These 75 Shag Haircut Ideas Are So Chic, You’ll Want To Embrace Your Inner Rock Star

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Written by Rachel Miller

Updated: April 20, 2024

If you love layers, there’s no doubt you’ll love shag haircuts. Shaggy haircuts are all about creating lots of effortless and carefree volume with an abundance of layers. The result? A style that’s delightfully messy, fun, and multidimensional. And the best part is that it can work on any hair type, from thin and straight to coarse and thick.

Of course, there’s no “one size fits all” when it comes to shag haircuts. That’s why we’ve created this must-see list of the top 75 trending shag haircut ideas for this year—you know, so you can discover which shag style you’re going to rock this year. Whether you have naturally curly ringlets and want something subtle or prefer to step outside the box with something unhinged and thrilling, you will find precisely what you’re looking for.

magnific nicWIcu1DuMt7BG3tyr8 Icy Platinum Shag with Long Bangs

Shags may be playful, but you can create a more intense and lasting impression by opting for a striking icy platinum hair color. Paired with a set of long bangs, this is every winter princess’s dream come true.

#2. Mid-Length Shag with Raven Black Layers

magnific naBwXktAp6D5QtNKl4Nz Mid Length Shag with Raven Black Layers

Those who aren’t afraid to go bold with jet-black strands will love this look. The mid-length shag offers plenty of volume and bounce, but the raven black hair color is what provides this hairstyle with a much-needed touch of mystery.

#3. Rustic Auburn Shag with Feathered Ends

magnific GlVgoeKn92RkIgb6wIHU Rustic Auburn Shag with Feathered Ends

For the perfect fall-friendly hair color, look no further than this ravishing rustic auburn shag. The color is enough to turn heads, but the feathered ends add some Farrah Fawcett-esque movement that’s undeniably sexy.

#4. Shaggy Pixie Cut with Baby Lights

magnific pBlcjMbEXERSjpGTXQKv Shaggy Pixie Cut with Baby Lights

Pixie shags are effortlessly chic and low-maintenance, and when tousled in the right spots, they have a bedhead vibe that plenty of women adore. Toss some baby lights into your locks to enunciate those flawless layers.

#5. Chestnut Waves in a Classic Shag

magnific jl3WW6TH0lK9N5NZEPhu Chestnut Waves in a Classic Shag

Exuding elegance and sophistication is a cinch when you go the classic route; this hairstyle is proof. She starts her look with a classic shag cut that’s riddled with layers. Loose, look-at-me waves provide not only added dimension but also a sultry silhouette.

#6. Two-Toned Curly Shag Haircut

magnific WDLYu6mQUAQcDX1NTXMa Two Toned Curly Shag Haircut

When one color isn’t exciting enough, you should definitely go with a two-toned masterpiece. This hair curly, shaggy cut has plenty of playfulness, but the combo of red and ashy blonde pieces creates something thrilling.

#7. Shaggy Mullet with Pastel Highlights

magnific YwSJtoanYMmqm10BpfxG Shaggy Mullet with Pastel Highlights

It’s no secret – mullets are trending in 2024. Why not hop on board? If you want to go the mullet road but want it a pinch less intense, a shaggy mullet is the best choice. This tamer, more delicate approach is easily enhanced with lovely pastel highlights of pink and orange.

#8. Sleek Straight Shag with Razor-Cut Ends

magnific J8z9fi6t5n5jgsQZ5bzt Sleek Straight Shag with Razor Cut Ends

You might consider this hairstyle if you have naturally straight hair but need to rev up the dimension. A shag haircut paired with razor-cut ends will allow your straight tresses to subtly flip on the ends, revitalizing your straight locks in an all-new way.

#9. Textured Rose Gold Shag

magnific vWRGVzUlrdx8yL2ZpZfA Textured Rose Gold Shag

If you’re ready to be the star of your friend’s Instagram feeds, douse your shaggy haircut with a tantalizing rose gold hue and use your favorite products to create sensational waves. Needless to say, this look doesn’t miss.

#10. Silver-Gray Shag with Undercut

magnific s6pTcwWhsPCPrUrxF0VV Silver Gray Shag with Undercut

Some women don’t mind showing off their daring side. Are you one of them? Then this is the next style for you. This ultra-short shag haircut is easy to maintain, but it looks anything but simple. Enjoy striking silver-gray strands with an accompanying fierce undercut.

