Get Ready To Fall In Love With These 65 Layered Bob Haircuts

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Written by Rachel Miller

Updated: April 2, 2024

Are you looking for a super-stylish change for your hair? Is this the year you go bold with something sophisticated but with just a little bit more pizazz?

The layered bob is the perfect way to shape up your hairstyle, with that classic bob structure and some added lightweight texture and definition for a fashionable flair. Even better? This style looks beautiful on any face shape, hair texture, and density. 

There’s a layered bob for everyone. And with our carefully curated list, you’re bound to find the perfect one for you. Check out these 65 lovely layered bob haircuts to shape up your style this year. 

#1. Angled Sleek Bob with Precision Cut

Angled Sleek Bob with Precision Cut

Nothing says refined and polished like a sleek angular bob with precision cuts. This contemporary cut exudes elegance with clean precision cuts, angular lines, and just a whisper of layering for that cutting-edge aesthetic.

#2. Razor-Textured Layers in a Classic Bob

Razor Textured Layers in a Classic Bob

Add a quiet edge to your look with a classic bob dressed up with razor-textured layers. Razor-cut edges add a little height and some wispy texture for a fun twist on this fan favorite. 

#3. Subtle Layers in an A-Line Silhouette

Subtle Layers in an A Line Silhouette

The A-line bob with subtle layers is flawlessly flattering and extremely versatile. The A-line silhouette and subtle layering make for a soft, charming frame for your face while keeping your hair sleek and easy to style in a variety of ways. 

#4. Softly Waved Layered Cut

Softly Waved Layered Cut Bob

Attention wavy ladies! This layered bob haircut is just for you! Gentle layers add better definition to your hair, while the length boosts your waves and enhances their natural movement for a laid-back vibe with all of the class.  

#5. Disconnected Choppy Layers Bob

Disconnected Choppy Layers Bob

If you love that bedhead look, the bob with disconnected choppy layers is the perfect way to get it. This cut gets its effortless chic and a ton of texturized body vibes from the dramatic and disconnected choppy layers.

#6. Asymmetrical Cut with Gradual Layers

Asymmetrical Cut with Gradual Layers

The asymmetrical cut with gradual layers is for anyone who wants a style that shouts contemporary charm.Uneven lengths offset the soft layering to find balance in this perfectly imbalanced layered bob haircut. 

#7. Shaggy Bob with Fringed Layers

Shaggy Bob with Fringed Layers

Go retro with a throwback haircut like the shaggy bob with fringed layers. The shaggy fringed layers can give thin or fine hair crazy texture and volume for a Bohemian edge and effortless style. 

#8. Voluminous Wavy Mid-Length Cut

Voluminous Wavy Mid Length Cut

Looking for a boost for your waves? You need a voluminous wavy mid-length cut. Perfect for natural (or styled) waves, this cut features volumizing layers that add natural movement and bounce to your hair for a chic and simple-to-style look. 

#9. Curly Bob with Emphasized Ringlets

Curly Bob with Emphasized Ringlets

This one’s for the curly girls! The curly bob with emphasized ringlets is perfect for bringing out the best in natural curls. Perfectly cut layers give your curls some volume, shape, and definition. Plus, the shorter length gives your ringlets a chance to bounce back and improve. 

#10. Side-Swept Bangs in Layered Style

Side Swept Bangs in Layered Style Bob

The layered bob is beautiful, but with side-swept bangs, you can take this look to the next level. It may be a simple addition, but the bangs make a stunning addition that frames your face and emphasizes your eyes. 

#11. Feathered Layers in a Blunt Cut

Feathered Layers in a Blunt Cut

A blunt-cut bob with feathered layers is the perfect balance between polished and laid-back. The blunt cuts offer a sharp yet casual edge, softened even more by feathered layers for much-needed texture and dimension, especially for straighter hair. 

#12. Layered Crown in an Undercut Bob

Layered Crown in an Undercut Bob

The undercut bob with crown layers is nothing short of effortlessly edgy. This modern take on the bob features crown layers for the right amount of volume and a striking undercut for a feisty flair.  

#13. Textured Pixie-Bob Layers

Textured Pixie Bob Layers

The textured pixie-bob with layers is the ultimate upgrade for this hybrid hairstyle. The pixie-bob’s perfect midpoint between the two styles gives you the perfect length for a dazzlingly daring style, with texturized layered ultra-styling versatility.

#14. Lightly Layered Collarbone-Grazing Cut

Lightly Layered Collarbone Grazing Cut

No bob haircut is more elegant and timeless than the lightly layered collarbone-grazing cut. The name may be a mouthful, but it’s also full of style and sophistication, with a longer length that gracefully grazes your collarbone and light, airy layers for gentle movement.

