If You Haven’t Seen The Butterfly Haircut Trend Yet, Here Are 42 Stunning Examples For You

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Written by Rachel Miller

Updated: February 14, 2024

Butterflies are beautiful. Those big, wonderful wings decorated with vibrant patterns fluttering around – there’s simply nothing quite like it. It’s no wonder why someone created a haircut to mimic the beauty of these flying angels! The butterfly haircut is undeniably trending in 2024.

It combines short and long layers in majestic ways to make it appear like your tresses are fluttering – just like a butterfly! And while *most* people might say butterfly haircuts all look the same, we’re here to prove that there are several charming ways to sport this haircut. From short to long and everything in between, these 42 stunning examples of butterfly haircuts will surely entice you.

Short and Sleek Butterfly Bob

Sure, some might say that the butterfly cut is reserved for longer tresses, but this butterfly bob perfectly displays a “short” butterfly cut. Going the butterfly route gives this adorable bob lots of pretty bounce and movement, completely reinventing the traditional bob cut.

#2. Butterfly Layers with Rose Gold Highlights

Butterfly Layers with Rose Gold Highlights

Yes, the butterfly haircut is trending. But if you enjoy dipping into multiple trends at once and appearing like a fashion-forward diva, you’ll want to consider this look. This hairstyle highlights butterfly layers with rose gold, ensuring a glamorous and high-style aesthetic.

#3. Platinum Blonde Butterfly Cut with Dark Roots

Platinum Blonde Butterfly Cut with Dark Roots

While butterfly cutes may be thought of as “cute,” you can easily switch things up and go contemporary and edgy instead. All it takes is a color change such as this! Enjoy an enticing platinum blonde cast with contrasting dark roots.

#4. Side-Parted Butterfly Waves

Side Parted Butterfly Waves

Most women will opt for a middle part to create the “wings” for their butterfly haircut, but you don’t have to settle for the norms. Instead, part your locks into a stunning side part to give the layers an all-new appearance that’s casual yet cute.

#5. Butterfly Cut with Lowlights and Highlights

Butterfly Cut with Lowlights and Highlights

It’s true – butterfly cuts are designed to create some glorious depth. However, putting these layers on the forefront is always a good idea, and you can easily do so by tossing in lowlights and highlights into your mane. Hello, depth and dimension!

#6. Lavender-Toned Butterfly Layers

Lavender Toned Butterfly Layers

If you’re really trying to encapsulate the beauty and delicateness of a butterfly with your hairstyle, don’t stop at the haircut. Completely cover your butterfly tresses in a gentle lavender shade, and enjoy!

#7. Choppy Butterfly Cut with an Undercut

Choppy Butterfly Cut with an Undercut

Are you looking to add some edginess to your butterfly cut? Say goodbye to the “normal” butterfly ‘dos and ask your stylist to craft a fierce undercut into your mane. Then, to ensure it’s a show-stopper, go with a two-tone hair color that’s nothing short of wowing.

#8. Classic Brunette Butterfly Cut with Side Bangs

Classic Brunette Butterfly Cut with Side Bangs

Gals who want their butterfly cut to be effortlessly face-framing should finish their style with a side of side-swept bangs. Aside from being adorable and feminine, they’ll put your best features on display with ease. Keep it simple with a lush brunette shade.

#9. Asymmetrical Butterfly Cut

Asymmetrical Butterfly Cut

Want your butterfly cut to match your fiery personality? Go with a bolder take on the classic butterfly haircut – and choose an asymmetrical design. The asymmetry gives this haircut much-needed boldness, especially with a red and silver color combo.

#10. Subtle Ombre on Butterfly Layers

Subtle Ombre on Butterfly Layers

The ombre hair coloring technique looks good on any haircut – there’s no doubt about it. That said, it’s not surprising that it looks sensational on butterfly layers, too. To really make those flawless layers stand out, consider starting with a dark shade and choosing ombre highlights a few shades lighter.

#11. Vintage Curls with Butterfly Layers

Vintage Curls with Butterfly Layers

Adorn your lovely butterfly haircut with these vintage-inspired curls to give it a touch of old-school Hollywood glam. The layers are ideal for voluminous, loose ringlets such as these, ensuring a full-bodied finish.

#12. Shaggy Butterfly Cut with Curtain Bangs

Shaggy Butterfly Cut with Curtain Bangs

Is the butterfly cut still not satisfying your need for laid-back layers? If you want even more movement and a carefree attitude from your hairstyle, you’ll want to step inside the realm of shaggy butterfly cuts. Oh, and don’t forget those charming curtain bangs to complete the 70s-inspired look.

