Get Ready To Fall In Love With These 39 Cute Curtain Bangs Hairstyles

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Written by Rachel Miller

Updated: May 7, 2024

Curtain bangs are one of the hottest hairstyle trends this year. This effortlessly stylish cut blends ‘70s chic with a modern edge for the perfect old-meets-new aesthetic that can complement almost any haircut and face shape. Talk about versatility!

If you haven’t already jumped on the curtain-bang bandwagon, you will by the end of this article!

We enlisted the help of Amy Abramite, creative director and stylist at Maxine Salon in Chicago, to give us some insight into all things curtain bangs.


Meet The Expert

Amy Abramite is the creative director and a stylist at Maxine Salon in Chicago.

“The distinct features of a curtain bang are a short length in the middle and longer lengths on the sides that sweep away from the face,” Abramite tells us. “It’s worn with a center part to open like draping curtains.”

“The curtain bang pushes much-needed density toward the temporal area making it look thicker,” Abramite continues. “Cowlicks on the hairline can be pesky so it’s essential to tame them through styling for the look to work. Curtain bangs can also minimize the appearance of taller and wider foreheads making face shapes look smaller.”

Textured Curtain Bangs with Beach Waves

Give your beach babe look a boost by finishing your beachy waves with textured curtain bangs. These soft bangs connect your hairstyle while adding to the carefree look of your beachy waves. Style your bangs with a round brush and blow dryer for that extra-chic touch.

#2. Curtain Fringe on Platinum Blonde 

Platinum Blonde Curtain Fringe

A curtain fringe bang on platinum blonde brings the ultimate triple threat of trends to your look. You get the bold brightness of the platinum blonde with the combined styles of the flawless fringe bang that transitions into curtain bangs for an effortlessly edgy yet elegant aesthetic.

#3. Ombre Curtain Bangs Transitioning from Brunette to Blonde

Ombre Curtain Bangs Transitioning from Brunette to Blonde

If you want to give your highlights an even bigger lift, add soft ombre curtain bangs that transition from your natural brunette to blonde. The gentle transition from the cut and ombre keeps things soft while brightening the look of your blonde highlights (and facial features).

#4. Wispy Curtain Bangs for Fine Hair

Wispy Curtain Bangs for Fine Hair

Does your fine hair need a light and airy twist with wispy curtain bangs? These lightly texturized bangs create a soft movement that fine hair desperately needs without going too crazy with layering.

#5. Voluminous Curtain Bangs for Short Hair

Voluminous Curtain Bangs for Short Hair

Bring some life to your short hair with voluminous curtain bangs. The volume of these bangs gives the illusion that all of your hair has more height and body. Then, they softly cascade down to frame your face and fit into your hairstyle.

#6. Curtain Bangs Paired with Low Bun

Curtain Bangs Paired with Low Bun

Give yourself that perfectly undone bun with curtain bangs paired with a low bun. The bun gives a polished yet laid-back style, enhanced by the face-framing curtain bangs. Even better, this look works on any hair type.

#7. Sleek Curtain Bangs for Asian Hair

Sleek Curtain Bangs for Asian Hair

Asian hair is iconic for being thick and super-straight. So, if you want to give yours a little more movement without taking away from the sleek style, curtain bangs are your best bet. You can even give them more volume and shape with a simple shot with a round brush and blow dryer. 

#8. Asymmetrical Curtain Bangs

Asymmetrical Curtain Bangs

Love curtain bangs, but want something a little more contemporary? You need asymmetrical curtain bangs! This new take on the traditional trend features uneven lengths for a super-edgy aesthetic that can modernize any hairstyle while keeping the things about curtain bangs you know and love.

#9. Curtain Bangs with a High Ponytail

Curtain Bangs with a High Ponytail

Find a balance between casual and elegant by pairing curtain bangs with a high ponytail. A high ponytail can effortlessly elevate any hairstyle, while the curtain bangs keep things casual and stylish.

#10. Grungy Curtain Bangs with Dark Roots

Grungy Curtain Bangs with Dark Roots

Level up your grunge girl aesthetic with grungy curtain bags with dark roots. The deep contrast between dark roots and a lighter color (like red or blonde) works with the messy texture of the grungy curtain bangs to create an eye-catching and edgy style.

