Older Women Are Loving These 100+ Flattering Short Haircuts

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Written by Rachel Miller

Updated: July 10, 2024

Sure, the phrase might be long hair, don’t care. But after seeing these 100+ flattering short haircuts for older women, you’ll be saying short hair, don’t care. Why? Because these short styles are absolutely stunning, you’re sure to find the cut right for you.

Shorter haircuts are excellent for older women in the world. For one, they’re far easier to maintain compared to longer styles, which anyone will appreciate. For two, the shorter nature will ensure your hair achieves maximum body and bounce – essential for maintaining a youthful appearance.

Whether you love the edginess of a sleek pixie haircut or prefer a shoulder-length ‘do with plenty of lovely curls, you can find your next short haircut on this impressive roundup of 100+ short haircuts for older women!

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magnific u1NYhzrGbksuPgIlPQZl classic bob soft curls

A classic bob is a “classic” for a reason. It’s infinitely charming and cute and is an excellent length for every lady, especially an older one. To achieve maximum bounce and femininity, consider adding some soft curls into the mix.

#2. Platinum Blonde Pixie Cut

magnific EFNQ5ZkggLYvCe7OLWVZ Platinum Blonde Pixie Cut

Do you prefer a look that’s a bit more feisty? Try on this edgy cut for size! This pixie offers just the right amount of length for some gentle tousling to make things fun and exciting. Doused in a striking platinum shade, it’s also got the perfect amount of posh attitude.

#3. Wavy Bob with Side-Swept Bangs

magnific M4Lep7hdyMTBkemLtdxD Wavy Bob with Side Swept Bangs

If you want to achieve a “girl next door” appearance, it’s not complicated. Start with a cute bob haircut that’s shoulder-length. Then, toss in some lovely waves. Finish with some flirty side-swept bangs, and enjoy your new, coy cut.

#4. Tousled Shaggy Bob

magnific HWAzXzSMfGecQ3fnnL1T Tousled Shaggy Bob

With this tousled shaggy bob, you can indulge in wowing volume while also enjoying a flirty and carefree style. Needless to say, it’s genuinely the best of both worlds and can be a game-changer if you’re struggling with thinner strands that lack liveliness.

#5. Asymmetrical Undercut Pixie

magnific hC8N8mB1oO4fYfIH58nO Asymmetrical Undercut

If your pixie needs a little pizazz, and you’re not afraid to “go there,” we dare you to opt for an asymmetrical undercut pixie haircut. The inclusion of asymmetry and an undercut spices up even the straightest locks for an edgy and cool finish.

#6. Layered Crop with Feathered Fringe

magnific sLXggJqCwb8G2qt3YZW6 Layered Crop with Feathered Fringe

This is undeniably one of the more “classic” looks for older women, but there’s no denying how flawless it is. This mature hairstyle is best suited for thinner tresses, as all of the short layers will add immediate bulk.

#7. Textured Bowl Cut

magnific xNW1DjGCID3nwKFtgoXm Textured Bowl Cut

When you hear the term “bowl cut,” you might want to run for the hills. But rest assured that this is not your “typical” bowl cut. Instead, it’s a modern and feminine approach with plenty of lively texture, ensuring a hip and trendy aesthetic.

#8. Curly Pixie with Tapered Sides

magnific NqtyrtsxU2uI3YKEGGmI Curly Pixie with Tapered Sides

Curly-haired older ladies who want to show off their incredible ringlets while indulging in a low-maintenance look should definitely consider this style! Tapered sides give new life and height to your curly tresses.

#9. Angled Bob with Subtle Highlights

magnific mFb5xAh6WsoeFxjOVFwN Angled Bob with Subtle Highlights

Angles and elegance is the name of the game with this stunnin’ look! Older women will enjoy strategically placed angled layers that add immediate interest and dimension. Yet, at the same time, soft blonde highlights ensure an effortlessly sun-kissed look.

#10. Buzz Cut with Geometric Design

magnific OgLewbzoRlzbMvoNykyw Buzz Cut with Geometric Design

A buzz cut is statement-making on its own, but you can unleash another side of intrigue and excitement by adding a geometric design to your look. This is a great way to show off your personality without ever saying a word.

#11. Chin-Length Bob with Wispy Ends

magnific lcMSedQNKFXcvNyQsUcg Chin Length Bob with Wispy Ends

Choosing wispy ends is an excellent option for gals with thick hair who want to enjoy a shorter cut but are fearful of appearing too “bulky.” Add a subtle amount of waves to create a sophisticated aesthetic that exudes elegance.

