These 89 Trending Hair Colors Will Make You Want To Book A Salon Appointment ASAP

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Written by Rachel Miller

Updated: April 30, 2024

It’s time for a change. Specifically, a hair color change. Will it be atomic platinum blonde or sultry chocolate brown? Are you thinking about jumping on the cowboy copper bandwagon?

Whatever it is, you’re looking for something different but still undeniably you. Luckily, we’ve got you covered. Get inspired for a brand new you with our list of the top trending hair color ideas.

magnific 8LQMxQ9Krw687gHrPFP2 Rose Gold Highlights on Blonde

If you didn’t think blonde could get any better, just wait. Rose gold highlights level up the already beautiful bombshell blonde, giving any skin tone that rosy glow we’re all looking for. This hair color also has all of the princess vibes you could ever want without getting in over your head.

#2. Chocolate Brown with Caramel Lowlights

magnific KL7FHiNQiW2cCDJJJHIw Chocolate Brown Hair with Caramel Lowlights

If your chocolate brown hair looks a little drab, add some dimension and contrast with caramel highlights. This classic pairing is also the perfect way to dip your toes into going blonde. If you like it, you can add more or lighter highlights for even more dimension.

#3. Airy Sky Blue with Steely Silver Tips

magnific YYvhT3L85eXHn6a1NAjB Airy Sky Blue Hair with Steely Silver Tips

Calling all cloud watchers and daydreamers! This one’s for you. For the ultimate homage to the sky and something drastically different, try a soft sky blue with silver tips. The only downside is the vibrant color choice makes this hair color idea high-maintenance.  

#4. Lovely Lavender Ombre

magnific GCSjCGTiiaG3bv2bHNPX Lovely Lavender Ombre Hair Color

The two hottest hair color trends for the past few years have been lavender and ombre. Why not combine them for something super trendy? “Lavender Ombre” starts with darker roots, blending into lighter lavender ends for a perfectly balanced look.

#5. Dark Roots With Platinum Blonde Lengths

magnific cWkmxwtXVf0yGdyF9ZCg Dark Roots and Platinum Blonde Lengths

Another ever-popular hair color is a white-hot platinum blonde with dark brown, sometimes black, roots. This is a high-contrast look that offers an edgy yet classy aesthetic. But, because of the cool-toned colors, this hair color is best suited for warmer skin undertones. 

#6. Dazzling Deep Teal Balayage

magnific CzWmLE9obTlvrmbvfJp5 Dazzling Deep Teal Balayage Hair Color

When you hear the word balayage, there’s no doubt you’re thinking of painted-on blonde streaks. But if the beauty world is anything, it’s unlimitedly creative. Spice up your dark brown or black hair with a dazzling deep teal, and watch all the heads turn!

#7. Ash Blonde with Baby Pink Streaks

magnific McstinhUlVmZQKPlfMFF Ash BlondeHair with Baby Pink Streaks

Delicate, feminine, yet bold and edgy, ash blond with subtle baby pink streaks is quickly becoming a fan-favorite. It’s an effortlessly flattering color combo that flatters almost any skin tone and brings a slightly Barbie-esque aesthetic you won’t get ken-ough of!

#8. Icy Mint Tips with Dark Roots

magnific du8RDdMjRpkz0fdhWLhR Icy Mint Tips with Dark Roots Hair

If you want something fresh to death, look no further. Pairing icy mint tips with darker brown or black roots is a super-cool way to make the platinum-on-dark-roots trend your own. Just note that the mint color will require a lot of upkeep. 

#9. Sultry Smokey Quartz Hair

magnific emfMlSxdooXpF6HLzYmF Sultry Smokey Quartz Hair Color

Smokey Quartz is a blend of gray and brown tones that create a mysterious multidimensional look. Don’t get scared by the mention of gray, either. With this combo, it’s extremely complementary and not aging at all, but it IS a perfect way to wade yourself into graying hair.

