90 Adorable Shoulder-Length Hairstyles That Will Make You Want To Chop Your Locks

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Written by Rachel Miller

Updated: April 9, 2024

The great thing about a shoulder-length cut is that it allows plenty of room for styling, whether you love curls or waves or prefer to keep things straight and sleek. Yet, they’re short enough to create a bouncy and youthful appearance, and they’re not super high-maintenance—which can be the case for longer tresses.

Needless to say, a shoulder-length cut is highly versatile and may be precisely what you need to reinvent your image. Well, whether you’re looking to chop your locks or want to try out a new shoulder-length style, we’ve hand-selected the top 90 cutest and most fun shoulder-length haircuts and hairstyles you’re sure to love.

Cascading Caramel Waves

If you have shoulder-length brown hair, it might be time to zhuzh things up a bit. This caramel hair color is nothing short of rich and bedazzling, especially when crafted into these mesmerizing cascading waves.

#2. Sunkissed Beach Waves

Sunkissed Beach Waves

You can’t go wrong with looking like a beach babe – especially when summer rolls around. Embrace your inner surfer girl with gorgeous sunkissed blonde locks that are tousled into beachy waves.

#3. Smooth Straight Hair with Face-Framing Layers

Smooth Straight Hair with Face Framing Layers

It’s always a good idea to frame your face – especially when you’ve got an impeccable jawline you’d like to show off! Keep things smooth and straight for a sophisticated style you can wear anywhere. All you need is your tried and true flat iron!

#4. Side-Parted Ocean Blue

Side Parted Ocean Blue

A cute cut with a trendy side part is always stylish. It’s a classic look for a reason! But if you’re tired of getting lost in the “sea” of side-parted shoulder-length cuts, we highly recommend tossing this striking ocean blue mix into your tresses.

#5. Twisted Messy Bun

Twisted Messy Bun 1

Ladies, I think we can all agree that this hairstyle is the epitome of a carefree attitude. Whether doing chores around the house or running errands, this twisted, messy bun will keep your hair out of your face and still allow you to look adorable.

#6. Luscious Locks with Chunky Highlights

Luscious Locks with Chunky Highlights

Yep – chunky highlights are making a comeback, and we couldn’t be happier. Chunky highlights are bold and noticeable, just like you. When you feel like taming them down a bit, though, you can always craft your tresses into bouncy waves.

#7. Shoulder-Skimming Tapered Bob

Shoulder Skimming Tapered Bob

Are you struggling with thin or fine locks? Don’t worry, girly – you can enjoy a shoulder-length cut. In fact, we recommend it! This new take on the classic shoulder-skimming bob is loaded with tapering, creating the illusion of volume while looking posh.

#8. Fiery Red Curtain Bangs

Fiery Red Curtain Bangs

Shoulder-length haircuts are often labeled “cute,” but you can easily make them “sexy” with a fiery red hair color like this. Add in some charming curtain bangs to create a flirty effect that is oh-so-irresistible.

#9. Whimsical Fishtail Braid

Whimsical Fishtail Braid

If your hair could use a little more dimension and you want to style it differently, consider adding a soft yet whimsical fishtail braid. This stunning braid appears complex, but it’s relatively easy to assemble. The best part is it can be dressed up or down to fit any occasion.

#10. Reverse Balayage Elegance

Reverse Balayage Elegance

Going with a dramatic dark-to-light effect in your mane doesn’t have to be tacky or overwhelming. When you choose complementing, all-natural shades such as these, you can reach a new level of elegance you never thought possible – all the while retaining the dramatic value.

#11. Auburn Soft Layers

Auburn Soft Layers

When fall rolls around, you need a hair color as warm as the evening fire pits. Auburn is the ultimate go-to. This color has a warm and cozy vibe that’s perfect for fall. Add a little “oomph” with soft layers.

#12. Rose Gold Romance

Rose Gold Romance

Rose gold is a hit color for 2024, offering a unique shade of pink that’s undeniably romantic and sweet – and, unsurprisingly, it looks even more dainty on a shoulder-length cut. You can add some sultriness by texturizing with voluminous waves.

#13. Sleek Ash Blonde Bob

Sleek Ash Blonde Bob

If you have cool to neutral undertones in your skin and want a suitable blonde for your bob haircut, an ash blonde is an excellent way to go. Aside from being incredibly fashionable, ash blonde complements cool and neutral undertones flawlessly.