#12. Short-Stacked Bob with Volume

magnific M8NF9rTEvFoyN1YCAjam Short Stacked Bob with Volume

If your bob haircut needs more body-ody-ody, it’s simple, ladies. Ask your hairstylist to chop your locks into a stacked bob. Then, use your round brush while blow drying to take your layers to new heights. It’s that simple, but the results are jaw-dropping.

#13. Pixie Cut with Long Side Bangs

magnific YbUtBtCi2tKclJeeL9oP Pixie Cut with Long Side Bangs

Older women who like to add some texture and pizazz to their mane but want the ease of a pixie style should consider this pixie cut with long side bangs. The lengthier side bangs are adorable and offer lots of room for styling.

#14. Blunt Cut with Micro Fringe

magnific wUFGabl1RZVYTMsMFK1c Blunt Cut with Micro Fringe

You can’t go wrong with sleek and stylish haircuts like this! The blunt cut with micro fringe offers lots of structure, which many women appreciate. It also frames the face idyllically, especially if you have a round or oval face shape.

#15. Spiky Faux Hawk

magnific VoxHz53gNsbL9YlEFpdQ Spiky Faux Hawk

If you have a spicy personality, you need a haircut to match. Well, this faux hawk has all the spiciness, allowing you to express your cool side in an instant. Just make sure you have some top-notch gel and holding spray in your inventory.

#16. Rounded Bob with Curtain Bangs

magnific 3IdQFRnTMLiJfFk66xkQ Rounded Bob with Curtain Bangs

Dreaming about chopping your locks into a set of bangs but aren’t sure which style is right for you? Ladies, you can’t go wrong with curtain bangs. They’re quite charming and look amazing on any face shape. Paired with a rounded bob, you can enjoy a trendy and convenient wash-and-go style!

#17. Sleek Bob with a Deep Side Part

magnific NagD3hWOIC35zFZY5yhl Sleek Bob with a Deep Side Part

Older women wanting the idyllic pairing of polished and elegant will love this look! The sleek bob is straightened to perfection using a flat iron for a professional appearance. However, the ultra-deep side part adds some much-needed sass.

#18. Pixie with Shaved Sides and Back

magnific XrsXRZzDrhnr2tUbBE3X Pixie with Shaved Sides and Back

Add an element of daringness to your pixie haircut by shaving the sides and back. While doing so will create a jaw-dropping aesthetic, it will also help to give fine strands an extra boost in the volume department – which any fine-haired woman can appreciate.

#19. Tapered Nape Bob

magnific lRyCnQqgCndlxN1oIY9G Tapered Nape Bob

If the classic bob is too immature and you want to give your style a more mature aesthetic, you can always taper at the nape. This subtle twist will create a captivating, grown-up style suitable for various occasions.

#20. Short Curly Afro

magnific PG3xkLEcWMXrFO6FYL2n Short Curly Afro

Going with a short cut when you have naturally tight ringlets is always a great idea. The shorter cut will proudly display your coils in a carefree and easy-to-maintain manner. And here’s a tip: you can use a diffuser to enhance your natural curl pattern while blow-drying your mane.

#21. Inverted Bob with Caramel Highlights

magnific RTs3ANy5XNVblBeA18iK Inverted Bob with Caramel Highlights

Want a look that never goes out of style? Look no further than the sassy inverted bob! The inverted bob adds a definite flare to “typical” bob haircuts. Throw in some caramel highlights and enjoy some brightness that’s sultry and sweet.

#22. Pixie with Textured Top

magnific yBD7w247zjyOrZflzqNF Pixie with Textured Top

Refreshing your pixie cut is a cinch. Really, all you need to do is grab some texturizing spray or product and use your hands to tousle things up. This will create that desirable relaxed yet still modelesque result.

#23. Short Bob with Blunt Bangs

magnific k6ecyxXtZ3oUjYoUxV9b Short Bob with Blunt Bangs

Calling all older women with oblong face shapes who want bangs! If you’re ready to step into the world of bangs, blunt bangs are the ultimate way to go. They’re the perfect way to frame your face, especially with a charming short bob haircut like this.