#11. Collarbone-Grazing Shag with Balayage

magnific 5WPoCzPEpObOMkVtGy2P Collarbone Grazing Shag with Balayage

If natural-looking locks are more your thing, you’ll want to design your tresses into an adorable collarbone-grazing cut complete with balayage coloring technique. We love this sunkissed choice, with a blend of light browns and blondes taking center stage.

#12. Textured Shag with Micro Bangs

magnific GwSJAwVczzdBp6efnqay Textured Shag with Micro Bangs

If you’re up for something new and cool, you should recreate your shag with a pair of micro bangs. This look works especially well for those with oval and heart-shaped faces. Don’t forget to tousle up your locks to bring out a more playful vibe.

#13. Long Shag with Platinum Blonde Streaks

magnific Uvw92zuceqeqRjGtXSVN Long Shag with Platinum Blonde Streaks

Long, shaggy cuts can look worn down. If that’s your current struggle, it’s time to unleash your inner blonde bombshell, honey! Go with a white-hot platinum blonde shade to immediately invigorate your aesthetic.

#14. Asymmetrical Short Shag with Blue Tips

magnific jY69KWt6vWWciFHKbcJg Asymmetrical Short Shag with Blue Tips

You can’t go wrong with out-of-this-world hairstyles, especially if you have an exciting personality to match. This asymmetrical short shag is full of life, but those blue tips really add an outstanding touch.

#15. Shaggy Ombre Cut for Coarse Hair

magnific YoeRwPq5hNH1867j7Ka6 Shaggy Ombre Cut for Coarse Hair

Coarse hair driving you crazy? Give your mane a break and chop your locks into a cute shoulder-length shag like this. But don’t stop that. Add a flirty color combo using ombre techniques to go from dark to light brown.

#16. Caramel-Toned Middle Shag

magnific ySNzXbpL8NNwLuvOQodn Caramel Toned Middle Shag

Calling all warm skin-toned babes! If you’re looking for an effortlessly adorable cut to rock year-round, look no further. Middle shag haircuts are automatically cute and dainty, and the caramel-toned highlights are the ideal pairing for your skin tone.

#17. Shaggy Bob with Choppy Layers

magnific 8944kAoUC4rUzf8tA14d Shaggy Bob with Choppy Layers

More layers, you say? Absolutely. If you’re someone who is utterly obsessed with layers and loves all the movement they provide to your mane, ask your stylist for a shaggy bob with even more choppy layers.

#18. Teal-Infused Shaggy Cut

magnific B2naVobwzmQF7SN7L4hx Teal Infused Shaggy Cut

Go ahead, honey—show off your creative side and dip your tresses into the teal paint bucket. Teal is undeniably trendy in 2024, allowing you to get in touch with your inner mermaid. Really – with teal hair, you simply can’t go wrong.

#19. Shag with Lavender Underlights

magnific LGeNyokxHzx43dRlUDzQ Shag with Lavender Underlights

Another look that’s unmistakably popular this year? Lavender, of course! This is the better choice for gals who want a more soft and whimsical shade than the starker, look-at-me teals and blues of the world.

#20. Long Shag with Beachy Waves

magnific 47FGMp7R5jGssIanx1ct Long Shag with Beachy Waves

For a more natural spin on things, transform your long, shaggy haircut into beachy waves. A spritz of texturizing spray and some scrunching will get the job done, and you’ll look like you just got back from your fabulous tropical vacay.

#21. Tousled Shag with Copper Highlights

magnific 5kGpomtyCZc5N13MaDej Tousled Shag with Copper Highlights on Brown Hair

Going from a lighter shade to copper is an excellent way to transition your shaggy haircut from summer to fall. To ensure your copper highlights are on full display, don’t hesitate to add lots of carefree texture to your locks.

#22. Shoulder-Length Shag with Mahogany Lowlights

magnific QItmb1BdoPCywg0AZCHg Shoulder Length Shag with Mahogany Lowlights

If your hair craves even more warmth during the fall and winter, mahogany is the perfect pick. Mahogany is undeniably alluring and cozy, especially when worn with a shoulder-length shag and a cute set of face-framing bangs.

#23. Voluminous Shag with Chestnut Streaks

magnific 88RKutZ8oKwWb9WNxMRi Voluminous Shag with Chestnut Streaks

A shag is already a good option for those with thinner tresses. Want more volume? It’s simple – Start by throwing your locks into a deep side-part. Then, use your go-to comb to tease the crown. Finish with a set of loose curls, and voila! Body for days.

