Embrace The Ombre Craze With These 47 Insanely Beautiful Hair Color Ideas

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Written by Rachel Miller

Updated: April 12, 2024

The ombre hair coloring technique has been around for quite some time. Picture it: it’s the year 2000, and you just saw singer Aaliyah showcasing a brand-new coloring method with dark roots and lighter tips. Surely, you were mesmerized along with the rest of us.

Well, since that humble day in 2000, the ombre hair coloring technique has continued to soar in popularity. There is just something about that gorgeous gradient effect from dark to light that is so stunning. Not only that, but most ombre hair colors have a grown-out appearance, ensuring it’s a low-maintenance color – which is hard to achieve!

If you’re thinking about switching up your look and going with an ombre masterpiece, this article will help. We have compiled a list of the top 47 trending ombre hair color ideas for this year. Whether you want to be a blue, pink, or purple queen or keep things more natural, you’ll find your next hairstyle on this list.

magnific TdLmfTTStwej75Zc1RBL Classic Blonde to Platinum Ombre

You don’t always have to do some crazy, groundbreaking color combo to be the talk of the town. Sometimes, it’s best to stick to the classics – as this lovely hair color displays. Stick with the classic blonde-to-platinum ombre for a bright and classy blonde shade that just won’t quit.

#2. Midnight Blue to Turquoise Fade

magnific ebN9A6OGp561NncBISKh Midnight Blue to Turquoise Fade Ombre

On the other hand, if you’re looking to step into hair colors that are entirely outside of the box, this is the ombre look for you! Midnight blue transitions to a gorgeous turquoise shade, a blend suitable for the land’s mermaids.

#3. Mocha to Honey Gold Transition

magnific e8Wribf7caUhpCV2pHcw Mocha to Honey Gold Transition Ombre

Mocha hair is beautiful but can be a bit boring over time. Add a pop of brightness and dimension with subtle honey-gold ombre highlights. Although subtle, they make a significant impact in the depth department.

#4. Subtle Lavender to Pastel Pink Ombre

magnific WOGUQWDjX7M73mvSXAyW Subtle Lavender to Pastel Pink Ombre

Anyone looking for the *epitome* of delicateness with their strands shouldn’t pass this lovely hair color up! This ombre features blonde roots cascading down to lavender and pastel pink blends, ensuring a whimsical shade that’s utterly feminine and sweet.

#5. Fiery Red to Soft Coral Gradient

magnific oilB5i4xaVdH2LaGwOOU Fiery Red to Soft Coral Gradient Ombre

When people think of ombre, they typically go to brunette or blonde – but why not red? For my fiery girls out there who want a look that’s just as feisty as they are, ask for vibrant red roots with a subtly softer red coral on the bottom.

#6. Smoky Charcoal to Silver Ombre

magnific lbe0f0lN9qOe73swdS7l Smoky Charcoal to Silver Ombre

Your ombre hair color can be as natural or unnatural as you’d like. There are really no rules, which is why ombre is such a fun technique to dive into! For this color, she opts for smoky charcoal roots blended into silvery ends, a captivating and trendy finish you’ll love.

#7. Black Cherry to Vibrant Violet Melt

magnific LIAkD6h67fNQpEi4LT2w Black Cherry to Vibrant Violet Melt Ombre

Consider this ombre color if you’re not afraid to be the center of attention. It all starts with black cherry roots, leading to a vibrant violet shade that adds some immediate pizazz to a darker base. 

#8. Cocoa Brown to Sand Blonde Ombre

magnific p85TjMVYMdDCfP2611S3 Cocoa Brown to Sand Blonde Ombre

Do your cocoa brown tresses need a style update for summer? This is the look for you! Cocoa brown is already a majestic color, but with sandy blonde ends, you create a beach-ready look that’s shimmery and bright. Don’t forget the lovely beach waves!

#9. Deep Teal to Mint Green Ombre

magnific lCLVDpS8w1LKNDA7cvh8 Deep Teal to Mint Green Ombre

Adventurous gals who want to showcase their personality through their tresses should consider this magical ombre hair color. From deep teal to mint green, this hair color showcases a playful vibe with a blend of green shades.

#10. Warm Chestnut to Amber Ombre

magnific qVRgCkWaEuYIJumaLzqe Warm Chestnut to Amber Ombre

If you’re looking for an all-natural and sun-kissed aesthetic, ombre can be the perfect way to go. The transition from dark to light ensures a sunlit vibe that can’t be ignored, as perfectly showcased in this warm chestnut-to-amber blend.