#24. Pixie with Feathered Crown

magnific X7yOcGbw6sv3wjAxP0JN Pixie with Feathered Crown

A pixie with a feathered crown is undeniably one of the softest looks you can enjoy, and it’s a style that will immediately capture your heart. As a bonus, it also adds lots of dimension and height, which is necessary for thinner strands.

#25. Shaggy Bob with Razored Layers

magnific DgNlmhhKf3Ai7oQExB94 Shaggy Bob with Razored Layers

Shaggy bobs are incredibly trendy in 2024, but if they’re a bit too laidback for your liking, you can always rev things up with razored layers. Razored layers will give the carefree shag a small pinch of structure for the perfect “middle ground.”

#26. Short A-Line Bob

magnific ehXnvDnZACC7Tfrz0nJT Short A Line Bob

When it comes to short haircuts that everyone adores, it’s the A-line bob. The a-line has a polished structure and a fashionable vibe always in style. Choose the a-line bob and spruce it up with plenty of highlights and lowlights.

#27. Classic French Bob

magnific wN7IepRFnvtBbzKbDSmd Classic French Bob

Here’s a look that will leave you saying, “Oui!” The classic French bob has a romantic err to it that looks fabulous on older women. To ensure the ends are appropriately volumized, you’ll need a top-quality round brush and blow dryer.

#28. Pixie with Undercut Design

magnific m0zilSoNdDGZHEsw6z8a Pixie with Undercut Design

If you don’t mind having all eyes on you, you need to shake up your aesthetic with this attention-grabbing duo. While the base is nothing more than a quintessential pixie cut, it gets zhuzhed up with an undercut design that’s nothing short of intriguing and a bit wild.

#29. Short Layered Cut with Volume

magnific XK8WJKCpWnWE2TitNZxh Short Layered Cut with Volume

It can be hard to add life to thin and fine strands, but the right cut and styling can make all the difference. A jaw-length haircut with “bedhead” texture is one of them, and it’s a look you can recreate at home in just a few short minutes.

#30. Sleek Pixie with Side-Swept Fringe

magnific tzmcqpp2HfBP6Ihu71bv Sleek Pixie with Side Swept Fringe

This is one of those fun hairstyles bursting with life and energy, perfect for the lively older woman who knows “she’s still got it!” Use a straightener and some serum to keep your tresses glossy and free-flowing.

#31. Bob with Soft Waves and Highlights

magnific LxdeJzkFZLOI16ygXzrf Bob with Soft Waves and Highlights

When summer rolls around, it’s time to break out your vacation-ready looks—and this is one to consider! This adorable bob haircut is jazzed up with beachy waves and sunkissed highlights. Just don’t forget to pair it with your fave bathing suit!

#32. Pixie with Spiky Crown

magnific P4A8jBsOWm0zOo7BmX6B Pixie with Spiky Crown

Pixies are known for being “cute.” But if your personality is less cutesy and more vigorous and bold, you’ll need to switch it up. How? Adding subtle spikes to your crown is a great way to ensure you’re embracing your personality!

#33. Short Bob with Asymmetrical Bangs

magnific S3yMH4r1gi1Idf2oSvwt Short Bob with Asymmetrical Bangs

Bouncy and charming, this is undeniably one of the top picks for short haircuts for older women. Add some exciting color detailing by going with heavily contrasting shades, such as brown and bright blonde.

#34. Pixie with Long-Feathered Layers

magnific jpWxnD52kVEv16NbbRWZ Pixie with Long Feathered Layers

Some haircuts and styles have a natural romantic flow to them, and this is one of those styles. This pixie is extra-long with plenty of stunning long-feathered layers. When styled correctly, you can enjoy a look loaded with picturesque, feminine depth.

#35. Tapered Pixie with Soft Curls

magnific nlVn7x12jfyNwe752B7h Tapered Pixie with Soft Curls

If you want your pixie haircut to take on a more womanly and delicate, add some soft curls. Curls are the perfect way to ensure a more feminine aesthetic, especially when paired with a tapered cut.

#36. Short Bob with Inward Curls

magnific 5PXbKO0LDVBowH05BP09 Short Bob with Inward Curls

It’s no secret that a short bob with inward curls is sweet and sophisticated. But what you might not know is that it’s the ideal situation for heart and diamond-shaped babes. The style will balance the wider forehead and narrower jawline for a fab finish.

