by one of the classiest Hollywood stars, the classic Audrey Hepburn-inspired pixie cut is all things elegance and style. This timeless cut is especially ideal for finer hair, with its wavy layering and sculpted appearance.

#4. Pastel Pink Asymmetrical Pixie

Pastel Pink Asymmetrical

Give your look a blend of punky and playful with a pastel pink asymmetrical pixie. This perfectly imbalanced cut features asymmetrical angles for an Avant-garde style with highly texturized layers for that extra edgy touch. Then, the pastel pink color brings a whimsical and girly aesthetic.

#5. Bohemian Pixie with Loose Waves

Bohemian Pixie with Loose Waves

If you thought pixie cuts couldn’t be beachy, guess again! The Bohemian pixie with loose waves is a fabulous free-spirited look that features slightly longer layers, bouncy texture, and loose waves for that extra beachy twist. Even natural waves can get a coastal vibe from this pixie style!

#6. Platinum Pixie with Dark Roots

Platinum Pixie with Dark Roots

The platinum pixie with dark roots brings a striking and edgy aesthetic, courtesy of the bold contrast between the two colors. The darker roots add depth and give the illusion of even more volume. This cut is also low-maintenance, letting the color combo do most of the heavy lifting.

#7. Ocean Blue Pixie with Feathered Layers

Ocean Blue Pixie with Feathered Layers

Nothing is more eye-catching than an ocean-blue pixie cut with feathered layers. This shortcut brings all the mermaid vibes, featuring tousled layers and fluid texture. Then, the mystical and blue color finishes the look with a tidal wave of style.

#8. Razor-Sharp Pixie for Textured Curls

Textured Curls and Razor Sharp

Renew your ringlets with a razor-sharp pixie for textured curls. This cut is designed to define your natural curl pattern, giving each curl new life and better bounce with razor-sharp edges. These edges also keep this look clean and tidy, perfect for a minimalist aesthetic.

#9. Dark Chocolate Pixie with a Tapered Nape

Dark Chocolate Pixie with a Tapered Nape

Give yourself a grungy-meets-luxury style, and go for a dark chocolate pixie with a tapered nape. This indulgent brown is the epitome of natural elegance, which scales up the bold-textured pixie. The tapered nape brings that edgy vibe while also elongating your neck.

#10. Multicolored Pastel Pixie Cut

Multicolored Pastel Pixie Cut

Do you love the pixie’s bold, sophisticated look but need something with a bit more fun? Throw in some pastel colors! This texturized cut is ideal for thin hair, but really, this style can bring a playful punch to any hair texture!

#11. Jet Black Pixie with Side Part

Jet Black Pixie with Side Part

The jet-black pixie with a side part is the perfect pick if you need a super-sleek and simple style for your straight hair. This voluminous pixie gives your hair maximum volume, with a side part and stark black color for that sophisticated edge. 

#12. Rocker Chic Pixie with Choppy Layers

Rocker Chic Pixie with Choppy Layers

You’re not with the band. You are the band. Make sure people know the difference, with a rocker-chic pixie with choppy layers. The choppy layers bring a next-level grunge aesthetic to any kind of hair that amplifies the powerful style of the pixie.

#13. Lavender Hues on Short Pixie

Lavender Hues on Short

Lavender hues add a soft and whimsical vibe to the sophisticated look of the short pixie. This cut and color combo is completely versatile, meaning it works on any hair type and looks good on any skin tone. And, even better than that, this look is totally low maintenance.

#14. Vintage Curled Pixie

Vintage Curled

Turn back the clock to the golden age of glamour with a vintage curled pixie. This look blends two of the most iconic styles in history: vintage curls and the pixie cut. Together, they create a contemporary-meets-casual look with a whole lot of elegance. Plus, this hairstyle is easy to style, especially if you’re already blessed with wavy hair.

#15. Golden Brown Pixie with a Long Fringe

Golden Brown Pixie with a Long Fringe

Give yourself a soft and natural type of confidence with a golden brown pixie with a long fringe. This super-versatile cut had everything it takes to give any hair type what it needs to look effortlessly radiant, especially with the warm glow given by the golden brown.

#16. Silver Fox Long Pixie

Silver Fox Long

Don’t just age gracefully. Age gorgeously, with a silver fox long pixie. The youthful pixie cut is perfect for turning back the clock, while the silver fox color brings sheer sophistication and style.