#11. Espresso to Milk Chocolate Melt

magnific 2gwbUX7gfA12nMtCh7fG Espresso Hair Color to Milk Chocolate Melt Ombre

Creamy, smooth, and sophisticated, this ombre hair color is reserved for the ladies who crave elegance and dimension all at once. Start your style with a gorgeous espresso shade, then add brightness with milk chocolate-painted highlights.

#12. Black to Neon Green Ombre

magnific uYbROoJRECGQHjPYeVnL Black Hair Color to Neon Green Ombre

Has your hair become a snoozefest? Are you ready to take on a jaw-dropping color instead? Ladies, I have the perfect answer to your craving for all things dramatic and wowing – black to neon green ombre. You can’t deny this color is bursting with electricity!

#13. Dark Berry to Rose Quartz Fade

magnific yIyganTpwhZYsTE26LsV Dark Berry Hair Color to Rose Quartz Fade Ombre

Obsessed with pink? Don’t mind walking around looking like a fairy or a princess? Well, then dark berry to rose quartz ombre is precisely what you need in your life, babe! The blend of different pinks makes for a magical finish that looks *even* better when dressed with waves.

#14. Golden Blonde to Icy White Ombre

magnific wwBy8uceXK6FMHF19CgE Golden Blonde Hair Color to Icy White Ombre

Golden blonde to icy white ombre allows you to create the quintessential “girl next door” aesthetic. You know the one – she’s innocent and cute, yet sophisticated and fun. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy this ‘do? Just don’t forget to add some playful waves!

#15. Sunset Ombre: Magenta to Orange

magnific Hoeu4O3RWHmyEVI7Htqu Sunset Ombre Magenta to Orange Hair Color

You simply can’t go wrong by turning your tresses into a walking billboard of sunset colors. After all, who doesn’t love the majestic beauty of interlinking magenta and orange hues? This look is one you’ll definitely have to post all over social media.

#16. Natural Brunette to Ash Blonde Ombre

magnific dYsNYCcwCMHtlpHm8TSW Natural Brunette Hair Color to Ash Blonde Ombre

Going blonde can be somewhat scary, especially if you’ve never had bright locks before. That’s where this ombre comes into play. With this look, you can dip your ends into an ash-blonde shade that isn’t too overwhelming yet adds a gorgeous, sleek lightness to your brunette base.

#17. Electric Blue to Sky Blue Transition

magnific M5w0XT2V4N69i6ExCmi9 Electric Blue Hair Color to Sky Blue Transition Ombre

Feelin’ blue? Go from feeling blue to feeling the blue instead. This exciting electric blue to sky blue ombre proves you can be an irresistible babe – even with unique color options. The blend of blues is nothing short of ethereal and fun.

#18. Jet Black to Royal Purple Ombre

magnific HwVKpgDenixuSxHz5Q7f Jet Black Hair Color to Royal Purple Ombre

So, you consider yourself a regal and royal woman, eh? Then, you wouldn’t want to step outside your home without sporting this incredible ombre shade! We love the jet-black roots going down to a royal purple shade. The combo is dramatic yet riddled with elegant vibes.

#19. Cinnamon-Spiced to Golden Blonde Melt

magnific OUi6xnhyeW6722xZPJ2l Cinnamon Spiced Hair Color to Golden Blonde Melt Ombre

If you’re looking for the perfect hair color to transition from summer to fall but don’t want to say bye-bye to your blonde just yet, you might consider this hair color. Cinnamon-spiced to golden blonde ensures you have enough warmth to see you throughout the fall season.

#20. Emerald Green to Lime Green Ombre

magnific OMHaK45abzp2aNyQzUZ5 Emerald Green Hair Color to Lime Green Ombre

Emerald green to lime green is the go-to for those wishing for a bold and eye-catching hair color. This electrifying hair color is certainly not for the faint of heart, but those who indulge in it will surely enjoy every second.

#21. Lush Burgundy to Scarlet Ombre

magnific XhTVb5mZ2E9Tp7GvjgmW Lush Burgundy Hair Color to Scarlet Ombre

If you’re not concerned about making your hair look “natural” but don’t want to look like you’re wearing a costume wig, you’ll like this lush burgundy to scarlet ombre. This adorable look is notably “unnatural” yet still has a lovely, soft vibe.

#22. Coral Pink to Soft Peach Fade

magnific Hr7W7Yldm6GNYbMJFylJ Coral Pink Hair Color to Soft Peach Fade Ombre

Coral pink to soft peach is one of the more unique ombre options out there, but we certainly aren’t complaining about it. These jovial and feminine colors tend to look best on shorter haircuts with lots of texturizing, enhancing the overall playful vibe of the colors.

#23. Chestnut to Copper Transition

magnific etOyVmsJfCbMsCNmc2JR Chestnut Hair Color to Copper Transition Ombre

Are you finally ready to take the plunge and become a redheaded diva but unsure which color is right for you? If you can’t decide on a shade but know that you want a natural-looking red color with plenty of depth, consider the chestnut to copper ombre.

