48 Trending Blonde Highlights for This Year

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Written by Rachel Miller

Updated: March 1, 2024

Let’s be honest with each other – blonde is a timeless hair color that will never go out of style. It’s bright, brilliant, and fun – what more could you want?  Whether you’re looking to spice up your blonde base or reinvent your darker locks with some brightness, blonde highlights are a great way to go. As you may have guessed, there are so many awesome ways to add blonde highlights to your tresses. From subtle to head-turning, these 48 trending blonde highlights for this year are designed to create a trendsetting style you’ll want to flaunt everywhere.

Woman with Sun Kissed Blonde Balayage hair

Natural blonde is a lovely shade; there’s no doubt about it. But when summer rolls around, there’s no better time to brighten things up. After all, you want to shimmer underneath the sun while strolling beachside, don’t you? To create this summery ‘do, simply add sun-kissed blonde balayage highlights.

#2. Ash Blonde Highlights on Dark Hair

Woman with Ash Blonde Highlights on Dark hair

Many dark-haired babes fear adding blonde will add too much wild contrast to their tresses. And they’re not wrong. If you want to add blonde without it being too light, go the ash blonde route. It’s a more subdued blonde that blends beautifully with dark hair.

#3. Blonde Peekaboo Highlights

Woman with Blonde Peekaboo Highlights hair

Again, natural blonde is simply gorgeous. But if you want to lighten things up – without overpowering your base shade – you can go with blonde peek-a-boo highlights. These highlights add a charming pop of color in all the right places.

#4. Golden Honey-Blonde Highlights

Woman with Golden Honey Blonde Highlights hair

Blondes are typically known for their bright locks, but who said blondes couldn’t take on a more golden and warm appearance? Honey-blonde highlights on a lighter brown base create a shimmery golden masterpiece you can wear year-round.

#5. Dirty Blonde Highlights on Light Brown Hair

Woman with Dirty Blonde Highlights on Light Brown hair

If an all-natural appearance with a sophisticated err is what you’re going for, this look will do the trick. A light brown base is the ideal platform for dirty blonde highlights. The dirty blonde is only slightly lighter than the light brown shade, ensuring everything looks organic and lovely.

#6. Platinum Highlights with Dark Roots

Woman with Platinum Highlights with Dark Roots hair

On the contrary, if you want your hair to look anything but natural, you can reinvent your look with platinum highlights against dark roots. This wowing duo creates a jaw-dropping, contemporary aesthetic that can’t be dismissed.

#7. Blonde Highlights with a Caramel Undertone

Woman with Blonde Highlights with a Caramel Undertone Hair

Blonde hair can be worn during fall and winter; you just need to know how to do it “right” – and this hairstyle is the perfect option. Caramel undertones are subtly enhanced with blonde highlights strewn throughout, achieving impressive richness and warmth.

#8. Strawberry Blonde Highlights

Woman with Strawberry Blonde Highlights hair

There’s a phrase that says, “blondes have more fun.” But there is something about redheads that is truly enticing. Why not combine the two for a mesmerizing duo? Natural red hair is complemented beautifully with blonde, creating the famous strawberry blonde shade everyone adores.

#9. Beige Blonde Highlights on Medium Brown Hair

Woman with Beige Blonde Highlights on Medium Brown Hair

When you think of “beige,” you might not immediately think of hair. But if you don’t, you’d be really missing out. Beige blonde highlights on medium brown hair are a stunning combo that exudes elegance and grace.

#10. Champagne Blonde Highlights

Woman with Champagne Blonde Highlight hair

Champagne is known for being luxurious. Naturally, champagne blonde highlights will have just as much opulence – if not more. If you want to obtain a new level of luxury in your locks, simply throw in some champagne blonde highlights and let your mane do the talkin’.

#11. Cool Silver-Blonde Highlights

Woman with Cool Silver Blonde Highlights hair

Silver hair is super trendy, but plenty of people aren’t up to changing their look with full-blown silver tresses. If you’d rather dip your toes into the silver paint bucket instead, choose cool silver-blonde highlights.

