30 Magnificent Medium-Length Hairstyles For Women Over 60

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Written by Rachel Miller

Updated: June 23, 2024

Medium-length haircuts are the perfect solution for women over 60 who want the youthfulness of a short cut and the lavish length and ultimate versatility of long hair. 

Whether you have thick hair, fine hair, curls, or pin-straight locks, a medium-length hairstyle can make you look absolutely fabulous!

So, if you’re in need of a new hairstyle that works for women of a certain age, check out these 30 magnificent medium-length hairstyles for women over 60.

#1. Chestnut Layered Bob with Side Bangs

Coal Black Hair with Icy Blonde Ombre 1

A chestnut layered bob with side bangs creates a soft and sophisticated look. The warm and rich tones of the chestnut brown complement almost any skin tone, while the layered bob boosts volume, gives a kiss of extra texture, and creates the perfect face frame for women over 60, intensified by the chic side bangs.

#2. Auburn Textured Waves with a Side Fringe

Auburn Textured Waves with Side Fringe

Go for a vivacious, vibrant, medium-length hairstyle, like auburn-textured waves with a side fringe. This style is the perfect recharge for thinning waves, with lively texture accentuated by the chic side fringe on a bold and vibrant auburn red. 

#3. Soft Black Bob with Subtle Lowlights

Soft Black Bob with Subtle Lowlights

A soft black bob with subtle lowlights is a chic and sleek medium-length hairstyle for women over 60. The bob provides a super-defined face frame that contours your cheekbones and jawline for an age-defying allure, while the “barely there” lowlights add just a hint of depth and dimension. 

#4. Honey Blonde Mid-Length Waves with a Middle Part

Honey Blonde Waves with Middle Part

Lighten up your look with something sweet, smooth, and summery, like honey-blonde waves with a middle part! This toned-down blonde brings a touch of brightness to boost your natural waves while the middle part balances it all out, creating a symmetrical face frame that’s exceptionally ideal for women over 60. 

#5. Rich Brunette Sleek Straight Layers

Rich Brunette with Sleek Straight Layers

Get one of the most luxurious medium-length hairstyles for women over 60, with rich brunette sleek, straight layers. This style pairs an indulgent, rich brunette with sleek, straight layers to give your hair a boost with height but only a whisper of texture to keep that classy aesthetic. 

#6. Platinum Layered Cut on Soft Curls

Platinum Layered Cut with Soft Curls

A platinum-layered cut on soft curls creates an iconic style for women of all ages but is especially irresistible for women over 60 who want something that gives their curls the spotlight. Platinum blonde is the ultimate color for blending in natural gray or white hair, and your layers add volume and texture, enhancing your soft curls for a little youthful boost.

#7. Copper-Toned Wavy Bob with Bangs

Copper Toned Wavy Bob with Bangs

Want a super stylish look with fiery flair? Look no further than a copper-toned wavy bob with bangs. The vibrant coppery color brings bright warmth that enhances your waves, while the bob creates an irresistibly charming face frame. Then, bangs complete the frame with a fab finishing touch.

#8. Straight Chocolate Brown Mid-Length Hair with Light Highlights

Chocolate Brown Straight Hair with Light Highlights

If you’re looking for something equal parts lively and lovely, try straight chocolate brown hair with light highlights. This look is perfect for thin, straight hair, with light highlights adding subtle depth and dimension for fuller hair with a little more energy—all without taking away from the low-key look.

#9. Ash-Blonde on Medium-Length Gentle Waves

Medium Ash Blonde with Gentle Waves

Ash-blonde on medium-length gentle waves is an unbeatably radiant look for women over 60. Ash-blonde creates a bright and seamless blend with your natural grays, while the gentle waves give your hair some extra movement that brings nothing but grace and style. 

#10. Glossy Raven-Black with Slight Inward Curl

Glossy Raven Black with Slight Inward Curl

Go for a sleek style with a dash of edgy vibes, and try glossy raven-black hair with a slight inward curl. This medium-length look is equally dramatic and distinguished, with the glossy raven black bringing all those mysterious vibes and the slight inward curls giving renewed movement to thicker air. Create these inward curls with a blow dryer and round brush or flat iron.

#11. Warm Cinnamon Swirls on Mid-Length Waves

Warm Cinnamon Swirl Waves

Spice things up with warm cinnamon swirls on mid-length waves. The rich shade of the warm cinnamon brings all the soft and cozy vibes. Plus, the swirl placement is perfect for thin or fine wavy hair that needs an extra boost of movement. 

#12. Icy-Silver Layered Cut with Feathered Ends

Icy Silver Layered Cut with Feathered Ends

An icy-silver layered cut with feathered ends is a cool and contemporary hairstyle for women over 60 who want something that gives them ice-cold confidence. This look is exceptionally ideal for giving fine, flat hair some volume and energy, enhanced by the feathered ends for sweeping movement. 

#13. Golden Blonde on Medium-Length Soft Beach Waves

Golden Blonde with Soft Beach Waves

Nothing says summer like golden blonde on medium-length soft beach waves. This is the IT look for older gals who love that beach babe aesthetic, with bright and sunny golden blonde and soft beach waves to finish this style off with that seaside swaying movement. Use some texture spray to take this relaxed yet ravishing medium-length hairstyle to the top.

#14. Deep Burgundy on a Sleek and Straight Medium-Length Cut

Deep Burgundy with Slick Straight Style

Want a dashing look with all the drama? You need deep burgundy on a sleek, straight, medium-length cut. Straight mid-lengths are perfect for sculpting thick hair. Plus, a sleek style will showcase the elegance of the deep burgundy for an effortlessly elegant aesthetic.