#24. Navy Blue to Icy Silver Ombre

magnific Eheq13BWwPhRb3ftKGgW Navy Blue Hair Color to Icy Silver Ombre

Medium to long-haired babes who want to embrace their mystical side will love this ombre hairstyle. It starts with a gorgeous navy blue shade with icy silver ends, ensuring a head-turning color combo you’ll love wearing during the winter.

#25. Tropical Ombre: Cyan to Yellow

magnific iMTXt2HZngNbl61lDNxC Tropical Ombre Cyan to Yellow Hair Color

Turning your tresses into a tropical paradise doesn’t have to be complicated! All you need to do is opt for a cyan-to-yellow ombre color. The result? A bedazzling ‘do that’s reminiscent of the beauty of the tropics. Just don’t forget your color-safe hair products to keep the colors vibrant.

#26. Gothic Black to Blood Red Melt

magnific Y58B2ukz97HpjNv0wuNu Gothic Black Hair Color to Blood Red Melt Ombre

Goth chicks that need a devilish hair color update should choose this ombre color. You’ll start your style with a jet-black base, embracing your dark-hearted personality. With the inclusion of blood-red melts, you give your locks some eerie color.

#27. Greyscale Ombre: Black to Grey

magnific 1BI4UG69RzdbLu4vAI5k Greyscale Ombre Black to Grey Hair Color

Whether you have natural gray hair or want to try a trending shade, this look’s for you! Black to gray is a fashion-forward option and a mature and classy aesthetic suitable for many age groups.

#28. Espresso to Caramel Macchiato Ombre

magnific DWVzFKGsHCyPNC3ds8gf Espresso Hair Color to Caramel Macchiato Ombre

Espresso and caramel macchiatos are two very popular drinks – but did you know you can infuse your love for coffee into your tresses? Deep, rich espresso tresses look flawless when combined with the subtly bright and creamy caramel macchiato highlights.

#29. Lilac to Baby Blue Transition

magnific ohe1Qw1iJz2x8ramDrz5 Lilac Hair Color to Baby Blue Transition Ombre

Purple hair has become a style craze in recent years, but if you want to make your purple locks stand out from the crowd, there’s one great way to do it: by going with a lilac to baby blue ombre. This transition is unique yet undeniably soft and sweet.

#30. Nutmeg to Honey Blonde Ombre

magnific 7Lr21BWO70ibgdykmB96 Nutmeg Hair Color to Honey Blonde Ombre 1

Going ombre doesn’t mean you have to do anything bold. Sometimes, it’s as simple as adding a few cozy notes to your natural locks, instantly giving your look a refresher. This color is the perfect example. Nutmeg to honey-blonde is subtle yet beautiful – and it’s low maintenance.

#31. Ocean Waves: Teal to Aqua Ombre

magnific ignjq0ZbBaX7RxqC1WwI Ocean Waves Teal Hair Color to Aqua Ombre

If you want to capture the essence of the ocean and embrace your inner mermaid, teal to aqua ombre is the ultimate choice. Mimicking the beauty of the sea, this is a daring hair color perfect for beachside adventures during the summer season.

#32. Charcoal to Platinum Silver Ombre

magnific bqaFJYov9KU2UEEkvBRl Charcoal Hair Color to Platinum Silver Ombre

Contemporary contrast the goal? You can achieve it with this dynamic duo. Start your look with charcoal strands that aren’t too light or dark. Then, add platinum silver all over your ends. Enjoy a hair color that’s bursting with modern and chic vibes.

#33. Rosewood to Soft Lavender Fade

magnific 6Vm1muzY0HXbZbKucVy3 Rosewood Hair Color to Soft Lavender Fade Ombre

There is absolutely nothing wrong with blending cool and warm tones – in fact, it’s encouraged. Just look at this ombre! This cool and warm duo is utterly sensational, featuring rosewood to soft lavender fade. The ideal icy look for the winter season!

#34. Sunkissed Blonde to Peachy Coral Melt

magnific L517OHrFgTIvIQ5qEgDt Sunkissed Blonde Hair Color to Peachy Coral Melt Ombre

Do your sunkissed blonde locks need a little “oomph?” Ready to try out some color? If you want a perky shade that isn’t too intense, a peachy coral hue is the ideal way to go. Add peachy coral ends to your sunkissed blonde base for a summery masterpiece.

#35. Jet Black to Electric Violet Ombre

magnific pLDRJnsivcFDahy0ig11 Jet Black Hair Color to Electric Violet Ombre

Jet-black strands have a majestic and mysterious err about them. But if you’re ready to add electricity to those gorgeous tresses, an electric violet ombre is the ultimate pick. Electric violet hues play beautifully against fierce black, ensuring a compelling aesthetic.