#12. Baby Blonde Highlights on Brunette Hair

Woman with Baby Blonde Highlights on Brunette hair

Highlights don’t have to be shocking. For example, if you choose to add baby blonde highlights to your natural brunette base, you can enjoy a slight touch of lightness that seamlessly blends for a natural appearance.

#13. Feathered Blonde Highlights

Woman with Feathered Blonde Highlights hair

If you’re rockin’ a feathered lob haircut and don’t have highlights riddled throughout your mane, you’re really missing out! Feathered lobs are the ideal palette for highlights, as they’ll easily bring every layer to the forefront. Enjoy added dimension and movement with this look!

#14. Toasted Almond Highlights

Woman with Toasted Almond Highlights hair

We can describe this look in a single word: sultry. Toasted almond highlights have a subdued appearance that’s undeniably elegant. They can pair beautifully with almost any shade of hair, making it a versatile choice that’s not too bold.

#15. Tousled Blonde Highlights on Wavy Hair

Woman with Tousled Blonde Highlights on Wavy hair

Wavy hair is known for its beachy appeal that’s laidback and fun. But if your waves command more dimension and flare, you might consider adding blonde highlights to your mane. This way, your waves will take on an all-new, incredibly interesting aesthetic.

#16. Rose Gold Blonde Highlights

Woman with Rose Gold Blonde Highlights hair

Any woman who stays on top of the latest fashion crazes knows that rose gold is the “IT” color for 2024. And you can add it to your style – especially if you have beautiful natural blonde hair. The addition of rose gold is not only on-trend but soft and desirable, too.

#17. Bronde Highlights for a Natural Look

Woman with Bronde Highlights for a Natural Look hair

Bronde is the cumulation of blonde and brown, just as the name suggests. Being much darker than other shades of blonde, it’s a good choice for anyone who wants natural and “barely-there” highlights that still update their current base.

#18. Copper-Infused Blonde Highlights

Woman with Copper Infused Blonde Highlights hair

Looking for an enticing look to sport during the fall season? Don’t worry; you don’t have to leave your blonde days in the past. Give your look a fall-ready update by choosing copper locks with subtle blonde highlights, exuding warmth, richness, and sexiness.

#19. Sandy Blonde Highlights on Dark Hair

Woman with Sandy Blonde Highlights on Dark hair

Choosing the right shade of blonde to apply to super-dark hair can be tricky. Well, if you want noticeable but not overwhelmingly bright highlights, sandy blonde is a fantastic choice. Tousle up your strands to allow the colors to intermingle in an all-new way!

#20. Sunkissed Highlights on Ash Blonde Hair

Woman with Sunkissed Highlights on Ash Blonde hair

Ash blonde is clever and cool, but it can be somewhat dull. Make sure your ash blonde stays fashion-forward and gorgeous by throwing in some simple sun-kissed highlights, and use your fave tools to build a carefree wavy texture.

#21. Cinnamon Blonde Highlights

Woman with Cinnamon Blonde Highlights hair color

Cinnamon blonde is the best of three worlds – blonde, brunette, and redhead. With a hint of color from each category, you never have to worry about choosing a single shade. Not only that, but the trio ensures your hair is loaded with breathtaking dimension.

#22. Pearl Blonde Highlights

Woman with Pearl Blonde Highlights hair

Pearl blonde is one of the most unique hair colors out there. With silver and brown undertones, it’s a captivating look, unlike other shades of blonde. So, if you want your blonde locks to stand out from the crowd of blonde-haired babes, go with pearl blonde highlights.

#23. Buttery Blonde Highlights on Chestnut Hair

Woman with Buttery Blonde Highlights on Chestnut Hair

If you’re wondering whether this hair color looks as delicious as it sounds, you’d be correct. This unconventional yet stylish ‘do features buttery tones complemented by a much darker base. The result? An exceptional and sophisticated appearance that goes from day to night.