#14. Classic Chestnut Coils

Classic Chestnut Coils

Going with a chestnut shade is essential for fall, but why stop there? Add some extra depth to your aesthetic by allowing your naturally dark roots to play peek-a-boo. Use a small-barreled curling iron to create a luscious and flirty attitude with tight coils.

#15. Windswept Shag Cut

Windswept Shag Cut

Shag cuts are a must for 2024, offering a carefree and laid-back appearance that’s riddled with body and flare. But if you want to take your effortless vibe to new heights, consider tousling things up for a “windswept” appearance.

#16. Playful Purple Hues

Playful Purple Hues

Need a hair color that’s as vibrant and playful as you are? Are you not afraid to make a statement with your locks? There’s no better way to do it than with some striking purple hues, honey! Bring them to life with some charming waves, too.

#17. Tousled Half-Updo

Tousled Half Updo

This is one of those everyday hairstyles that can easily be worn to school, the office, or a day out with your gal pals. All you need to do is add a bit of texture with your preferred hot tool, then toss half your locks into a charming updo. So simple, yet so cute!

#18. Strawberry Blonde Elegance

Strawberry Blonde Elegance

Can’t decide between red and blonde? Why not have both? Strawberry blonde is one of those timeless hair colors that always looks incredible. Its unique shade is unmistakably feminine and light, making it the ideal option for spring.

#19. Hollywood Glam Curls

Hollywood Glam Curls 1

When you want to look your absolute best, there’s no better option than Hollywood glam curls. After all, there’s a big reason why these curls always grace the Red Carpet – they’re downright stunning.

#20. Chestnut Waves with Copper Accents

Chestnut Waves with Copper Accents

Adding copper accents to chestnut, shoulder-length waves is always an excellent idea. The colors meddle together perfectly, the slight reddish hues brightening up your silhouette. Go heavy with the highlights around the face to lighten up your appearance.

#21. Asymmetrical Silver Lob

Asymmetrical Silver Lob

Looking like a fashionista from the future doesn’t have to be complex. Actually, it can be pretty simple with a color and cut – just like this. An asymmetrical lob immediately adds some sauciness to this ‘do, but the bright silver shade gives this look an ultramodern touch.

#22. Soft Pixie Bob Hybrid

Soft Pixie Bob Hybrid

Growing out your hair from a super short pixie can seem daunting – after all, you likely fear your hair might look odd. Have no fear, though, ladies! Growing out your pixie can be cute – just as this soft pixie bob hybrid depicts.

#23. Golden Feathered Layers

Golden Feathered Layers

Nobody has ever complained about looking like a real-life Goldilocks. That said, if you’re looking for an incredible shade of blonde, golden blonde may be your ideal pick. And to bring your golden locks to life, consider feathered layers – especially if you need to reduce some bulk in your thick tresses.

#24. Honey-Blonde Tendrils

Honey Blonde Tendrils

If bright blondes are just too light for your taste, you may love the honey-blonde shade. It’s slightly darker with hints of brown and gold throughout, and it looks particularly well on those with pale, medium, and very dark skin tones.

#25. Modern Voluminous Shag

Modern Voluminous Shag

Women with thin hair can get in on all of the fun of a shoulder-length shag haircut. The collection of layers will help to boost their thin locks quickly and efficiently. But to ensure you have a full-bodied finish, consider adding waves and tease the crown for some much-needed volume.

#26. Sleek Middle-Parted Bob

Sleek Middle Parted Bob

Want a shoulder-length hairstyle that’s impossibly fashionable yet easy to maintain? A middle-parted bob is a timeless option that always looks in style and polished, especially if you have an oval, round, diamond, or heart-shaped face.

#27. Dark Cherry Curls

Dark Cherry Curls

Shoulder-length haircuts are always recommended for naturally curly-haired gals. It allows the coils to be bouncy and refreshed. However, if you want to add some unique color to your mane, consider dark cherry. This exciting hue looks particularly well on darker skin tones.

#28. Whimsical Waterfall Braid

Whimsical Waterfall Braid

A cascading waterfall braid down the side of your crown has a whimsical, almost fairytale-like vibe that many women will adore. This look can be worn to everyday events with a pair of jeans or dressed up with an enchanting dress and jewels for upscale venues.

