31 Trending Short Wavy Bob Haircut Ideas for This Year

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Written by Rachel Miller

Updated: March 1, 2024

This is a list of the best short wavy bob haircut ideas trending right now. A short wavy bob, commonly referred to as the “wob,” is a women’s haircut that ranges from jaw to shoulder length and is styled with loose waves or curls. This cut captures a relaxed, beachy vibe by incorporating undulating waves, offering a laid-back yet stylish look.

Woman with Inverted Bob with Beachy Waves hair

An inverted bob is an excellent way to add more volume around the face. It’s also great for getting rid of excess weight, which may be a must for thick-haired gals. Toss beachy waves to your inverted bob cut to create bounce and style.

#2. Platinum Lob with Loose Curls

Woman with Platinum Lob with Loose Curls hair

Are you looking for one of those show-stopping hairstyles to rock year-round? Look no further than this platinum lob with loose curls. Everything about this look is drop-dead gorgeous, from the striking platinum shade to the glamorous loose curls. 

#3. Ombre Wavy Stacked Bob

Woman with Ombre Wavy Stacked Bob hair

Bursting with layers, a stacked bob doesn’t need any help creating drama and plenty of volume – but that doesn’t mean you can’t. If you’re looking for jaw-dropping complexity and dimension, opt for an ombre coloring technique that highlights every layer beautifully.

#4. Jet-Black Angled Bob with Subtle Waves

Woman with Jet Black Angled Bob with Subtle Waves hair

Jet-black locks crafted into an angled bob haircut scream avant-garde attitude. But for those days when you want to soften this relatively modern and dramatic style, throw in some subtle waves for some daintiness. 

#5. Silver-Gray Waves on a Blunt Bob

Woman with Silver Gray Waves on a Blunt Bob hair

Blunt bob haircuts immediately equate to the illusion of more volume. So, for my fine or thin-haired babes out there, this one’s for you. Oh, but don’t forget to give your blunt bob a contemporary makeover with exhilarating silver-gray hues.

#6. Rose Gold Textured Bob with Side Bangs

Rose gold hair has recently taken the hairstyling world by storm, and this image expertly displays why. Rose gold locks are undeniably charming, but they’re even sweeter when chopped into a lovely bob haircut with side bangs. Add a little texture to liven things up.

#7. Graduated Bob with Salt and Pepper Curls

Woman with Graduated Bob with Salt and Pepper Curls Hair

Are you thinking about letting your natural gray hair grow out? Consider this look! This hairstyle has everything you need to look and feel your best. It starts with a lively graduated bob, beautifully detailed with salt and pepper curls. Talk about all-natural beauty!

#8. Asymmetrical Wavy Bob with a Deep Side Part

Woman with Asymmetrical Wavy Bob with Deep Side Part Hair

Anyone looking for a haircut that screams artsy and ultramodern should consider this haircut. The asymmetrical chop is divine and classy on its own, but the deep side part brings the look together beautifully – and let’s not even get started on the enticing red shade. 

#9. Sunkissed Wavy Bob with an Undercut

Woman with Sunkissed Wavy Bob with Undercut hair

Did you know you can be flirty and polished at the same time? Yup, it’s true – just check out this brilliant haircut. This look features a classic bob haircut that’s anything but typical, thanks to the edgy undercut. Of course, it’s not too bold, considering it’s doused in a vibrant sun-kissed hue with lots of bouncy waves.

#10. Soft Auburn Waves on a Collarbone Bob

Woman with Soft Auburn Waves on Collarbone Bob hair

For those who want a bit more length without going straight to a “lob,” you’ll love this collarbone bob. The hair is cut one length along the collarbone, creating a chic aesthetic. Opt for a warm auburn shade to ensure a fall-friendly look you’ll want to flaunt all season.

#11. Midnight Blue Wavy Bob with Teal Highlights

Woman with Midnight Blue Wavy Bob with Teal Highligts Hair

Are you dreaming of looking like a mystical creature from the night? Yup, me too. That’s why we had to add this glorious haircut to the mix. This look starts with a typical bob shape, taken to the next level with a midnight blue that’s beautifully enhanced with teal highlights and glamorous waves.

#12. Voluminous Curls on a Blunt Bob Cut

Woman with Voluminous Curls on a Blunt Bob Cut hair

Blunt bobs can be, well, too blunt. Sometimes, you need a break from the rigidness. This look answers the call. The lovely blunt bob haircut gets a playful revamp thanks to the addition of tight, voluminous curls that are Red-Carpet ready.

#13. Pastel Pink Bob with Loose Waves

Woman with Pastel Pink Bob with Loose Waves hair

If you’re looking for a gentle, feminine, and fairylike hairstyle, this is the look for you! It all starts with a classic bob haircut below the chin. Then, a perky pastel pink is plastered on the mane, immediately creating a soft aesthetic. To finish, a series of loose waves are applied, making an effortlessly graceful appearance.

#14. Lavender Wavy Chin-Length Bob

Woman with Lavender Wavy Chin Length Bob hair 2

Chin-length bobs are perfect for women who don’t want to go too long or too short. Add some razzle-dazzle to this typical haircut by applying a soft lavender shade, a color sure to set you apart from the sea of chin-length bobs.

#15. Wavy Bob with Chunky Chocolate Lowlights

Woman with Wavy Bob with Chunky Chocolate Lowlights Hair

There is something about modern elegance that is so enchanting, and this hairstyle is proof. We love the classic bob haircut, complete with very loose waves to create some depth. But the real show-stopper here is the natural brown shade that’s idyllically enhanced with chocolate lowlights

#16. Tousled Curls on Honey Blonde Bob

Woman with Tousled Curls on Honey Blonde Bob hair

Oh, honey blonde locks – we can’t get enough of you! With a color that’s reminiscent of the beloved classic Goldilocks, you simply can’t help but love it. Create a gorgeous summer-friendly style by chopping your honey-blonde tresses into an adorable bob, complete with lots of tousled curls.