#37. Pixie with Jagged Layers

magnific 3kzJ5jTSzE5h02DzQuSC Pixie with Jagged Layers

Daring and manageable aren’t two words you typically use together, but they can be for this awesome hairstyle! With jagged layers, this pixie cut has an edgy vibe that commands the attention of the room.

#38. Bob with Outward Flips

magnific SZQqmDva8zR6IEgYdp21 Bob with Outward Flips

Outward flips are whimsical and cute, taking years off of your appearance. The best part is that they look amazing on any face shape, so you don’t have to worry about wearing an unflattering hairstyle. This is a perfect look for special occasions!

#39. Short Cut with Wispy Texture

magnific iolEB7c0O4llMECzbP3Q Short Cut with Wispy

Many older women crave fresh and vibrant hairstyles. If you’re one of them, we implore you to consider this charming style. The wispy texture is not only lively and youthful, but it’s also a simple solution for fine and thin hair that needs a volume boost.

#40. Pixie with Curly Top

magnific j11NNaoFr9DTGCFZ3E6X Pixie with Curly Top

Hey, older women with curly hair! Let me have your attention for just a second because you need to see this incredible hairstyle! If you have naturally tighter ringlets, chop your locks into a pixie cut. You’ll emphasize each and every coil while obtaining so. much. Volume.

#41. Bob with Rounded Silhouette

magnific k4TJVD77gFq8XHo4yBnp Bob with Rounded Silhouette

If you have flawless bone structure and want to show it off, you’ll need a haircut that puts it on full display—and this bob with a rounded silhouette is an exquisite choice! Rounding around the face will perfectly cradle your facial features.

#42. Pixie with Slicked-Back Top

magnific uPOqvOO07rItdpgcseqF Pixie with Slicked Back Top

Older women who consider themselves “all business” and want a polished appearance they can sport to high-end events and business meetings, this pixie with a slicked-back top is for you. It doesn’t get much more confident than this.

#43. Short Bob with Choppy Ends

magnific sKogQDcg2MX3naOCSVHH Short Bob with Choppy Ends

Is your short bob haircut lacking life? Don’t worry, ladies! There’s a quick and easy fix: choppy ends. Choppy ends are especially recommended for fine-haired women who want their mane spruced up.

#44. Pixie with Tousled Waves

magnific fvXHCfYugcuNA9l6bIy2 Pixie with Tousled Waves

The pixie haircut with lovely tousled waves creates a romantic look that’s easy to fall in love with. It’s ideal for those with naturally wavy locks who want to show off their mesmerizing texture. You’ll adore this wash-and-go style – just don’t forget some texturizing products!

#45. Bob with Angled Layers

magnific E2Utp7PFPQZW40H0qHKr Bob with Angled Layers

An angled bob such as this is known for its sophistication and mature appearance. But some strategically placed layers can soften things while adding some much-needed dimension – especially for older ladies!

#46. Pixie with Flicked Ends

magnific esM9fUsNr8e2BeAc9yZt Pixie with Flicked Ends

Some pixies are cute. Some are edgy. What if you want something playful? Keep some of your strands a bit lengthier so you can flick them around and capture some whimsical attitude. You’ll need holding gel and product to accomplish this physique.

#47. Short Bob with Curly Ends

magnific H8mT3oR4wlpONUMNtukK Short Bob with Curly Ends

A short bob is definitely manageable for any woman, especially older ladies! However, that doesn’t mean you have to leave things straight and simple. Use your curling iron to create these jaw-dropping curls, and call it a day!

#48. Pixie with Soft Undercut

magnific hwx3byMfKJiVSeFNslO3 Pixie with Soft Undercut

Some women may refrain from going the “undercut” route because they fear it’s too intense or daring. But it doesn’t have to be. This pixie features an impossibly soft undercut emphasizing the lengthy pieces on top, creating an elongating effect.

#49. Bob with Swoopy Layers

magnific er4SRaun0g8Ev1jJ2Qb5 Bob with Swoopy Layers

Some layers are built for maximum elegance – these are one of them. Long layers can easily be swooped with the right product and tools, creating a timelessly elegant silhouette that looks fab on older women.

#50. Pixie with Tapered Back

magnific oEn78hyAyXujwzPJWIoT Pixie with Tapered Back

This pixie haircut is the perfect blend of style and functionality. The tapered back puts a contemporary spin on the classic pixie cut, and it’s ideal for thin or fine hair that lacks volume and depth.

