63 Captivating Curled Hairstyles We Are Crushing On Right Now

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Written by Rachel Miller

Updated: April 21, 2024

Nothing beats the timeless allure of curls. No matter the occasion, curling your hair takes any hairstyle up a notch and elevates your whole look. And with so many different curl types, there’s always something to suit your style!

So, sit back, grab your best heat protectant, and get ready for the 63 captivating curled hairstyles we are crushing on right now (and you will, too)! Let’s jump in!

Voluminous Waves with a Side Part

Side-parted voluminous waves are a simple way to get a bombshell-level style with extra sophistication. Use a large-barrel curling iron or wand to get these waves and part your hair to the side for that extra something-something. 

#2. Loose Curls on Ombre Highlights

Loose Curls with Ombre Highlights

Loose curls are just what you need to uplift your ombre highlights. No matter how long your hair is, these loose curls bring more volume and texture, enhancing the look of the ombre highlights for a bigger and brighter look! Use a barrel curler for those perfectly loose curls.

#3. Copper Vintage Curls

Copper Vintage Curls

If you’re a retro glam girlie, go for copper vintage curls. The color and curl type scream vintage, with a rustic and warm copper color for an elegant and inviting glow and classic vintage curls for that pinch of pinup girl pizzazz.

#4. Tapered Curled Bob

Tapered Curled Bob

The tapered curly bob is fit for any hair type, whether you have natural curls you need to revive or want a good base for style curls to shine. The tapered shape flawlessly frames your face while setting the tone to showcase those beautiful curls.

#5. Long Loose Curls on Ash Blonde

Ash Blonde Long Loose Curls

If you want to amp up your ash blonde’s natural glow, you need yourself some long, loose curls. Even if your curls are all-natural, the cascading curls are just the thing to give your look a luxurious beachy twist.

#6. Braided Crown on Waterfall Curls

Waterfall Curls with a Braided Crown

Get all those princess vibes with a braided crown on waterfall curls. Paired together, the flowing waterfall curls and crown braids bring an effortlessly enchanting aesthetic to medium and long hair, both thick and thin.

#7. Soft Curls with an Infinity Braid

Diamond Infinity Braid with Soft Curls

Bring your look tribal meets avant-garde kind of look with soft curls and a diamond infinity braid. The intricate infinity braid is a small touch that brings an edgy primal vibe and a cool contrast to the elegant soft curls.

#8. Sexy Textured Beach Waves

Sexy Textured Beach Waves

Enter your beach babe era with some sexy textured beach waves. These waves are perfect for any hair that’s shoulder length or beyond, giving breezy movement that mermaids would be jealous of! All you need is a large curling ward, or you can use your flat iron and finish the look with salt spray for that extra seaside essence.

#9. Spiral Curls in a High Ponytail

High Ponytail with Spiral Curls

If you’ve got spiral curls, we’ve got just the easy do for you! A high ponytail is effortlessly chic, making a lively lift for your natural curls. Even if you have straight hair, giving yourself some spiral curls with a smaller iron and a high pony can still create a lovely look.

#10. Brunette Balayage with Polished Curls

Brunette Balayage with Polished Curls

Want to give your brunette balayage an extra lift without sacrificing the sophisticated aesthetic? All you need is some polished curls. These perfected curls enhance the definition of the brunette balayage to bring more depth and movement, all with a refined vibe.

#11. Voluminous Golden Blonde Curls with a Side Part

Side Part with Voluminous Golden Blonde Curls

Get that va-va-voom look by styling your golden blonde curls with a side part. Whether your curls are natural or created with an iron, a side part is a simple yet super-stylish way to level up your look with more volume and movement.

#12. Layered A-Line Cut with Defined Curls

Layered A Line Cut with Defined Curls

Turn up the volume on your natural texture with an A-line cut and defined curls. The shaping and layering of the A-line haircut create the perfect structure for your true curls to shine. And all you’ll need to get those defined curls is your favorite curl-defining cream! Easy peasy!

#13. Long Retro Curls

Long Hair with Retro Curls

Go back in time and give yourself a timeless red-carpet-ready look with long retro curls. This look is equal parts vintage class and vivaciousness, bringing a whole lot of volume and movement to thick and thin hair alike!

#14. Cascading Curls for a Wedding

Cascading Curls for a Wedding

Need a quick and easy but super stylish look for an upcoming wedding? Go for classic cascading curls. This simple change creates a whole new look with elevated elegance (and minimal effort).

#15. Thick Curls with Side Bangs

Wavy Thick Curls with Side Bangs

If you need a way to energize your thick hair, all you need are some curls and a cute side bang! Curls create even texture and more volume for your tresses with an extra dose of sleek style from the side bang.

