89 Trending Hair Color Ideas for This Year

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Written by Rachel Miller

Updated: February 12, 2024

Check out our photo gallery for the latest, trendiest hair color ideas. We’ve gathered the 89 styles that are currently making waves. Whether you’re into browns or vibrant reds, we’ve got something for everyone looking for fresh hair color inspiration.


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Woman with Rose Gold Highlights On Blonde Hair

Rose gold highlights on blondes create a radiant look that truly stands out. The blonde base provides a canvas for the rose gold to shine. To maintain its luminosity, make sure to use a hydrating shampoo that’s safe for your hair. This style suits medium skin tones beautifully.

#2. Chocolate Brown with Caramel Lowlights

Woman with Chocolate Brown with Caramel Lowlights Hair

If you prefer a classic blend, try chocolate brown with caramel lowlights. It adds dimension and warmth to your hair, creating a captivating contrast. This combination is recommended for those with medium skin tones. Keep your color looking vibrant by using a sulfate shampoo.

#3. Sky Blue with Silver Tips

Woman with Sky Blue with Silver Tips Hair

For an attention-grabbing style, consider sky blue with silver tips. It’s a show-stopping look guaranteed to turn heads wherever you go! The icy silver tips add a twist to the sky-blue base. This color combination complements skin tones but requires some extra care and maintenance to keep it looking its best.

#4. Lavender Ombre

Woman with Lavender Ombre Hair

The ombre style is a gentle and feminine look that transitions from darker roots to lighter lavender ends. To keep the tones vibrant, it is recommended to use a shampoo with violet undertones. This color choice suits all skin tones and offers versatility.

#5. Dark Roots with Platinum Ends

Woman with Dark Roots with Platinum Ends Hair

For a contrasting look, dark roots with platinum ends create an edgy effect while reducing the need for frequent root touch-ups. Maintaining the platinum shade can be achieved by using a silver-toned shampoo. This style is particularly suitable for individuals with undertones.

#6. Deep Teal Balayage

Woman with Deep Teal Balayage Hair

Deep teal balayage provides an aquatic vibe by blending shades of blue and green. It works best on medium-length hair, requiring a specialized color care routine for long-lasting results. This style complements any skin tone.

#7. Ash Blonde with Baby Pink Streaks

Woman with Ash Blonde with Baby Pink Streaks Hair

The combination of an ash base and subtle baby pink streaks creates a delicate yet edgy hairstyle. To preserve these hues, it’s important to use a conditioner specifically designed for color protection. This style flatters a wide range of skin tones.

#8. Icy Mint Tips

Woman with Icy Mint Tips Hair

By adding mint tips to blonde or light brown hair, you can achieve a fresh and youthful appearance. Maintaining color vibrancy can be achieved through the use of nourishing conditioners that are safe for colored hair.

#9. Smokey Quartz Hair

Woman with Smokey Quartz Hair

This hair color combines grays and browns to create a multi-dimensional look. It’s best to use a shampoo that protects and preserves the color for mixed hues. People with neutral skin tones will find this shade particularly flattering.

#10. Crimson Waves with Gold Accents

Woman with Crimson Waves with Gold Accents Hair

If you want an attention-grabbing look, go for crimson waves with gold accents. To keep the color vibrant, use a conditioner specifically designed for hair. This bold choice complements warm or dark skin tones.

#11. Mermaid Green and Blue Mix

Capture the beauty of seafoam and ocean waves with this mermaid-inspired green and blue mix. It works best for light to medium skin tones but requires regular maintenance using color-safe shampoo and conditioner.

#12. Purple and Silver’s Melting Color

Woman with Purple and Silvers Melting Color Hair

For a cosmic look, consider purple and silver, as they blend into a melting effect. This combination suits light skin tones. Make sure your hair care routine includes purple shampoo to maintain both shades.

#13. Pastel Unicorn Stripes

Woman with Pastel Unicorn Stripes Hair

If you’re feeling whimsical, try unicorn stripes featuring alternating soft colors like pink, blue, and lavender. Use a sulfate-free shampoo to maintain this fairy-tale look, which suits light to medium skin tones.

