54 Stunning Silver Hair Color Ideas for This Year

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Written by Rachel Miller

Updated: February 5, 2024

Silver hair is all about embracing your bold side and individuality. No longer for just the elderly, silver hair can help you make a statement. For women who are transitioning to a gray look, or simply want something totally different, here are the best silver hair color ideas this year.


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Silver Ombre on a Jet Black Base

The ombre hair coloring technique is timelessly trendy. But why settle for subtle? If you want to add some drama and shimmer to your aesthetic, this is the ultimate way to do it. Indulge in mysterious and edgy jet-black roots accompanied by gleaming silver ends for a wowing style.

#2. Silver Hair with Lavender Undertones

Woman with silver hair. Silver Hair with Lavender haircut

Alone, silver hair can be somewhat stark and futuristic. If you want to add some whimsiness and daintiness to your aesthetic, try adding lavender undertones. The result is a fairy-like appearance that’s both sweet and daring.

#3. Choppy Silver Lob with Dark Roots

Woman with silver hair. Choppy Silver Lob with Dark Roots haircut

There’s something about dark roots that makes a hair color feel more grounded and natural – even when going with striking silver ends. For this style, you indulge in an incredible amount of shimmery silver strands, idyllically contrasted with stark, peek-a-boo dark roots.

#4. Fishtail Braid with a Touch of Silver

Woman with silver hair. Silver Fishtail Braid haircut

A whirlwind of silver hues ensures this knockout style has plenty of dimension. And what is the best way to showcase the different shades of silver? With a glorious fishtail braid, of course! Enjoy a beautiful hairstyle that majestically shows off all the intricate silver colors in your strands.

#5. A Blend of Silver and Ice Blue

Woman with silver hair. Silver and Ice Blue Blend haircut

Fire and ice may be all the rage, but we can’t deny how cool and ethereal this pairing looks. Silver tresses are highlighted with icy blue shades, creating a white-hot style that can be worn all winter long.

#6. Flowing Silver Waves that Gracefully Cascade

Woman with silver hair. Long Flowing Silver Waves haircut

Flowing, cascading waves are all the rage – and for all the right reasons. Not only is this look the epitome of elegance and style, but it also adds drama and bounce to one’s hair. As a perk, this graceful wavy ‘do shows off silver undertones that may otherwise get lost in translation.

#7. Tousled Beach Waves with Hints of Silver

Woman with silver hair. Silver Tousled Beach Waves haircut 1

When the summer months roll around, everyone looks to tousled beach waves. They have a laid-back vibe that’s effortlessly chic and trendy. To make your beach waves really “pop” this season, don’t forget to adorn your strands with hints of silver.

#8. French Braid with Silver Hair

Woman with silver hair. Silver Hair with a French Braid haircut

A French braid sitting right across the forehead creates a crown-like appearance that’s both modern and sophisticated. Perfect for running errands or going to a fancy event, this is a versatile look you’ll enjoy time and time again – especially with look-at-me silver strands.

#9. Silver Top with Undercut

Woman with silver hair. Undercut and a Silver Top haircut

Desiring a haircut that’s edgy and fierce? Look no further than this exotic cut featuring a buzzed undercut and lengthy top. The look itself is unmistakably modern, but you can give it a boost in the “intense” category by lighting your locks with a shimmery silver shade.

#10. Stylish Space Buns in Silver

Woman with silver hair. Silver Space Buns haircut

Cute, playful, and full of life, space buns have become a staple in the hairstyling world. Ideal for all types of events, big and small, you’ll enjoy an adorable appearance anywhere you go. The best part? It allows the silver tones to take center stage in an all-new and exciting way.

#11. Rose Gold-Tipped Silver Hair

Woman with silver hair. Silver Hair with Rose Gold Tips haircut

You may think your silver strands are too bold. Well, if you’re looking for the best way to soften your silver without risking the contemporary appeal, consider this hair color. Silver tresses are blended with rose gold tips, creating an undeniably warm, passionate, and captivating look.

#12. Stylish Platinum Silver Pixie Cut

Woman with silver hair. Platinum Silver Pixie Cut haircut 1

If you want to look like you’re straight off the cover of a Vogue magazine, this is the look to replicate. It all starts with a chic pixie haircut with plenty of layers and length, allowing you to style and tousle as you please. Paired with a platinum silver shade, this hair defines boldness.