#29. Platinum-Edged Waves

Platinum Edged Waves

Adding a striking touch to your shoulder-length waves is a cinch. Don’t believe me? Then just look at this hairstyle! There’s nothing particularly “shocking” about this hairstyle – except that it’s brightened with an in-your-face platinum blonde shade designed to turn heads.

#30. Razor-Cut Layers with Fringe

Razor Cut Layers with Fringe

Fine-haired babes who want to spruce up their appearance with a trendy cut will appreciate this razor-cut with plenty of layers and an edgy fringe. The whole look gives off fierce and confident vibes while adding some much-needed dimension.

#31. Cinnamon Swirl Dimension

Cinnamon Swirl Dimension

Shoulder-length brunette babes who want to dip their tresses into the “red zone” will love this cinnamon swirl color. It beautifully blends browns and reds for a captivating shade you’ll want to wear through the fall.

#32. Undercut Drama

Undercut Drama

Yes, shoulder-length cuts are built for cuteness—they don’t have to be, though. An undercut can easily recreate your image with some eye-catching drama. Yes, this hairstyle is definitely reserved for women who aren’t afraid to “go there.”

#33. Emerald Chic Bob

Emerald Chic Bob

On the other hand, if you want to take your shoulder-length cut from cutesy to regal, simply toss on a deep emerald shade such as this. Emerald is the epitome of refinement – and it can completely transform your aesthetic.

#34. Feathered French Balayage

Feathered French Balayage

Finer strands definitely need help when it comes to dimension – and this hairstyle does just that. Feathering the mane will immediately create movement and body, but the balayage color technique will ensure the locks are riddled with dimension.

#35. Soft Mocha Blend

Soft Mocha Blend

Shoulder-length brunettes who want to brighten their appearance without going too light will love this soft mocha blend. The hair remains darker at the roots while the ends are brightened with a vibrant, light brown shade. It’s a remarkable combination!

#36. Black Velvet Waves

Black Velvet Waves

Black hair is known for being seductive. Going with black velvet is even more alluring. Black velvet is a distinctive shade that exudes a unique texture. You can make the hair color and cut even more glam by applying waves.

#37. Twinkling Twilight Highlights

Twinkling Twilight Highlights

As the name suggests, twinkling twilight highlights are great for one thing: adding a touch of enchantment to shoulder-length blonde locks. The subtle touch of bright blonde immediately transforms this hairstyle into something truly magical!

#38. Timeless Pinned Curls

Timeless Pinned Curls

While some women are all about modern and contemporary looks, some prefer to go old-school. If you love retro shoulder-length hairstyles, look no further than these lovely and timeless pinned curls.

#39. Snowy White-Angled Bob

Snowy White Angled Bob

Why stop at platinum when you can enjoy full-blown white tresses? A snowy white-angled bob is undeniably chic and smart. Of course, you’ll need to moisturize your tresses regularly, as going this light can be damaging!

#40. Toffee-Toned Long Layers

Toffee Toned Long Layers

There’s brunette hair – and then there’s toffee-toned hair. If you want your shoulder-length haircut to have a unique brown shade that’s plenty rich and exciting, toffee tones are exactly what you’re looking for. Looks flawless when designed into long, lovely layers!

#41. Cool Ash Blonde Waves

Cool Ash Blonde Waves

Although this hairstyle may look unassuming, it’s downright trendy and cool. From the enticing ash-blonde shade to the luxurious waves, this look has *everything* you need to appear in style and hip!

#42. Razor-Cut A-Line Bob

Razor Cut A Line Bob

Anyone with thick hair who loves the element of angles in their look will love this razor-cut a-line bob. The razor-cut will help to tame down ultra-thick tresses, while the a-line style keeps things structured and classy.

#43. Fiery Auburn Curls

Fiery Auburn Curls

Curly-haired ladies, it’s time to make your curls the main event. What better way to do it than with some enthralling red hair? Fiery auburn is just as spunky and sexy as you are, babe – don’t hesitate to go with this thrilling shade year-round!

#44. Sleek Chocolate Tresses

Sleek Chocolate Tresses

Women who are looking to exude refinement and class while enjoying brunette hair should consider this style. The chocolate shade is nothing short of mesmerizing, especially when enhanced with some glossing product.

#45. Vibrant Purple Highlights

Vibrant Purple Highlights

Don’t mind being the center of attention? I didn’t think so, queen. If you want your shoulder-length haircut to stand out from the crowd, try these edgy fashion highlights for size. The purple is incredible!

