Image Use Policy

Hey there! We really appreciate your interest in showcasing our hairstyle content. It’s truly amazing to see that our work resonates with others.

Like a beautiful brunette with a sweet caramel highlight, every hairstyle and image on our blog is created with utmost care and attention to detail. We invest an amount of time and effort into developing, testing and crafting each image to ensure it’s nothing less than fabulous. All the images you find on our blog are creations made by our talented team.

As a result all the content and images on our website are owned by us. Unauthorized use of our content will lead to legal action.

However if you’d like to feature our images and content within the following guidelines you don’t need to seek permission;

Policy; Use of Hairstyles and Images

  • You’re allowed to use one image per hairstyle.
  • For every image used please include a link to the specific hairstyle post on our site.
  • Make sure to mention our blog and provide a link back to our homepage alongside each image you utilize.
  • For instance; “Check out these Retro Curls by Timeless Hairstyles!”
  • Please limit yourself to featuring no more, than 5 of our images or hairstyles in a single post.

We hope these guidelines make it easier for you to share and appreciate the beauty of these hairstyles while respecting copyright laws. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or require additional information.

Using our content, including images and written material for purposes without explicit permission is strictly prohibited. If you have any inquiries or requirements that are not covered by this policy please reach out to us for further permissions and clarifications.

It’s important to note that sharing our content along with the styling instructions is generally not allowed, unless there are circumstances. Additionally we do not grant permission to use our images in conjunction with both the styling instructions and hair products used.

We appreciate your understanding and respect, for the work we put into creating exceptional hairstyles.