79 Platinum Blonde Hair Color Ideas Are Stunning, They’ll Make You Want To Go Icy Cool Instantly

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Written by Rachel Miller

Updated: April 3, 2024

There is blonde – and then there’s platinum. Platinum is the “ultimate” blonde hair color as it’s the lightest and brightest you can achieve without going completely white. That said, it’s a popular choice for those who want something incredibly glistening and eye-catching.

Platinum blonde hair doesn’t have to be strictly platinum, though. There are so many gorgeous ways to wear it, whether intermingling other fun colors like lavender on the tips or going with a jaw-dropping balayage. Platinum also looks good in so many styles, from wavy wonders to slick-straight, chin-length bobs.

Being as versatile as it is, we decided it was time to put together this incredibly comprehensive guide of the top 79 most gorgeous ways to sport platinum blonde hair this year. Which one of these stunning looks is going to be yours?

Ok, I’ll be honest – platinum blonde hair color is high-maintenance. That said, many women prefer to go with a more low-maintenance haircut like a pixie. This will allow you to focus on your hair color while enjoying an edgy yet elegant appearance.

#2. Sleek Platinum Lob with Blunt Ends

woman with Sleek Platinum Lob with Blunt Ends hair

Platinum blonde is known for its chic appearance. Naturally, it pairs with just-as-chic haircuts like this. We love the blunt ends because they add a desirable structure that screams “boss lady energy.” 

#3. Rooted Platinum S-Waves

woman with Rooted Platinum S Waves hair

A “rooted” platinum leaves the darker roots playing peek-a-boo, which many enjoy as it provides much-needed contrast to the light-and-bright platinum blonde. S-waves are a great way to add a touch of elegance and dimension, too.

#4. Champagne Platinum Balayage

woman with Champagne Platinum Balayage hair

Platinum blonde tends to have zero dimension or undertones – just white. If you prefer multitonal hair colors instead, you don’t have to say bye-bye to platinum. Simply opt for a champagne platinum blonde balayage instead.

#5. Platinum Blonde with Pastel Pink Undertones

woman with Platinum Blonde with Pastel Pink Undertones Hair

Platinum and pastel pink go together like Oreos and milk – only better. The pairing offers something genuinely feminine and graceful yet 100% playful and fun. If you want to add a splash of color to your mane, pastel pink is a top-notch pick.

#6. Glam Platinum Updo

woman with Glam Platinum Updo hair

The most upscale occasions call for a grandiose hairstyle, and it’s achievable with platinum locks and a bit of hair product. This glamorous updo is larger-than-life and designed to look magnificent. The platinum shade only takes this unique and fabulous hairstyle to the next level.

#7. Platinum Dutch Braids

woman with Platinum Dutch Braids hair

As we said before, platinum tends to lack dimension. You can create your own dimension and texture, though, it just takes some crafty entwining – which is the case for these lovely Dutch braids. Cute and loaded with dimension, this is an excellent everyday style!

#8. Face-Framing Platinum Highlights

woman with Face Framing Platinum Highlights hair

Platinum is bright and glowy, which is why it’s so popular. But you don’t have to douse your entire mane in this fantastic shade. Instead, opt to brighten strictly around the face with face-framing platinum highlights.

#9. Ash Platinum Ombre

woman with Ash Platinum Ombre hair

If platinum blonde is just too blonde for your liking, tame things down a notch while still looking flawless with an ash platinum ombre. This color option will create a fabulous gradient effect that works well with cool to neutral undertones.

#10. Platinum Blonde with Lavender Tips

woman with Platinum Blonde with Lavender Tips hair

While pink tends to be the go-to pair for platinum, it’s not your only option. Lavender is another popular choice, and it’s a hot color for 2024. Platinum blonde with lavender tips is a sensational and whimsical choice that is undeniably fashion-forward.

#11. Long Platinum Layers

woman with Long Platinum Layers hair

Ultra-long locks can look humdrum and boring. Make sure your long tresses receive the beautification they deserve by tossing in some long layers. Lengthy layers will produce much-needed dimension and volume for your long platinum strands.