#17. Sassy Spiked Pixie Cut

Sassy Spiked Pixie Cut

Give your style all the spunk it can handle with a sassy spiked pixie cut. The sharp shape of the pixie is powered up by bold texturized spikes for a style that packs a punch, whether you have thick or thin hair!

#18. Warm Auburn Pixie Bowl

Warm Auburn Pixie Bowl

Infuse some 90s flair into your style with a warm auburn pixie-bowl cut. This contemporary take on the throwback bowl cut blends with the pixie and adds just a little bit more volume and a rounder shape for softness. Then, the warm auburn color makes this cut glow like a blazing fire.

#19. Minimalist Androgynous Pixie

Minimalist Androgynous

If you’re into more of a gender-fluid style, you need the minimalist androgynous pixie. This short and simple cut is perfect for a low-maintenance and maximum-impact kind of style. All you need is a run-through with a brush, and you’re ready to rock this look.

#20. Shimmery Golden Highlights on Brunette Pixie

Shimmery Golden Highlights on Brunette

Bring some luminous luxury to your look with shimmery golden highlights on a brunette pixie cut. The rich, golden-toned highlights add depth and dimension to the texturized style of the pixie while brightening up your beautiful brunette and skin tone.

#21. Soft Rose Gold Pixie Weave

Soft Rose Gold Pixie Weave

If you’ve always dreamt about a short and spunky hairstyle, but you’re not fully committed to cutting your hair short, get a shortcut to a short cut with a soft rose-gold pixie weave. This may be the easy road, but it’s the perfect way to experiment with a bold style and even bolder color choice.

#22. Tousled Ginger Pixie Cut

Tousled Ginger Pixie Cut

Fire up your inner fashionista with a playfully tousled ginger pixie cut. This short style is just the thing to blaze your waves with a serious head-turning style that makes stylish easier than ever with a vibrant glow from the ginger color.

#23. Elegant Espresso Short Pixie

Elegant Espresso Short

Give your style an upscale look with an elegant espresso-colored short pixie. The lustrous espresso shade makes the classic short pixie look even more refined while maintaining a natural look. Even better, this style is perfect for any hair texture or density!

#24. Ethereal Feathered White Pixie

Ethereal Feathered White

Lighten up your look with an ethereal white feathered pixie. This stunning style pairs a striking color with a structured cut to create something truly iconic. The feathered layers are particularly ideal for creating thicker, fuller-looking hair. But really, any hair density could rock this look.

#25. Funky Rainbow Pixie Mullet

Funky Rainbow Pixie Mullet

Feeling adventurous? Go super-bold with a funky rainbow pixie mullet. This unlikely trio comes together to give your look everything you need to grab attention wherever you go, with a long mullet-layered pixie with all the colors of the rainbow. After all, why pick just one?

#26. Jet-Black Side-Swept Pixie

Jet Black Side Swept

If you’re looking for a low-key but high-fashion style, you’ll find it in a jet-black side-swept pixie cut. This sleek style brings a touch of sophistication to your style while remaining super-simple to style and suiting any hair type.

#27. Caramel Tones on Layered Pixie

Caramel Tones on Layered

Give yourself a glam glow-up with caramel tones on a layered pixie cut. This dazzling do combines the soft illumination of the caramel tones to add even more definition to the texturized layers of the pixie cut, making it perfect for giving thin hair some much-needed light and life.

#28. Sleek Bobbed Pixie Cut

Sleek Bobbed Pixie Cut

Strike a balance between edgy and elegant with a sleek bobbed pixie cut. This blend of two iconic styles brings a striking style that gives all hair densities texture, volume, and a whole lot of class with minimal styling required.

#29. Ice-Blue Edgy Pixie with Long Bangs

Ice Blue Edgy Pixie with Long Bangs

Release your inner ice queen with an icy blue edgy pixie with long bangs. This cut and color combo brings cold-hard confidence, with bold texture, robust volume, and an elongated front for that extra chic charm.

#30. Olive Green Classic Pixie with a Modern Twist

Olive Green Classic Pixie with a Modern Twist

Are you into all things contemporary? Get creative with an olive green classic pixie with a modern twist. This style is extremely versatile, giving any hair type that classic look of a pixie with a modern vibe courtesy of the elongated front and unique olive green color. 