#15. Internally Layered Long Bob

Internally Layered Long Bob

Make volumizing your hair an inside job with an internally-layered long bob. This longer-length bob haircut may look ordinary on the outside, but beneath that sleek curtain, the cut is full of hidden texture and volume. 

#16. Cascading Layers in a Rounded Cut

Cascading Layers in a Rounded Cut Bob

The rounded-cut bob with cascading layers is a gentler take on the bob’s straight shaping, with rounded cuts instead for a softer kind of body and volume. Plus, the cascading layers make for a graceful frame for your face.

#17. Angular Tapered Layers Bob

Angular Tapered Layers Bob

If you want something modern and edgy but undeniably feminine, the angular bob with tapered layers is for you! This cut is super-structured, with just a tiny bit of edge, thanks to the tapered layers for high-definition texture and volume. 

#18. Flipped Out Layered Ends

Flipped Out Layered Ends Bob

Get beautiful blowout-level waves with half the hassle in a layered bob with flipped-out ends. This style is perfect for adding massive movement to pin-straight hair but can easily amp up any hair texture. 

#19. Bouncy Layers in a Voluminous Style

Bouncy Layers in a Voluminous Style Bob

Put some va-va-voom in your look by trying a voluminous bob with bouncy layers. This bodacious bob gives maximum height, while bouncy layers create full-bodied movement for that bombshell babe aesthetic. 

#20. Wispy Chin-Length Layered Cut

Wispy Chin Length Layered Cut Bob

The chin-length bob is iconic for its chic style and ability to highlight and lift your facial features, making it a favorite for women over 40. But if you like your edges a little more low-key, add some wispy layers to your chin-length bob. 

#21. Tousled Layers with a Side Part

Tousled Layers with a Side Part Bob

Get that salt-air-styled look with touseled layered on a side-parted bob. This radiant yet relaxed haircut is perfect for a shorter take on beachy waves thanks to the touseled layers. The side part gives it that extra edge of asymmetry. 

#22. Sliced Layers in a Graduated Bob

Sliced Layers in a Graduated Bob

Adding sliced layers is the perfect way to add subtle texture and movement to the elegant graduated bob, enhancing the graduated effect and softening your facial features for a delicate and distinguished style.

#23. Flared Layers at Neck Length

Flared Layers at Neck Length Bob

Radiant and Retro. That’s the aesthetic you get with the flared neck-length layered bob. This trendy throwback is a great way to do the blowout look in your own way, standing out from the crowd while giving your hair some definition and body.  

#24. Dramatic Bangs with Layered Bob

Dramatic Bangs with Layered Bob

Turn heads everywhere you go with a layered bob fit with dramatic bangs. This dynamic do is full of sultry layers for defined movement, coming down to textured ends for that extra flair. Then, dramatic bangs finish the look off. 

#25. Slicked Back Layered Look

Slicked Back Layered Look Bob

If you’re looking for modern sophistication, you’ll find it in a slicked-back layered bob. This stylish cut takes the structured bob to the next level, with layers for dimension and a slicked-back look for a super-controlled style that takes seconds to style. 

#26. Stacked Nape with Edgy Layers

Stacked Nape with Edgy Layers Bob

Put some extreme edge in your style with a bob reimagined with a stacked nape and edgy layers. This striking style has everything fine hair needs to be big, bold, and beautiful, courtesy of the edgy layers and stacked nape. 

#27. Curtain Bangs in a Layered Style

Curtain Bangs in a Layered Style Bob

If simple and classic is the name of your game, you won’t find anything better than a lovely layered bob with cute curtain bangs. The classic bob cut is softened by subtle layering and gentle face-framing curtain bangs

#28. Jagged Razor-Cut Layers

Jagged Razor Cut Layers Bob

Zap your style with something distinguished yet distressed. Jagged razor-cut layers electrify the classic bob for an aesthetic that’s all things edgy, with vigorous volume and dramatic texture. 

#29. Understated Layered Underside

Understated Layered Underside Bob

The underside bob with understated layers is a soft and simple way to boost your bob haircut. Understated layers give this hairstyle a mysterious brand of volume (being totally hidden). 

#30. Flirty Ends in a Layered Bob

Flirty Ends in a Layered Bob

Add some playful charm to your hair with a layered bob with flirty ends. The layers and ends come together to add dimension and movement to any hair texture, creating a flirty, fun aesthetic. 

#31. Twisted Layer Accents in a Bob

Twisted Layer Accents in a Bob

The bob with twisted layers takes giving your hair a twist literally, and we’re here for it! This beautiful bob style features twisted layers for ultra-defined volume and full-bodied movement for straight and wavy hair that needs an enchanting enhancement. 