#14. Subtle Olive Green Underlayer

Woman with Olive Green Underlayer Hair

The olive green underlayer adds a touch of uniqueness to your overall style. It remains hidden beneath the surface of dark-colored hair, making it an ideal choice for those with warm or neutral skin tones. Moreover, it requires maintenance.

#15. Warm Golden Blonde with Delicate Rose Highlights

Woman with Golden Blonde with Rose Highlights Hair

A combination of golden tones and soft rose highlights creates a feminine and elegant hairstyle. To retain these shades, make sure to use a shampoo and conditioner specifically designed to protect the color. This captivating look is most suitable for individuals with light to medium skin tones.

#16. Creamy Beige Blonde with Icy Platinum Tips

Woman with Beige Blonde with Platinum Tips Hair

A sophisticated transformation awaits you with the creamy beige blonde transitioning into icy platinum tips. This exquisite style perfectly complements skin tones and necessitates the use of a high-quality toning shampoo for proper upkeep.

#17. Balayage Inspired by Tiger Eye Gemstone

Woman with Tiger Eye Balayage hair

Imitating the captivating hues of tiger eye gemstones, this balayage combines caramel and chocolate shades. It is particularly flattering on individuals with skin tones and calls for a specialized color care routine tailored specifically for balayage-treated hair.

#18. Vibrant Swirls Resembling Coral Reef

Woman with Coral Reef Swirl hair

Experience vibes, with vibrant swirls in shades of pink orange, and coral that mimic the beauty of a coral reef. Maintain the color palette of your hair with products designed to protect your chosen shades. This adventurous and versatile style complements a range of skin tones.

#19. Highlights in a Butter Blonde Shade

Woman with Butter Blonde Highlights hair

Incorporating butter highlights adds depth and richness to light brown or blonde hair. To preserve this creamy hue, opt for a sulfate shampoo specifically formulated for blondes. This shade works best for individuals with fair or neutral skin tones.

#20. Black Hair with an Electric Blue Accent Piece

Woman with Black with Electric Blue Money Piece hair

The combination of hair with an electric blue accent piece creates a striking contrast that exudes confidence and makes a bold statement. Electric blue brings vibrancy to the look, particularly suited for individuals with cool skin tones. While it may require some maintenance, the final result is worth the effort.

#21. Forever Strawberry Fields 

Woman with Strawberry Fields Forever hair

“Forever Strawberry Fields” refers to a blend of reds and pinks reminiscent of fields filled with ripe strawberries. This captivating look is perfect for those who have light skin tones, but it does demand consistent care using sulfate-free products like color-protecting shampoos and conditioners to maintain radiant colors.

#22. Dark Brunette with Ash Balayage

Woman with Dark brunette with Ash Balayage Hair

Enhance your brunette locks by incorporating ash balayage techniques that create a sleek and subtle appearance by adding ash-toned highlights for depth and contrast. This style suits those with warm undertones, requiring specialized color-protecting shampoos designed specifically for balayage to keep the shades vibrant.

#23. Fire Engine Red with Black Underlayer

Woman with Fire Engine Red with Black Underlayer Hair

The fire engine shade with a dark black underlayer offers a bold and captivating look. The vibrant red hue is beautifully contrasted by the dark underlayer. This style is particularly flattering for individuals with light to cool undertones. To ensure the longevity of both colors, it’s essential to use color-protecting products.

#24. Galaxy Hair

Galaxy hair captures the enchanting colors of space through a celestial combination of blues, purples, and blacks. It’s a choice for those seeking an adventurous and unique look that complements all skin tones. To maintain the vibrancy of these shades, make sure to use shampoo and conditioner specifically designed for colored hair.

#25. Platinum Pixie with Pink Hues

The platinum pixie hairstyle enhanced with streaks of pink is a choice for trendsetting individuals with short hair. The platinum base creates a foundation, while touches of pink add flair and personality. This style works best on skin tones and requires regular toning treatments to preserve the beautiful platinum hue.

#26. Lemonade Blonde

Woman with Lemonade Blonde Hair

Lemonade blonde is a combination of light yellow and blonde tones that perfectly captures the essence of summer vibes. For color retention, it is recommended to opt for hair care products that are sulfate-free and formulated for color-treated hair. This stunning shade stands out beautifully on medium skin tones.

