63 Stunning Short Hairstyles That Will Make Women Over 40 Look Fabulous

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Written by Rachel Miller

Updated: April 7, 2024

Don’t stress yourself out trying to pick the perfect hairstyle for you! Check out these short hairstyles for women over 40 that prove beauty and style are absolutely ageless.

Platinum Pixie Cut with Side Bangs

The ever-popular platinum pixie cut is a sleek short style that says it all. It’s bold, and, with a side bang, it’s edgy and versatile for all face shapes. And, best of all, pixies are incredibly youthful-looking.

#2. Jaw-Length Wavy Caramel Bob

Jaw Length Wavy Caramel Bob

Jaw-length bobs are perfect for wavy hair, providing volume and movement, even for thinning hair. And, when you pair this style with a captivating color like caramel, you can’t go wrong. No matter which way the light hits your hair, it shines.

#3. Undercut Bob with Feathered Layers

Undercut Bob with Feathered Layers

The undercut bob, paired with feathered layers, is the perfect short hairstyle for women over 40 with fine or thinning hair. The undercut creates essential volume and fullness, while the feathered layers provide texture and movement.

#4. Sleek Gray Bob with Inverted Ends

Sleek Gray Bob with Inverted Ends

A sleek gray bob with inverted ends is a contemporary take on a classic hairstyle. This classic cut is ideal for mature women, as the inverted ends frame the face, while the sleek gray color makes embracing your own grays much easier.

#5. Chocolate-Tousled Lob

Chocolate Tousled Lob

A lob-cut is an ideal compromise if you’re not quite ready to sacrifice all your hair’s length. This stylish short haircut is extremely versatile. And paired with a gorgeous but lower-maintenance color, like chocolate brown, is a busy gal’s best hairstyle.

#6. Classic Rounded Bob with Subtle Highlights

Classic Rounded Bob with Subtle Highlights

The classic rounded bob is a timeless option for women over 40. It’s easy to style, it’s sophisticated, but it’s still youthful and fun. You can boost that by adding some subtle highlights to your hair.

#7. Copper Asymmetrical Shag Cut

Copper Asymmetrical Shag Cut

Are you feeling bold? Try an asymmetrical shag cut with a fiery copper color! Shags give shorter hair layers and volume to make even thin hair look fuller while giving your whole style an edge. Paired with a stunning copper color, you’ll feel as bold as ever!

#8. Angled Bob with Razored Ends

Angled Bob with Razored Ends

This isn’t just a regular bob. It’s a cool bob. Razor-cut ends give this style straight, clean lines for a sleeker, more contemporary look. It’s also extremely versatile, looking great with any color or face shape. It even works on medium-length hair. You can’t lose!

#9. Textured Chin-Length Cut for Curly Hair

Textured Chin Length Cut for Curly Hair

Hey, curly girlies! This one’s for you. Get more volume and bounce that showcases your natural curls with a chin-length bob. Not only will this revive your do, but it’s also super simple to style (which we know you’ll love)!

#10. Wispy Curtain Bangs and Short Bob

Wispy Curtain Bangs and Short Bob

Whispy curtain bangs and short bobs are two of the hottest hair trends right now. So, how gorgeous would a combination of both be?  We love the short bob for creating a confident, sophisticated aesthetic. Whispy curtain bangs soften the look, creating a more elegant look that frames your face better than the typical bob style.

#11. Layered Salt-and-Pepper Bob

Layered Salt and Pepper Bob

A layered salt-and-pepper bob haircut adds double the depth and movement to your hair. This is yet another glamorous way to embrace your grays. What’s even better is this color and cut are low maintenance.

#12. French Bob with Micro Bangs

French Bob with Micro Bangs

If you’re looking for flair, the French bob is your new best friend. This classic cut hasn’t gone out of style in 100 years. And now, you can bring even more chic to the party with micro bangs, another 20’s trend we can’t get enough of.

#13. Two-Tone Pixie with Side-Swept Bangs

Two Tone Pixie with Side Swept Bangs

Get playful with a two-tone pixie haircut, finished with side-swept bangs for a little extra flair. The dual shades create massive visual interest while the side-swept bangs frame your face and soften the pixie look.