#12. Platinum-Blonde Beach Waves

woman with Platinum Blonde Beach Waves hair

All blonde hair looks amazing with beach waves – and that includes stark platinum blonde. There is just something about that hair color that demands waves, creating a look that says “carefree surfer babe.” 

#13. Platinum Buzz Cut

woman with Platinum Buzz Cut hair

You can’t go wrong with a platinum buzz cut. Together, this invigorating hair color and trendy cut create a modern aesthetic that draws attention to your flawless bone structure. Not only that, but it’s impossibly easy to maintain – which isn’t typically the case for platinum hairstyles.

#14. Hollywood Waves in Platinum

woman with Hollywood Waves in Platinum hair

Hollywood waves are timeless for a reason: they have a glamorous appeal that can’t be ignored. Oh, and as you may have assumed – these fabulous waves look amazing when paired with a bright, platinum-blonde hair color.

#15. Double Dutch Braids with Platinum Tones

woman with Double Dutch Braids with Platinum Tones hair

Need an everyday look that’s casual yet intricate? Double Dutch braids are the only way to go! These braids are obviously in your face thanks to the platinum shade, but they still have a youthful err about them that’s fun and outgoing.

#16. Silver-Platinum Tousled Bob

woman with Silver Platinum Tousled Bob hair

Silver is a top-trending color for 2024 and has been at the top of the charts for the past few years. Naturally, plenty of women are desiring this shade. Well, it just so happens to look fab against a platinum-blonde shade. Enjoy a contemporary and futuristic combo!

#17. Platinum Blonde Shaggy Cut

woman with Platinum Blonde Shaggy Cut hair

Platinum blonde hair may have a chicness about it, but you can still infuse your carefree attitude while adopting this shade. All you have to do is ask for a shaggy cut, allowing plenty of cutesy layers to enter the scene.

#18. Platinum Blonde with a Dark Undercut

woman with Platinum Blonde with Dark Undercut hair

If you’re looking for drama, we have the perfect hairstyle. This platinum blonde hairstyle is unlike the others. It emphasizes high style and dramatization with the inclusion of a feisty undercut and darker pieces sprinkled throughout.

#19. Vintage Platinum Finger Waves

woman with Vintage Platinum Finger Waves hair

Finger waves may have been a popular choice during the Roaring Twenties, but they’re still an excellent option if you want a look that’s unmistakably classy. Embrace your inner flapper girl and craft your platinum tresses into these gorgeous finger waves.

#20. Platinum Bob with Dark Roots

woman with Platinum Bob with Dark Roots hair

Platinum hair color is pretty demanding, as your roots will be evident as the color grows out. However, some women might not mind it. In fact, they might embrace it by choosing to have darker roots from the get-go. Hello, fewer trips to the salon for touch-ups!

#21. Platinum Mermaid Waves

woman with Platinum Mermaid Waves hair

Sure, Ariel from The Little Mermaid looks incredible with her bright red hair – but that doesn’t mean you have to go with red hair to look like a gorgeous mythical creature. These platinum mermaid waves prove you can be a beautiful blonde-haired mermaid!

#22. Platinum with Baby Blue Streaks

woman with Platinum with Baby Blue Streaks hair

Alright, where are my creative dolls at? You know – the ones who love adding a spritz of color to their mane? If you can’t decide which color to add to your locks, I highly recommend baby blue. It’s eye-catching without being too bold.

#23. Platinum French Twist Updo

woman with Platinum French Twist Updo hair

When you want to appear fancy for a formal event, one hairstyle comes to mind: a French twist updo. This is one of the most classic hairstyles for upscale occasions, exuding sophistication and regalness. Make it a show-stopper by dousing your tresses in a bright platinum shade.

#24. Platinum Braided Crown

woman with Platinum Braided Crown hair

Every woman deserves to look and feel like a princess, and that doesn’t have to be adorning yourself with precious jewels or dresses. A lovely platinum braided crown such as this immediately gives “royalty vibes” and can be worn anywhere.