#16. Curls with Long Curtain Bangs

Curls with Long Curtain Bangs

Curls with long curtain bangs are the perfect way to create a gallery-worthy frame for your face. This works well with any curl type and face shape, making this a versatile look that always passes the vibe check.

#17. Half-Up Curls with an Infinity Braid

Half Up Diamond Infinity Braid with Curls

Give your look a charming twist by styling your curls in a half-updo with an infinity braid accent. The curls bring a soft, delicate vibe, refined by the half-up style, with the infinity braid for that little pinch of edginess.

#18. Blonde Bob with Curled Ends

Blonde Curled End Bob

If you’re looking for something chic and effortless, you’ve got to try a blonde bob with curled ends. The color and cut bring a lighter, brighter aesthetic for that bubbly-girl vibe, amplified by bouncy curled ends.

#19. Glamorous High Ponytail with Curls

Glamorous High Ponytail with Curls

Separately, curls or a glamorous high pony are enough to take your look to the next level. But together? That’s when you get something truly iconic. All you need to do is curl your hair, put it up in a glamorous high ponytail, and you’re all set! You can even add a fancy hairpiece to step it up.

#20. Vintage S-Wave Curls

Vintage S Wave Curls

Get that golden age glam with some vintage S-wave curls. These super retro waves may take a little more effort than the average curls, but the result is undeniably worth it. To get this look, use a regular-sized curling iron and pin your curls to cool before brushing them into S-shaped waves.

#21. Cascading Curls with a Fishtail Braid

Cascading Curls with a Fishtail Braid

Add some enchanting elegance to your style with cascading curls and a fishtail braid. The cascading curls add a graceful flow to even the finest and straightest hair, while the fishtail braid gives this look a subtle beachy twist.

#22. Textured Beach Waves in a High Ponytail

Textured Beach Wave High Ponytail

Looking for a low-effort and maximum-slay kind of look? Go for textured beach waves done up in a high ponytail. This style brings a cool beachy look but takes it up a notch with a high-class high ponytail.

#23. Loose Curls with an Undercut

Loose Curls with Undercut

Embrace your edgy side without losing any elegance with loose curls and an undercut. This contrast brings an unexpected balance to your whole aesthetic, highlighting your multifaceted personality. Why just have one aesthetic?

#24. Curls on Chunky Blonde Balayage

Chunky Blonde Balayage Curls

If you’re going to go big and bold, you’d better go all the way! Get that bold blonde bombshell look with a chunky blonde balayage style in curls. The curls bring out the chunky highlights, amplifying the luminous dimension and adding full-bodied volume.

#25. Long Hair with Finger Waves

Long Hair with Finger Waves

Nothing says golden era glamour like long hair with finger waves. This timeless choice has been popular for almost a century, and there’s no wonder why. The controlled texture, sleek finish, and high-class vibes are unbeatable. You can style these finger waves the traditional way or with a flat iron (if you’re looking for an easy route).

#26. Pinned Back Curls with Floral Accents

Pinned Back Curls with Floral Accents

Get all those fairytale vibes with pinned-back curls adorned with floral accents. This cottagecore look is ethereal and easy to achieve. Simply curl and pin back your hair and add a few floral accents (real or fake–it’s all up to you). 

#27. Sultry Red Curls

Sultry Red Curls

Fire up your style with some sultry red curls. This combination of curls and vibrant color brings nothing but flawless flair. Simply curl your hair, and this sultry look is ready to turn heads wherever you go.

#28. Tousled Curls with a Side Part

Tousled Curls with a Side Part

Get a free-spirited and effortless style with tousles curls styled in a side part. These tousled waves frame your face beautifully while giving a breezy effect to any hair density, while the side part brings a pinch of refinement.

#29. Pixie Cut for Soft Curls

Pixie Cut with Soft Curls

Think pixie cuts can’t pull curls off? Think again! This pixie cut is particularly designed to let your natural soft curls steal the show while creating a youthful and fun vibe. And even better? It’s super easy to style!

#30. French Twist with Loose Curls

French Twist with Loose Curls

Do you love the look of a French twist but want something a little more relaxed? Try the style with some loose curls! These curls immediately soften the look, creating a much more graceful and casual-looking French twist.

#31. Mermaid Curls with an Infinity Braid

Mermaid Curls with a Diamond Infinity Braid

Be a part of that world, and go for mermaid curls with an infinity braid! These ethereal curls are easily created with a large curling wand and perfectly texturized for a seaside charm. Then, the infinity braid brings an extra enchanted vibe.