#36. Deep Forest Green to Mint Ombre

magnific aWyqdkkZ75toukhbdxPT Deep Forest Green Hair Color to Mint Ombre

Embracing the beauty of nature is a cinch when you go with the right blends of greens. As this hair color suggests, start with a deep forest green at the roots and blend down to a lighter, minty shade. 

#37. Caramel Brown to Warm Honey Ombre

magnific 4fsudzILxlGU8GaIhV5l Caramel Brown Hair Color to Warm Honey Ombre

“Barely-there” ombre delights are always on the trend list. The subtle inclusion of highlights takes hair to the next level but in a natural-looking and effortless way. To achieve this fashionable yet elegant appearance, go with caramel brown to warm honey ombre.

#38. Midnight Blue to Cobalt Ombre

magnific zijcNiHnlYIMRSkx63En Midnight Blue Hair Color to Cobalt Ombre

There’s never a dull moment when you go for a blue-on-blue dream come true! This illuminating hairstyle will be able to be seen for miles. Begin with midnight blue and toss in some cobalt on the ends. The multi-dimensional blend of blues is guaranteed to mesmerize.

#39. Walnut Brown to Sandy Blonde Fade

magnific 42HYXFIBJ4s1zrDbfb3w Walnut Brown hair Color to Sandy Blonde Fade Ombre

If you have two goals in life – an elegant hair color that’s also low-maintenance – then let me introduce you to this flawless combination. Walnut brown roots are enhanced with a sandy blonde fade, ensuring a versatile and stunning style that’s timeless.

#40. Gothic Black to Silver Melt

magnific RuGsiUEgPeO4qcGRSRlL Gothic Black Hair Color to Silver Melt Ombre

Plenty of colors just go together. Black and silver are no exception. If you want to stay true to your gothic roots and indulge in a hair color that’s muted yet modern and eerie, go with a silver melt accompanying your black base.

#41. Fiery Red to Coral Pink Transition

magnific CRRRIPtiHjq9tUkztV80 Fiery Red Hair Color to Coral Pink Transition Ombre

Some hair colors are destined for the spotlight, and this hair color is undoubtedly one of them! With this ‘do, you get to enjoy the fiery side of red hair paired with the warm and cheerful pop of coral pink. Needless to say, it’s a win-win situation – especially with bouncy curls!

#42. Rustic Brown to Soft Gold Ombre

magnific gvaoC83vBiV1Mm4Wh0yU Rustic Brown Hair Color to Soft Gold Ombre

If your longer locks are getting a bit boring, it’s time to shake things up. But how? Here’s an easy way to revitalize your look: adding soft gold ombre to rustic brown roots. The harmonious blend is effortlessly chic with an organic aesthetic.

#43. Chocolate Brown to Mauve Ombre

magnific uoSDmo79MRx96ZpIj4yb Chocolate Brown Hair Color to Mauve Ombre

Some hair colors – like pink – tend to look fake. But with this unique ombre, mauve ends *almost* look like they could be 100% real. Enjoy a warm and charming duo that tends to look especially well on lobs.

#44. Smoky Quartz to Opal White Ombre

magnific ZbUBLjAKG4l4mGKIvm5x Smoky Quartz Hair Color to Opal White Ombre

Black and white are widely known for being a posh and contemporary duo. It’s no wonder why this ombre combo is always popular! Featuring smoky quartz and opal white, it’s the black-and-white work of art you’ve been looking for.

#45. Indigo to Sky Blue Fade

magnific CAWtfFwwMAw66NDYc4y0 Indigo Hair Color to Sky Blue Fade Ombre

There are lots of blue ombres on this list, but this one is, by far, the most delicate. Indigo and sky blue look glamorous together, and this light and intoxicating duo is sure to be a winner come spring and summer seasons.

#46. Mahogany to Auburn Transition

magnific B3vL3AVAhc6cA3pLnB84 Mahogany Hair Color to Auburn Transition Ombre

If you want to add rich and warm red undertones to your mahogany base, simply ask your hairstylist for an auburn ombre. The added touch of red undertones gives mahogany locks an exciting makeover that’s ideal for autumn.

#47. Deep Plum to Pastel Pink Ombre

magnific UmMOpDHv39JzIzKXpfTV Deep Plum Hair Color to Pastel Pink Ombre

Purple and pink hair might not be known for being sophisticated, but this hair color shows that you can achieve a high level of classiness! Deep plum to pastel pink gives off feminine and elegant vibes, perfect for the workplace or girl’s night adventures.

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