#25. Platinum-Wavy Lob

woman with Platinum Wavy Lob hair

A platinum lob is a great way to achieve a chic appearance, but you can make your aesthetic more casual and carefree with the inclusion of waves. Just use your favorite hair tool or design heat-free waves for a lovely finish.

#26. Platinum-Cropped Cut with Fringe

woman with Platinum Cropped Cut with Fringe hair

Gals who want to frame their face with platinum blonde locks can choose this haircut! The crop sits right at jaw-level for an adorable approach while the set of eye-skimming fringes draws attention to the eyes. Overall, this haircut is at the top of the “cuteness” charts!

#27. Platinum-Blonde Faux Hawk

Daring divas who aren’t afraid to “go there” will appreciate this tantalizing hairstyle. Start with a striking platinum blonde shade. Then, cut your locks short, but not too short that you can’t design a faux hawk. Use an assortment of hair products to create this jaw-dropping look!

#28. Platinum Twist-Out Curls

woman with Platinum Twist Out Curls hair

Ladies with natural twist-out curls – it’s time to make a big impact and put those coils on center stage. Don’t worry; we’re not going to do anything too drastic – we’re just going to douse your curls in a platinum hair color and let the rest work itself out!

#29. Deep-Side-Part Platinum Tresses

woman with Deep Side Part Platinum Tresses hair

By now, we know that platinum blonde is designed for elegance and chicness. But if you’re a lady who loves a little bit more drama in her silhouette, a deep side part is a must. The side-sweeping nature of this hairstyle is intense yet sophisticated.

#30. Platinum Pompadour Style

woman with Platinum Pompadour Style hair

A pompadour is a premier pick when you want to look confident and ready to take on the world. Not only that but the platinum blonde hair color with extra height up front will demand attention from the room.

#31. Platinum Box Braids

Platinum blonde can’t have dimension? Think again. Platinum blonde box braids are riddled with intricate detailing that can’t be ignored. Not only that, but they provide coolness and a sense of edginess – all while being protective of your natural hair.

#32. Tapered Platinum Afro

woman with Tapered Platinum Afro hair

If we could use one word to describe this look, we’d use astounding. With this hairstyle, you’ll let your natural hair texture be the star of the show in a way that’s truly glamorous and unique. Taper your platinum blonde afro to ensure it gets the height and clean-cut finish you crave.

#33. Platinum Blonde with Rosy Highlights

woman with Platinum Blonde with Rosy Highlights hair

Platinum blonde is one of those hair colors that will always be in style. But if you want to add a trending color to your tresses, there’s no better choice than rose gold. How can you do it? Rosy highlights, of course! Enjoy a fashionable look blooming with a sense of romance, too.

#34. Platinum and Charcoal Balayage

woman with Platinum and Charcoal Balayage hair

Is platinum blonde too bright? Do you enjoy darker colors, too? You can have it all, queen! Platinum blonde and charcoal balayage create a captivating tapestry of hues that embrace both light and dark elements. This may be the ideal go-to for winter!

#35. Sleek Platinum Ponytail

woman with Sleek Platinum Ponytail hair

There are regular “ponytails,” and then there is this stunning ponytail that looks like it could grace the catwalk with ease. This modelesque hairstyle is the epitome of high fashion. Make sure you use product to achieve this level of sleekness with your platinum blonde tresses.

#36. Platinum and Neon Green Ombre

woman with Platinum and Neon Green Ombre hair

Creative gals who enjoy funkier color combos in their hair color will love this duo! Platinum blonde set the stage for a cool and quirky neon green ombre color. The result? Something as fun and unique as you are, babe!

#37. Platinum Pixie with Textured Layers

Sure, a platinum pixie has a lustrous appeal to it, but why stop there? Choose a layered cut to add more volume and dimension to your stunning pixie haircut. Then, tousle things up for a lovely style that can easily be dressed up or down.

#38. Platinum Blonde Curtain Bangs

woman with Platinum Blonde Curtain Bangs hair

It’s okay to soften your platinum blonde hair color if that’s what you desire. And it’s not complicated, either. A set of curtain bangs immediately produces a softened, more graceful silhouette that will charm everyone.