#10. Golden Highlights on Crimson Hair 

magnific MTHCofLJoOo1g53DzeCr Golden Highlights on Crimson Hair

Crimson red and gold are the quintessential sexy, luxurious, and dramatic colors. If that’s your look, go for a warm crimson red with golden highlights. Golden highlights illuminate the already bright red, but not in an overwhelming way. 

#11. Mystical Mermaid Medley

magnific P50oIrvbHBhRnmthjtfm Mystical Mermaid Medley Hair Color

Grab your dinglehoppers and thingamabobs, girls! If you’re looking for a mystical mermaid-type look, blend aqua blue with sea-foam green. This is a high-maintenance hair color, but it’s well worth it for all the seaside siren vibes. 

#12. Silver And Purple Melt

magnific RYYsZ7Ro64I7GsdzMX84 Silver And Purple Melt Hair Color

For our lighter-skin-toned ladies looking for a cosmic, futuristic, and totally edgy aesthetic, we’ve got the perfect color combo for you! A violet-undertoned silver melted into a deep purple is the coolest melted look we’ve seen in a long time!

#13. Pastel Unicorn Stripes

magnific tEnVRsXrQRwJUjmTjLuk Pastel Unicorn Stripes Hair Color

Now, for something completely out of the box. “Pastel Unicorn Stripes” are unbeatably bold yet soft and never fail to grab and keep attention. With these alternating soft streaks of blue, pink, lavender, and more, who needs fairy tales?

#14. Unconventional Olive Green Underlayer

magnific ztkvOzgdQYzim3YufjYt Unconventional Olive Green Underlayer

Usually, you would try to avoid having green hair. Right? WRONG! For medium and warmer skin tones, an underlayer of olive green can be the perfect complementary color, especially placed underneath a rich brown or another dark color. 

#15. Golden Blonde With Rosy Highlights

magnific 869ZMcKbgu3FWXYrxPVB Golden Blonde Hair With Rosy Highlights

Another beloved blonde and pink hair color idea is the more subtle combo of golden blonde with soft rosy pink highlights. This delicate and very feminine look gives a rosy glow to lighter skin tones that would be washed out by the other, cooler-toned options. 

#16. Creamy Beige Blonde with Platinum Ends

magnific Sn54Enpoi0uDzI3FLTP9 Creamy Beige Blonde Hair with Platinum Ends

This hair color idea brings two of the best blonde looks to create an illuminating, ethereal glow to any skin tone. Creamy beige-blonde seamlessly transitions into icy platinum blonde for the epitome of classy hair colors. Make sure you use a toning shampoo to keep the ends lighter!

#17. Tiger Eye Balayage

magnific XZxPxPFCtCemX7lXAjXa Tiger Eye Balayage

No. We’re not talking about Rocky. But we will say this hair color idea is just as much of a classic! “Tiger Eye” balayage is inspired by a captivating gemstone with the same name. This hair color features creamy caramel and rich chocolate brown shades for the perfect medium contrast that highlights medium and warmer skin tones particularly nicely.

#18. Vibrant Swirls Resembling Coral Reef

magnific 2mNeRpeJAatRN8IZgZWz Vibrant Swirls Resembling Coral Reef

Big, bold, and beautiful. Three words to describe a coral reef-inspired combo, like coral and pink-infused orange. Since these colors are closely related, you can place them in any way you want, whether it’s balayage, highlights, or a money piece style. Just like the real coral reef, these colors need to be protected, so make sure you use the right color-protective products to maintain the vibrancy of this cool color combo.

#19. Buttery Blonde Highlights

magnific kHjHzrN1zLq9zSI7Z7dL Buttery Blonde Highlights Hair Color

For something lower maintenance, there’s nothing wrong with getting classic highlights. Cooler and lighter skin tones can get a particularly warm glow from smooth buttery-toned blonde highlights. The greatest thing about this idea is that you can add it to almost any hair color, like red, brown, or another blonde shade.

#20. Black Hair with an Electric Blue Accent Piece

magnific nYbOGTGt9p0dAV4d9FNK Black Hair with an Electric Blue Accent Piece

Nothing says bold and edgy like jet black and electric blue. This eccentric yet perfectly balanced pairing offers striking contrast and is particularly effective for highlighting cooler skin tones. It’s another color idea that will take work to maintain but is more than worth the work.