#27. Smoky Violet Layers

Woman with Smoky Violet Layers Hair

Smoky violet layers create an atmospheric charm by combining dark tones with subtle hints of violet. This particular combination is perfect for people with cooler skin tones. It’s important to use a purple-tinted shampoo to preserve the color for as long as possible.

#28. Honey Dip Ombre

Woman with Honey Dip Ombre hair

The honey dip ombre style transitions gracefully from a root shade to lovely honey-colored tips resulting in a warm and inviting look. It suits all skin tones. It requires regular touch-ups and proper care to maintain the ombre effect.

#29. Pumpkin Spice Latte

Woman with Pumpkin Spice Latte hair

The pumpkin spice latte style blends shades of brown with vibrant orange tones, capturing the essence of autumn beautifully. It complements warm undertones, so using a conditioner that protects the color will help preserve its rich hues.

#30. Cherry Blossom Pastel

Woman with Cherry Blossom Pastel Hair

Cherry blossom pastel showcases the beauty of cherry blossoms through soft pinks and whites. This look is particularly flattering on those with light skin tones but demands regular maintenance to prevent colors from fading.

#31. Mystic Indigo

Woman with Mystic Indigo Hair

Mystic indigo is a blend of deep blues and indigo ideal, for individuals who want to express their artistic side through their hair color choice. It works best for warm skin tones, so using a sulfate-free shampoo is recommended to maintain the depth of color.

#32. Sand Dune Blonde

Woman with Sand Dune Blonde hair

Sand dune blonde is a natural-looking shade of blonde with subtle hints of darker undertones, resembling the gentle curves of windswept sand dunes. It’s particularly suited for individuals with blonde hair, and maintaining this color involves regular toning and hydrating treatments to keep it looking its best.

#33. Peacock Feather Highlights

Woman with Peacock Feather Highlights hair

Peacock feather highlights are a combination of blues and greens that mimic the iridescent quality found in real peacock feathers. This look works well on darker hair tones and complements cool skin tones perfectly. To ensure the longevity of these highlights, it’s important to use hair products specifically designed to protect the color.

#34. Midnight Blue Bob

Woman with Midnight Blue Bob Hair

The midnight blue bob is a hairstyle that features a dark blue shade on a classic bob cut. It’s a choice for individuals with darker skin tones, as it beautifully complements their complexion. To maintain the blue hue it’s important to follow a color-protecting regimen that includes using appropriate products.

#35. Salt and Pepper Glam

Woman with Salt and Pepper Glam Hair

Salt and pepper glam offers a blend of natural grays with black, creating a mature yet trendy look. This color mix suits all skin tones effortlessly. It requires minimal upkeep, making it both stylish and practical.

#36. Golden Caramel Swirl

Woman with Golden Caramel Swirl Hair

The golden caramel swirl is a blend of gold and caramel tones that adds warmth to warm and neutral skin tones in an enchanting way. To preserve its routine, touch-ups are necessary, along with using hair products specially formulated for color-treated hair.

#37. Aqua Marine Dream

Woman with Aqua Marine Dream hair

The aqua marine dream features a combination of vibrant and captivating aqua and marine blues. This color scheme, reminiscent of the ocean, looks best on individuals with lighter skin tones. To preserve its brilliance, it requires a regimen focused on color protection.

#38. Tangerine Tango

Woman with Tangerine Tango Hair

Tangerine tango embodies the fusion of red and orange shades that capture the essence of a tropical sunset. It is a choice for those with warm undertones and maintaining these vibrant hues necessitates the use of sulfate-free shampoo.

#39. Coconut White

Woman with Coconut White Hair

Coconut white offers a bleach-white appearance that stands out regardless of hair length. This high-maintenance color demands toning and conditioning treatments but rewards you with a striking look if you have cooler undertones.

#40. Tropical Sunset Balayage

Woman with Tropical Sunset Balayage Hair

Tropical sunset balayage blends pinks, oranges, and purples to recreate the mesmerizing effect of a sunset on your hair. This style complements medium to light hair shades and requires a dedicated hair care routine involving color-safe shampoo and conditioner.

