Blunt Bob 101: Everything You Need to Know Before Making the Cut

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Written by Taylor Augustin

Updated: May 31, 2024

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If you’re dabbling with the idea of chopping off your hair and starting anew, you might want to take a blunt bob into consideration. This hairstyle is the ultimate choice for the gal who’s looking to transform her look into a chic dream!

From the crisp nature of the cut to the fun ways to style it, trust us when we say a blunt bob will give you major French girl energy. 

Intrigued? Below, we had a chat with Emily Pinegar, hairstylist and owner of Salon M + Suites, and she told us everything there is to know about blunt bobs, from styling tips to maintenance and so much more. 

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Meet The Expert

Emily Pinegar is the owner of Salon M + Suites, based in Cedar Hills, Utah. She has 32 years experience in the beauty industry.

All About Blunt Bobs

A blunt bob is exactly as it sounds, a haircut that’s in a bob style with a blunt cut!

“A blunt bob is a sleek and chic haircut characterized by its straight, uniform ends, often cut to just below the chin or above the shoulders,” shares Pinegar. “It’s known for its sharp, precise lines, creating a clean and modern aesthetic.” 

Not only are blunt bobs on trend, but they’re a timeless style that will always look good.

“Overall, blunt bobs are a classic and chic hairstyle choice that can suit a wide range of hair types, face shapes, and personal styles,” Pinegar adds. “With the right maintenance and styling techniques, you can rock a blunt bob with confidence and flair.” 

How Do You Know If You Should Get a Blunt Bob?

We’re total suckers for a blunt bob, and if you’re wondering if you’re a candidate for one, there are a few things you should keep in mind, including hair type, thickness, and face shape. 

Hair Type

While you can get a blunt bob with any hair texture, it will work exceptionally well, particularly for those with straight, wavy, or curly hair.

“Blunt bobs work well on straight or slightly wavy hair textures,” Pinegar tells us. “Curly hair can also pull off a blunt bob with proper styling, but it may require more maintenance to keep the ends sleek.”


Thickness is another factor you’ll want to consider, as blunt bobs look even better when you’re working with a lot of hair. But at the same time, it can actually work for thinner hair!

Pinegar agrees, telling Timeless Hairstyles, “Blunt bobs are versatile and can complement both thin and thick hair. For thin hair, a blunt bob can create the illusion of fuller locks, while for thick hair, it can help control volume and create a polished look.”

Face Shape

A blunt bob works best for those who have a few specific face shapes, according to Pinegar. She tells us that round, oval, square, and heart-shaped faces will work with the style best.

How to Maintain a Blunt Bob

Regular Trims

If you’re used to having long hair and rarely make it to the salon for trims, a blunt bob is going to rock your world, as you’re going to want to go in for regular trims!

“To maintain the sharp lines and precision of a blunt bob, it’s recommended to schedule trims every 6-8 weeks,” says Pinegar. “This helps prevent split ends and keeps the haircut looking fresh.”


Everyone has their own hair-wash schedule. Some people do it every single day, while others wait two days or even an entire week.

This is personal to every individual, and in order to keep your blunt bob looking its absolute best, Pinegar suggests washing it every two to three days, and be sure to throw in a deep conditioning treatment once a week!

Bedtime Routine

We strongly believe in sleeping on a satin pillowcase, regardless of your hair type, style, or texture, and that’s especially true if you have a blunt bob!

“To preserve your blunt bob overnight, consider wrapping your hair in a silk scarf or using a silk pillowcase to reduce friction and minimize frizz,” adds Pinegar.

How to Style a Blunt Bob

Curly/Coily Hair

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If you have curly or coily hair, there are a few specific techniques to keep in mind in order to maintain your texture and show off the cut itself.

Pinegar says to stick with products that have great hydration benefits, as it will help your curly hair stay nice and healthy. She also suggests using a diffuser in place of air drying, telling us, “Try diffusing your hair on a low heat setting to enhance your natural curls while minimizing frizz. Use a diffuser attachment on your blow dryer and gently scrunch your hair upwards towards your scalp.”

Additionally, she recommends trying out the pineappling method, which she details as the following, “To preserve your curls overnight, try the pineapple method by loosely gathering your hair at the top of your head and securing it with a silk scrunchie or scarf. This helps maintain your curl pattern while you sleep.”

Straight Hair

Those with straight hair have a great chance to really show off the sleekness of a blunt bob, and this can all be achieved by following the best tips and tricks from Pinegar.

First, she tells us that a sleek blowout is going to be your best friend, detailing, “Use a round brush while blow drying your hair to create a smooth, sleek finish. Aim the dryer downward to prevent frizz and encourage the hair to lay flat.”

After that, you can go in with a flat iron to tame the hair even more, throwing on some texturizing products for extra volume and dimension. Feel free to finish it off with a shine spray for an added wow factor!

Natural/Wavy Hair

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If your hair falls under the category of more wavy in nature, you have lots of options for styling. Instead of giving yourself a blowout and therefore diminishing your waves, embrace them!

Let your hair air dry or use a diffuser. Pinegar says you can even pop in a curl-enhancing product, stating, “Embrace your natural waves by applying a curl-enhancing product, such as a lightweight mousse or curl cream, to damp hair. Scrunch the product into your hair to encourage wave formation and definition.”

And if your hair is looking a bit lackluster and needs some help, go in with a curling wand for a beachy vibe. Pop in some texturizing or sea salt spray to complete the look!

3 Blunt Bob Hairstyles to Try Out

1) Sleek Blunt Bob

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image via @zendaya

If you like the look of Zenday’s sleek blunt bob, we say go for it! “Zendaya often rocks a sleek blunt bob with a center part, showcasing its versatility and timeless appeal,” shares Pinegar.”

Her blunt bob is cut to chin-length and features sharp, straight ends, emphasizing the clean lines of the haircut. This classic style complements Zendaya’s features and exudes sophistication and confidence.”

2) Textured Blunt Bob

Another gal who’s been known to rock a blunt bob is Taylor Swift, and we’re loving the textured look she’s got going on.

“Taylor Swift has been spotted sporting a textured blunt bob with subtle waves or curls, adding volume and dimension to her hair,” Pinegar tells us. “The soft waves enhance the blunt cut, giving it a modern and effortless look. This textured style perfectly balances sophistication with a touch of playfulness, reflecting Taylor’s signature style.”

3) Asymmetrical Blunt Bob

Kendall Jenner is constantly changing up her hair, but one of our absolute fave hairstyles we’ve seen her rock is this asymmetrical blunt bob.

“Kendall Jenner has been known to experiment with an asymmetrical blunt bob, with one side slightly longer than the other,” Pinegar details. “This edgy twist on the classic blunt bob adds intrigue and personality to the hairstyle, making it a standout look on the red carpet or in everyday life. The asymmetry adds a modern and fashion-forward element to Kendall’s hair.”

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