#13. Elegant Silver High Ponytail

Woman with silver hair. Sleek Silver High Ponytail haircut

The absolute easiest way to transform your hair from “every day” to “Red Carpet ready” is to opt for a super sleek high ponytail. Pull your silver strands into a high ponytail and let the gorgeous tresses dangle down your back. You may need to use product to keep strayaways at bay!

#14. Bohemian Silver Dreadlocks

Woman with silver hair. Silver Dreadlocks haircut

The next time you rock a set of dreadlocks, consider adding a silver hair color first. Doing so will give your style a unique, futuristic twist, taking traditional dreads to the next level.

#15. Mesmerizing Silver Hair with Peacock Highlights

Woman with silver hair. Silver Hair with Peacock Haircut

Peacock hair is undeniably popular today, but you can make this look stand out even more by starting with a silver base. Adding blue, green, and purple highlights to silver strands is the best way to ensure a multi-toned look that is fascinating.

#16. Silver Curtain Bangs

Woman with silver hair. Silver Curtain Bangs haircut

Those who want to try out bangs but don’t want to go for a set that is too bold should consider curtain bangs. These lovely, lengthy bangs are known as being wispy and elegant, allowing your eyes to be the focal point. Add a hint of drama by opting for a silver hair color.

#17. Blunt-Cut Silver Bob

Woman with silver hair. Blunt Cut Silver Bob haircut

Blunt cuts? Fierce. Silver hair? Even fiercer. Combine the two, and you have an innovative hairstyle designed to turn heads. As a bonus, a blunt cut will create the illusion of added thickness, which may be essential for fine or thin-haired babes.

#18. Icy Silver Top Knot

Woman with silver hair. Icy Silver Top Knot haircut

For those days when you want a cute hairstyle but just don’t feel like doing anything with your hair, consider throwing your tresses into an adorable topknot. Cute and totally on-trend, this look is fashion-forward and idyllically displays icy silver hues.

#19. Silver Pigtails with Bows

Woman with silver hair. Silver Pigtails with Bows haircut

Are you looking for a hairstyle that’s undeniably playful and fun? Then you’re going to love this look, babe! This exciting look starts with eye-catching silver strands that are unmistakably intense. Yet, tossed into pigtails with bows, the fierce shade gets a youthful and quirky makeover.

#20. Silver Waterfall Braid

Woman with silver hair. Silver Waterfall Braid haircut

If you really want to show off the different tones of your silver locks, a waterfall braid is the best choice. Every inch of the braid will show off a different silver tone, allowing for an elegant display of your incredible hair color.

#21. Spiraled Curls in Silver Shade

Woman with silver hair. Silver Spiral Curls haircut

Do you want your hair to bounce with every step? Then reach for your curling iron, honey – it’s time to transform your locks into spiraled curls! Spiraled curls achieve unbelievable volume and bounce, ensuring your silver locks grab all the attention.

#22. Messy Silver Mullet

Woman with silver hair. Shaggy Silver Mullet haircut

Yes, mullets have recently been deemed the “ultimate” retro hairstyle comeback – and we’re loving every second of it. To give the mullet a new-age twist, consider opting for silver strands and tousling up your locks for that messy, beautiful “just woke up” aesthetic.

#23. Stylish Silver Box Braids

Box braids never go out of style, and it’s clear to see why. Cute, fashionable, and with the bonus of acting as a protective hairstyle, it’s the go-to for plenty of women across the globe. Take this popular hairstyle to new heights by reaching for a silver hair color.

#24. Glamorous Deep Side Parted Silver Waves

Woman with silver hair. Deep Side Part Silver Waves haircut

The simplest way to achieve “Hollywood glam” is to part your hair into a deep side part and add some glorious, loose waves to your mane. To ensure this high-glam look remains the talk of the town, don’t forget to start with an alluring, warm silver tone.

#25. Silver Hair with Striking Cobalt Blue Streaks

Woman with silver hair. Silver Hair with Cobalt Blue haircut

The intensity of silver hair is unmatched. But if your silver locks need a little pop of color, consider going with cobalt blue. The combination is undeniably dramatic.