#41. Lavender Mist

Woman with Lavender Mist Hair

Lavender mist presents a pastel purple shade that adds a whimsical touch, to any hairstyle. Perfect for spring and early summer, this color pairs beautifully with cooler undertones. The light hue can be preserved by incorporating shampoo into your hair care routine.

#42. Ruby Wine Waves

Woman with Ruby Wine Waves Hair

The waves of ruby wine bring a rich red color to wavy hair, giving it a luxurious look. This shade complements darker skin tones. Should be maintained using products specifically designed for colored hair to achieve the best results.

#43. Sable and Platinum Stripes

Woman with Sable and Platinum Stripes Hair

Stripes of sable and platinum create a contrast between dark and light tones, making it perfect for those who like an edgy style. To keep this look, regular root touch-ups and a hydrating hair care routine are essential.

#44. Deep Ocean Blue

Woman with Deep Ocean Blue Hair

Deep ocean blue offers a captivating shade of the depths of the sea. It works beautifully as a base color for dark hair, and using sulfate-free, color-safe products will help maintain its vibrancy.

#45. Frosted Silver Locks

Woman with Frosted Silver Locks Hair

Frosted silver locks give your hairstyle a touch that is perfect for the winter season. This shade suits cooler skin undertones. Can be maintained with the use of shampoos that enhance silver tones.

#46. Golden Apricot Curls

Woman with Golden Apricot Curls hair

Golden apricot curls provide a refreshing and fruity appeal with undertones. This color is particularly flattering on hair and pairs well with warm or neutral skin tones.

#47. Olive Green Envy

Woman with Olive Green Envy Hair

Olive green envy is a muted shade that adds a unique touch to your hair. These colors are most suitable for people with neutral olive skin tones and should be paired with hair care products that are safe for colored hair and free of sulfates.

#48. Warm Milk Chocolate Brown

Woman with Milk Chocolate Brunette hair

Warm milk chocolate brown is a comforting color with undertones that give it a cozy feel. It suits everyone. Can be preserved by using conditioners that protect the color.

#49. Mysterious Midnight Black

Woman with Cosmic Black Hair

Mysterious midnight black is a black shade with subtle hints of blue. It looks great on all skin tones. Has a universal appeal, requiring minimal upkeep.

#50. Vibrant Fiery Phoenix

A vibrant fiery phoenix combines shades of orange and yellow to mimic the vibrant feathers of a phoenix bird. This fiery look complements warm undertones and requires a strict routine using products specifically designed for colored hair.

#51. Playful Rosé All Day

Woman with Rose All Day Hair

Playful rosé all day is a blend of pink and blonde, perfect for spring and summer outings. It looks best on all skin tones, but maintaining its rosy hue requires regular toning.

#52. Delicious Cinnamon Swirl

Woman with Cinnamon Swirl Hair

The delicious cinnamon swirl is a mix of browns and reds that adds warmth and depth to your hair. This spicy color palette works well with warm undertones, and using a shampoo that protects the color will help maintain its beauty.

#53. Cool Ash Bronde

Woman with Cool Ash Bronde Hair

Introducing the ash bronde, a contemporary take on blending brunette and blonde with ash tones. It’s perfect for those with cooler undertones, and the best part is that it requires minimal touch-ups making it low maintenance.

#54. Captivating Midnight Amethyst

Woman with Midnight Amethyst Hair

A unique blend of deep purples and blacks adds an exotic touch to any hairstyle. This shade works well for those with darker skin tones, and to keep the color looking vibrant, it is recommended to use a sulfate-free shampoo.

#55. Autumn Maple Shade

Woman with Autumn Maple Hair

Perfectly captures the essence of fall with its red-brown hues. Ideal for individuals with warm undertones, this seasonal favorite requires regular maintenance using sulfate-free shampoo specifically designed to protect and preserve color.

#56. Periwinkle Princess

Woman with Periwinkle Princess hair

For an enchanting look, embrace the periwinkle princess style, featuring lovely light blue and lavender tones. This fairy-like appearance complements fair skin beautifully but demands dedication in terms of using a color-safe shampoo regimen to maintain its soft hues.

#57. Espresso Elegance

Woman with Espresso Elegance Hair

If you’re aiming for sophistication and class in your hair color choice, look no further than espresso elegance. This deep, rich brown shade effortlessly elevates any hairstyle. To keep this flattering hue vibrant and luscious, investing in a good-quality color-protecting conditioner is essential.