#21. Forever Strawberry Fields 

magnific KZ4FlTcCKfjGG2oX7me8 Forever Strawberry Fields Hair Color

Get ready to capture the essence of summery strawberry fields with this hair color idea. The sweet blend of pinks and reds gives color to paler skin and can be brought up a notch by adding darker roots or golden highlights. 

#22. Dark Brown with Ash Balayage

magnific Qvu5mmZoTmXWRwuPySAI Dark Brown Hair with Ash Balayage

Adding ash blonde balayage to dark brown is another low-maintenance look that provides a lot of change with minimal effort. It’s a small change but brings a lot to the table, giving your hair more dimension and brightness. 

#23. Fire Engine Red with Black Underlayer

magnific rzMNcCi8NlVEy2z8rdGJ Fire Engine Red Hair Color with Black Underlayer

This hair color idea has the ’00s goth girl in all of us screaming. Live that phase again by layering jet black under fire engine red. Then go turn on some Evenesance and sing your heart out!

#24. Galaxy Hair

magnific LiOSxjxGV6PmD2DIbZx6 Galaxy Hair Color Highlights

“Galaxy Hair” involves melting shades of blue, purple, and black to resemble the great expanse of the universe. It’s an eccentric trend dominating the hair world for its adventurousness and originality. Plus, it complements any skin tone. 

#25. Platinum Pixie with Pink Hues

magnific 4sc38QXzKTEV0CTj2M2E Platinum Pixie Hair with Pink Hues

The perfection that is “the platinum pixie cut” just got an upgrade. If you’re thinking of just doing it and going for something bold yet still feminine, this style is your new best friend! You can also add streaks of other colors to infuse even more personality into your pixie cut

#26. Lemonade Blonde

magnific 1RKW8XswX8mLzDpC98Ay Lemonade Blonde Hair Color

Combining different blonde tones, “Lemonade Blonde” brings the ultimate lighter and multidimensional hair color for medium skin tones. It’s bright, like the summer sun, and will give your skin tone the same warmth.

#27. Smoky Violet Layers

magnific 7YQYYzEqFnkO5LdMSevC Smoky Violet Layers Hair Color

Cool, sultry, and lower-maintenance, “Smokey Violet” has it all when it comes to dark hair color ideas. This style pairs dark browns or black and layers cooler violet shades for a subtle contrast and pop of color that gives cooler skin tones just a touch of warmth.

#28. Honey Dip Ombre

magnific 7oT8XobHJQVWpnVI2P5Q Honey Dip Ombre Hair Color

“Honey-Dipped Ombre” has been around for at least a decade and doesn’t look like it’s going away any time soon. This lasting hair color trend involves a smooth, almost natural transition from a dark, warm brown to a honey blonde. What we love most about this hair color is that it complements any skin tone effortlessly. 

#29. Pumpkin Spice Latte

magnific tZkBzt5YSPZqpk26wCgP Pumpkin Spice Latte Hair Color

For all you fall fashionistas and autumn adorers, you know that pumpkin spice is the quintessential color, scent, and taste of fall.  Now, you can have that all to yourself. “Pumpkin Spice Latte” blends a natural brown color with vibrant orange to perfectly capture the beauty of the fall season all year round.

#30. Pastel Cherry Blossom

magnific 0W0eV6Ow2Fhcw8vNffVf Pastel Cherry Blossom Hair Color

Cherry blossoms are so beautiful that people travel for hours just to see them in the spring. “Pastel Cherry Blossom” personifies that, with white and pastel pink hues melted together to create a delightfully spring-inspired style.

#31. Mystical Indigo

magnific GkPYXaqZnhkQ8odsPYJz Mystical Indigo Hair Color

If you want to get artistic with your hair color, “Mystical Indigo” is the way to go. This mix of black, blue, and indigo gives off all those contemporary vibes with an air of sophistication. Like all vibrant color choices, make sure you’re equipped with the right haircare products to maintain this color blend. 