#51. Bob with Side-Parted Bangs

magnific 2NtPdgDmr825tUqgW1EV Bob with Side Parted Bangs

When you want to add trendy appeal to your bob haircut, it’s as easy as going with side-parted bangs. Side-parted bangs have a sense of sensuality and allure to them, which is perfect for older ladies wanting to spice up their appearance without going overboard.

#52. Pixie with Swept-Back Crown

magnific NsbwLWnwVqWqeqDM5s6H Pixie with Swept Back Crown

Well, hello, there, polished and professional gal! Although this hairstyle has a very refined appearance, it’s surprisingly easy to accomplish. Use your favorite styling product and blow your hair back. Then, walk out feeling like a million bucks.

#53. Short Bob with Outward Curls

magnific bUanVf0Vy1SHiHEwCLU9 Short Bob with Outward Curls

Use your curling iron away from your face to create these stunning outward curls! Unlike inward curls, outward curls will add some bounciness and jaw-dropping volume for an undeniably head-turning silhouette.

#54. Pixie with Textured Fringe

magnific LGcurB9NBhFNxSineZPc Pixie with Textured Fringe

If you’re nervous to go with a pixie haircut or you’re trying to grow out a pixie in a flattering way, this is a great choice. The lengthy pieces allow you to texture things for a carefree and casual aesthetic that can be worn anywhere.

#55. Bob with Blended Layers

magnific eMrNE2fcyRmxjfqQ0dCp Bob with Blended Layers

Lots of layers = lots of fun. It’s just that simple. To create even more exciting depth and dimension throughout your mane, don’t hesitate to opt for some thrilling, eye-catching lowlights and highlights.

#56. Pixie with Curled Ends

magnific dlSolNv46SqBdX5n4i77 Pixie with Curled Ends

The great thing about lengthy pixies is that they leave enough room for stylin’—just as this look proves! Use a small-barreled curling iron to recreate these dazzling ringlets. This is undeniably the “IT” look for date night, ladies!

#57. Short Bob with Inverted Ends

magnific FxGnzVOXFNo8873mIIAB Short Bob with Inverted Ends

A short bob with inverted ends is reserved for older women who want to indulge in something 100% modern and avant-garde. To ensure you end up with a voguish silhouette, use a straightener to keep things slick, straight, and stunnin’.

#58. Pixie with Feathered Top

magnific XPKMEfNCU8jeYIAzgOaw Pixie with Feathered Top

The feathered top pixie is a sophisticated and lovable hairstyle. If you have thin hair the feathered top will add volume and dimension. To keep this look intact use your preferred styling products. It’s a haircut that combines elegance with practicality.

#59. Bob with Voluminous Crown

magnific DFx3KkB7g6rg5lHbzLsk Bob with Voluminous Crown

Love the retro look? Why not bring it back, baby? Using your favorite comb, add volume to the crown and add a bit of curl at the ends. The result? Head-turning volume that gives flashbacks to the stunning ‘dos from the 60s. This look is best suited for lavish events.

#60. Pixie with Angular Sides

magnific nKEsEIhAI3tu7jTGA0aj Pixie with Angular Sides

A pixie with angular sides is certainly the best of both worlds. The angles provide some structure, while the texture adds some playfulness. This is one of those versatile looks that can be worn anywhere and look sensational.

#61. Bob with Loose Waves and Shadow Root

magnific V6f4nK1JHQ2BdiwtSbHl Bob with Loose Waves and Shadow Root

If you want one of those “I just got back from vacation” hairstyles, we think this one suits the bill just fine! It has a sense of effortless elegance about it thanks to the lovely loose waves and peek-a-boo roots.

#62. Pixie with Voluminous Quiff

magnific tQOJZ80kv3N8RAsWNpSc Pixie with Voluminous Quiff

Need to make a statement at an upcoming event? When you want all eyes on you, there’s a clear winner: this exciting pixie with a voluminous quiff. You’ll need plenty of product to retain these sky-high curls, hon!

#63. Short Bob with Layered Crown

magnific GWJAcX4b6UcTrNj8Ioxd Short Bob with Layered Crown

Let’s be honest – this hairstyle is chic, and it wouldn’t be possible without those enticing layers at the crown. We think this style looks particularly well with a dirty blonde hue, especially during the warmer months.