#24. Pixie Shag with Rainbow Highlights

magnific dIsndSxaBYgwbCJ4d4c2 Pixie Shag with Rainbow Highlights

This year, it’s all about expressing yourself – whether that means keeping things simple or going with a more extravagant hairstyle such as this. Bring the beauty of the rainbow right to your mane.

#25. Curly Shag with Blonde Balayage

magnific XJRcFggMiq3wPCbuj2lW Curly Shag with Blonde Balayage

I’m sure your curls look charming with a shaggy shoulder-length haircut. But let’s be honest. Do you ever dream of brightening them up a bit? Here’s your cue to do it! Blonde balayage provides a light and bright twist that looks enchanting with tight ringlets.

#26. Long Shag with Peekaboo Pastels

magnific MSqJozbrSGNaMD8bGwpI Long Shag with Peekaboo Pastels

If you want to be different but still maintain a soft aesthetic, you might consider adding peekaboo pastels to your mane. Any pastel shade will work magic – but we tend to like pinks and oranges the best this year.

#27. Shag with Swoopy Bangs

magnific xi9Ou9tWbgf1G23KnFKn Shag with Swoopy Bangs

For those who wish their shaggy haircut could be a little more graceful and a little less edgy, I’ve got a simple solution: swoopy bangs. These bangs are just the right length with just the right volume to ensure a youthful and delicate appearance.

#28. Layered Shag with Copper Undertones

magnific IQZapCIF6p1pcCYE3Uf3 Layered Shag with Copper Undertones

Are you looking for depth in the most elegant way? This one’s for you, queen. A shag that emphasizes layers will immediately create some tantalizing volume, but really, it’s those gorgeous copper undertones that steal the show.

#29. Shag with a Wispy Fringe

magnific ntGQ1kB3n4KWy7M39rcN Shag with a Wispy Fringe

Thin or fine-haired girls looking to add effortless volume and airiness to their strands will appreciate this style. The locks are cut just below the chin, framing the face wonderfully and creating instant life. Pair with wispy fringe for a soft yet full-bodied result.

#30. Shag with Defined Curls

magnific wGhXjIoNImdigISwrW5u Shag with Defined Curls 1

The right haircut can seriously enhance your curls in the best way possible – and this just so happens to be one of those cuts. A shorter shag will ensure your lovely ringlets are shaped and structured magnificently at every angle.

#31. Shag with Dark Roots and Icy Tips

magnific 5b9FBiYX1eZhgFS7Kskg Shag with Dark Roots and Icy Tips

Come in with the element of surprise with thrilling contrast – and here’s how to do it. Begin with an unassuming yet plenty cute shag haircut at the shoulders. Then, douse your locks in an icy silver shade – but leave your dark roots out to play.

#32. Mullet-Inspired Shag Cut

magnific c3p9lVjxjGSvZVWKszaM Mullet Inspired Shag Cut

Play heavy on the mullet side of the shaggy cut to embrace one of this year’s trendiest ‘dos. Yes, it’s a blast from the past – but this modernized version is nothing short of posh. Keep it contemporary with a fierce silver shade.

#33.  Shag with Feathered Layers

magnific umUk4gFwy9gb2TDJBSEi Shag with Feathered Layers

Does your shag haircut need a little more lift and bounce? You don’t need to reach for special products or anything else; you only need to increase the layers. More layering will add an airy and volumized feel that’s oh-so-adorable.

#34. Pixie Shag with Undercut

magnific g4r0ZPvoAF9DbiLv9SjT Pixie Shag with Undercut

Pixies paired with undercuts can give off fierce vibes. If you want this duo tamed down a bit, it’s best to go with a pixie shag haircut. That way, you can get the best of both worlds: a fiery attitude and the right amount of softness.

#35. Shag with Rosy Highlights

magnific 1L7jXU7GcFGwmDbf1W39 Shag with Rosy Highlights

Becoming a pink dream is so easy; every girl’s going to want to do it! Start your look with a charming shaggy haircut and playful side-swept bangs. Then, cover your tresses in a rosy shade with a darling pink cast.