#32. Sand Dune Blonde

magnific H1vzrbIhcn9OHNdIeQqW Sand Dune Blonde Hair Color

You don’t have to live in the desert to love the dunes, and you don’t have to be a bright blonde to get this hair color! “Sand Dune Blonde” puts together an airy blend of lighter sandy blondes with darker undertones for naturally sunkissed-looking locks.

#33. Peacock Feather Highlights

magnific F52UTxX3TkKq8ZotdqcA Peacock Feather Highlights

There’s nothing bolder than a proud peacock. You can strut your stuff, too, with “Peacock Feather” highlights. This hair color idea combines blues and greens on top of a darker hair color, ideally black, to mimic the fabulousness of peacock feathers. 

#34. Midnight Blue Bob

magnific IWjxYLjZ6PmjMHRmwb6p Midnight Blue Bob Hair Color

The short and straight-cut bob has been around since the fashionable feminist movement of the 20s. And it’s continued to be a go-to for strong, confident women. You can amplify the plain old black or brown bob by going for a deep midnight blue. This tone is perfect for darker complexions. Just remember that it’s a high-maintenance hair color. 

#35. Salt and Pepper Glam

magnific gET642BQLYLyfWLIf5td Salt and Pepper Glam Hair Color

Recently, women have been standing up to conventional beauty standards and are now choosing to go gray. And we’re here for it! If your black hair is starting to gray, the “Salt and Pepper Glam” look blends different shades of gray and black for a graceful transition. 

#36. Golden Caramel Swirl

magnific ZV1PyPuIAouuXYMhs1AG Golden Caramel Swirl Hair Color

If natural is the name of your game, look no further than “Golden Caramel Swirl.” This versatile hair color blends gold and caramel tones to achieve an effortlessly natural look that gives all skin tones a warm, sunny glow.

#37. Aqua Marine Dream

magnific 7H1zKK5ufK2foVkYAExG Aqua Marine Dream Hair Color

“Aquamarine Dream” is a combination of vibrant and captivating greens and blues inspired by the ocean to perfectly complement lighter skin tones. This edgy, mysterious look is high maintenance, so you’ll need to establish a good color protection regimen to keep it looking its best. 

#38. Tangerine Tango

magnific tdpSt8cF3dacVt1jAwUN Tangerine Tango Hair Color

“Tangerine Tango” fuses red and orange shades to capture the vibrancy of a tropical sunset. This is the perfect style to heat things up and is perfect for warm-undertoned skin. The only downside to this juicy do is that the red and orange colors will require a lot of upkeep to stay vibrant. 

#39. Coconut White

magnific 1zAipRhqZ4RdBPyyJwPw Coconut White Hair Color

Release your inner beach goddess with “Coconut White.” This white-hot blonde is high-maintenance and not particularly good for your hair. But beauty is pain. Right? If you DO choose to go this light, make sure you properly condition your hair to avoid frizz and additional damage. 

#40. Tropical Sunset Balayage

magnific V89UhU4iYzc6WyVOfPHY Tropical Sunset Balayage Hair Color

There’s nothing on this earth more beautiful than a tropical sunset. Coming in at a close second is “Tropical Sunset” balayage. This style pulls together pinks, oranges, and purples to recreate the mesmerizing effect of a summer sunset. This is a very warm color, so it’s best suited for warmer skin tones with light to medium hair. 

#41. Lavender Mist

magnific Rw8p7SktLoFAZuBY32QE Lavender Mist Hair Color

For paler and cooler-toned skin, pastel colors are a perfect choice. One of those options is “Lavender Mist”, a subtle pastel purple that brings a dreamy softness to any hairstyle. You can take this up another step by adding darker violet undertones or  pastel pink highlights for an extra touch of whimsy. 

#42. Wine Red Waves

magnific MjzaknpzzTIClYHhfXV9 Wine Red Waves Hair Color

Wine red is a rich, luxurious shade that adds more drama than the average red hair color. For wavy hair especially, this red tone can create dimension all on its own by the way the light hits your waves differently. 