#31. Tapered Pixie with V-Cut Nape

Tapered Pixie with V Cut Nape

If you thought the classic pixie was sleek, get ready for the tapered pixie with a v-cut nape. This style elevates the classic pixie with a V-cut nape to elongate your neck, bringing that extra graceful vibe. Plus, this cut brings out the best of all face shapes!

#32. Pixie Cut with Shaved Sides

Pixie Cut with Shaved Sides 1

Love that classic pixie look, but want a little more edge? Try a pixie with shaved sides! This daring do may just be a simple shake-up to a timeless cut, but it sure makes a huge statement! And the shaved sides make styling even easier!

#33. Sun Kissed Beachy Pixie

Sun Kissed Beachy

Give yourself all the beach goddess vibes with the sun-kissed beachy pixie. This peppy pixie is perfect for bringing some sunny, golden vibes to your style, thanks to the sun-kissed highlights and beachy texture. No matter the time of year, this style will keep you looking and feeling summer-ready.

#34. High Volume Pixie with Undercut

High Volume Pixie with Undercut

Looking for that va-va-voom vibe? Go for a high-volume pixie with an undercut. This punchy pixie is designed to give any kind of hair maximum volume and texture, amplified by the undercut for a high-impact look. And even better, there are tons of different ways you can style this cut!

#35. Rich Mahogany Pixie Bob

Rich Mahogany Pixie Bob

If you want a style with minimal effort and maximum slay, look no further than a rich mahogany pixie bob. The vibrant mahogany color brings a regal charm to the hybrid pixie-bob cut that brings any hair texture a polished and refined aesthetic.

#36. Fiery Red Super Short Pixie

Fiery Red Super Short

Show off your sparky side with a fiery red super-short pixie cut. That bold and blazing style has the perfect amount of texture and height to fire up fine hair. But the color is what steals the show!

#37. Asymmetrical Long Pixie Cut

Asymmetrical Long Pixie Cut

Go for versatility and the perfect imbalance with an asymmetrical long pixie cut. This dramatic do is packed full of volume and textured layers for an eye-catching look with unlimited styling options!

#38. Textured Mocha Brown Pixie

Textured Mocha Brown

If you love texturized styles but want something a little more subtle than a spiky look, go for the tasteful textured mocha brown pixie. This cut gives thick and thin hair intense height and texture and the mocha brown color keeps things looking soft and refined.

#39. Electric Blue Pixie with Faux Hawk

Electric Blue Pixie with Faux Hawk

If bold and breathtaking is your aesthetic, you need an electric blue pixie cut with a faux hawk. This style screams spunk, with robust texture and height coming from the faux hawk that transitions down to a close-cropped pixie. Then, the electric blue comes in to ignite it all!

#40. Wispy Lavender Pixie Cut

Wispy Lavender Pixie Cut

Nothing says whimsical quite like a wispy lavender pixie cut. The wispy texture of this style is perfect for adding some interest to fine hair, while the soft lavender brings all those dreamy vibes for an extra fairytale flair.

#41. Slicked Back Golden Blonde Pixie

Slicked Back Golden Blonde Pixie 1

If you’re into simple and sleek, go for a refined style like the slicked-back golden blonde pixie. The structured look of the pixie sets the perfect scene for a bright and beautiful golden blonde that you simply slick back for a super-sophisticated look.

#42. Chocolate Brown Pixie with Curls

Chocolate Brown Pixie with Curls

Indulge your curls with a chocolate brown curly pixie. This short style is specifically designed to showcase the best of your curl pattern and bring a timeless and natural-feeling flair, thanks to the chocolate brown.

#43. Platinum Pixie with Side Part

Platinum Pixie with Side Part

The side-parted platinum pixie is the epitome of edgy elegance, with its sleek texture and bright blonde shade, and styled in a side-part for that fab finishing touch. Even better? This cut fits thick and thin hair like a dream!

#44. Forest Green Choppy Pixie Cut

Forest Green Choppy Pixie Cut

If you’re feeling adventurous, experiment with a trendy color like forest green on a choppy pixie cut. This look brings out your unique personality by combining an intensely layered pixie cut with forest green for a breath of fresh air.

#45. Pastel Pink Pixie with Side Swept Bangs

Pastel Pink Pixie with Side Swept Bangs

Play up your girlie-girl side with a pastel pink pixie with side-swept bangs. This cut is perfect for giving straight and wavy hair a light and airy look magnified by the dreamy pastel pink and soft side-swept bangs.