#36. Long Shag with Auburn Accents

magnific Spiq619H82RmkhS8Dr7w Long Shag with Auburn Accents

Shag haircuts don’t have to be short and sweet; they can be long and luscious, too. But if you want to ensure your long locks don’t come out too lifeless, reach for a bright auburn shade destined to be the talk of the town.

#37. Shag with Zigzag Part

magnific OzA4s4yaFEq6dmXvTegH Shag with Zigzag Part

Give your shag haircut a funky makeover by defining a zigzag part down the crown. Yes, this look is a little unpredictable and unique – but that’s exactly the point! Step out from the sea of shags with a funky zigzag and enjoy every minute of it.

#38. Rounded Shag Cut

magnific NtxJVEj9BVfeqMDBl2T3 Rounded Shag Cut

This rounded shag cut is the epitome of face-framing styles. Seriously, if your dream is to frame your face idyllably at every angle, this is the haircut for you. Make it softer and more glamorous by choosing subtle waves throughout.

#39. Shag with Honey-Dipped Ends

magnific 2KGFN5OUdS6TzPvAEiut Shag with Honey Dipped Ends

Looking for a fun new way to create illuminating contrast? Don’t worry – this look has you covered. This cute shaggy haircut has red roots up top and honey-dipped ends, an unlikely combo that looks utterly charming.

#40. Shag with Razor-Cut Layers

magnific GSUtiLnijLZjQHGrDCr5 Shag with Razor Cut Layers

This look has a contemporary feel that can’t be ignored. From the short shag cut to the razor-cut layers and the black base with smokey highlights, it’s a modern woman’s dream come true.

#41. Retro Shag with Barrel Curls

magnific hiTrIOduEqQzo7BQRE4I Retro Shag with Barrel Curls

There’s a reason why retro hairstyles are timeless – they look sensational. Go ahead and indulge in your nostalgia and rock a shaggy haircut adorned with voluminous curls. Just don’t forget the hairspray!

#42. Shag with Lavender Highlights

magnific LpOIrP8TL6L7r5K8nYOc Shag with Lavender Highlights

Silver and lavender are the top combo for 2024, and it’s easy to see why. This fascinating blend is both intoxicating and gentle, a blend that’s challenging to achieve. Toss this duo on a shaggy cut for the perfect year-round look.

#43. Shag with Textured Beach Waves

magnific ayxXoiYS2cW8xFf8vgJq Shag with Textured Beach Waves

A great way to zhuzh up your shag without being too formal is to opt for textured beach waves. This will allow your shag to take on an err of casual sophistication that can be worn anywhere, whether it’s brunch with the girls or a business meeting.

#44. Shag with Pin-Up Style Rolls

magnific zpuK88IH5MDtK1rDE9E3 Shag with Pin Up Style Rolls

Shaggy cuts tend to be on the carefree side of things, but that doesn’t mean you can’t glam things up when needed. Pin-up style rolls are the ideal way to reinvent your look and show off something more sophisticated and high-class.

#45. Shag with Silver Ombre

magnific Zfzy4Roz5uK7SA1QvKs8 Shag with Silver Ombre

Silver ombre is undeniably an “IT” color everyone’s running to this year, and you should, too. Yet, if you’re worried this combo will be too intense for your liking, you can wear it on a shag cut and enjoy something toned-down yet fashion-forward.

#46. Shag with Tight Coils

magnific 8QS0X2nWy3nIeXDFDxyg Shag with Tight Coils

Tight coils are the perfect pairing for a shaggy haircut! They create an effortless bounce that’s both flirty and sophisticated. Throw some ringlets into your mane the next time you want to create show-stopping body.

#47. Shag with Asymmetrical Bangs

magnific owZxWO6wY0UqK6OtC6QB Shag with Asymmetrical Bangs

Want to add a set of bangs to your shaggy haircut? Asymmetrical bangs are a cool, offbeat choice. The asymmetry of the bangs plays well with the layers of the shag, creating a look with plenty of fascinating movement.

#48. Platinum Blonde Shag Cut

magnific hsO7YHQuyzrU3ZnkrkEL Platinum Blonde Shag Cut

If you don’t mind being in the spotlight, you might as well stop what you’re doing, run to your local hairstylist, and ask them to drench your shaggy cut with platinum blonde. Yes, it’s bright, and it’s destined to be the main attraction wherever it’s worn.