#43. Sable and Platinum Stripes

magnific 7yBrQ3jBxvTisCzJIpbj Sable and Platinum Stripes Hair

Sable brown with platinum blonde stripes may seem like an odd look but it’s modern, bold, and perfect for any skin tone. This color pairing creates a high-contrast look, well suited for a shorter, edgy style like shoulder-length hair. 

#44. Deep Ocean Blue

magnific CNOhAykMAOdNHJ1lZaF1 Deep Ocean Blue Hair Color

“Deep Ocean Blue” is inspired by the captivating depths of the great blue sea. This hair color works beautifully underlayering dark hair or as a base for a lighter blue or even blue-green shade. This color looks great on any skin tone and can complement almost any eye color. 

#45. Frosted Silver Locks

magnific VrC9pMPKjOSLVEHClvUA Frosted Silver Locks Hair Color

“Frosted Silver” is the perfect thing to give you that strong, confident ice queen vibe. However, like most high-level blondes, this hair color will need a lot of upkeep and conditioning to avoid more damage. 

#46. Golden Apricot Curls

magnific 22ihqPJ9aVoOtIZhO7jn Golden Apricot Curls Hair Color

“Golden Apricot” curls provide a natural orange tint to lighter brown hair for an extremely flattering look, especially for fair skin. However, it can work on any skin tone. The orange tints also make blue and green eyes pop. 

#47. Envious Olive Green

magnific aTx9UUZdLP6bg5Wxu1OW Envious Olive Green Hair Color

If you’ve got a love for grunge, this do is for you! This neutral green shade has you covered and will have all your friends jealous. Because of its tone, this color complements neutral or pale skin tones best. 

#48. Warm Milk Chocolate Brown

magnific ReRxZtgMF0eVX7CaM0oy Warm Milk Chocolate Brown Hair Color

Natural, low maintenance, but not without an essence of class, warm-toned “Milk Chocolate Brown” is the perfect choice for a small, subtle hair color change. After all, who doesn’t love chocolate?

#49. Mysterious Midnight Black

magnific P0q2qM4JJL6JIw772jg0 Mysterious Midnight Black Hair Color

Dark and mesmerizing, mysterious “Midnight Black” just might be the perfect hair color  to add some real pizzazz to your style. This color starts with a black base with subtle hints of blue that peak through. What makes this color so popular is that it looks great on any skin tone and is low maintenance.

#50. Vibrant Fiery Phoenix

magnific wlxZMsoiHsS6pdUlzdBH Vibrant Fiery Phoenix Hair Color

Like a Phoenix, this fiery hair color rises from the ashes and bursts onto the scene. Vibrant oranges and yellows come together to burn as bright as its namesake. However, this color won’t regenerate itself. If you want it to last, it’ll need some heavy upkeep.

#51. Playful Rosé All Day

magnific 7OlEFl6IPBIDzvXkRahu Playful Rose All Day Hair Color

Another pink and playful hair color to add to the list is “Rosé All Day,” a light and airy blend of pink and blonde that looks as good as rosé tastes. This classy color pairing looks good on all skin tones and can even be added to natural highlights for a little more of a pink champagne look.

#52. Delicious Cinnamon Swirl

magnific iyZWRgpKkUF5l3IR70As Delicious Cinnamon Swirl Hair Color

“Cinnamon Swirl” brings brown and red tones together to add warmth and depth to your hair. This spicy color pairing works well with warm undertones. However, it can really work on any skin tone.

#53. Cool Ash Bronde

magnific 4QRFC66Jrgw5xeYUWP9y Cool Ash Bronde Hair Color

Are you looking for the best of both worlds (i.e. brunette and blonde)? Introducing “Cool Ash Bronde”, a contemporary take on blending brunette and blonde with ash tones. This hair color is absolutely gorgeous on any skin tone, and it’s a small step forward your journey to blonde.