#39. Platinum and Lavender Melt

woman with Platinum and Lavender Melt hair

If platinum blonde hair with lavender tips isn’t enough purple for you, consider a platinum and lavender melt. With this astonishing hair color, it appears as if the lavender hue is literally melting into your platinum strands.

#40. Half-up Platinum Top Knot

woman with Half up Platinum Top Knot hair

The great thing about this half-up platinum top knot is that it can easily be dressed up or down, going from day to night without skipping a beat. It also looks extra spectacular when your roots are slightly grown out, offering some intricate dimension.

#41. Platinum Dreadlocks

woman with Platinum Dreadlocks hair

Do your dreadlocks need a makeover, but you don’t want to get rid of them entirely? A hair color change can be all it takes to fall in love with your dreads all over again – and the platinum blonde is a modern and superb choice you won’t regret.

#42. Platinum Waterfall Braid

woman with Platinum Waterfall Braid hair

Adding subtle waterfall braids around the face isn’t just a great idea to keep your hair out of your face – but also to add a dreamy twist to your appearance. Let’s face it – waterfall braids simply have a lovely and graceful look to them, especially when adorned with platinum blonde.

#43. Icy Platinum Undercut Bob

woman with Icy Platinum Undercut Bob hair

Babes with feisty attitudes need a haircut that suits their personality – and this is it. An icy platinum undercut bob has all the elements of a daring look, ensuring you have a fiery look that’s surprisingly easy to maintain.

#44. Platinum Fishtail Braid

woman with Platinum Fishtail Braid hair

All braids look fantastic when worn with platinum-blonde hair, but you can take things to an all-new level by opting for a fishtail braid. Fishtail braids are known for their intricate craftsmanship while displaying a picture-perfect, womanly finish.

#45. Platinum Blunt Bob with Inward Curls

woman with Platinum Blunt Bob with Inward Curls hair

Whether you want to look professional for an upcoming business meeting or bedazzle at your upscale date on Friday night, these platinum blonde inward curls will do the trick. They have a sophisticated silhouette that looks fab while framing the face exquisitely.

#46. Platinum Pigtails with Scrunchies

woman with Platinum Pigtails with Scrunchies hair

When you need an energetic and fun hairstyle for an informal gathering, look no further than these platinum pigtails with scrunchies! This adorable hairstyle has a youthful approach that you can enjoy any time of day.

#47. Platinum with Chocolate Lowlights

woman with Platinum with Chocolate Lowlights hair

Compelling contrast? You got it! Adding chocolate lowlights to a platinum blonde base is a quick and fabulous way to add complexity to your mane. The duo are staunchly different, breaking up the uniformity of the blonde with a darker shade designed to create wowing depth.

#48. Platinum Asymmetrical Bob

woman with Platinum Asymmetrical Bob hair

Asymmetrical bobs are confident and high-fashion on their own, but you can up the ante by choosing a platinum blonde hair color to go with it. Keep your locks stick-straight to enhance the posh appearance of this hairstyle.

#49. Vintage Platinum Pin Curls

woman with Vintage Platinum Pin Curls hair

This blast-from-the-past hairstyle is one reserved for special occasions when you definitely want to be remembered! Although originally from the 1940s, this timeless style still looks dapper to this day – especially when worn with platinum blonde tresses.

#50. Platinum Bun with Braided Wrap

woman with Platinum Bun with Braided Wrap hair

Buns can be boring – yes, even if you’ve adopted a platinum-blonde hair color. Zhuzh things up a pinch and adds intricate detailing by wrapping your crown with a standard three-strand braid. Don’t forget to upload this amazing hairstyle to your social media accounts!

#51. Platinum Locks with Pastel Tips

woman with Platinum Locks with Pastel Tips hair

Why settle for one color when you can have all the colors? Creative girlies who want their tresses to be a colorful masterpiece will love that platinum blonde provides the perfect palette for various shades, from flirty pastel pink to dreamy baby blues and beyond.

#52. Platinum Updo with a Crown Braid

woman with Platinum Updo with a Crown Braid hair

A platinum blonde updo is already one of the most elegant hairstyles you can wear. However, if you want more detail in your updo, you can always add a classy crown braid. Leave a few strands around the face to keep things fashion-forward.