#46. Tousled Beach Waves

Tousled Beach Waves

Lay back, relax, and enjoy the epitome of laid-back beauty with these tousled beach waves. They’re relatively easy to achieve, and you don’t even need any hot tools to obtain them. They tend to look incredibly well on dirty blonde locks!

#47. Lush Espresso Layers

Lush Espresso Layers

Give your brunette shoulder-length haircut a style update by simply throwing in some espresso layers. Although very subtle, the tint of espresso throughout your dark brown mane will add a glorious dimension you won’t regret.

#48. Face-Framing Platinum Strands

Face Framing Platinum Strands

Goodbye, dull hair color. Hello, fashionable contrast. Those who seek bold contrast with their mane can easily achieve it with this duo. Let your darker roots play peek-a-boo against a striking platinum shade.

#49. Midnight Black Sleek Bob

Midnight Black Sleek Bob

Looking like you are prepared to take on the entire world is easy: you just need this fierce midnight black sleek bob on your side. Use a flat iron and some glossing product, and opt for a trendy middle part to bring it all together.

#50. Textured Chestnut Lob

Textured Chestnut Lob

The right color and the right texture can go a long way – as this hairstyle proves! The chestnut shade is fabulous, and the texturing ensures the hair remains flirty and refreshed. You’ll bounce with every step wearing this cute ‘do!

#51. Whimsical Pastel Pink Waves

Whimsical Pastel Pink Waves

While plenty of women appreciate the look of all-natural hair colors, some gals prefer a more whimsical and dainty approach. If this sounds like you, I highly recommend dipping your shoulder-length waves into a gorgeous pastel pink shade like this.

#52. Classic Blonde Lob

Classic Blonde Lob

Blonde bombshells don’t require over-the-top hairstyles. Even going with a classic blonde lob such as this, you can easily achieve “blonde bombshell status.” Really, it comes down to attitude more than anything, girlfriend!

#53. Olive Green Layered Shag

Olive Green Layered Shag

Looking like a walking and talking tree branch may not appeal to all women of the world, but those who love earthly colors and adore Mother Nature may find this to be the most beautiful shoulder-length style. Leave your darker roots and bless your ends with a lush olive-green shade.

#54. Natural Caramel Balayage

Natural Caramel Balayage

Bright and warm at the same time? Yes, it’s possible – if you choose the right shades. For this look, you’ll leave your natural dark brown hair as is. However, you’ll throw in some vibrant caramel balayage that looks natural yet stunning – especially with shoulder-length waves.

#55. Sleek Ash Brown Middle Part

Sleek Ash Brown Middle Part

Minimalistic styles don’t have to look worn down or dull. In actuality, they can appear impossibly sleek and sophisticated – which is the case with this lovely shoulder-length ‘do. Enjoy a unique ash brown shade, trendy middle part, and slick-straight tresses to the shoulders.

#56. Shimmering Silver Ombre

Shimmering Silver Ombre

There is something oh-so-magical about silver hair – most likely because it has a razzle-dazzle effect, especially when graced with bright lights. Needless to say, if you want to enjoy a shimmery and mystical shoulder-length style, drape your tresses in this striking silver ombre.

#57. Boho Chic Layered Curls

Boho Chic Layered Curls

Curly locks look fab as-is, but if you crave more dimension in your curly shoulder-length hairstyle, there’s a straightforward way to do it: add layers. Layers will immediately give your curls more bounce and flare!

#58. Dark Brown with Golden Streaks

Dark Brown with Golden Streaks

Gold is frequently associated with luxuriousness, success, and royalty – and that’s not even mentioning its captivating appearance. With that said, it’s no wonder why so many brown-haired babes opt for stunning golden streaks.

#59. Sharp Angled Blonde Cut

Sharp Angled Blonde Cut

Are you ready for your catwalk debut? If you don’t have your hair styled like this, you might not be. This shoulder-length look is the epitome of voguish style and attitude. The sharp angles paired with contrasting dark roots and platinum ends create a look that’s nothing short of prominent.

#60. Rosy Pink Blunt Cut

Rosy Pink Blunt Cut

Blunt cuts tend to have a boldness about them, but if you’re a soft-hearted gal who wants to show off a feminine aesthetic, you can tame things with a rosy pink shade. It’s such a charming hue you can wear all year long!

