7 Fresh Long Layered Haircuts To Try If The Bob Trend Feels To Drastic

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Written by Sophie Mara

Updated: July 2, 2024

With the likes of Jennifer Aniston, Sydney Sweeney, and even Lily Collins (as of this week) lopping off their famously long locks, it’s safe to say the bob is the haircut of the season.

For those of us loyal to our lengths, however, chopping them off isn’t an option! So does that mean we can’t rock a new cut for summer that feels just as fresh and exciting? Not if we have anything to do with it. 

We’ve scoured our social feeds to bring you all the best and most beautiful long-layered haircuts.

Perfect for sprucing up your Rapunzel-like tresses by adding tons of dimension and movement. Save your favorites for inspiration at your next salon trip, and walk out with a brand new look that properly showcases your precious lengths!

90s Style Layers

Long Layered 1 450 x 560
image via @_edwardsandco

With everyone and their mother lopping off their locks in favor of a bob, the temptation to do the same has never been stronger. And, whether you’ve done it before and regretted it, or you’re simply convinced jaw-length hair won’t suit you, having a bob is a commitment so maybe hold off until you’re sure.

In the meantime, why not embrace another of summer’s hottest trends – the resurgence of all things 90s?

This 90s-inspired layered cut is all about bounce and volume and, honestly? We couldn’t love it more. Pedal pushers and triangle tops we can do without, but this nostalgic chop just made our most wanted list for summer 2024.

Ask your stylist for soft curtain bangs and multiple soft tapered layers curled inwards to frame your face. 

Long Layers and Curtain Bangs

Long Layered 2 450 x 560
image via @jamesplainhair

The way bobs perfectly highlight your features is reason enough to reach for the scissors! Luckily, curtain bangs and long hair can have just the same effect.

Both the shorter pieces near your face and the curtain bangs themselves will point all focus toward your eyes and jawline. You can also style the curtain bangs in whichever parting you choose to draw more attention to the left, right, or center of your face.

We love center-parted curtain bangs for the dramatic, symmetrical sweeping effect, but this romantic side-parted style is undeniably pretty too. Unlike a bob which can feel limited, a cut like this has a similar effect but with endless styling opportunities!

Long Butterfly Haircut

Long Layered 3 450 x 560
image via @glamcatt

What is a butterfly haircut? It’s all about the shape.

Think of butterfly wings and you’ll start to get the idea. Whereas most layered cuts have gradual layers throughout, this one has concentrated, shorter face-framing layers at the top and longer, shapely layers at the bottom.

The popularity of this cut has soared this summer and shows no signs of slowing down. With countless celebrities and influencers showing off their beautiful butterfly chops for months now, we’re seeing the appeal.

Endless movement, face-framing shape, and every hairstyle looks instantly more impressive with tons of personality and dimension.

Long Face-Framing Layers

Long Layered 4 450 x 560
image via @hairbyyangie

One of the main reasons people opt for a bob is its chic, structured finish. But, what if we told you longer haircuts can do just the same?

This stunning long haircut with face-framing pieces will instantly refresh your long hair and draw all attention to your features.

The best part? You can still style your hair in all the same styles you’re used to, only now they’ll look even sleeker.

Take a high ponytail for example. Before, your pony was all one length, it looked pretty, but also quite plain.

With a haircut like this one, not only does the ponytail itself have tons more movement and dimension, but you’ll be able to pull those shorter pieces loose at the front to frame your features and look instantly put together.

Long Layers With Full Bangs

Long Layered 5 450 x 560
image via @danielmbeauty

If you’re feeling brave, but not quite brave enough for a bob, why not give bangs a go? It’s a huge change but you get to keep your length and it could be just the shake-up you need.

By all means, check with your stylist first as they can advise which type of bangs will suit you best. 

We adore curtain bangs, but full bangs are much more daring. A cut like this feels like a total switch-up and can help you on your journey towards a bob if that’s your end goal. 

See how you feel, not only about having shorter hair around your face and whether it suits you but also about the styling aspect.

Full bangs, like a bob, take a fair amount of work to get right. If you cut them in and find you’re fed up after a few weeks (or days), maybe a super short, high-maintenance haircut isn’t on the cards.

The great thing is, if it turns out you don’t like your fringe, bobby pins can save the day. If you go straight for a bob and hate it, you’re stuck until it grows… or until you fork out hundreds for extensions!

Long Flippy Layers

Long Layered 6 450 x 560
image via @hairby.violet

Alongside the butterfly cut, these long flippy layers have to be one of the most requested long haircuts of 2024.

Since they add so much bounce, volume, and overall movement to the hair, they’re perfect for sprucing up very long tresses. So, if you have seriously long locks you’re just not ready to part with yet, this could be the haircut for you. 

A combination of a butterfly cut and whispy layers, they’re lightweight and fluffy so hold a curl for much longer than heavier choppy styles. You should find them simple to style, even if it takes a while to complete your blowout with so much hair to get through!

Long Shag Haircut

Hoping for something a little edgier? This long shag haircut is the one. Hold onto your long hair but switch up the aesthetic entirely with these choppy layers, face-framing pieces, and full bangs.

Since this cut will take a lot of the weight out of your long hair, it’s the ideal chop for summer. Not to mention, you can, of course, spend time styling this haircut, positioning each piece exactly where you want it, but we highly recommend letting it air dry.

The natural texture of your locks will give the desired, lived-in feel. Plus, not having to reach for hair dryers and heat tools when it’s a hundred degrees outside is a huge plus in our book.

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