#64. Pixie with Long Side-Swept Bangs

magnific HcaXtFkdZoRlPkkRYuqR Pixie with Long Side Swept Bang 1

A pixie with long, side-swept bangs has a carefree and playful vibe that many older women will appreciate. Because the pieces are somewhat lengthy, you can use a flat iron to ensure they’re silky smooth. Tease at the crown a pinch to create some come-hither volume.

#65. Bob with Curled Under Ends

magnific 3tWZnuK5QxD8vKUBSA0G Bob with Curled Under Ends 1

This hairstyle may be minimal, but it offers maximum cuteness. Start with a “typical” bob haircut right below the chin. Then, use your curling iron to curl the ends underneath. Doing so will create an effortless bounce that’s youthful and fun.

#66. Pixie with Spiky Texture

magnific N3ZvQzVvOlGC05mTQSLa Pixie with Spiky

With some hair gel in your inventory, you can easily take your pixie from “cute” to “daring.” Riddled with tall spikes in every direction, this spicy pixie is reserved for older women who want to showcase their fiery personalities.

#67. Short Bob with Tousled Waves

magnific y8qDtZy0dcsQIiWiz01Q Short Bob with Tousled Waves

Hairstyles loaded to the brim with juicy volume are always recommended for older women. This style features gorgeous tousled waves that have been heavily volumized for an alluring approach you can wear anywhere—even to lavish events.

#68. Pixie with Soft Curls and Side Part

magnific cAQm4RIdradChmQ18cFN Pixie with Soft Curls and Side Part

Who said that pixie cuts can’t be infinitely feminine? Ladies who want their pixie haircut to take on a more dainty aesthetic will love this look. Leave your pixie cut a bit longer so you can apply soft curls. Consider a side part for some added trendiness.

#69. Bob with Angled Front Layers

magnific BRX2P8IFenzP4liYRCME Bob with Angled Front Layers

This is undoubtedly one of the most popular choices for older women, as it has a mature manner yet is vibrant and bouncy. This bob with angled front layers can be worn straight if desired, but subtle curls around the face will ensure a youthful glow.

#70. Pixie with Undercut and Long Top

magnific Q5EAdY6dvW6kxdwGJMy4 Pixie with Undercut and Long Top

Listen, ladies—this pixie with an undercut and long top is undeniably stylish and modern, but you’ll need plenty of confidence to enjoy it. After all, it’s a rather bold look that isn’t meant for just anyone.

#71. Bob with Stacked Layers

magnific TankAZU64NoQ40pGIZqs Bob with Stacked Layers

Does your bob haircut lack “oomph?” It can be hard to get there without the right hair type and tons of products. However, it doesn’t have to be a complicated mess. Choosing stacked layers will immediately provide sexy body you’ll love to flaunt.

#72. Pixie with Tapered Sides

magnific 5QxdS4ddKA0P4EpnPrzZ Pixie with Tapered Sides

Many older women enjoy haircuts that are easy to maintain and don’t require a lot of effort or styling – but they don’t want to sacrifice a cool and modern appearance. If this sounds like you, you might want to give this pixie with tapered sides a try!

#73. Short Bob with Full Bangs

magnific rnsIBdlFtIxeGhm00c1w Short Bob with Full Bangs

It doesn’t matter what age you are—if you have a longer face shape, especially in the forehead region, you shouldn’t live without a set of bangs. We love this look because it’s flirty and fun and includes stylish bangs that are great for shortening the face.

#74. Pixie with Wispy Crown

magnific 388aAOEm95r1ND8ohHdB Pixie with Wispy Crown

Wow, just check out that height! Older women, adding height to your hair is an easy way to take years off of your face. Don’t believe me? Then go ahead and try out this pixie with a wispy crown. It’s not only stylish but great for appearing younger, too.

#75. Bob with Curled Ends and Side Part

magnific 4psT8x2kUIPE53xeWFGe Bob with Curled Ends and Side Part

Headed to an upscale event and need to look your best? Just want to look absolutely fabulous for the day? It’s pretty simple, ladies! Reach for your curling iron and add some bedazzling curled ends to your bob. Toss into a side part for a pinch of allure.

#76. Pixie with Long Front Layers

magnific bYDgvvWqEqDfTuAzozRP Pixie with Long Front Layers

It’s time to give your pixie haircut an upgrade, ladies. To do this, don’t think you need to do anything wild like switch up your color or get a perm. Instead, ask for long front layers and enjoy an immediate boost in style and flare.