#46. Curly Top Pixie with an Undercut

Curly Top Pixie with Undercut

Give your ringlets a rockin’ style, and go for the curly-top pixie with an undercut. The undercut gives you the perfect edgy aesthetic while keeping things neat and tidy for the top curls to really steal the show by enhancing your natural curls.

#47. Short Feathered Classic Pixie

Short Feathered Classic

Need something lightweight to take your fine or thin hair to the next level? Go with a short feathered classic pixie. This style gives you the bold look of the classic pixie cut with softer feathered layers and complete style simplicity.

#48. Two-Tone Pixie Mullet

Two Tone Pixie Mullet

Feeling creative? Go for a super unique two-toned pixie mullet. This look brings the best of two timeless cuts, with a sharp shape of the pixie paired with the grungy layering of the mullet. Then, the two different colors (of your choosing) create a captivating contrast.

#49. Grayscale Ombre Long Pixie

Grayscale Ombre Long

The grayscale ombre long pixie proves that gray hair is for all ages. This longer pixie cut brings more style versatility while maintaining the youthful shape. Then, the grayscale colors come in to create a striking ombre effect for depth and a touch of drama.

#50. Voluminous Copper Pixie

Voluminous Copper

The voluminous copper pixie blends vibrance and volume together to create a style with real firepower. This versatile style works on any hair texture, giving it just the right amount of height and texture for that va-va-voom kinda look with a refined and polished look and a beautiful copper tone as the cherry on top.

#51. Blonde Pixie Weave

Blonde Pixie Weave

If you’ve always wanted a bright blonde pixie, but you aren’t ready to lose that much length, take the easy road with a blonde pixie weave. This creative approach to a short style allows you to completely customize your look from thickness to length, and beyond.

#52. Messy Caramel Pixie Cut

Messy Caramel Pixie Cut

Give yourself that perfectly undone look with a sweet and chic touch, and go for a messy caramel pixie. This short cut is perfect for giving straight and wavy hair flowing movement and stellar style. Then, the caramel tones bring warm definition and a cozy glow.

#53. Choppy Gray Pixie with Long Bangs

Choppy Gray Pixie with Long Bangs

Go for a look that’s radiant and refined, with just a pinch of razzle-dazzle, like a choppy gray pixie with long bangs. This is the perfect way to transition into gray hair your way while keeping a spunky and youthful look.

#54. Sleek Black and Silver Pixie

Sleek Black and Silver

Looking to spice up your salt and pepper style? You need a sleek black and silver pixie. This naturally-inspired two-toned effect brings depth, dimension, and a dashing style all in one. And the best part? It only takes a minute to style. 

#55. Rounded Golden Brown Pixie Bob

Rounded Golden Brown Pixie Bob

If you’re into the soft and subtle kind of style, you’ll love a rounded golden brown pixie bob. The blended pixie-bob cut gives your hair balance, volume, and soft texture. Then, it’s lightened up and defined by the natural golden brown tones.

#56. Textured Platinum Pixie with Side Fringe

Textured Platinum Pixie with Side Fringe

The textured platinum pixie with a side fringe brings everything to the table. Texture, volume, structure, an iconic blonde shade, with a side fringe to soften things up. What else could an edgy girl ask for?

#57. Sleek Chocolate Pixie with Side Part

Sleek Chocolate Pixie with Side Part

Level up your look with a soft and sweet style like the sleek chocolate pixie with a side part. This style brings a mature yet magnetizing aesthetic, with a sophisticated structure, spunky side parts, and chocolate brown tones to sweeten the deal.

#58. Funky Magenta Pixie

Funky Magenta

If you’re ready to rock a vibrant look, you need a funky magenta pixie. The powerful pink shade is all style and sass, magnifying the playful layering of the pixie cut. But the best part? This look is totally versatile. Any hair type and skin tone will shine bright with this style!

#59. Angled Black Pixie Cut

Angled Black Pixie Cut

Find a look that’s equal parts spunky and sultry in an angled black pixie cut. The elegant angles of this cut create a sharp shape that frames any face shape beautifully and highlights any hair texture. Then, the black color really brings those sleek and sultry vibes.

#60. Icy White Long Pixie Cut

Icy White Long Pixie Cut

Get an enchanting and ethereal vibe with an icy white long pixie cut. The longer layers provide a softer aesthetic and unlimited styling opportunities. But the real star of the show is the delicate icy white color for that extra fab flair.