#13. Dramatic A-Line Butterfly Bob

Dramatic A Line Butterfly Bob

It’s a breeze to give butterfly haircuts an entirely unique makeover – this look is one of them! A dramatic a-line sets the stage for a beautiful butterfly bob. Together, you get the best of both worlds – intensity and flirty flare.

#14. Layered Butterfly Cut with Balayage

Layered Butterfly Cut with Balayage

This sensational butterfly-cut hairstyle is reserved for women who want to exude elegance and class. The longer layers are brilliantly zhuzhed up being flipped outward, while a sun-kissed balayage provides a sophisticated and lightened touch.

#15. Butterfly Pixie with Side-Swept Bangs

Butterfly Pixie with Side Swept Bangs

Yes, pixies can get in on the action when it comes to butterfly haircuts – and it just looks so stinkin’ cute! Adding a butterfly cut to your ultra-short pixie will add playfulness and movement to your style.

#16. Deep Burgundy Butterfly Waves

Deep Burgundy Butterfly Waves

Forget being “cute.” Turn your “adorable” butterfly cut into something more tantalizing by reaching for a rich, deep burgundy shade such as this. And you can bring your color and cut to life by designing loose, voluminous waves from top to bottom.

#17. Waterfall Layers in a Butterfly Cut

Waterfall Layers in a Butterfly Cut

When you’re looking to create elegant and romantic body, there’s no better way to do it than with waterfall layers paired with a butterfly cut. This particular cutting style will create a cascading effect through your mane – which should be brightened with glistening highlights like these.

#18. Beachy Waves with Butterfly Layers

Beachy Waves with Butterfly Layers

Go bold, diva, and don’t hesitate to seriously volumize those stunning butterfly cut layers. To create this bodacious, head-turning style, you’ll start by teasing the crown. Then, use your preferred tool to create incredible waves. Don’t forget the holding spray!

#19. Honey-Blonde Butterfly Cut with Loose Curls

Honey Blonde Butterfly Cut with Loose Curls

If you didn’t know already, blonde hair color and butterfly haircuts go together majestically – and this look proves it! Honey-blonde is a warm and enchanting color that easily makes a butterfly cut “pop” in all the right places – especially when loosely curled to perfection.

#20. Mermaid Butterfly Cut with Teal Highlights

Mermaid Butterfly Cut with Teal Highlights

Yes, you can combine mermaid and butterfly beauty in your mane. Yes, it looks like a magical work of art. Yes, it’s extraordinary and something every artsy lady should try. Toss some teal and seafoam green hues into your locks and allow them to dance together in fabulous curls.

#21. Caramel Swirl Butterfly Cut

Caramel Swirl Butterfly Cut

This caramel swirl butterfly cut is undoubtedly one of the most sumptuous styles we’ll see on this list. The swirl of browns is downright mesmerizing, and they’re beautifully enhanced with a series of lengthy layers and stunning, romantic curls. 

#22. Icy Blonde Butterfly Layers

Icy Blonde Butterfly Layers

Why go with darker shades or bright colors? Just because you’re adopting the butterfly cut doesn’t mean you have to settle for specific hair colors. In fact, this icy blonde butterfly style shows that you can indulge in a frosty color and still look fab.

#23. Jet Black Butterfly Elegance

Jet Black Butterfly Elegance

Anyone who prefers a more voguish appearance with plenty of intensity can still enjoy the butterfly haircut. Of course, the layers will be less noticeable, but that’s OK. You will also need to reach for jet-black hair dye to bring it all together.

#24. Fiery Red Butterfly Cut

Fiery Red Butterfly Cut

Butterflies aren’t known for evoking passion, but that doesn’t mean you can’t. There are no rules when it comes to the butterfly cut. So, if you’re dreaming of a fiery style that will turn heads, simply douse your tresses in a vibrant red shade.

#25. Boho Chic Butterfly Layers

Boho Chic Butterfly Layers

Boho chic has always been popular. It’s the go-to for ladies who enjoy a more relaxed and casual appearance. And, surprise, surprise – you can enjoy the butterfly cut while being a boho fan! All you need are much longer layers and a bit of tousling. Complete your style with matching boho-chic outfits and accessories.

#26. Sleek Straight Butterfly Cut

Sleek Straight Butterfly Cut

Butterfly cuts might be too flirty and whimsical for some ladies. But wait! Don’t toss this look to the side just yet. As this look perfectly depicts, you can enjoy a more polished and refined butterfly cut that’s plenty sleek. Opt for fewer layers, a dark hue, and don’t forget your hair straightener!

#27. Auburn Butterfly Cut with Swooping Bangs

Auburn Butterfly Cut with Swooping Bangs

Psst. I have a secret. I know the absolute best bangs to combine with your butterfly cut. They’re known as “swooping bangs,” and these flirty fringes skim right below the eye, drawing more attention to those beauties. Make it jaw-dropping by choosing a fiery red shade.