#26. The Silver Afro

Woman with silver hair. Silver Afro haircut

A great way to show off your hair’s lovely natural texture is with an afro. Full of life and volume, it’s a cute style to wear all year long. However, if you want to add some instant pizazz, add some silver hues to your mane.

#27. Half-Up Half-Down Silver Style

Woman with silver hair. Half Up Half Down Silver Style haircut

Half-up, half-down styles are all the rage. Whether you’re pulling half your strands into a ponytail, bun, braid, or other look, you can rest assured you’ll remain on-trend. Add a splash of intensity and uniqueness to your style by adding silver to your strands.

#28. Silver Hair with Underlights

Woman with silver hair. Silver Hair with Underlight haircut

For those seeking more color in their mane but want the silver to remain center stage, consider going with underlights. Underlights add a hefty dose of contrast and dimension without taking over your style.

#29. Silver Goddess Braids

Woman with silver hair. Silver Goddess Braids haircut

If you want a hairstyle that displays unmatched regalness and elegance, consider wearing goddess braids. These intricate braids are full of life and beauty and look even better when adorned with silver shades.

#30. Dynamic and Eye-Catching Silver Hair with Dark Lowlights

Woman with silver hair. Silver Hair with Dark Lowlights haircut

Those craving some drama and dynamism in their silver mane will want to try dark lowlights! Lowlights can range in their shade, whether you opt for jet-black lowlights or something a bit softer. Regardless, you can enjoy some added texture.

#31. Timeless Retro Glamour Silver Pin-Up Curls

Woman with silver hair. Silver Pin Up Curls haircut

There’s no denying the allure of pin-up curls. Boasting incredible ringlets that surround the face, it’s a flashy flashback hairstyle that always looks fabulous. Give this retro-inspired look a makeover with bright silver tones.

#32. Androgynous Silver Slicked-Back Style

Woman with Silver Slicked Back Style haircut

Slicked-back styles are all about looking fierce and sleek – and this look proves it. Regardless of your gender, you can surely enjoy this modish style. Just ensure you have enough hair product on hand to keep your tresses in place.

#33. Edgy Elegance with a Buzz Cut

Woman with Silver Hair with a Buzz Cut haircut

Buzz cuts offer the ideal pairing of low-maintenance with an edgy attitude, making it a top-notch haircut for babes who aren’t afraid to “go there.” Yet, you can up the ante by covering your buzz cut with a gleaming silver shade.

#34. Whimsical Dreaminess in Silver Ombre

Woman with Silver and Pastel Ombre haircut

Silver may be stark, but that doesn’t mean silver locks can’t be whimsical. But how? It’s simple, hon – just toss in some pastel highlights and call it a day. Pink and lavender are particularly popular for their dainty appeal!

#35. The Silver Pompadour

Woman with Voluminous Silver Pompadour haircut

Warning: this look is not for the faint of heart! Featuring plenty of height and volume, the pompadour is a classic style that oozes drama and modernity. Give this classic style an even more contemporary vibe with silver shades.

#36. Classic Silver Chignon

Woman with Classic Silver Chignon haircut

The chignon is one of the most elegant hairstyles out there, and sporting this look with a silver finish only enhances the overall chicness of the hairdo. Wear this hairstyle to the finest events and look – and feel – like a million bucks.

#37. Silver Hair with Feathered Layers

Woman with Silver Hair with Feathered Layers haircut

Consider going with feathered layers to take your silver hair from “stark” to “airy” and light. These layers not only add some whimsiness to your silver strands but also add some much-needed texture to those with finer tresses.

#38. Silver French Twist

Woman with Silver French Twist haircut

If you’re not a fan of chignons, another great way to indulge in an utterly sophisticated and high-glam hairstyle is the French twist. Twisted with silver tones, this look will surely capture the crowd’s attention.

#39. Silver Hair with Chunky Highlights

Woman with Silver Hair with Chunky light Highlights haircut

Chunky highlights are slowly making their comeback, and if you want to engage in this technique, here’s a great way to do it. Add chunky highlights to your silver hair to make a bold statement with plenty of attitude.