#14. Razor-Cut Bob with Blunt Bangs

Razor Cut Bob with Blunt Bangs

Whether your hair is short or medium-length, a razor-cut bob with blunt bangs will keep you looking as sharp as ever. Clean-cut layers add texture and fullness, while the effortlessly chic blunt-cut bangs draw attention to your face. Right where it belongs!

#15. Wavy Inverted Bob in Strawberry Blonde

Wavy Inverted Bob in Strawberry Blonde

The inverted bob is a beautiful feature-framing style for various face shapes. This style is particularly gorgeous on textured hair, letting curls look their best with more body, fullness, and bounce. Add a soft, romantic color like strawberry blonde, and watch heads turn where you go!

#16. Sleek Angled Cut for Fine Hair

Sleek Angled Cut for Fine Hair

If you’ve got fine hair, don’t hide it! Flaunt it! A short angled bob is THE perfect short haircut for fine or thinning hair. This style is made to look as sleek and smooth as possible, cutting the need for volume and fullness. Just what you need!

#17. Curly-Tapered Pixie with Volume

Curly Tapered Pixie with Volume

It’s hard to find a short hairstyle that could suit all types of curls. But we did it! 

The voluminous tapered pixie leaves lots of volume and curls at the top for all the fullness and texture you could ask for before gradually tapering down. This style is perfect if you’re looking for easy styling and maintenance but still want to embrace your curls.

#18. Messy Beach Wave Bob

Messy Beach Wave Bob

For something a little more relaxed and casual for your wavy hair, go for a messy beach bob. The textured layers are laid back and enhance wavy hair, giving that “salt air treated ” look. Styling this cut is as easy as waking up, tousling, and going about your day. Effortless beauty is coming right up!

#19. Slicked-Back Undercut Pixie

Slicked Back Undercut

Are you feeling bold and adventurous? If you’re looking for something that commands attention and exudes confidence, there’s nothing better for women over 40 than a slicked-back undercut pixie. Once thought to be masculine, this style is edgy with a dose of elegance.

#20. Classic Pageboy Cut with a Soft Fringe

Classic Pageboy Cut with a Soft Fringe

Bring some retro glam into your life with the pageboy cut, finished with a soft fringe. The soft fringe bangs beautifully frame your face, while the rounded edges provide that classic straight-edge look.

#21. Shaggy Mullet with Curtain Bangs

Shaggy Mullet with Curtain Bangs

Are you looking for something daring? Well, there’s nothing quite as daring as a mullet. But it’s not Joe Dirt kind of mullet. This shaggy style maintains length but adds lots of shaggy, face-framing layers for effortless coolness with all the style versatility you could want.

#22. Voluminous Curly Afro

Voluminous Curly Afro

Celebrate your natural beauty with a voluminous afro that enhances your curl texture. Height, body, texture–this style has it all. What we love most is that this style looks on short or medium-length hair and in any color! It’s all up to you, babe!

#23. Flapper-Inspired Bob with Finger Waves

Flapper Inspired Bob with Finger Waves

There’s nothing better for a vintage glam look than a flapper-inspired bob haircut styled with finger waves. The old Hollywood look never fails to look stunning and glamorous. Plus, a style like this also gives women over 40 a more youthful look.

#24. Tapered Buzz Cut

Tapered Buzz Cut

For something super short and simple, a tapered buzz cut over a virtually zero-maintenance look. Just wake up and go. It’s daring, but if you have the facial features to pull it off, you definitely won’t regret it!

#25. Cropped Pixie with Pastel Highlights

Cropped Pixie with Pastel Highlights

If you thought the pixie couldn’t get better, you were wrong! By placing pastel highlights, you can take that peppy pixie up a notch (or five). Pastels are soft, subtle hints of color. Nothing too crazy, but just enough to pop, especially on a white or platinum base.

#26. Asymmetrical Cut with Peekaboo Colors

Asymmetrical Cut with Peekaboo Colors

Anyone for a big helping of drama with a side-order of play? If so, the asymmetrical cut with some colorful peekaboos is just the hairstyle for you. The dramatic asymmetrical bob brings drama to your look, while the colorful peekaboos help your look stay less edgy and more playful.