#24. Luminous Platinum Streaks

Woman with Luminous Platinum Streaks hair

When you think of blonde hair, do you think of incredibly bright strands? If so, then there’s no doubt about it – you need to choose a luminous platinum shade to adorn your mane. Luminous platinum is so bright and vibrant – don’t be shocked when all eyes are on you!

#25. Auburn Accents in Blonde Hair

Woman with Auburn Accents in Blonde Hair

If you dream about being a redhead but don’t want to eliminate your blonde base completely, you can choose auburn accents throughout your hair. They will provide cozy red undertones that give your locks that “wow factor.”

#26. Iridescent Blonde Highlights

Woman with Iridescent Blonde Highlights hair

There’s no point in going blonde if your goal isn’t to shimmer and shine, babe. That said, you should choose an iridescent blonde color to beautify your locks. This blonde color is designed to capture the light in every direction, ensuring a show-stopping finish.

#27. Vanilla Cream Highlights

Woman with Vanilla Cream Highlights hair

There is something so lush and creamy about vanilla – and that includes the hair color. Vanilla highlights will add a touch of velvety richness to your base. The color works well with any hair texture, but gentle tousling is all it really needs.

#28. Golden Ombre Blonde Highlights

Woman with Golden Ombre Blonde Highlights hair

Ombre’s one of the trendiest highlighting techniques across the board. It allows you to dabble in lighter shades toward the bottom, as displayed in this luscious hairstyle. Enjoy a darker top and a golden lower level that’s seamless and stunning.

#29. Smoky Blonde Highlights

Woman with Smoky Blonde Highlights hair

Forget being the bright blonde with all the attention. Instead, achieve a sultry attitude by opting for smoky blonde highlights instead. This look is definitely different from the “norm,” but it’s one that’s bursting with a compelling vibe.

#30. Lavender-Tinted Blonde Highlights

Woman with Lavender Tinted Blonde Highlights hair

The next time you add blonde highlights to your mane, go the whimsical route with lavender-tinted blonde! The subtle touch of lavender creates a playful and delicate nature. Not only that, but lavender is one of the trendiest colors right now, so there’s no doubt you’ll be in style.

#31. Soft Mocha Highlights on Blonde Hair

Woman with Soft Mocha Highlights on Blonde Hair

Mocha highlights offer plenty of dimension for blonde hair. Its silky, smooth, and darker appearance is precisely what any blonde needs to recreate her image. We think this will be the ultimate duo for the winter season and beyond!

#32. Icy Blonde Highlights with Silver Accents

Woman with Icy Blonde Highlights with Silver Accents Hair

Take the futuristic approach and swap regular blonde highlights for an icy option with silver accents. As we mentioned earlier, silver is a hit for 2024 – but it doesn’t have to be overpowering. These slightly silver hues will look fab on any blonde base.

#33. Wispy Blonde Highlights on Dark Hair

Woman with Wispy Blonde Highlights on Dark Hair

Sometimes, it’s best to keep things delicate and subtle. Adding wispy blonde highlights to dark hair will gently brighten your appearance in the most delicate way possible. And, because these highlights are so minimal, you won’t have to worry about intense upkeep.

#34. Two-Tone Blonde Highlights

Woman with Two Tone Blonde Highlights hair

You can’t go wrong with the two-tone route. It’s the easiest way to achieve stunning dimension and depth in your locks. Needless to say, we’re big fans of the classic “two-tone blonde” that showcases a blend of varying blonde shades.

#35. White Blonde Highlights on a Platinum Base

Woman with White Blonde Highlights on Platinum Base Hair

You might think platinum hair can’t get any brighter; you’re wrong. By tossing in white-blonde highlights, you can reach a new level of lightness you never thought possible. Yup, this one is definitely reserved for women who want the spotlight.

#36. Nutmeg-Infused Blonde Highlights

Woman with Nutmeg Infused Blonde Highlights hair

Add a little spice to your locks with nutmeg-infused blonde highlights! These highlights are on the darker side of the spectrum, which means they’ll be a fabulous go-to for fall and winter seasons.