#32. Champagne Blonde Curls with Dark Roots

Champagne Blonde Curls with Dark Roots

Love that bubbly look of blonde curls but want something with just a pinch of modern edge? Go for champagne blonde curls with darker roots. The darker roots add depth and a grungy contrast to the classy champagne blonde curls for an unexpectedly balanced look.

#33. Balayage on Curls with a Side-Swept Fringe

Balayage Curls with a Side Swept Fringe

Lighten up your look with some balayage on curls with a side-swept fringe. This look is a terrific triple threat of styles, bringing the illuminated dimension of the balayage, full-bodied movement of the curls, and the side-swept fringe to finish it off with a chic flair.

#34. Long Shag Cut on Loose Curls

Long Shag Cut with Loose Curls

If you’re looking for a style that really rocks, you need a long shag cut on loose curls. This super-stylish cut comes straight out of the seventies, giving shaggy layers for the perfect lift your loose curls need to rock and roll all day (and night)!

#35. Mohawk for Tight Curls

Mohawk with Tight Curls 1

Feeling bold? Go for a mohawk for tight curls. This cut puts your natural texture on center stage with nothing but daring volume to give the Mowhawk maximum height and shaved sides for that extra edgy aesthetic.

#36. Long Perimeter Layers with Wavy Curls

Long Wavy Curls with Perimeter Layers

Bring your look nothing but sheer elegance with wavy curls on long perimeter layers. The layers are the perfect thing to give thick and thick hair the right amount of volume and texture to set the base for wavy curls to take your look to the top! Create these curls using a large wand or curling iron. It’s just that easy!

#37. Short Bob with Retro Curls

Short Bob with Retro Curls

Go for a timeless throwback style, like a short bob with retro curls. This cut and style is the perfect thing to bring a vintage glam look that adds an unbeatable high-class vibe. All you’ll need is a regular-sized curling iron or small hot rollers and your set. You could even do pin curls to get those traditional retro curls!

#38. Rose Gold Loose Curls

Rose Gold Loose Curls

Nothing brings more luxury to your look than rose gold loose curls. This upscale look is perfect for a simple yet stunning statement that adds drama and fun from the color, amplified by lovely loose curls.

#39. Tapered Afro with Mini Curls

Tapered Afro with Mini Curls

Let your true texture shine with a tapered afro cut on mini curls. This cut doesn’t just embrace your natural mini curls. It celebrates them with maximum height and texture for highly defined curls and a whole lot of style. 

#40. Low Bun with Curled Ends

Low Bun with Curled Ends

Find an elegant yet casual style in a low bun with curled ends. The low bun is a sophisticated style that gets a relaxed facelift by softly curled ends that give more texture to the hair inside the bun, and with some loose strands, these curls give a laidback look.

#41. Ombre Curls with a Deep Side Part

Ombre Curls with a Deep Side Part

Big, bold, and beautiful. That’s how we describe ombre curls with a deep side part. The ombre makes a big impact, brightening up your hair while the deep-side parted waves create bold and beautiful volume and texture that enhances the dimensional look of the ombre color for a dramatic uplift to your look.

#42. A-Line Cut on Voluminous Curls

A Line Cut with Voluminous Curls

If you want your curls to have more definition and volume, go for an A-line cut. While it may seem like your typical clean and polished cut, it gives your curls some TLC, creating full-bodied texture and the perfect structure to let your curls come back even better than before!

#43. Balayage Curls with Curtain Bangs

Balayage Curls with Curtain Bangs

Old meets new in balayage curls with curtain bangs. This newer coloring technique adds lightness and dimension to your hair for more movement, magnified by the curls. And then the curtain bangs bring sweep in to give a relaxed yet refined vibe for that perfect finishing touch.

#44. Asymmetrical Bob for Tight Curls

Asymmetrical Bob with Tight Curls

Bring your tight curls some contemporary charm with an asymmetrical bob. This modern take on the timeless bob is perfect for infusing some bold style into your hair while still giving your curls the shaping they need to stand out.

#45. Wavy High Ponytail with a French Braid

Wavy High Ponytail with a French Braid

If you’re looking for an elevated yet effortless-looking updo, go for a wavy high ponytail fitted with a French braid. This combination of elegant hairstyles creates a multifaceted and magnificent look for any occasion.

#46. Waterfall Curls with An Infinity-Braided Twist

Waterfall Curls with Diamond Infinity Braid

Need a simple yet striking style? Go for waterfall curls with a twist or infinity braid accent. The waterfall curls are flawless and flowing, enhancing all hair densities with maximum style. Then, the infinity braid brings a charming twist to the look for an even more elevated aesthetic.