#15. Sandy Blonde Bob with Flipped Ends

Sandy Blonde Bob with Flipped Ends

Go for a low-key take on a summer-ready style with a sandy blonde bob and flipped ends. The bob creates volume and soft texture with a complementary shape for your facial features, accentuated by the sandy blonde that gives a sun-kissed glow to any skin tone.

#16. Rosewood Red Soft Curls with a Side Sweep

Rosewood Red Soft Curls with Side Sweep

Get all those distinguished vintage vibes with rosewood red soft curls with a side sweep. This style pairs a vibrant red shade and side-swept soft curls inspired by old Hollywood. All you have to do is brush out your natural or style curls for a softer look and sweep them to the side. 

#17. Silver Gray Gentle Waves with Full Bangs

Silver Gray Gentle Waves with Full Bangs

The silver fox look isn’t just for men! Women can get a little bit of this ravishing look with silver gray gentle ways with full bangs. Silver gray blends effortlessly with natural grays to create a dazzling dimensional look with graceful movement from the gentle waves and full bangs for a chic finishing touch that also highlights your eyes.

#18. Espresso Brown on Subtly Layered Curls

Espresso Brown with Subtle Layered Curls

Espresso brown on subtly layered curls is the ultimate hairstyle for women over 60 who want a naturally luxurious look. This style features a rich, indulgent brunette shade and soft layering for a touch more volume and movement, which is ideal for medium to thicker curls.

#19. Champagne Blonde Straight Mid-Length with a Side-Part

Champagne Blonde Straight Cut with Side Part

Need a radiant and refined style? Go for a champagne blonde straight mid-length with a side part. This super sophisticated style pairs a shimmery champagne blonde with a clean and polished straight cut and a side part to top it all off.

#20. Mid-Length Midnight Blue with Gentle Layered Waves

Midnight Blue with Gentle Layered Waves

Get all those dark and mysterious vibes with midnight blue on gently layered waves. This is a unique and eye-catching medium-length hairstyle for older women who refuse to cease being bold and beautiful! The beautiful blue tones are enhanced by the lively layered waves for all of the mystical and magical movement.

#21. Pearl-White Choppy Bob with Bangs

Pearl White Choppy Bob with Bangs

A pearl-white choppy bob with bangs is a super contemporary style that women over 60 are raving about right now! Pearl white grabs attention and transforms your natural gray or white hair into something iconic, while the choppy bob creates a cool and edgy look that frames your face, intensified by the bangs.

#22. Rich Mahogany with Soft End Curls

Rich Mahogany with Soft End Curls

Get a romantic and radiant combo with rich mahogany and soft end curls. The warmth and depth of the rich mahogany shades enhance your natural texture and give your skin a fresh-faced glow. Plus, the soft end curls are perfect for adding a dose of playful movement to thick hair.

#23. Sun-Kissed Bronze on Textured Waves

Sun Kissed Bronze with Wavy

Give your waves a softer, more sophisticated take on those summery styles with sun-kissed bronze on textured waves. Textured waves give the ultimate laid-back look for thick and thin hair alike, with a sun-kissed bronze for a sunny glow. 

#24. Smoky Quartz Layered Bob with Volume

Smoky Quartz Layered Bob with Volume

Be the star of the smoke show with a smoky quartz layered bob with volume. Smokey quartz creates a soft and opulent blonde look, while the layered bob provides a classy and complementary face frame, with extra volume to give thin or aging hair a little extra help with height, while the layers give your hair some movement.

#25. Glossy Jet Black with Sleek Waves

Glossy Jet Black with Sleek Waves

Go for all things edgy yet elegant with glossy jet black on sleek waves. This graceful and glamorous look pairs glossy jet black for all those luxurious vibes and sleek waves for some extra movement without going overboard with texture. 

#26. Tawny Brown on Cascading Layers

Tawny Brown with Cascading Layers

Tawny brown on cascading layers is a low-key but high-style look that brings fine, aging hair of any texture back to life.  This soft and light brown sets a naturally sophisticated vibe, while the cascading layers create a dimensional movement that brings your hair a breath of new life.

#27. Silky Violet-Tinted Black with Gentle Waves

Silky Violet Tinted Black with Gentle Waves

Moody and mystical. That’s the aesthetic you get when you try silky violet-tinted black on gentle waves. Silky-smooth violet-tinted black gives a uniquely glam look, enhanced by the soft and gentle waves for an extra dramatic flair.

#28. Fiery Red with Bold Straight Layers

Fiery Red with Bold Straight Layers

Who said straight hair was boring? Certainly not us! Fiery red with bold straight layers is a bright and blazing style for all you older gals who want something with serious firepower.  Fiery red is the perfect base to turn up those straight layers for a modern, magnetizing look.

#29. Ocean Blue Soft Curls with Middle Part

Ocean Blue Soft Curls with Middle Part

Mermaid vibes have no age limits; nothing proves that better than ocean blue soft curls with a middle part. This dreamy and dazzling look pairs a mystical blue with soft curls for extra volume and movement. The middle part keeps the frame balanced for an even more youthful aesthetic.

#30. Lavender Tinted Gray with Flowy Waves

Lavender Tinted Gray with Flowy Waves

Lavender-tinted gray with flowy waves is an exquisitely soft look with a pop of pastel color for a little bit of fun. The lavender-tinted gray gives women over 60 the perfect blend of subtle and playful color. Then, flowing waves help bring out those lavender tints while giving your hair an elegant vibe.

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