Color Inspo: 7 Beautiful Ways To Try Ginger Hair This Summer 

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Written by Georgia Gould

Updated: June 7, 2024

Once the hair color nobody wanted, ginger hair has become one of the most sought-after shades in recent years.

We’ve always been crazy for this stunning hue and, now that the world agrees, we couldn’t be happier with the countless ginger hair colors available to choose from.

From strawberry blonde and gold-toned red to deep ginger shades with hints of burgundy, we’ve compiled a list of 7 different ways to try ginger hair for yourself.

Get ready to screenshot your favorites, we predict you’ll want them on hand to show your colorist at your appointment.

#1. True Ginger 

Ginger Hair 1 450 x 560
image via @fabiennedobbe

When we think about ginger hair, a color like this one is usually what springs to mind. And how could it not—it’s stunning!

If you weren’t lucky enough to be born with this sought-after hue, however, don’t despair. It is possible to achieve this shade in the salon chair with the help of a good colorist.

Ask for reddish/orange tones to bring out the brightness of the shade and be sure to bring along some photographs like this one of the exact hue you’re hoping to achieve. 

#2. Soft Gold-Toned Ginger 

Combining hints of red, orange, and, most importantly, gold, this dreamy ginger shade couldn’t be more perfect for summer. That said, a rich, warm color like this will work year-round so don’t be afraid to embrace its golden tones, no matter the season.

This is also the ideal choice if you’re going from blonde locks to something a little bolder. You get to keep those golden tones from your original color whilst committing fully to a new shade of red. 

#3. Deep Ginger With Hints Of Dark Red

Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean you can’t still rock a darker shade of ginger. In fact, we love going against the grain and opting for darker hues in the summer months and lighter locks in the winter. It’s a great way to keep your hair color feeling fresh and just that little bit different from everybody else’s.

To nail this particular shade of ginger, ask your stylist for a true ginger base with a darker gloss for a multi-tonal hue throughout the hair. It’ll dazzle in the sunlight but, of course, looks amazing in the winter months too.  

#4. Golden Auburn Ginger

Ginger Hair 4 450 x 560
image via @chrisweberhair

The perfect segue into the world of ginger hair, this golden auburn shade makes a statement but feels soft and subtle at the same time. We highly recommend this hue to those wanting to try ginger hair for the first time without fully committing to a deep red shade. It’s also ideal for blondes since it has those gorgeous golden tones running throughout.

What’s more, since it boasts these blonde undertones, it’s a no-brainer for spring and summer. Oh, and if you’re looking for styling tips with your new shade, this hair color looks fantastic straight, but barrel curls will allow the light to bounce and reflect off of your hair to reveal the true tonal nature of the shade.

#5. Copper Balayage With Darker Roots

Talk about the quintessential summer color technique, balayage is always top of our list for a sunkissed glow in warm weather. It’s a popular choice for those with lighter brown hair looking to add blonde.

However, we’ve fallen head over heels for this ginger balayage color and think it might be our new favorite. Not only will it give your hair a whole new look for the season ahead, but it’ll do so subtly and with a natural-looking finish.

Unlike most color practices that use foils and precise positioning to get a uniform hue throughout the hair, balayage employs a painting technique for a totally natural and unique-looking finish. The perfect color treatment for those wanting to embrace ginger hair but without going straight from one full hair color to the next. 

To achieve the desired shade, your stylist will mix up your chosen ginger dye and use a brush to literally paint it right onto your hair. This freehand way of coloring the hair in sections means there are no harsh lines or obvious contrasts between your original and new shades.

So your color looks totally natural with a composition that’s unique to you and your haircut. It’s also worth noting that whilst balayage is a subtle transformation, it’s still more impactful and longer lasting than highlights. So choose a shade you love for summer that’ll also see you happily through the fall with a minor refresh from your colorist. 

#6. Copper Ginger Hair

When you want to spice up blonde hair with a new ginger-toned shade, opt for this warm copper hue with soft notes of red and a golden finish. This color is particularly perfect if you’re not quite ready for a deep red shade but want to dip your toe into the world of ginger tresses.

With summer in mind, it’s soft, subtle, and reflects beautifully in the sunlight. This color also intuitively shows off the shine of your hair.

One thing to bear in mind? Copper hair colors are known for fading fast so if you’re hoping for something more permanent, we recommend choosing a darker option. On the flip side, if you decide red hair isn’t for you, simply let this dye fade out to reveal your former blonde locks. 

#7. Strawberry Blonde Ginger

Ginger Hair 7 450 x 560
image via @valarie.ann_

Looking to change up your look from the comfort of your own home? Strawberry blonde is one of the most achievable shades to nail by yourself. This look is more of a color wash than a full shade difference and a great way to spruce up your beloved blonde locks for summer and beyond. 

Now, while anyone can achieve strawberry blonde locks with a little bleach and a trip to the salon if you want to try the look at home, we only recommend this for those with lighter hair.

Since you won’t need to involve any bleach and can simply pick a strawberry blonde dye that’ll show up in your lighter locks, it’s a totally achievable, one-step process to get the color you want.

If you’re rocking brown tresses and want to achieve this look, it’s worth booking a salon appointment. They can safely take your hair as many shades lighter as it needs to be before applying the perfect strawberry blonde hue over top. 

Still unsure which ginger shade is right for you? Arrange a color consultation with your stylist, screenshot your favorites from the list, and let them talk you through your best options in person!

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