#32. Multi-Length Dynamic Layers

Multi Length Dynamic Layers

Want something windswept and refined? Go for a dynamic bob with multi-length layers. Multi-length layers give the shapely bob dynamic style and multidimensional movement, creating a blowout style (with half the work). 

#33. Deep Side Layers in a Classic Cut

Deep Side Layers in a Classic Cut

Bring a subtle asymmetrical edge to your hair with a classic bob cut with deep side layers. The deep side layers give the classic bob cut a dash of daring personality through deep, dimensional layering. 

#34. Contrasting Lengths in Layered Bob

Contrasting Lengths in Layered Bob

Find the perfectly undone style in a layered bob with contrasting lengths. This unconventionally fashion-forward cut gives even the finest hair striking texture and definition for a fresh-out-of-bed kind of flawless.  

#35. Peek-a-Boo Undercut with Layers

Peek a Boo Undercut with Layers Bob

Think you can’t find a balance between refined and raw? Think again! The peek-a-boo undercut bob with layers is the perfect blend of the bob’s clean and classic structure with laid-back layering for soft definition and volume and an incognito undercut for a naturally edgy boost. 

#36. Swirling Layers in a Chic Bob

Swirling Layers in a Chic Bob

A chic bob cut with swirling layers is a whimsical way to give your waves a boost. Even for straight hair, the swirling layers add graceful movement with just enough body to keep this look stylish but on the softer side. 

#37. Ear-Length Cut with Delicate Layers

Ear Length Cut with Delicate Layers

The ear-length bob cut with delicate layers is a subtle nod to the short styles of the 1920s. Delicate layering tones down the sharpness of the length and gives the cut a more gentle style without sacrificing the dramatic allure of the original cut. 

#38. Sculpted Layers in a Refined Bob

Sculpted Layers in a Refined Bob

Get a style shaped by the hair gods with the sculpted-layered bob. The iconic shape of the bob is elevated by sculpted layers designed to give hair divine movement while providing an elegant frame for any face shape. 

#39. Sweeping Layers for a Modern Look

Sweeping Layers for a Modern Look

Give your style a high-class makeover with a modern bob styled with sweeping layers. This new take on the layered bob haircut is sheer elegance, with sweeping layers for a soft movement that breathes life into your hair while maintaining the natural class of the bob cut. 

#40. Textured Feathered Layers Bob

Textured Feathered Layers Bob

If you’re looking for a playful type of edgy, look no further than the textured bob with feathered layers. This versatile style is great for giving thin hair boosted body and definition. Or, it can give thick hair a lightweight look with incredible texture. No matter what hair density you have, this style can bring out the best of it. 

#41. Cross-Cut Layering in a Sleek Bob

Cross Cut Layering in a Sleek Bob

Sophistication meets sass in a style like the sleek bob with cross-cut layering. This contemporary layering technique creates softly textured ends that give the sleek bob a cheeky twist. 

#42. Invisible Layers in a Streamlined Cut

Invisible Layers in a Streamlined Cut Bob

The streamlined bob cut with invisible layers is a chic and charming bob cut. The invisible layers create flawless movement and delicate texture at the ends for a whisper of fun for this classic cut.

#43. Gradual Length Transition Bob

Gradual Length Transition Bob

Gradual lengths amplify the elegant bob, for the seamless transition from a short, cropped back to luxurious front lengths that also provide a great frame for any face shape. This soft transition creates a graceful flow for a stubble type of chic.

#44. Strategic Contoured Layers

Strategic Contoured Layers Bob

For a hairstyle with more definition and style than a 2016 makeup look, go for the strategically contoured layered bob. Not only do the carefully contoured layers add definition to your hair, but the length helps with facial contouring as well, highlighting your most important facial features! 

#45. Cheekbone-Enhancing Angular Layers

Cheekbone Enhancing Angular Layers Bob

Get a facelift with none of the needles, with a cheekbone-enhancing angular-layered bob. This youthful style is perfect for taking years off your face through angled layers that highlight and lift your cheekbones. 

#46. Rounded Silhouette with Harmonious Layers

Rounded Silhouette with Harmonious Layers

The rounded bob with harmonious layers brings graceful balance to your look. This well-rounded cut is packed full of harmonious layers you can sweep outwards or inwards, depending on your style. Either way, your hair will be nothing short of elegant. 

#47. Diagonal Forward Layers in a Bob

Diagonal Forward Layers in a Bob

Add some razzle-dazzle to your style with a forward-layered diagonal bob. Forward-facing layers add tasteful texture while intensifying the angles of the diagonal bob’s structure for a distinguished yet daring look. 

#48. Precision Layered Chic Cut

Precision Layered Chic Cut

Give your look some sophistication with sleek style by getting a chic bob with precision-cut layers. This confident style features gentle layers with precision cuts for a quiet and contemporary touch. 