#37. Fiery Blonde Highlights

Woman with Fiery Blonde Highlights hair

On the other hand, you can add a little fire to your tresses! Fiery blonde highlights have an intricate red undertone that looks good on any base but will be the most vibrant when paired with a blonde palette.

#38. Wheat Blonde Highlights

Woman with Wheat Blonde Highlights hair

You might think that blonde highlights are too perky and high-maintenance. Think again. Wheat blonde highlights are very subtle yet eye-catching. Plus, they’re easy to maintain because they’ll blend with almost any base with ease. It’s a win-win situation!

#39. Muted Gold Blonde Highlights

Woman with Muted Gold Blonde Highlights hair

When you want to look and feel like a million dollars, there’s no other way to go than muted gold-blonde highlights. As the name suggests, these highlights are meant to look like pure gold. So go ahead, honey – drench your locks in liquid gold and enjoy the lavishness.

#40. Charcoal Accents on Blonde Hair

Woman with Charcoal Accents on Blonde Hair

Stark contrasts can definitely be fun and enjoyable, and this look is the perfect depiction of that. Charcoal accents on blonde hair create a lot of intriguing depth and dimension. Plus, they create an edgy vibe that will suit feisty personalities perfectly.

#41. Pastel Pink Highlights on Blonde Hair

Woman with Pastel Pink Highlights on Blonde Hair

Are you dreaming of transforming yourself into a beautiful fairy from another world? It’s simple – add pastel pink highlights to your blonde hair and enjoy a new level of femininity and whimsy. A light tousling will add to the playfulness of this hairstyle!

#42. Olive Blonde Highlights

Woman with Olive Blonde Highlights hair

Are you someone who prefers more earthy and unconventional hair colors? Don’t worry, chica – you can still go blonde! The blonde highlights you’ll need to choose is olive blonde. This shade exudes an earthy aesthetic that’s definitely different from the rest of the blonde spectrum.

#43. Mahogany Streaks in Blonde Hair

Woman with Mahogany Streaks in Blonde Hair

The subtlety of mahogany streaks in blonde hair means you get to mess around with a new color without committing to an all-new appearance. Honey, you’ll love the way you look, whether you keep your strands slick-straight or spruce them up with texture.

#44. Bright Yellow Blonde Highlights

Woman with Bright Yellow Blonde Highlights hair

OK, miss thang. I know you’re looking for an ultra-vibrant hair color that will get all the attention. And I’ve got your answer. Choose bright neon yellow-blonde highlights and be the center of attention wherever you go.

#45. Silver and Blonde Highlights Combo

Woman with Silver and Blonde Highlights Combo hair

Hey, multidimensional queen. If you’re one of those girls who doesn’t want to settle for less and wants plenty of intriguing dimensions, consider the silver and blonde highlight combo. This combo is breathtaking and will undoubtedly create the depth you’re craving.

#46. Espresso Lowlights with Blonde Highlights

Woman with Espresso Lowlights with Blonde Highlight Hair

An all-natural and enchanting blend is exactly what espresso lowlights with blonde highlights are all about. This combo ensures a visually appealing blend that looks like your hair was naturally highlighted rather than with product.

#47. Chunky Blonde Highlights on Brown Hair

Woman with Chunky Blonde Highlights on Brown Hair

Chunky highlights have made a serious comeback in 2024. Who’d have thought? That said, you can’t go wrong with asking your stylist to add some chunky blonde highlights to your brown hair. It’s bold and has a fun 90s vibe you’ll surely enjoy.

#48. Vintage Curls with Blonde Highlights

Woman with Vintage Curls with Blonde Highlights hair

Take a trip back in time and fashion your locks into these fabulous vintage curls. Oh, but don’t forget blonde highlights to make your hair brighter and lighter than ever before. This lovely style is perfect for all of those high-end occasions!

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