#53. Platinum Shag Cut with Bangs

woman with Platinum Shag Cut with Bangs hair

If you haven’t heard already, shag cuts are extremely popular in 2024. The carefree attitude is one that everyone is looking to achieve. Don’t think platinum blonde is too chic for this retro look – it looks incredible, and this hairstyle proves it. Don’t forget some cute bangs!

#54. Platinum Blonde with a Deep Side Part

woman with Platinum Blonde with a Deep Side Part hair

Middle parts might be all the rage right now, but you can still wear a deep side part and look sensational and fashionable. Just look at this hairstyle! The deep side adds a hint of drama and confidence every woman can appreciate.

#55. Tousled Platinum Lob

woman with Tousled Platinum Lob hair

Who doesn’t love the good ole bedhead look? You can swiftly achieve this look and add an effortless touch of style simply by tousling things up a bit. You can use some product and your own hands to recreate this style in a flash.

#56. Platinum and Rose Gold Streaks

woman with Platinum and Rose Gold Streaks hair

Platinum blonde is chic, and rose gold is feminine. Combine the two, and you can ensure a graceful appearance that’s still plenty fashion-forward and trendy. Allow the colors to intermingle beautifully by opting for some very loose waves.

#57. Platinum Blonde with Baby Bangs

woman with Platinum Blonde with Baby Bangs hair

Those with oval or longer face shapes should highly consider this hairstyle. Of course, the platinum blonde hair will look amazing, but including a set of baby bangs will help shorten your facial structure, completely transforming your appearance (in the best way possible).

#58. Platinum-Stacked Bob

woman with Platinum Stacked Bob hair

Ladies with thinner hair who want to give their platinum bob more life can easily do so. All you have to do is ask your hairstylist for a stacked bob instead. The stacking nature of this haircut creates visually-appealing volume you’ll love.

#59. Platinum High Ponytail

woman with Platinum High Ponytail hair

High ponytails are a definite “IT” girl hairstyle. Naturally, they look even more modern and eye-catching when done with platinum blonde hair. Ariana Grande has nothing on this exquisite and high-end ponytail!

#60. Platinum Blonde Balayage Ombre

woman with Platinum Blonde Balayage Ombre hair

Subtle contrast can go a long way when it comes to platinum blonde hair. Choose a platinum blonde balayage ombre to add bits and pieces of darker streaks throughout your mane, ensuring your tresses have desirable depth.

#61. Platinum Top Knot with Undercut

woman with Platinum Top Knot with Undercut hair

This hairstyle is all about the “E’s”: elegance and edginess. Yet, even the fierce babes of the world can transform their daring haircut into something truly magnificent! All it takes is a stunning topknot paired with a bold undercut.

#62. Curly Platinum Afro

woman with Curly Platinum Afro hair

Embrace the natural texture of your hair and make every curl the focal point by opting for a platinum blonde shade. Just make sure you’re using curl-enhancing products to keep your coils in tip-top shape!

#63. Platinum Blonde with Chunky Highlights

woman with Platinum Blonde with Chunky Highlights hair

Chunky highlights were popular in the 90s, but they’re making quite the revival. Experiment with chunky highlights to give your platinum-blonde hair some essential dimension. Choose natural shades like brown or darker blonde, or go bold with reds, blues, pinks, and more.

#64. Platinum Blonde Pixie with an Undercut

Sure, we talked about the hairstyle for the “E’s.” But this look is all about the “D’s.” We’re talking delicate and daring. A platinum blonde pixie with an undercut blends the darling nature of a somewhat lengthy pixie with a fearless undercut. 

#65. Platinum Blonde Dreadlocks

woman with Platinum Blonde Dreadlocks hai

Who said your “traditional” dreadlocks had to stay that way? Give your dreads a breath of new, modern life by opting for a platinum blonde shade. Sure, it’s unconventional, but you’re someone who likes to test the boundaries anyway, aren’t you?