#54. Captivating Midnight Amethyst

magnific FLHSD36Jael81s0dRyc7 Captivating Midnight Amethyst Hair Color

“Midnight Amethyst” is a moody blend of deep purples and blacks that gives you drama, edge, and sophistication  in one hair color. Name a better trio. We’ll wait.

#55. Autumn Maple

magnific rfwCB4c9GKCBtayoELo8 Autumn Maple Hair Color

“Autumn Maple” is another ‘fabulously fall’ hair color that brings forth all of the best hues the season has to offer. Browns and reds come together for warmth, depth, and undeniable beauty, just like the colors of fall.

#56. Periwinkle Princess

magnific PLqrhIJndBQFyqGmo4JI Periwinkle Princess Hair Color

For our fair maidens, “Periwinkle Princess” brings out your inner ethereal enchantress with lovely light blues and lavender tones. This may be a soft and sweet color, but it’ll hit you every time you look in the mirror. 

#57. Espresso Elegance

magnific XUkIZlG0GNKvyEPNluGk Espresso Elegance Hair Color

If you’re aiming for sophistication and class, look no further than “Espresso Elegance.” This deep, rich brown shade effortlessly elevates any hairstyle and always looks luscious and vibrant. The best part? It’s really low-maintenance. All you’ll need is a good color-protecting conditioner.

#58. Tantalizing Teal Temptation

magnific ckcdmPT7LsLQOGPASC3x Tantalizing Teal Temptation Hair Color

“Teal Temptation” is a tantalizing blend of blue-green tones that will turn heads everywhere you go. Because of the combination, this color features  warm and cool tones, making it versatile for any skin tone. It will need some heavy upkeep, though. 

#59. Mocha Latte Blend

magnific cNAlPC0FMXYLcACFKzWX Mocha Latte Blend Hair Color

What’s better than a good cup of coffee? A mocha latte, that’s what! That’s true, even for hair colors. “Mocha Latte’s” mix of brown and soft black tones is dark, lush, natural-looking, and easy to maintain.

#60. Pink Lemonade Ombre

magnific Io0GgrgyhW99ySqkhTOQ Pink Lemonade Ombre Hair Color

The world just can’t seem to get enough of pink and blonde pairings. This time, we have a zesty, bright blend called “Pink Lemonade” ombre. This summery shade is like traditional ombre, only with a beautiful soft pink transitioning into a warm blonde. 

#61. Slate Grey Chic

magnific OCqmVZZ1FOIO8puTnE8I Slate Grey Chic

“Slate Gray Chic” takes ordinary gray and adds a twist with a subtle slate blue hue for a sophisticated look, no matter how old you are. You can take this up a notch by blending in an underlayer of cool black for even more depth.

#62. Copper Coils

magnific siqAyIq1Ktx0RN6Whl64 Copper Coils

Are you looking for something to give a little oomph to your copper curls without actually changing your hair color? We’ve got just the thing. Introduce some red tones to your copper coils to bring some warmth and dimension to your hair. You can even go for a deeper red for something more drastic.

#63. Butterscotch Bliss

magnific yfcBodhVeJsTjgjSrIgz Butterscotch Bliss Hair Color

“Butterscotch Bliss” is a combination of light brown and blonde shades that add a touch of warmth to any hairstyle and skin tone. It’s a natural-looking combo, but don’t be fooled, this sweet shade will need regular toning to stay looking its best.

#64. Midnight Raven

magnific jYgGPoEl2U8mQInJuL9h Midnight Raven Hair Color

“Midnight Raven” is a bodacious black shade with subtle hints of deep blue or purple. This dramatic color suits all skin tones. But, what we love best is that it requires minimal maintenance.

#65. Iced Lavender Latte

magnific UlSzx3eV8yvTjuIYR74p Iced Lavender Latte Hair

“Iced Lavender Latte” blends shades of lavender with lighter tones pastel-like aesthetic but is much more blonde-looking. This style is perfect if you want to make a stylish change but aren’t interested in overly vibrant colors like other pastels and purples.