#58. Tantalizing Teal Temptation Shade

Woman with Teal Temptation Hair

A teal temptation is a tantalizing blend of green tones that will surely make heads turn. Whether you have cool undertones or not, maintaining this eye-catching color requires proper care using sulfate-free products designed to preserve its vividness.

#59. Mocha Latte Blend

Woman with Mocha Latte Blend Hair

Mocha latte blend is a mix of brown and soft black tones, perfect for those who prefer a low-maintenance and natural appearance. This versatile color complements skin tones but requires regular touch-ups to keep its creamy hues looking fresh.

#60. Pink Lemonade Ombre

Woman with Pink Lemonade Ombre Hair

Pink lemonade ombre is a summery style that features pink and yellow shades. This cheerful look needs frequent toning sessions to preserve its color and is especially suitable for lighter skin tones.

#61. Slate Grey Chic

Woman with Slate Grey Chic Hair

Slate grey chic adds a twist to grey hair by introducing a subtle slate hue. This sophisticated color suits all skin tones. Can be maintained with the help of color-protecting shampoo.

#62. Copper Coils

Woman with Copper Coils hair

Copper coils bring warmth and dimension to hair through their combination of copper and red tones. This style works well for individuals with warm skin tones, requiring the use of a sulfate-free color-protecting conditioner.

#63. Butterscotch Bliss

Woman with Butterscotch Bliss Hair

Butterscotch bliss is a combination of light brown and blonde shades that add a touch of warmth to any hairstyle. It complements fair to medium skin tones and needs regular toning to keep its lovely hue intact.

#64. Midnight Raven

Woman with Midnight Raven Hair

Midnight raven is a black shade with subtle hints of deep blue or purple. This dramatic color suits all skin tones. It requires minimal maintenance except for using a shampoo that is safe for colored hair.

#65. Iced Lavender Latte

Woman with Iced Lavender Latte hair

Iced lavender latte blends shades of lavender with lighter tones for a unique and pastel-like appearance. This style is perfect for those who want to make a statement and need to follow a hair care routine that includes sulfate products safe for colored hair.

#66. Crimson Cascade

Woman with Crimson Cascade Hair

The crimson cascade creates a flow of deep reds and crimsons that breathe life into long, wavy locks. This bold look complements cool to neutral skin tones and should be maintained using shampoo and conditioner specifically designed for colored hair protection.

#67. Gingersnap Swirl

Woman with Gingersnap Swirl Hair

Gingersnap swirl is a fusion of reds and browns reminiscent of everyone’s favorite Gingersnap cookies. It best suits warm undertones, but maintaining this color requires regular touch-ups as well as the use of quality conditioners for colored hair.

#68. Golden Wheat

Woman with Golden Wheat Hair

This shade is a natural blonde that is both subtle and eye-catching. It complements fair to medium skin tones and requires regular toning to maintain its beauty.

#69. Rose Gold Romance

Woman with Rose Gold Romance Hair

For a luxurious feel, try the stunning combination of pink and gold in this color. It looks best on lighter skin tones and should be preserved with specialized color-protecting products.

#70. Vanilla Cream

Woman with Vanilla Cream Hair

This soft and creamy blonde shade adds warmth and brightness to your look. It suits fair skin tones perfectly, and regular conditioning and toning sessions will keep it looking its best.

#71. Electric Indigo

Woman with Electric Indigo Hair

If you’re feeling bold, go for the blend of blue and purple in this striking color choice. It works well on individuals with cooler undertones but needs sulfate-free color-protecting products to maintain its vibrancy.

#72. Cosmic Charcoal

Woman with Cosmic Charcoal Hair

Embrace deep dark greys with a touch of sparkle in this hue that suits any skin tone. It requires maintenance, with occasional touch-ups and a good color-safe shampoo.

#73. Amber Waves

Woman with Amber Waves Hair

Capture the hues of amber and honey for a sun-kissed effect with this inviting color option. This particular shade complements warm and neutral skin. It requires regular conditioning treatments to keep its vibrant appearance.