#66. Voluminous Platinum Bouffant

woman with Voluminous Platinum Bouffant hair

This look can easily be described as a head-turner. This flawless volume will make your platinum blonde locks bounce with every single step. With this voluptuous ‘do, you can pay homage to retro glam while indulging in a contemporary attitude.

#67. Platinum Blonde with Cobalt Blue Streaks

woman with Platinum Blonde with Cobalt Blue Streaks hair

We mentioned plenty of playful colors, but if you prefer something more striking, go with an electric shade like cobalt blue. These prominent blue tones are precisely what every rock-and-roll queen needs in her platinum-blonde life.

#68. Platinum Slicked-Back Ponytail

woman with Platinum Slicked Back Ponytail hair

If you want to take your platinum blonde ponytail from “casual” to “Red Carpet-ready,” you’ll need some hair product to slick it back. Yup, it’s that easy – although we also recommend matching your clothing and accessories to suit the posh occasion.

#69. Platinum Blonde Space Buns

woman with Platinum Blonde Space Buns hair

When it comes to spry and adorable hairstyles, things don’t get much cuter than space buns! Although these are typically found at musical festivals, they’re charming enough to be worn to any laid-back event where you want to look like an absolute doll.

#70. Platinum Halo Braid

woman with Platinum Halo Braid hair

Platinum blonde hair may be chic, but there’s no denying it has an angelic err. Enhance the celestial nature of this hair color by interlocking your tresses into a halo braid. Add some braids on the ends, too, if you’re craving more intricate weaving.

#71. Platinum Mohawk with Shaved Sides

woman with Platinum Mohawk with Shaved Sides hair 1

OK, girl. It’s time to finally unleash your inner rebel and get a hairstyle to match! This platinum blonde mohawk with shaved sides is undoubtedly not for the faint of heart. It’s reserved solely for the gals who don’t mind getting all the attention.

#72. Platinum Blonde Box Braids

Do your classic box braids need a style update? Then, it’s time to go for something more contemporary and captivating – platinum blonde box braids. While certainly not the “typical” way to wear this protective style, there’s no denying that it’s hip and modern.

#73. Platinum Blonde with a Lavender Underlayer

woman with Platinum Blonde with a Lavender Underlayer hair

Adding a splash of lavender underneath your platinum hair creates an element of surprise that’s always incredible. Plus, when you wear your hair in specific ways – for example, a ponytail – you get to show off the duo in fun new ways.

#74. Platinum Side-Swept Bangs

woman with Platinum Side Swept Bangs hair

Side-swept bangs (especially platinum blonde ones!) are some of the most popular types of bangs out there, and it’s easy to see why. Playfully sweeping over one eye, they create a flirty silhouette that every woman enjoys. 

#75. Platinum Crown Braid with Loose Ends

woman with Platinum Crown Braid with Loose Ends hair

If you want to stand out with ethereal charm, don’t overthink it. Sometimes, it’s as simple as weaving the right type of braid. For example, this platinum crown braid is restricted to around the face, while the rest of the hair dangles below. So enchanting!

#76. Platinum Asymmetrical Lob

woman with Platinum Asymmetrical Lob hair

It’s time to bring your lob into 2024 and shake things up a bit, and this is the answer. Choose an asymmetrical cut to indulge in something more fashionable and unique. Then, douse your tresses in an illuminating platinum blonde hair color to bring it all together.

#77. Platinum Hair with a Dark Undercut

woman with Platinum Hair with Dark Undercut hair

If you’re not afraid to be daring with your hairstyle, then you might add this one to your list of “must-tries.” Featuring a platinum pixie with a dark undercut, this look has plenty of dimension and depth – which can be hard to find when you choose platinum blonde hair color.

#78. Platinum and Pastel Rainbow Mix

The “unicorn” look is one that’s definitely popular, and it’s easy to see why. The mix of delicate and powerful colors is nothing short of wowing, and you’ll undoubtedly be the talk of the town wherever you go. Enjoy this rainbow mix with your platinum base!

#79. Platinum Hair with Exposed Roots

If you expose your darker roots, you can make your platinum-blonde hair look slightly more natural. Well, you can also cut down on your trips to the salon and enjoy some contrast you wouldn’t otherwise have.

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