#66. Crimson Cascade

magnific 2Me3JfKQdCXkbeJIPwJJ Crimson Hair Color Cascade Waves

“Crimson Cascade” is a flow of deep reds and crimsons that breathe life into long, wavy locks. This bold look complements cool to neutral skin tones. And, like other shades of red, it’s exceptionally great at highlighting green and blue eyes.

#67. Gingersnap Swirl

magnific 3JUsR2yNNb9YkIMb1ZQP Gingersnap Swirl Hair

“Gingersnap Swirl” is a sweet fusion of reds and browns reminiscent of everyone’s favorite cookies. Because of the warm nature of this hair color, it’s best for warm undertones and fair skin.

#68. Golden Wheat

magnific 0zTpRPjAxXVVGEeV7ZsJ Golden Wheat Hair Color

“Golden Wheat” is a subtle-yet-eyecatching natural blong that takes otherwise plain blonde and gives it dimension and movement reminiscent of a breezy wheat field. We love this color because it’s relatively easy to place on top of highlights or a darker blonde but requires a fair amount of upkeep.

#69. Rose Gold Romance

magnific SxntbWhGmLy13gHM4oYo Rose Gold Romance

Calling all hopeless romantics. “Rose Gold Romance” is a stunning mix of pink and gold hues. However, like some other color options, it’s much more subtle and almost natural-looking, if that was possible for pink.

#70. Vanilla Cream

magnific mvT45sMU4WfZtoDCXnRZ Vanilla Cream Hair Color

Soft and sweet “Vanilla Cream” is a lighter blond that infuses warmth and brightness into your look, particularly if you have fair skin. If you’ve always wanted platinum blonde but aren’t ready for that jump just yet, vanilla cream is the perfect shade for you!

#71. Electric Indigo

magnific 9tNJVb6HGcBUAkMEbfSp Electric Indigo Hair Color

If you’re feeling bold and powerful, go for “Electric Indigo’s” vibrant blend of blue and purple. This versatile hair color looks good on any hair type, length, and style. Plus, it fits any skin tone!

#72. Cosmic Charcoal

magnific 2XGPiqXAwzQae7VwNZqI Cosmic Charcoal Hair Color

Put your space suit on and embrace the beauty of the moon with “Cosmic Charcoal.” This deep, dark gray features a touch of sparkle that highlights all skin tones and can even be made into an ombre style with black roots.

#73. Amber Waves

magnific mr2fxWU9qrISF4ZMTfxR Amber Waves Hair Color

Do you want something sunkissed but not actually blonde? “Amber Waves” may be the perfect thing for you! Amber and honey hues melt together for this warm and glowing hair color that fits light to medium skin tones.

#74. Caramel Macchiato

magnific t19wJH0STJngvioZUqjO Caramel Macchiato Hair Color

For all you brunette babes, “Caramel Macchiato” is the perfect minimal change with maximum slay. This brown shade creates the perfect base for caramel highlights that perfectly complement medium and darker skin tones, creating a naturally luxurious look.

#75. Grapefruit Splash

magnific 2mjwv0UGBo94wHX2nQP4 Grapefruit Splash Hair Color

Grapefruit splash adds pink and coral tones to your hair. This lively color is best suited for the summertime. Looks great on fair to medium skin tones. To preserve its vibrancy it’s important to follow a color-safe maintenance routine.

#76. Earthy Quartz

magnific dmXclFezw0i0dL1ys6xq Earthy Quartz Hair Color

Like “Smokey Quartz”, “Earthy Quartz” blends browns and grays to create a smokey, mysterious vibe. However, this shade is more brown-dominant and therefore a little more natural looking.

#77. Orange Crush

magnific 1dA3R8apiJQqu6zfM2PY Orange Crush Hair Color

“Orange Crush” is a vibrant statement hair color with different shades of orange to create the perfect multidimensional color. This hot-as-heck hair color is a head-turner but will fade quickly, so maintenance is key.