#28. Tousled Butterfly Layers with Blonde Tips

Tousled Butterfly Layers with Blonde Tips

You don’t always have to do something bold to get a stylish look. For instance, this hairstyle features a simple butterfly cut with blonde tips. It’s easy to achieve, yet it has a significant impact wherever it’s worn. This may just be our fave butterfly look for summer!

#29. Glossy Espresso Butterfly Cut

Glossy Espresso Butterfly Cut

Ladies, replace the “cuteness” of the butterfly cut with “refinement” instead by choosing this high-class approach. A glossy espresso hair color is the embodiment of snazziness and decadence, especially when the layers are textured ever so slightly.

#30. Pastel Rainbow Butterfly Layers

Pastel Rainbow Butterfly Layers

If you’re going with a butterfly haircut, you might as well transform yourself into a real-life butterfly. How? Well, it’s pretty easy, babe – color your locks with the shades of the rainbow, but opt for pastel for the added vibrancy.

#31. Platinum Butterfly Cut with Undercut

Platinum Butterfly Cut with Undercut

Butterfly cuts can be insanely edgy and chic. Just look at this remarkable hairstyle. Reserved for the daring ladies of the world, this ultra-short faux hawk pixie is riddled with butterfly layers for an interesting look you won’t find elsewhere.

#32. Curly Brunette Butterfly Cut

Curly Brunette Butterfly Cut

Don’t think that butterfly cuts are reserved for straight-haired girls! Although it’s more “typical,” as you can see, a butterfly cut can do wonders for naturally curly queens, too. All of the added layers will ensure a glorious bounciness you never thought possible.

#33. Rosy Pink Butterfly Layers

Rosy Pink Butterfly Layers

Enhance the evident femininity of a butterfly haircut by choosing a rosy pink shade. Not only is a rosy pink hue exceptionally coy and dainty, but it’s quite playful, too. It’s one of the most exotic shades that pairs well with this particular cut wonderfully.

#34. Feathered Butterfly Cut

Feathered Butterfly Cut

If you’re looking for jaw-dropping volume, this is the look for you. This short butterfly haircut is designed for some serious height. To recreate this adventurous hairstyle, you’ll need a good comb, holding gel, and lots of hairspray!

#35. Long Butterfly Cut with Curls

Long Butterfly Cut with Curls

Letting your long, beautiful curls flow gracefully beyond your shoulders creates a dreamy aesthetic some women can only dream of. Yet, you can further emphasize your curls by opting for a butterfly cut. 

#36. Subtle Lavender Butterfly Layers

Subtle Lavender Butterfly Layers

It’s time to bring the fantasy of a majestic butterfly to life through your tresses – and it’s done by choosing the right color, such as this glorious lavender hue. You can throw in a touch of highlights to add some dimension, but let the lavender be the star of the show.

#37. Retro Waves and Butterfly Layers

Retro Waves and Butterfly Layers

Butterfly layers just look so good with retro waves. The layers set the perfect stage for irresistible waves like these, and you’ll enjoy dabbling in a vintage look that will never go out of style. This look is great for blonde bombshells!

#38. Ombre Butterfly Cut

Ombre Butterfly Cut

One look at this hairstyle, and all we can say is “Wow.” Yes, the impeccable amount of layers and stunning wavy texture are something to write home about, but the real MVP of this hairstyle is the color trio. 

#39. Textured Butterfly Bob with Fringe

Textured Butterfly Bob with Fringe

So cute, so simple! For the women who can’t get enough of charming bobs, reinvent your bob haircut by choosing butterfly layers and a cutesy fringe. Keep things subtle by keeping your natural brunette hair as-is.

#40. Midnight Blue Butterfly Layers

Midnight Blue Butterfly Layers

Butterflies aren’t always perky and brilliantly colored. Sometimes, they have a more majestic and otherworldly shade. Go ahead and embrace the uniqueness of these mysterious butterflies by coloring your tresses with an attractive midnight blue hue.

#41. Straight-Edge Butterfly Cut

Straight Edge Butterfly Cut

Ladies who enjoy simple hairstyles that are easy to maintain can certainly sport a butterfly cut! For this look, the length is kept very long to show off the naturally straight texture. Yet, it gets a slight boost in the depth department with a few butterfly layers. So simple, yet so stunning.

#42. Chocolate Brown Butterfly Layers with Copper Highlights

Chocolate Brown Butterfly Layers with Copper Highlights

Add a flurry of copper highlights throughout your chocolate brown hair to create a multidimensional color exquisitely enhanced with a series of look-at-me butterfly layers. Become the sex symbol of the night by adding tons of volume by teasing the crown.

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