#74. Caramel Macchiato

Woman with Caramel Macchiato Hair

Caramel macchiato combines brown shades with subtle hints of caramel resulting in a luxurious and inviting look. It suits medium to dark skin tones perfectly but it needs a regimen of color-protecting conditioner and toning to maintain its beauty.

#75. Grapefruit Splash

Woman with Grapefruit Splash Hair

Grapefruit splash adds pink and coral tones to your hair. This lively color is best suited for the summertime. Looks great on fair to medium skin tones. To preserve its vibrancy it’s important to follow a color-safe maintenance routine.

#76. Smoky Quartz

Woman with Smoky Quartz hair

Smoky quartz consists of greys and browns that create a smoky and mysterious vibe. It’s a choice for cooler skin tones but this intricate color requires specialized color-safe products for proper upkeep.

#77. Tangerine Dream

Woman with Tangerine Dream Hair

Tangerine dream combines shades of orange resulting in a juicy and vibrant look. This energizing hue suits light undertones perfectly but needs frequent toning sessions to maintain its brightness.

#78. Mahogany Majesty

Woman with Mahogany Majesty Hair

Mahogany majesty blends brown hues with rich reds adding a touch of royalty to your overall appearance. It works well with darker skin tones but using color-safe shampoo and conditioner is essential, for preserving its beauty.

#79. Sunflower Yellow

Woman with Sunflower Yellow Hair

Sunflower yellow is a cheerful color that adds a sunny vibe to your hair. It’s perfect for the spring and summer seasons especially if you have lighter skin tones. To maintain the boldness of this color it is recommended to use color-protecting products.

#80. Lagoon Teal

Woman with Lagoon Teal Hair

Lagoon teal is a shade that resembles the deep greenish-blue hues found in exotic lagoons. This color looks particularly stunning on darker skin tones. To preserve its allure make sure to use sulfate color-safe shampoo.

#81. Berry Sorbet

Woman with Berry Sorbet Hair

Berry sorbet combines shades of berry and pink to create a mouth-watering and delicious look. This vibrant color is most flattering on fair to medium skin tones but does require regular toning sessions to keep its hue intact.

#82. Licorice Swirl

Woman with Licorice Swirl Hair

Licorice swirl is a blend of black and subtle shades of dark purple resulting in an alluring and mysterious appearance. The great thing about this captivating color is that it suits all skin tones while requiring maintenance making it an excellent low-key option.

#83. Sandy Shores

Woman with Sandy Shores hair

Sandy shores bring together blondes and browns mimicking the warm natural colors you find on the beach. This versatile color complements any skin tone effortlessly. Only requires a simple routine, with a color-safe shampoo.

#84. Peacock Plume

Woman with Peacock Plume Hair

Peacock plume captures the mesmerizing mix of blues and greens found in a peacock’s feathers. It offers a look that truly stands out. If you’re looking to make a statement this color requires a strict routine of using products that are safe for colored hair.

#85. Cherry Blossom

Woman with Cherry Blossom Hair

Cherry blossom showcases shades of pink resembling the beautiful blooming cherry trees in springtime. It suits lighter skin tones and needs a specific shampoo that is free from sulfates to maintain its vibrant hue.

#86. Cosmic Cobalt

Woman with Cosmic Cobalt Hair

Cosmic cobalt is a vibrant blue shade that infuses an element of the galaxy into your hairstyle. It complements cool skin tones and requires using a shampoo and conditioner that are both sulfate-free and formulated for colored hair ensuring its celestial glow remains intact.

#87. Tiger’s Eye Glow

Woman with Tigers Eye Glow Hair

Tigers eye glow combines browns with golden undertones mimicking the captivating appearance of a tigers eye gemstone. This blend suits those warm to neutral undertones and necessitates the use of color-protecting products to preserve its shine.

#88. Arctic Ice

Woman with Arctic Ice Hair

Arctic ice delivers a pale transparent shade of blue capturing the essence of frosty landscapes. It is perfect, for lighter skin tones but demands regular toning and specialized haircare products designed for colored hair.

#89. Galactic Violet

Woman with Galactic Violet Hair

Galactic violet is a blend of rich purples and blues that gives you the appearance of having just walked off the set of a science fiction film. This captivating shade complements all skin tones. Requires a dedicated color care routine to maintain its otherworldly allure.

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