#61. Casual Waves with Side Part

Casual Waves with Side Part

If you dream of obtaining that famous “girl next door” look, here’s how you do it! Start with an adorable shoulder-length cut. Then, toss everything to the side and apply some waves. Don’t forget to indulge in a cutesy brown blend.

#62. Sleek Lavender Bob

Sleek Lavender Bob

Ladies, it’s time to make a bold fashion statement with your locks – and I promise you, it’s not complicated. A sleek bob is the ideal canvas for an intriguing and sleek lavender shade such as this. FYI: the color pairs beautifully with cool skin tones.

#63. Subtle Honey Blonde Highlights

Subtle Honey Blonde Highlights

The changing seasons call for a style update – especially if you tend to go light and bright during the summer. When fall starts to arrive, opt for these lovely yet subtle honey-blonde highlights. They bring some much-needed warmth to your style without being too dark.

#64. Bouncy Voluminous Curls

Bouncy Voluminous Curls

Don’t hide your curls, babe. Make them the focal point with a delightful shoulder-length haircut such as this. Oh, and don’t forget the bangs. The duo will ensure your bouncy, head-turning curls frame your face beautifully.

#65. Razor-Sharp Platinum Blonde Cut

Razor Sharp Platinum Blonde Cut

Calling all models – yes, that includes you. If you’re seeking your next posh hairstyle designed for high style, look no further. A razor-sharp cut paired with an astounding platinum blonde hue is what every fashionable diva needs in their life.

#66. Deep Red Swirls

Deep Red Swirls

For those who wish their shoulder-length cut could evoke feelings of passion and intensity, all you need to do is drench your shoulder-length ringlets in a deep red shade. This hue is undeniably alluring and pairs well with red lips and dark eyes.

#67. Textured Sandy Blonde Lob

Textured Sandy Blonde Lob

Obtaining an effortlessly beautiful appearance is a cinch with this shoulder-length cut. The sandy blonde shade is adorable, not too bright or too dark. The subtle textures throughout add some laid-back beauty you’re sure to enjoy.

#68. Feathered Chestnut Layers

Feathered Chestnut Layers

Thin to medium hair types that need body and pizazz will appreciate the movement provided by feathering. And if you can’t decide on a color to go with your lovely feathered layers, you can’t go wrong with chestnut. This immaculate shade goes with almost any skin tone fabulously.

#69. Asymmetrical Midnight Blue Bob

Asymmetrical Midnight Blue Bob

Creating a sense of mystery with your shoulder-length style is as easy as utilizing a midnight blue shade such as this. With tints of black sprinkled throughout, it’s a dramatic and tantalizing finish perfect for asymmetrical bobs.

#70. Platinum Waves with Dark Roots

Platinum Waves with Dark Roots

Adding some variation to your hair color is always a grand idea. Why? Because it will add fashionable dimension and depth to your locks, which may otherwise appear boring. We especially enjoy this head-turning platinum paired with darker pieces.

#71. Bohemian Brown Shag

Bohemian Brown Shag

The boho look is known for being free-spirited and relaxed, and it never goes out of style. This is one hairstyle that can immediately transform you into a boho babe. The shaggy haircut is riddled with carefree layers, while the muted brown shade ensures a laid-back aesthetic.

#72. Shiny Copper Curls

Shiny Copper Curls

If you feel your fabulous, all-natural curls need a makeover, don’t think about straightening or doing anything like that. Instead, opt for these incredibly shiny copper curls that offer an attention-grabbing finish. The color suits warm skin tones majestically!

#73. Sleek Black Middle-Part Lob

Sleek Black Middle Part Lob

For women who don’t mind drawing the attention of the crowd with their mysteriousness and captivating appearance, a sleek black middle-part lob is the ultimate choice. The black shade is undeniably desirable, while the straight middle-part lob keeps things sleek and fashionable.

#74. Sun-Kissed Blonde Tips

Sun Kissed Blonde Tips

Who doesn’t love the look of a sun-kissed blonde? For this particular shoulder-length style, the blonde is strategically positioned toward the ends to create a “lived-in” aesthetic that’s quite popular and casual.

#75. Vintage Glam Waves

Vintage Glam Waves

There’s a reason why old (and new) movie stars always wear their hair in these delicate waves – they’re incredibly glamorous. So, if you have an upscale event to attend in the near future, you can’t go wrong with these stunning vintage waves.