#49. Nape Detailing in a Layered Bob

Nape Detailing in a Layered Bob

Get all the body and texture of the layered bob with a little bit of an artistic flair with nape detailing. This unique touch to the classic layered bob features more detailed layering at the nape with subtle layers of the classic bob style. 

#50. Natural Flow in a Softly Layered Style

Natural Flow in a Softly Layered Style Bob

Bring full-bodied volume and effortless movement to your natural waves with a softly layered bob. The soft layers give a gentle lift for volume and body while enhancing your hair’s natural flow for a style that’s refined yet relaxed. 

#51. Dynamic Movement in Layered Bob

Dynamic Movement in Layered Bob

Energize your bob haircut with dynamic layers for a lively, youthful style. This vibrant cut is intensified with dignified shaping and perfectly sculpted movement. No matter your hair density, this style can give you what you’re looking for. 

#52. Hidden Interior Layering

Hidden Interior Layering

While the layers in this bob cut are hidden, this style sure isn’t. This understated layering technique is perfect for keeping the sleek bob shape while getting some much-needed definition and volume. All in all, a not-so-secretly chic style. 

#53. Delicate Face-Framing in a Layered Bob

Delicate Face Framing in a Layered Bob

Put your best features forward, and enhance your natural beauty with a delicate face-framing layered bob. This style brings subdued sophistication that you can style in seconds. What could be better than that?

#54. Sculptural Contoured Layering

Sculptural Contoured Layering

Turn your hair into a work of art with the sculptural bob with contoured layering. These perfectly chiseled layers give the sculptured bob enhanced definition and movement for gallery-worthy style.

#55. Layered Flip-Out End Style

Layered Flip Out End Style

Give your locks some youthful personality with a cut like the short layered bob with flipped ends. This cute cut features short layers and flipped ends for blowout-level body and movement for an age-defying style. 

#56. Harmonious Blend of Layers

Harmonious Blend of Layers

Nothing gives the classic bob more soft sophistication than harmoniously blended layers. This layering technique gives subtle volume and relaxed movement, making it ideal for thicker hair that needs a little more detail (but not too much).

#57. Progressive Layering in a Modern Bob

Progressive Layering in a Modern Bob

Bring your bob cut into this decade by modernizing it with progressive layering. This layering technique angles the bob cut forward to create a frame for your face while giving fine and thin hair some volume and dimension at the same time.

#58. Interwoven Layered Style

Interwoven Layered Style

Another stealthy layered look, the bob with interwoven layers is the best kind of bob for all of the benefits of layers while keeping a sleek and straight-edge style. But what we love most is how this style gives all hair textures an enigmatic style and dynamic detail. 

#59. Crescent-Shaped Layering

Crescent Shaped Layering

If you’re looking to make your bob haircut really unique, there’s nothing better than crescent-shaped layers. This contemporary layering style creates a distinctive yet delicate definition to give you a hairstyle that will turn heads and get compliments wherever you go.

#60. Artful Layering in a Bob

Artful Layering in a Bob

An artfully layered bob is the perfect thing to give your hair a captivatingly creative edge with all the classes of the bob cut. This layering technique blends spunky texture with the timeless body and shape of the bob, coming together to create an absolute masterpiece.

#61. Layered Cascade in a Sleek Cut

Layered Cascade in a Sleek Cut

For a go-with-the-flow kind of style, you need a bob with cascading layers. Elegant layers cascade down for low-key definition and movement for an ultra-sleek aesthetic that you can style easily. 

#62. Intricate Layering in a Classic Bob

Intricate Layering in a Classic Bob

Put some dazzling detail in your classic bob cut with intricate layering. This meticulous layering technique is perfect for adding multidimensional texture to all hair textures for a slight modern twist to a timeless style. 

#63. Synchronized Layers in a Chic Style

Synchronized Layers in a Chic Style

Bring harmony and balance to your look with a chic-style bob with synchronized layers. The chic style of this bob haircut is elevated by the integrated layers that bring multidirectional movement for ultra-stylish sophistication. 

#64. Intersecting Layers for a Unique Look

Intersecting Layers for a Unique Look

Go avante garde with your aesthetic, and choose a unique, distinguished bob with intersected layers. This adventurous take on the classic bob features multi-length layers that intersect at different angles, making for a unique and artistic kind of texture that gives this style a powerful edge. 

#65. Effortless Finesse in Layered Styling

Effortless Finesse in Layered Styling

Soft, sophisticated, and sultry. That’s how we describe the bob cut with finessed layering. Effortlessly elegant layers give soft, sweeping movement to hair for the perfect minimum effort and maximum slay kind of style.  

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