#47. Middle-Parted Bohemian Curls

Bohemian Curls with a Middle Part

Balance out your curly hair with middle-parted Bohemian curls. These tiny ringlets can be created from tight natural curls, or styled with a small curling iron or curlers for nothing but free-spirited bouncy and texture, while the middle part brings an undeniable softness for a more relaxed vibe.

#48. High Ponytail with Chunky Curls

Chunky Curl High Ponytail

Need a quick and easy updo that makes a statement? Go for a high ponytail with chunky curls. This laidback curling method brings vibrantly voluminous curls with tons of body and bounce. Then, you can style them in a high ponytail for an extra trendy lift.

#49. Edgy Angled Bob with Curled Ends

Edgy Angled Bob with Curled Ends

For a soft yet slightly gritty look, go for an edgy angled bob with curled ends. The edgy cut creates a stunningly sleek shape that frames your face. Then, the curled ends bring a soft and sophisticated touch to the look.

#50. Hollywood Glam Curls

Hollywood Glam Curls 2

Turn back time, and give yourself some retro red carpet vibes with Hollywood glam curls. Perfect for any hair density, these soft curls bring a vintage flair with elegant texture and serious volume.

#51. Loose Curls in Double Dutch Braids

Double Dutch Braids with Loose Curls

Enhance your laidback look with some loose curls in double-dutch braids. These inverted braids are super trendy and bring an effortless aesthetic to any look. But the loose curls keep these braids just a cut above casual for some subtle sophistication.

#52. Layered Spiral Curls

Layered Spiral Curls

Adding layers to your hair is the perfect way to energize your natural spiral curls. Alternatively, styled spiral curls can seriously enhance your layers. This versatile may be simple, but it can create a whole new look for you with volume, texture, movement, and more!

#53. High Bun with Curled Bangs

High Ponytail with Curled Bangs

A high bun with curled bangs is an easy and elegant updo you can wear anywhere. All it takes is wrapping your hair in a bun and curling some strands and your bands for a little extra flair. Sophistication in seconds? Yes, please!

#54. Blunt Cut with Polished Curls

Blunt Cut with Polished Curls

Structurize your style with some polished curls in a blunt cut. Whether these are styled or natural curls, they relax the straight and lean lines of the blunt cut for a softer and slightly edgier vibe.

#55. Curls with a Tapered Nape

Curls with Tapered Nape 1

Bring your classic curly hairstyle a modern twist with a tapered nape. This simple upgrade infuses your style with an edgy vibe that gives the illusion of more volume and makes styling a little easier.

#56. Twisted Bun with Loosely Curled Accents

Twisted Bun with Loose Curl Accents

If you want something polished yet playful, go for a twisted bun with loosely curled accents. All you have to do is twist your hair up in a simple bun for that simple sophistication, and then pull out some loose strands and curl them for a flirty flair.

#57. Shoulder-Length Bob with Beach Waves

Shoulder Length Bob with Beach Waves

Looking for something lovely yet laidback? Get a shoulder-length bob with beach waves. This casual cut gives any hair type a stylish shape with volume and body, which sets the perfect tone for beach waves to create an even more relaxed elegance.

#58. Long Curls with an Undercut

Long Curls with an Undercut

Bring your long and luscious locks some modern grit with some lovely curls and an edgy undercut. These two opposite vibes come together to create a captivating contrast that will have you getting compliments everywhere you go.

#59. Crown Braid with Spiral Curls

Crown Braid with Spiral Curls

Create a stunning and slightly whimsical aesthetic by styling your hair in spiral curls with a crown braid. Even for natural spiral curls, a cute crown braid is just the thing to take your look to the next level. It’s a simple, stunning style that looks good for any occasion.

#60. Classic Pin Curls

Classic Pin Curls

Soft, simple, and oh-so-timeless, there’s no better effortlessly elegant style than classic pin curls. These simple curls bring a refined and vintage glam vibe to any hair type. And even better, you’ll have some vivacious waves when you take them out!

#61. Fishtail Braid with Curled Ends

Fishtail Braid with Curled Ends

Find a balance between relaxed and refined with a fishtail braid and curled ends. This intricate braid brings a relaxed and almost beachy vibe, while the curled ends give the whole look a sophisticated lift.

#62. Short Curls with Shaved Sides

Short Curls with Shaved Sides

Feeling bold? Go for a spunky cut with short curls and shaved sides. This fauxhawk-inspired look creates contrast and texture that radiates confidence, with a short curly top for an added flirty flair.

#63. Long Layered Curls with a Side Fringe

Long Layered Curls with a Side Fringe

Bring your look a lovely, luxurious type of edge with long, layered curls and a side fringe. The layers give volume and even more texture for natural and styled curls to bring massive movement. Then, the side fringe brings that effortlessly edgy touch.

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