#78. Mahogany Majesty

magnific YzHJ2rPXTWwif8ZYpId9 Mahogany Majesty Hair Color

“Mahogany Majesty” brings all  those regal vibes by blending brown hues with rich, vibrant reds. And unlike other vibrant reds, it’s a shade more on the natural side, making it easier to grow out your roots when it’s time.

#79. Sunflower Yellow

magnific I5nTTeyKlVpQEwNnGA06 Sunflower Yellow Hair Color

Add some cheer to your look with “Sunflower Yellow.” This color brings all that summer fun no matter what time of year it is and can add an undeniable glow to any skin tone, especially fair skin tones.

#80. Laid-Back Lagoon Teal

magnific RxHnrQRYmERxkt72q4Zc Laid Back Lagoon Teal Hair Colors

Exotic, sultry, and mysterious, “Lagoon Teal” is perfect for a complete makeover-type change that unleashes your “inner you.” This color looks great on any skin tone, hair length, or style. How you pull it off is all on you!

#81. Berry Sorbet

magnific 8YZ1JztczandTVXRw15z Berry Sorbet Hair Color

If you want something darker than pink but lighter than blonde, get the scoop on beautiful berry sorbet. Berry purple and pink come together to create a mouth-watering and delicious-looking hair color that fits light to medium skin tones.

#82. Licorice Swirl

magnific THlB8cP9C0LTuuMhc2dL Licorice Swirl Hair Color

“Licorice Swirl” is a creative take on ombre, tailor-fitted for dark hair and darker skin tones. This hair color starts with black roots and swirls down, transitioning into a lovely soft purple shade.

#83. Sandy Shores

magnific 75E4KinJjWHAP9jDRuvS Sandy Shores Hair Color

“Sandy Shores” is another blown-brunette hybrid. But unlike bronde, this color is warm-toned, resembling the sun-soaked sand of the beach. This versatile color complements any skin tone effortlessly, and, even better, is incredibly low-maintenance for a blonde color.

#84. Punchy Peacock Plume

magnific B1hlzBR8QXaEp68Ge2L5 Punchy Peacock Plume Hair Color

“Peacock Plume” captures the mesmerizing mix of blues and greens in peacock feathers for a punchy color that attracts attention wherever you go. Taking “Peacock Feather” highlights to the next step, “Peacock Plume” doesn’t need a darker base to stand out.

#85. Cheery Cherry Blossom

magnific a5xYoO1O1Cw9lwu8987P Cheery Cherry Blossom Hair Color

“Cherry Blossom” showcases different shades of pink resembling the beautiful blooming cherry trees in springtime. This is the perfect shade to add a rosy glow to lighter and cooler skin tones. And, unlike other cherry-blossom-inspired colors, it doesn’t feature white or blonde, making it a better option for darker skin tones, as well.

#86. Cosmic Cobalt

magnific ZMdKUZqY7vM3nSf9sqrf Cosmic Cobalt Hair Color

“Cosmic Cobalt” is a vibrant blue shade with subtle black hints that infuse a galactic vibe into your hair. This is a perfect complement for cooler skin tones and a bold way to release your inner space cadet!

#87. Tiger’s Eye Glow

magnific Z205LNOBIUlfRY61KJxE Tigers Eye Glow Hair Color

“Tiger’s Eye Glow” combines browns with golden undertones mimicking the captivating appearance of a tiger’s eye gemstone. This blend suits warm to neutral undertones, making it pretty versatile for all-year wear. And the cherry on top, it’s low maintenance.

#88. Arctic Ice

magnific 2s7HXsb42GVdrDwzDSpC Arctic Ice Hair Color

“Arctic Ice” is a pale, transparent shade of blue that brings out everyone’s inner winter lover. This frosty shade is great for lighter skin tones for that extra pale look. Plus, this shade won’t look terrible when your darker roots start growing.

#89. Galactic Violet

magnific 0Z6ZlV9yF9GpvMrg4r4Q Galactic Violet Hair Color

Shoot for the moon with an uber-vibrant hair color like “Galactic Violet. This hair color features a blend of rich purples and blues that gives your hair multidimensional contrast and a whole lot of “wow factor.”

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