#17. Wavy Tapered Bob with a Shaved Side

Woman with Wavy Tapered Bob with Shaved Side hair

Tapered bobs with shaved sides have that definite edginess and style about them, which is fantastic. However, if you want to shake things up a bit and add some delicateness for an upcoming event, go ahead and throw in some lovely waves. 

#18. Ash-Blonde Bob with Soft Face-Framing Waves

Woman with Ash Blonde Bob with Soft Face Framing Waves Hair

Blonde bobs are timeless – but that doesn’t mean you have to settle for the “typical.” Stand out from the crowd by opting for an ash-blonde shade with hints of gray, blue, and green. Finish off your look with a middle part and face-framing waves.

#19. Ginger-Red Wavy Bob with Wispy Ends

Woman with Ginger Red Wavy Bob with Wispy Ends hair

One look at this hairstyle, and you’re bound to be in love. The ginger-red shade is nothing short of alluring, while the wavy cut above the shoulders is downright lovely. Yet, one thing you won’t want to miss is the wispy ends. This unique cutting technique creates lots of movement you’re sure to enjoy.

#20. Emerald Green Angled Wavy Bob

Woman with Emerald Green Angled Wavy Bob hair

The emerald green, angled wavy bob is reserved for women who want to make an immediate statement wherever they go. The perfect blend of regal and contemporary, this look is certainly not for the faint of heart.

#21. Fiery Copper Bob with S-Waves

Woman with Fiery Copper Bob with S Waves hair

Looking for a head-turning look that’s bound to capture the spotlight? The fiery copper bob with s-waves is it, honey. The bob haircut is chopped right below the chin, allowing plenty of length to show off fierce red hues and glamorous S-waves that have a classic romantic feel to them.

#22. Mauve Wavy Bob with Side-Swept Bangs

Woman with Mauve Wavy Bob with Side Swept Bangs hair

Want to color your hair pink or purple but can’t decide which one to go with? Consider going with mauve, a gorgeous pale purple shade that will turn heads. After coloring, opt for an adorable blunt bob haircut above the shoulders with cutesy side-swept bangs.

#23. Sleek Wavy Bob with Cornflower Blue Streaks

Woman with Sleek Wavy Bob with Cornflower Blue Streaks Hair

This bob haircut may be soft-spoken (but lovely) on its own, but if you crave drama and modern appeal, you’ll want to add some color. Start with a striking silver base amplified with stunning cornflower blue streaks. It’s the futuristic bob you’ve been waiting for.

#24. Poker Straight Bob with Seafoam Green Tips

Woman with Poker Straight Bob with Seafoam Green Tips Hair

Poker straight bobs are cool and hip, no doubt about it. But you can make your hairstyle even cooler with the right texture and shade – as you can see here. Go with some gentle waves and dip your ends into a seafoam green color. The result? The new-and-improved poker straight bob reserved for the most fab mermaids.

#25. Caramel-Wavy Bob with Razor-Cut Ends

Woman with Caramel Wavy Bob with Razor Cut Ends hair

Ladies who want a sharper appearance with lots of texture will appreciate razor-cut ends accompanying their bob haircut. Of course, this fierce look isn’t complete without eye-catching caramel hues and a series of attractive waves.

#26. Deep Cherry Wavy Bob with a Middle Part

Woman with Deep Cherry Wavy Bob with Middle Part hair

Deep cherry hair color is undeniably dynamic and captivating, especially during the chillier months of the year. It just so happens to look amazing on a bob haircut, too, and consider a middle part if you have an oval, round, or heart-shaped face.

#27. Buttery Blonde Bob with Waterfall Waves

Woman with Buttery Blonde Bob with Waterfall Waves Hair

Anyone looking for a dignified style to wear day or night will appreciate this stunning look. It begins with a gorgeous bob cut above the shoulders, brightened with an enchanting buttery blonde. To finish the style, create waterfall waves – i.e., the perfect “in-between” of curls and waves with so much dimension.

#28. Honeycomb Brown Wavy Bob with Peek-a-boo Lavender

Woman with Honeycomb Brown Wavy Bob with Peek a boo Lavender Hair

This bob hairstyle is the idyllic blend of playful and unique. Honeycomb brown tresses are chopped into a cute bob haircut, then highlighted with some peek-a-boo lavender shades to create much-needed dimension and depth. The waves allow the colors to blend magically!

#29. Electric Violet Wavy Bob with Dark Roots

Woman with Electric Violet Wavy Bob with Dark Roots Hair

Yes, it’s electric – and we can’t get enough of it. This majestic hairstyle is for women who aren’t afraid to be daring. Start with dark roots leading down to vibrant violet tips. Add movement and show off every strand of eye-catching purple shade with glamorous bouncy waves.

#30. Peachy Keen Wavy Bob with Feathered Layers

Woman with Peachy Keen Wavy Bob with Feathered Layers

So sweet, so docile – the peachy keen, wavy bob with feathered layers has it all. From the cutesy peachy keen color to the playful waves, you’ll love everything about this style. The massive amount of feathered layers only adds to the overall youthful appearance!

#31. Espresso Brown Bob with Platinum Wave Highlights

Woman with Espresso Brown Bob with Platinum Wave Highlights Hair

If your bob haircut is in desperate need of some contrast, then consider this cool and contemporary duo. Begin with an espresso brown base, then add some platinum highlights. Allow each color to blend seamlessly by creating some loose, glamorous waves. 

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