#40. Silver Messy Bun

Woman with Silver Messy Bun haircut

The ideal combination of effortless and elegant, the messy bun is a timeless style that’s impossibly easy to recreate. We can’t ignore how the messy bun beautifully highlights different tones of silver!

#41. Sun Kissed Silver Balayage

Woman with Silver Balayage haircut

If you want your silver hair to have a more casual and warm aesthetic, sun-kissed silver balayage is an excellent way to go.

#42. Silver Curls with a Headband

Woman with Silver Curls with a Headband haircut

Silver hair looks undeniably majestic when crafted into a set of tight ringlets. But to make your look even more bedazzling, consider a headband. This accessory will keep your strands out of your face while giving your hair some dimension.

#43. Intricate Dutch Braid on Silver Hair

Woman with Silver Hair with a Dutch Braid haircut

When it comes to twisting and twirling your silver hair into a braid, don’t settle for simple. Go with an intricate Dutch braid to really display the silver strands gorgeously.

#44. Vintage-Inspired Silver Hair with Baby Bangs

Woman with Silver Hair with Baby Bangs haircut

This is the ideal haircut for those who love to indulge in all things vintage. Silver strands are cut into an adorable short bob with plenty of layers for added texture. The look finishes with chic baby bangs that dangle just above the eye, creating a sense of playfulness to a somewhat edgy ‘do.

#45. Subtle Blend of Silver and Platinum Tones

Woman with Silver and Platinum Blend haircut

With this hairstyle, subtlety is the name of the game. And yet, it still has enough power to grab the attention of the room. The blend of cool tones creates a scene that’s truly mesmerizing.

#46. Senegalese Twists in Silver

Woman with Silver Senegalese Twists haircut

Senegalese twists are another protective hairstyle that is always in style. These twists feature smaller, more intricate braids that allow silver strands to be highlighted in all the best ways.

#47. Silver Hair with Dark Highlights

Woman with Silver Hair with Dark Streaks haircut

Want to tame the sparkle of your silver while upping the boldness? Your best option is to adorn your mane with a silver hair base followed by an assortment of dark highlights. The contrast is nothing short of visually striking and captivating.

#48. A Blend of Silver and Ash Tones

Woman with Silver and Ash Blend haircut

If silver hair with dark highlights is a bit too contrasting, you may enjoy this slightly subtler combination. Silver and ash tones intertwine for an appearance that’s warm and sophisticated – anything but dull.

#49. Playful Flip with Silver Hair

Woman with Silver Hair with a Flip haircut

Hey, girly. Want an easy way to add some playfulness to your hairdo? Then, add some flips on the end and enjoy adorable movement with every step. Aside from the beauty, the flip will also give your silver strands more attention!

#50. Silver Hair with Neon Accents

Woman with Silver Hair with a Pop of Neon haircut

Silver and neon are a match made in heaven, creating an attention-grabbing finish you’ll enjoy any time of year. There’s no “wrong” way to go about neon accents. Flirty gals may prefer bright pinks or purples, while bolder babes may opt for blues, greens, or yellows.

#51. Voluminous Curls with Silver Hair

Woman with Silver Hair with Voluminous Curls haircut

There is something undeniably timeless and luxurious about voluminous curls – and they just so happen to be one of the top hairstyles for striking silver hair. Enjoy femininity in ways you never thought possible.

#52. Beachy Waves in Silver

Woman with Silver Beach Waves haircut

Visually enhancing silver strands? Check. Charming right off of the beach aesthetic? Check. Plenty of body and movement? Check. Needless to say, beachy waves in silver check all the marks for a knockout hairstyle.

#53. Ombre Blend of Silver and Charcoal

Woman with Silver and Charcoal Ombre haircut

There are plenty of ways to add some dimension to a silver base, but one of the most unique ways is with charcoal. The enchanting blend looks right out of a movie set in a wintery forest, making it a top pick for chillier months.

#54. Bold and Trendy Slicked Back Undercut in Silver

Woman with Silver Slicked Back Undercut haircut 1

For the ladies out there who aren’t afraid to dip their toes into their daring nature, this hairstyle is a must. The eye-catching silver base is crafted into a slicked-back ‘do with an edgy undercut, creating a fashion-forward appeal that should grace every fashion magazine.

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