#77. Short Bob with Inward Curls and Highlights

magnific Lv1JVjljVZvfBWMVvyiZ Short Bob with Inward Curls and Highlights

Opting for a multi-dimensional hairstyle is a great way to appear fashionable and glowing – and this look is proof. This adorable short bob is enhanced with stunning romantic curls and plenty of highlights, creating lots of sensational depth.

#78. Pixie with Shaved Sides and Top Volume

magnific V5xHmdOcfzAIUTrFqycM Pixie with Shaved Sides and Top Volume

Remember earlier when I discussed how height is excellent for your appearance? Well, this look provides even more incredible height while adding drama to your style. Yes, you’ll need a lot of products, but it’s well worth it!

#79. Bob with Loose Curls and Shadow Root

magnific IUBSszFmJ66FE2FubDBK Bob with Loose Curls and Shadow Root

Relaxed and elegant? Is it possible? Well, with this hairstyle, it certainly is! We love these loose curls. They’re not only adorable and charming, but they’re romantic and compelling, too. You can easily dress them up or down!

#80. Pixie with Textured Top and Undercut

magnific jcJhVXllF6bkt3oXeyJz Pixie with Textured Top and Undercut

A pixie haircut with an undercut such as this can be a bit too wild for some older women. To help tame the drama, you can texture the lengthy pieces for a softer approach that still has plenty of uniqueness and style.

#81. Bob with Feathered Layers and Side Bangs

magnific VHXgdh1Fv5fH2SBXuU04 Bob with Feathered Layers and Side Bangs

There’s no denying it – a bob with feathered layers like these is meant for jaw-dropping and head-turning volume. We can’t get enough of these flirty layers. And, when paired with a set of side bangs, you can enjoy a chic vibe.

#82. Pixie with Curly Top and Tapered Nape

magnific 9BSnuvjv9mzdRl8sUTeu Pixie with Curly Top and Tapered Nape

Are you ready to give your curls the attention they deserve? Are you ready to make them the focal point of your style? Then opt for a pixie with a tapered nape and let your curls do the talkin’. Don’t forget to use curl-enhancing products to really make them “pop.”

#83. Short Bob with Angled Front

magnific EPxM4FEOB02knaqIxJ86 Short Bob with Angled Front

If you have a square, diamond, or heart-shaped face shape and want to soften your jawline, an angled front and side part is a great way to go. We love this short bob with an angled front because it’s simple yet stylish.

#84. Pixie with Long Side Bangs and Undercut

magnific bLZP2GFpLNaphF0zJnqL Pixie with Long Side Bangs and Undercut

This look may give some of us flashbacks to the early 2000s, but who’s complaining? A pixie with long side bangs and an undercut remains a fashion staple to this day, and it always looks amazing on older gals.

#85. Bob with Soft Waves and Blonde Highlights

magnific aDcLZleMvCeEbCIkUfpo Bob with Soft Waves and Blonde Highlights

It’s never too late to transform into a blonde bombshell, babe! Go ahead and chop your locks to the shoulder in a blunt cut, throw in some delightful soft waves, and don’t forget to add plenty of luscious blonde highlights throughout your mane. Flaunt it, hon!

#86. Pixie with Spiky Crown and Highlights

magnific 5tKgGjP88yzP6NM3601B Pixie with Spiky Crown and Highlights

If the pixie cut with a spiky crown wasn’t enough for you, and you want even more attention drawn to your out-of-the-box hairstyle, look no further than highlights. You can keep them as subtle or dramatic as you’d like – it’s up to you!

#87. Short Bob with Loose Curls and Side Part

magnific 1PxTkjovUwc4KGcJ77Ez Short Bob with Loose Curls and Side Part

Looking coy and cute is always a good idea – no matter what age you are. And this hairstyle is one of the easiest ways to do it. A short bob looks extra dainty when spruced up with loose curls and a side part such as this.

#88. Pixie with Soft Waves and Side Part

magnific oEFnL4kTqXijvrV876eR Pixie with Soft Waves and Side Part

Older women with naturally wavy hair should consider this hairstyle. The pixie cut will help you embrace your tresses’ natural texture, while the side part adds just the right amount of drama and style.

#89. Bob with Tight Curls and Shadow Root

magnific hWbU48AZW0RaFeP4lrXz Bob with Tight Curls and Shadow Root

This bob with a shadow root is undeniably one of the best hairstyles for older women with naturally tight curls. The length is ideal for showcasing your tight coils, ensuring you’ll catch people’s attention wherever you go. Use curl-enhancing products for an even better silhouette.