#11. Curtain Bangs for Thick Wavy Hair

Curtain Bangs for Thick Wavy Hair

Give your thick and wavy hair some lightweight shaping (without touching those beautiful waves). This soft transition of this bang-cutting technique blends seamlessly into the natural movement of wavy hair while creating a softer frame for your face.

#12. Bob Cut with Layered Curtain Bangs

Layered Curtain Bangs with a Bob Cut

A bob cut with layered curtain bangs is the perfect soft yet striking style. The bob cut is famous for creating a chic shape with volume and body for any hair texture, softened by layered curtain bangs that are well-loved for their flawless face-framing style.

#13. Side Swept Curtain Bangs

Side Swept Curtain Bangs

If you love the look of curtain bangs but you’re looking for something with just a bit more, sweep those bad boys to the side! Side-swept curtain bangs still frame your face, but the fuller transition across your forehead makes for a fuller and slightly edgy style.

#14. Blunt Curtain Bangs for Square Faces

Blunt Curtain Bangs for Square Faces

Some might say that blunt bangs aren’t for square-shaped faces. But whoever said that has never seen these blunt curtain bangs. This combination of cutting techniques creates the perfect frame for a square face. And it looks great with almost any hairstyle and on any hair type. 

#15. Vintage Curtain Bangs

Curtain Bangs with a Vintage Vibe

Vintage curtain bangs are an essential part of that retro look. No matter what type of hair you have, this 70’s style will bring a groovy charm to your look while creating a soft frame for your face to steal the spotlight.

#16. Half Updo with Flowing Curtain Bangs

Half Updo with Flowing Curtain Bangs

A half updo with flowing curtain bangs is all you need for a style that screams soft sophistication. Whether your hair is straight or curly, this hairstyle is bound to bring an elevated sense of elegance to your hair, only enhanced by the flowing curtain bangs.

#17. Curtain Bangs on Natural Coily Hair

Curtain Bangs on Natural Coily Hair

Don’t foil your coils! Enhance them with some curtain bangs! This small change makes a big impact, freshening up your style and giving it more balance without touching your natural texture.

#18. Curtain Bangs for the Oval-Shaped Face

Curtain Bangs for the Oval Shaped Face

If you think having an oval-shaped face means you won’t look good with curtain bangs, prepare to stand corrected! This cutting technique is customized to suit oval faces for a flawless fringed effect that softens and complements your features.

#19. Curtain Bangs for Long-Layered Hair

Curtain Bangs for Long Layered Hair

Curtain bangs are the cherry on top of any long-layered hairstyle. They bring the illusion of more fullness and some extra dimension in the front. Best of all, you can style them almost any way you want, blending into the versatility of your long layers.

#20. Choppy Curtain Bangs

Choppy Curtain Bangs for a Textured Look

Looking to add some extra texture to your style? Go for choppy curtain bangs! The choppy texture of these curtain bangs creates a serious contemporary edge that revives even the thinnest or finest hair while keeping the charm of curtain bangs.

#21. Undercut with Curtain Bangs

Curtain Bangs with Undercut

Give your avante-garde undercut a trendy and classic twist by adding curtain bangs. The contrast between the soft curtain bangs and the edgy undercut makes for an eye-catching style with more versatility than the average undercut.

#22. Curtain Bangs for Pixie Cuts

Curtain Bangs for Pixie Cuts 1

Soften up your pixie cut with some sweeping curtain bangs. It’s a small change that adds a gentle and feminine touch to the iconically edgy pixie cut to create a more refined and elegant aesthetic.

#23. Curtain Bangs for Loose Curls

Loose Curl Curtain Bangs

Bring a chic twist to your curls with curtain bangs cut just for them. These curtain bangs blend in with your natural texture while adding a controlled connection that provides a soft and subtle frame for almost any face shape.

#24. Curtain Bangs for a Heart-Shaped Face

Curtain Bangs for a Heart Shaped Face

Enhance your heart-shaped face with curtain bangs that soften your forehead, draw attention to your eyes, and, most importantly, won’t weigh your face down. No matter what kind of hair you have, these bangs will look fab and flattering.

