Experts & Women Agree: These 25 Colors Are Perfect For Gray Hair

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Written by Rachel Miller

Updated: June 1, 2024

It’s 2024, and times have changed. Plenty of gray-haired women opt to show off their gray locks rather than hide their natural shade behind dyes and bleach. 

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t spice up your gray tresses.

But how?

Well, ladies, I’ll let you in on a little secret: there are so many stunning ways to enhance and liven up your gray locks. From subtle ash to head-turning copper, the possibilities are endless – and we’ve found the top 25 colors perfect for gray strands.

Let’s see which 25 colors make the list!

#1. Soft Ash Blonde

Soft Ash Blonde

If you want to keep your gray hair the focal point but want to zhuzh things up a bit, opt for ash blonde. Ash blonde is a “barely there” hair color that will highlight your gray strands without overpowering them.

#2. Rich Espresso

Rich Espresso

Are you missing your natural brown hair? Always dreamed of being a brunette but want to keep your hair primarily gray? This rich espresso is the it color, girl. Dipping your ends in rich espresso brown will add depth and youthfulness to your style, especially during fall and winter.

#3. Golden Honey

Golden Honey highlights

If rich espresso is too dark, but you want to add a pop of brown to your gray hair, consider this lovely golden honey hue. This color combination is ideal for adding a sun-kissed element to your gray locks.

#4. Light Chestnut

Light Chestnut

Light chestnut blends seamlessly with gray hair, ensuring an eye-catching and flawless natural-looking blend. This look is ideal for those with medium and olive skin tones, as the gray and chestnut best enhance these shades.

#5. Warm Cinnamon

Warm Cinnamon

Warm, enchanting, and ideal for fall, warm cinnamon streaks in gray hair are the ideal way to revitalize your tresses. Those with cooler tones will appreciate how the colors play against their skin tone for a refreshing style they can enjoy all season long.

#6. Subtle Amber Highlights

Subtle Amber

It’s easy for gray hair to lack dimension. The solution? Subtle amber highlights. Although these highlights may be minimal, they significantly impact your aesthetic. Enjoy depth and beauty from every angle.

#7. Dark Walnut

Dark Walnut Highlights

For some women, adding color is about creating vibrancy and youthfulness. Others want to emphasize the refinement of their aesthetic. If you’re the latter, dark walnut is the best choice. This hue exudes maturity and timeless elegance. 

#8. Natural Beige Blonde

Natural Beige Blonde

Beige-blonde and gray are undeniably a match made in heaven. The two colors blend harmoniously and have a sun-kissed, all-natural appeal that’s perfect for summer. Oh, and it looks incredible matched with fair skin tones.

#9. Light Caramel

Light Caramel

Light caramel highlights are a quick and easy way to liven up gray hair, which may have become dull and lifeless. This color will add a fresh pop of youthful and sophisticated color without being too bold.

#10. Warm Ginger

Warm Ginger

Gray-haired queens don’t have to shy away from red hair. In fact, one look at this hair color may be all it takes to have you running to the hair salon! Warm ginger offers a spicy, head-turning twist that’s unmistakably glamorous. Think of ginger and gray as the dynamic duo.

#11. Rustic Copper

Rustic Copper

If warm ginger is a little too spicy and bold, tame things down while retaining an envious red hue by choosing rustic copper. This is another excellent choice for fall and will give your gray hair a boost in the glam department.

#12. Deep Mocha

Deep Mocha

Black and white hair can easily give off Cruella Deville vibes. If you love contrast, though, you can still obtain it. Just choose a slightly softer dark hue, such as deep mocha. We can’t get over how intense and regal this combination is!

#13. Sandy Blonde

Sandy Blonde

Sandy blonde is a muted blonde shade, making it an excellent choice to blend with your gray tresses. The two colors look sensational together and offer a beachy color you’ll appreciate during the warmer months.

#14. Classic Burgundy

Classic Burgundy

Plenty of women prefer natural additions to their gray hair. But if you’re an edgy queen who wants to add a sense of fun and drama with an unnatural selection, burgundy looks terrific! Burgundy and gray is a unique, head-turning combo that everyone will compliment.

#15. Smoky Gray

Smoky Grey

Modern? Check. Sophisticated? Check. Beautiful? Check. Needless to say, this smoky gray hair color checks all the boxes, and it’s a style that won’t disappoint. This can work on a variety of skin tones, making it a versatile selection.

#16. Sunlit Bronze

Sunlit Bronze

It’s OK – go ahead and transform your gray hair into this mesmerizing sunlit bronze hue. You’ll be glad you did. This sunlit bronze shade is undeniably radiant, destined to glow under the sun with every step you take.

#17. Chocolate Cherry

Chocolate Cherry

If you can’t decide between brown and red, why not have both? Yes, it’s possible – it’s called chocolate cherry. This is an excellent shade to blend with your gray hair, featuring gorgeous red and brown undertones that will enhance your aesthetic.

#18. Toasted Almond

Toasted Almond

Even the subtlest highlights can have a lovely effect on gray hair. But which color should you choose? Toasted almond, of course! This hair color is quite delicate, adding just the right amount of beautiful depth to your gray tresses.

#19. Subdued Auburn

Subdued Auburn

A subdued auburn shade may not have a natural appearance, but honestly, who cares? It’s a beautiful and lively shade that will quickly reinvent your image with a more youthful and spunky approach.

#20. Dark Amber

Dark Amber

Are you searching for a flattering, darker shade to add to your gray hair? Dark amber may be precisely what you’re looking for. Being much darker than gray strands, it produces lots of dimension and depth that’s powerful yet sophisticated.

#21. Tawny Brown

Tawny Brown

Who doesn’t love gold? If you can’t get enough gold in your life, it’s time to throw tawny brown hues into your gray mane and call it a day. With this blend, you can achieve a new level of regalness you never thought possible.

#22. Matte Black

Matte Black

For gray-haired women looking to make a bold and intense statement with their hair color, don’t hesitate to dive into the black hair color “paint bucket.” Yes, this color combo is fierce, but it’s a great way to show off your boss babe personality.

#23. Glazed Hazelnut

Glazed Hazelnut

Love brown hair? Want to make sure your gray hair looks as natural as possible with another color? Glazed hazelnut is an excellent choice! This color combination has “all-natural” written all over it, and it’s a classic duo you can enjoy year-long.

#24. Radiant Platinum

Radiant Platinum

Why settle for any ole blonde hue when you can go icy? Illuminate your gray tresses with radiant platinum highlights, and you won’t regret it. Platinum offers a bright, look-at-me shade that’s contemporary and timelessly fashionable.

#25. Soft Maple Brown

Soft Maple Brown

This charming, soft maple brown hair color is a delicate way to enhance your gray hair. It’s tame yet natural and beautiful, which many women prefer. Enjoy this shade year-round, as it’s a versatile and classic color combination you’ll want to appreciate time and time again.

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