#76. Soft Lilac Curls

Soft Lilac Curls

Ready to dip your tresses into the purple pool but don’t want to look too dark? Don’t worry, purple lover – you can always go with a soft lilac like this. The delicateness of the lavender shade can be softened even further with romantic loose curls like these.

#77. Straight Cut with Wispy Bangs

Straight Cut with Wispy Bangs

Want a shoulder-length hairstyle that’s impossibly easy to maintain but still stylish? It’s pretty basic, babe. Cut your brunette locks to shoulder-length, then add bangs to break up the monotony. Keep it straight for an effortless yet cute style.

#78. Espresso Bob with Golden Highlights

Espresso Bob with Golden Highlights

Espresso bobs are really cute, and everyone can agree with that. However, if you’re getting tired of your one-noted bob, you can instantly add pizazz with golden highlights. Remember – gold is the symbol of affluence. Why wouldn’t you want that strewn throughout your mane?

#79. Ocean Blue Balayage

Ocean Blue Balayage

There’s “ocean blue hair,” and then there’s “ocean blue balayage hair.” What’s the difference? It’s all about dimension and contrast, girly! This ocean blue combines several ocean-based blues for an ethereal finish you’d find on the most stunning mermaids.

#80. Cascading Chocolate Layers

Cascading Chocolate Layers

When it comes to elegant shoulder-length hairstyles, this hairstyle is truly unmatched. The chocolate shade is rich and indulgent on its own. When paired with cascading layers and glorious ringlets, it exudes a new level of refinement.

#81. Golden Spiral Curls

Golden Spiral Curls

Brightening up your curls is always recommended, as it will ensure each and every coil is put on full display in an all-new way. Golden hair color is bright and sparkly and quite versatile, able to blend with many skin tones with ease.

#82. Sleek Silver Strands

Sleek Silver Strands

Silver is known for its contemporary vibe, but you can tone things down by implementing more typical “gray” throughout your silver tresses. The result is something that’s unmistakably modern yet more professional and sleek.

#83. Soft Caramel Waves

Soft Caramel Waves

Soft caramel waves truly embody elegance and effortlessness in ways we didn’t think were possible. First, the caramel tone is warm and inviting. Second, the soft waves add a casual texture. Put them together, and you get a shoulder-length look that can easily be worn anywhere.

#84. Angular Ash Brown Lob

Angular Ash Brown Lob

Ash brown is cool because it is a gray-leaning shade you don’t typically see from brunettes. So, if your angular shoulder-length lob is missing some “uniqueness,” but you want to keep your hair looking natural, ash brown may be your perfect match!

#85. Long Feathered Bangs

Long Feathered Bangs

If you ask your stylist to go “heavy on the feathering,” you’ll likely end up with this flirty shoulder-length hairstyle! Not only is the bulk of the mane riddled with face-framing layers, but the layering extends to the bangs, too, ensuring a uniform – yet exciting – finish.

#86. Fiery Auburn Layers

Fiery Auburn Layers

While any auburn shade is stunning, some lack a confident “fiery” attitude—this one does not. If you want to be a redhead this year, this fiery auburn is an excellent choice. Wear it with a shoulder-length cut and layers, and look your best!

#87. Subtle Rose Gold Ombre

Subtle Rose Gold Ombre

Subtle rose and gold are a match made in heaven. These two colors couldn’t blend any more seamlessly together – and this dynamic duo just so happens to look sensational when graced on an adorable shoulder-length cut enhanced with waves.

#88. Wild Berry Tousle

Wild Berry Tousle

When people think of “colorful” hair, they might think of rainbow styles that are vibrant and eye-catching. But they don’t have to be! This wild berry shade is plenty fun but still subtle enough to be worn to the office or school without hassle.

#89. Classic A-Line Blonde Bob

Classic A Line Blonde Bob

When in doubt, go with classic styles you know are chic and stylish – like this one! An a-line has been popular since its debut and has an enticing structure that frames the face. Stick with a bright blonde shade to make this cut really pop.

#90. Chunky Cinnamon Highlights

Chunky Cinnamon Highlights

Like a dash of cinnamon in your coffee, cinnamon highlights in your dark brown hair add a sense of spice and warmth you didn’t know you could live without. It’s such an enticing shade and looks beautiful in shoulder-length styles!

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