#90. Pixie with Textured Layers and Side Bangs

magnific x9edz6NJKHrIiLRq9Khl Pixie with Textured Layers and Side Bangs

This pixie haircut is desirable for several reasons. For one, it’s very quick and easy to style. Secondly, it’s a low-maintenance cut you won’t have to worry about. Lastly, it’s cute and fashionable and looks good on just about anyone.

#91. Bob with Voluminous Curls and Side Bangs

magnific nEBMRLsKOLFKhDe6NsJR Bob with Voluminous Curls and Side Bangs

Upscale occasions require Red Carpet-worthy hairstyles, and this is undoubtedly one of them! This bob is loaded with voluminous curls that are undeniably irresistible. We can’t help but love the bright blonde hue and sexy side bangs, too!

#92. Pixie with Asymmetrical Cut and Highlights

magnific dd2D7sbE9ePRNLvbCV2i Pixie with Asymmetrical Cut and Highlights

Whether you have thin or thick locks, one thing you don’t want to forget is to add dimension to your mane. While a pixie cut with asymmetry is a great way to start, highlights are the best way to finish things.

#93. Short Bob with Tapered Back and Full Bangs

magnific hZYVouSfJexqrwlFp39f Short Bob with Tapered Back and Full Bangs

Some haircuts are just meant to frame the face better than others. And honey, if you want to show off that beautiful face of yours, consider this short bob with a tapered back and full bangs. It will highlight all of your best features in a cute and charming manner.

#94. Pixie with Long-Feathered Layers

magnific v3xMOp6K6vSlMpwy9xUn Pixie with Long Feathered Layers

This is a timeless pixie haircut for older women, so you know you can’t go wrong selecting it as your next ‘do. The long-feathered layers are simply gorgeous, especially when styled correctly. This look certainly has plenty of pizazz!

#95. Bob with Soft Undercut and Blonde Highlights

magnific 0zp38anjlUUIKcZsBzPw Bob with Soft Undercut and Blonde Highlights

The bob with a soft undercut and blonde highlights gives off a vacation-ready style you can wear throughout the year. The look is carefree yet elegant, and the blonde highlights add some glow to the face.

#96. Pixie with Short Sides and Voluminous Top

magnific uJSepELHH1X3dhKFEh7O Pixie with Short Sides and Voluminous Top

Chop off your tresses, shave down the sides, and leave the top with lots of length. What do you end up with? A head-turning hairstyle that’s impossibly youthful and fascinating. You will definitely stand apart from the crowd with this one!

#97. Short Bob with Loose Waves and Shadow Root

magnific gO8Oh1mZMXa0nzBnS0DN Short Bob with Loose Waves and Shadow Root

You can still look beautiful while appearing casual, and this hairstyle is truly the definition of “the best of both worlds.” A short bob enhanced with loose waves and a shadow root is easily one of the most carefree yet lovely looks a woman can wear.

#98. Pixie with Shaggy Layers and Side Part

magnific TwBsDcX4JpouHqNNWJIY Pixie with Shaggy Layers and Side Part

Shaggy haircuts are all the rage right now, and you can wear them however you’d like – including in a pixie cut! Combining a pixie with shaggy layers is a great way to create a laid-back vibe that’s plenty trendy.

#99. Bob with Inverted Layers and Side Bangs

magnific KiorK2Ea5jQ08SGB8OOm Bob with Inverted Layers and Side Bangs

A bob haircut can become boring over time, but you don’t have to settle for dullness. Add that “wow” factor back into your tresses by throwing in some awesome inverted layers and flirty side bangs that hover over the eye.

#100. Pixie with Curly Top and Tapered Sides

magnific sJLijNZphxHQV2wq0WaB Pixie with Curly Top and Tapered Sides

This look is the “perfect storm,” so to speak. It’s convenient, quite fashionable, and ideal for showcasing natural curls. Needless to say, this should definitely be a look to consider if you have naturally beautiful curly locks.

#101. Bob with Slicked-Back Top and Undercut

magnific vf4cG229apqovAp4NscX Bob with Slicked Back Top and Undercut

For older women who want to look posh, don’t look any further than this glamorous hairstyle. This bob with a slicked-back top and undercut has a modelesque vibe to it that any woman will love to flaunt.

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