#61. Playful Pixie with Soft Curls

Playful Pixie with Soft Curls

Embrace your natural texture with a playful pixie with soft curls. This delightfully layered do is perfectly proportioned to enhance your curls while adding a chic and charming aesthetic. And all in a low-maintenance cut! What’s better than that?

#62. Espresso Pixie with a Side Braid

Espresso Pixie with a Side Braid

Give your look a slight Bohemian touch by going for an espresso pixie with a side braid. The long layers make an effortless flow with the elegant espresso color and a side braid to tie it all together with a beachy twist.

#63. Razor Cut Brunette Pixie

Razor Cut Brunette

If you’re into the straight-edge kind of look, look no further than a razor-cut brunette pixie. This classy cut features clean razor cuts for a structured style with soft texture and volume that revives your natural brunette color.

#64. Cherry Red Pixie with an Undercut

Cherry Red Pixie with Undercut

Nothing says confidence like a cherry red pixie with an undercut. This vivacious shade of red brings a fiery flair to your style, which is amplified by the edgy contrast given by the pixie’s transition into an undercut.

#65. Golden Pixie with a Buzzed Side

Buzzed Side Golden

The golden pixie with a buzzed side is equal parts cheeky and charming, with the classic pixie shape, the luminous golden blonde, and one buzzed side for just a pinch of grit. Whether your hair is thick or thin, straight or wavy, this look can work wonders for you!

#66. Voluminous Auburn Shaggy Pixie

Voluminous Auburn Shaggy

Go for exuberant elegance, and get a voluminous auburn shaggy pixie. This rich red shade sets a brilliant tone for the shaggy layers of this pixie cut to bring the heat (and the height) to any hair texture!

#67. Sleek Royal Blue Long Pixie

Sleek Royal Blue Long

If you’re all about head-turning hairstyles, you need a sleek royal blue long pixie cut. The long pixie provides a polished and dignified vibe that is electrified by the royal blue color for a seriously high-voltage aesthetic.

#68. Mohawk-Inspired Platinum Pixie

Mohawk Inspired Platinum

Let your inner punk on with a mohawk-inspired platinum pixie cut. This triple-threat style packs a serious punch, combining the pixie’s shape with buzzed sides and mohawk-inspired top layers and adding a polarizing color like platinum for a style that really rocks.

#69. Curly Honey Blonde Pixie

Curly Honey Blonde

The curly honey-blonde pixie has an aesthetic that screams au natural. The pixie cut is ideal for enhancing any kind of curls and illuminating them for a beautiful sun-kissed glow. Even better, this cut is the perfect frame for any face shape!

#70. Tapered Ash Blonde Pixie

Tapered Ash Blonde

If you’re looking for a smoke show kind of look, you need a tapered ash-blonde pixie cut. This sleek pixie has the perfect layers for light volume and movement with tapering for an extra edgy touch. Then, the ash-blonde brings a dashing and dignified vibe to your whole look.

#71. Green Pixie with a Fishtail Braid

Green Pixie with Fishtail Braid

Don’t think you can get mermaid vibes with a green pixie cut styled with a fishtail braid. The green color brings the mystical allure, while the longer layers allow for a tidal flow while giving you unlimited styling options, including a fishtail braid for that unparalleled under-the-sea aesthetic.

#72. Short Straight Mocha Pixie

Short Straight Mocha

The short and straight mocha pixie is a straight-to-the-point kind of look for anyone who wants something timeless and tasteful with no frills or fanciness. This straightforward style is sleek and simple with a sultry mocha color for an extra classy touch.

#73. Rainbow Colored Pixie Bowl

Rainbow Colored Pixie Bowl

Can’t choose one color? You don’t have to! The rainbow-colored pixie bowl cut has everything from volume to texture and a spectrum of colors for a style that turns heads wherever you go! And even better? It’s super simple to style every day!

#74. Wavy Ginger Pixie with Side Part

Wavy Ginger Pixie with Side Part

Hey, all you wavy ladies! This spicy style’s for you! The wavy ginger pixie with a side part is a vivacious way to play up your waves, with longer layers for enhanced texture and a side part for a timeless flair. Then, the vibrant ginger hues warm things up, giving your skin a bronzy glow. 

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