#49. Shag with Blunt Ends

magnific FEBSG46ZzRmPC9w5b17S Shag with Blunt Ends

For those seeking a bit more structure in their shaggy haircut. Blunt ends will provide some much-needed shape to the more whimsical and carefree shag, ultimately ensuring a well-balanced and superb finish.

#50. Shag with Wet-Look Styling

magnific uSDGCeOaNvdyTyecCaO1 Shag with Wet Look Styling

The “wet” look is something that’s typically reserved for models, but that doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in this popular and seductive look, too. Wet-look styling isn’t challenging to achieve with the right products, and it looks amazing on a shag haircut.

#51. Shag with Pastel Streaks

magnific uoZ7F9enCAc7G1O2AIqU Shag with Pastel Streaks on Brown Hair

Pastel streaks are known for giving off some serious feminine energy. And surprise – they look enchanting, placed on a shag haircut. Choose your favorite pastel colors and adorn your locks for that unicorn-like aesthetic everyone’s obsessed with right now.

#52. Shag with Slicked-Back Top

magnific ewRq2kPinnWWgUxAQydO Shag with Slicked Back Top

Many people are on the hunt for androgynous hairstyles to sport – this is one of them, and it happens to be one of the top choices. This ultra-short shag comes with a slicked-back top that’s undeniably businesslike and polished.

#53. Shag with Tousled Curls

magnific TJbp60ew4F4pzTTUivMI Shag with Tousled Curls

Kick your curls into high gear by going with a shaggy haircut! Shag haircuts have just the right number of layers to put your ringlets on full display. Lightly tousle them to give off an effortlessly chic and carefree vibe!

#54. Espresso Brown Shag Cut

magnific rd9SsHCEhpiGW35d3hpZ Espresso Brown Shag Cut

Sometimes, it’s best to stick to the classics. This hairstyle has more simplicity compared to others, but it doesn’t slack on sultriness. Espresso brown hair looks wonderful when chopped into a cute shaggy ‘do.

#55. Shag with Wispy Side Bangs

magnific PZf38GPsf9K1jTBRKHoF Shag with Wispy Side Bangs

Keep your shaggy haircut looking feminine and graceful while beautifully framing the face – just add wispy side bangs and call it a day. Wispy side bangs play wonderfully with the jolly shag cut for a stunning finish.

#56. Shag with Angular Layers

magnific LN89JgPvfexLCsrl9BlG Shag with Angular Layers

Shags can lack fierceness and structure, but you can quickly obtain more rigidity with angular layers. It’s a simple swap from the “traditional” shag layers, and no one can deny that it looks incredible.

#57. Shag with Fiery Red Highlights

magnific AO226NEbO5LZNrxorXNc Shag with Fiery Red Highlights

Bring some heat to your appearance by going with a fiery red hair color! This light-and-bright fire engine red hue is nothing short of exciting, and when paired with the shaggy cuts, it creates an eye-catching combination.

#58. Shag with Middle Part

magnific KBjJTI6NY1O8L51yoVWt Shag with Middle Part

OK, boho babes, this one’s for you. This boho-inspired shag with a middle part allows the hair to flow naturally and freely, which is the ultimate style for the unconventional diva. Pair it with your favorite accessories to tie it all together.

#59. Shag with Elongated Front Layers

magnific uax4a9TBfdVCFNDG5kGK Shag with Elongated Front Layers

Elongated front layers are an excellent option for certain face shapes or for those who want to experiment with bangs but don’t want to commit to chopping their locks. They can also add some serious drama – it just takes a little hairspray.

#60. Shag with Chunky Highlights

magnific Xx6Rjaz8xcYU6sfsfsfr Shag with Chunky Highlights

Bring back the bold and beautiful highlights of the 90s by going with chunky highlights! Yes, this is a flashback technique, but it’s making waves in the hairstyling community once more. Of course, it looks incredible on a short shag haircut, too.

#61. Shag with Feathered Ends

magnific Z5CvSw45mbVdhL47BfIv Shag with Feathered Ends

Hey, wild child. Do you want your hair to take on a more untamed and easygoing silhouette? Let me tell you how to do it: feather your ends and tousle things up a bit, making it look like you’ve just rolled out of bed.

#62. Shag with Zigzag Part and Highlights

magnific 7aTEWqgBmc1JM3g0yBvl Shag with Zigzag Part and Highlights

Talk about texture! This shag with a zig-zag part has depth in every corner, from the unique parting to the layered detailing partnered with highlights. She takes it a step further by opting for a brunette base that’s exquisitely highlighted with an intricate silver hue.