#25. French Girl Chic Curtain Bangs

French Girl Chic Curtain Bangs

Get that Parisian flair with French-girl-chic curtain bangs. This look combines the trendy fringe technique with draping curtain bangs to create a runway-ready look that exudes a carefree yet elegant aura.

#26. Curtain Bangs for Thick Curly Hair

Curtain Bangs for Thick Curly Hair

Bring a trendy flair to your look without changing a thing about your natural hair with simple curly-cut curtain bangs. Instead of manipulating or changing your curls, this easy addition complements them with soft framing and seamless blending.

#27. Curtain Bangs with Balayage

Curtain Bangs with Balayage

If you’re looking for relaxed radiance, you’ll find it in curtain bangs with balayage. This cut and color combo merges beautiful balayage with charming curtain bangs for an enchanting style that doesn’t just frame your face but also gives it a nice golden glow.

#28. Retro Glam Curtain Bangs

Retro Glam Curtain Bangs

Embrace your inner bombshell babe with retro-glam curtain bangs. These chic bangs bring a face-flattering shape with a swinging style for a vivacious vintage-inspired aesthetic that screams classic diva.

#29. Curtain Bangs on a Short Bob

Curtain Bangs for Short Bob

Curtain bangs are a quiet complement to the shapely short bob, adding soft texture and gentle movement that enhances the look but doesn’t overwhelm the classic sleekness of the short bob.

#30. Double-Tiered Curtain Bangs

Double Tiered Curtain Bangs

Take advantage of your full and thick hair with double-tiered curtain bangs. These double-tiered bangs bring lightweight yet full-bodied volume to give your thick hair a layered look with a softer flow.

#31. Platinum Blonde Hair with Curtain Bangs

Curtain Bangs for Platinum Blonde Hair

If you didn’t think platinum could get better, think again! Curtain bangs elevate the delicate and almost ethereal look platinum blonde can bring for a more approachable (yet still eye-catching) aesthetic.

#32. Curtain Bangs with Braids

Curtain Bangs with Braids

Bring a Bohemian flair to your look with curtain bangs and braids. Braids make an effortlessly laid-back boho aesthetic, which you can elevate with the soft fringe of the classic curtain bang. Plus, you’ll have beautiful beachy waves when you take out the braids.

#33. Curtain Bangs for Thick Straight Hair

Curtain Bangs for Thick Straight Hair

Give your thick, straight hair some lightweight flair with curtain bangs! This tiny change can make a huge impact, giving your hair the illusion of layers (or more layers) and creating a dynamic movement that uplifts thick and heavy hair.

#34. Wet-Look Curtain Bangs

Wet Look Curtain Bangs

Going for an extra-edgy vibe? You need curtain bangs with that wet look. This bold and striking take on the classic curtain bangs creates a much sleeker look to create your own texture and movement for the perfect kind of grunge for your aesthetic.

#35. Tousled Curtain Bangs

Tousled Curtain Bangs

Looking for that easy-breezy oceanside aesthetic? Go for tousled curtain bangs. This hot take on curtain bangs pairs with your natural tousles to bring your beachy look to the next level, creating a salt-air-inspired texture for a carefree charm slightly softened by the tousled curtain bangs.

#36. Wavy Curtain Bangs for Square Faces

Wavy Curtain Bangs for Square Faces

Are you scared to try curtain bangs because you think they won’t fit your face shape or hair type? Take a deep breath, and try wavy curtain bangs custom-cut for square face shapes. The soft and wavy bangs blend into your natural texture while creating a slightly chic flair.

#37. Pin Straight Curtain Bangs

Pin Straight Curtain Bangs

Pin-straight curtain bangs are perfect if you’re into the more simple and low-key kind of look. These curtain bangs bring a sleek edge that blends into any medium or longer haircut for the perfect polished finish. 

#38. Curtain Bangs on an Afro-Cut

Curtain Bangs for Afro Textured Hair

Think your afro can’t get some curtain bang action? Guess again! These curtain bangs are specially designed to complement your natural texture while giving your Afro all the benefits of the curtain bang.

#39. Spiky Curtain Bangs

Spiky Curtain Bangs for an Edgy Look

Are you looking for a punchy and punky style? Get some spiky curtain bangs for an edgy look. These bold bangs take the classic curtain look and crank it up for a spunky texture that gives any hairstyle a punk-inspired look.

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