#63. Shag with Micro Bangs

magnific MAKwjwuILVYDtu74Y2rf Shag with Micro Bangs

Tiny bangs add a layer of drama, which is a necessity for the relaxed vibes of a shaggy haircut. Ladies, if you want to kick your shag up a notch, go with micro bangs and jet-black strands for a posh aesthetic.

#64. Shag with Twist-Outs

magnific 1rzuQz2mPYZ2QJdHWWfI Shag with Twist Outs

Shaggy haircuts work well with all types of hair – including twist-outs! In fact, going with a shaggy haircut will allow your coils to take center stage, with every twist getting the attention they rightfully deserve.

#65. Shag with Lowlights

magnific QsiRcUJx642FWR7IX62N Shag with Lowlights

Need a quick way to add depth to your shaggy haircut? Lowlights are the perfect choice! Lowlights will add more dimension to your strands without taking over your entire mane, making it a good pick for those new to experimenting with colors.

#66. Shag with Dip-Dye Ends

magnific uNXxilEQEnIljXumaOXU Shag with Dip Dye Ends

There’s contrast that’s subtle, and then there’s this – contrast that you can see from a mile away (for the best reason possible). Seriously, hon – if you’re looking for a way to add vibrant contrast in your shag, dip-dye your gray base into red-orange paint.

#67. Shag with Undercut

magnific YAo8U4v9t6c18qwAyG3m Shag with Undercut

Stylish and smart, the shag and undercut duo is one that’s at the top of the charts for many women across the globe. Although it has a polished silhouette, it’s surprisingly low-maintenance and easy to style.

#68. Shag with Subtle Balayage

magnific bJtdRmBPtP998Npu9HaQ Shag with Subtle Balayage

A charming shoulder-length shag with subtle brunette balayage tends to lean toward being simple, but it’s still stunning nonetheless. This is a wonderful choice for brunettes wanting to make a change that isn’t too drastic.

#69. Shag with Crimped Layers

magnific cg8ACis1MA9VGbTyNGLy Shag with Crimped Layers

Crimped layers? Yes, many of the beloved 90s styles are making a fierce comeback, and the crimps are included. Go ahead and transform into Christina Aguilera from the 90s – we won’t blame you, hon!

#70. Shag with Double French Braids

magnific 2KcDLyHR6Yli0EvhsyYD Shag with Double French Braids

Don’t forget that shag haircuts can also be styled into other mesmerizing looks, too! This double French braid will keep your hair out of your face while displaying a sweet and innocent silhouette. So gorgeous, especially with the abundance of highlights and lowlights.

#71. Shag with a High-Contrast Ombre

magnific yDkQK9XMzvazoZ7EnF9R Shag with a High Contrast Ombre

You can easily highlight each and every layer of your shag haircut by choosing an ombre coloring technique. However, if you want to wow with your ombre shades, go for a high-contrast look like gray and brown.

#72. Shag with Inverted V-Cut

magnific BIfnNCTmzAGP3HoiG3xF Shag with Inverted V Cut

Cut with a V shape, this is a good option for thick-haired girls who want to get rid of some bulkiness and indulge in a very short haircut. Without all the excess hair, you can even style up your strands with cute waves!

#73. Shag with Multicolored Highlights

magnific 6i0BQZzZnqVc6cyiex3D Shag with Multicolored Highlights

Adding multicolored highlights to your shag haircut is great for various reasons. One, it’ll add a hefty dose of excitement to otherwise mundane strands. Second, it’ll allow you to embrace your artistic side. Third, it’ll make your style stand out from the crowd—which is always welcomed.

#74. Shag with Pin Curls

magnific HZpu6wgmDyPQCmcAthmJ Shag with Pin Curls

Shag cuts may be 70s-inspired, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go back further to embrace other decades. These glamorous pin curls provide a vintage flare to your look that’s undeniably ladylike.

#75. Shag with Brushed-Out Waves

magnific d3uD0SfSBzNzy6J0HYD9 Shag with Brushed Out Waves

Waves a bit too tight? Want something more “free and easy?” Go ahead and run a brush through your waves. This will allow you to retain some of the texture from your waves while still embracing a casual vibe that’s perfect for running errands or going to a beach wedding.

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