#27. Textured Pixie with Long Bangs

Textured Pixie with Long Bangs

Edgy yet sophisticated. Three words that sum up a lovely textured pixie cut. It gives shorter hair all the body and movement it needs. Then, long bangs take this chich style to the next level, providing more styling options and an amplified feminine touch.

#28. Bob with Blended Grays and Lavender

Bob with Blended Grays and Lavender

If there’s any color that can upgrade your gray hair, it’s laid-back lavender. While this could look good on any hairstyle, a classic bob highlights the pop of color. This is the perfect compromise to staying youthful while embracing the beauty of gray hair.

#29. Wavy Lob with Side Bangs

Wavy Lob with Side Bangs

Another idea for our wavy ladies is a classic lob with side bangs. We already know a lob creates a balance between length and body for wavy hair, but it can have a much more flattering look with a somewhat anti-aging effect.

#30. Short Spiky Faux Hawk

Short Spiky Faux Hawk

If you like to stand out and embrace your spunky side,  try a short spiky faux hawk. This bold look adds excitement and interest while looking effortlessly edgy. The only downside is that it will need daily styling to keep those spikes up.

#31. Soft-Feathered Bob

Soft Feathered Bob

Chic and spunky isn’t for everyone, and that’s okay. If that’s you, a soft-feathered bob may just be the soft yet still stylish hairdo you’re looking for. Feathered layers add body, movement, and texture, with its feathered layers making it for fine and thinning hair. Plus, this timeless look is perfect for any hair color.

#32. Undercut Bob with Chunky Highlights

Undercut Bob with Chunky Highlights

If having an undercut bob isn’t enough of a statement for you, take it up a notch with some chunky highlights. This cut enhances the highlights (and vice-versa), working together to create something bold, flattering, and captivating.

#33. Tousled Short Cut with Balayage

Tousled Short Cut with Balayage

Balayage isn’t just for long hair! On short, touseled waves, it gives a flawless sun-kissed glow, while the cut gives your touseled waves more volume, bounce, and fullness. This style can even work on curly hair for some added detail.

#34. Retro Victory Rolls

Retro Victory Rolls

Release your inner pinup girl with retro victory rolls! Perfect for short to medium hair, this hairstyle looks perfect on any hairstyle and always stands out. And when you take the rolls out, you’ll have some voluminous bombshell waves. It’s a win-win!

#35. Buzz Cut with an Etched Design

Woman 40 years old with Buzz Cut with Etched Design

Who wants a traditional buzz cut when you can get creative with a cool design? If you thought your buzz cut caught a lot of attention, wait until people see the masterpiece you can have etched into your cut! It can be anything you want!

#36. Short Layered Cut with Curls

Woman 40 years old with Short Layered Cut with Curls

If you’re aiming for a voluminous look for your curls, go for a short layered cut. It’s simple, but the results make a huge statement. Your curls will fall better, you’ll have more volume, and, best of all, your styling routine will be cut in half!

#37. Short Bob with Ombre Ends

Short Bob with Ombre Ends

Whoever said ombre didn’t belong on short hair clearly hasn’t seen ombre ends on a short bob. This hairstyle is a captivating compromise between trendy and subtle. Obmbre ends give the already interesting short bob style some serious flair, but in a softened way, thanks to the easy transition between colors.

#38. Modern Bowl Cut

Woman 40 years old with Modern Bowl Cut hair

Before you run away in terror, relax. This isn’t the bowl cut your mom used to give you with kitchen scissors. This ’90s hairstyle is coming back in a big way, and when it’s done right, with perfectly straight edges that frame your facial features, it’s a great look, perfect for finer hair.

#39. Pixie Cut with Long Feathered Bangs

A short pixie cut can be great. But if you still want to keep a little length, opt for longer feathered bangs. You get all of the spunk of the pixie cut with some added edge courtesy of the long bangs and feathered layers.

#40. Platinum Blonde Crop Cut

Woman 40 years old with Platinum Blonde Crop Cut hair

Platinum blonde is one of the best ways to do gray your way. When your gray roots come in, they blend perfectly, so you don’t have to worry about showing your age. Take this style to the next level with a youthful short-cropped cut.

#41. Short A-Line Bob with Deep Side Part

Woman 40 years old with Short A Line Bob

A short A-line bob is one of the most popular short hairstyles for women over 40, especially for the ones who need a little extra volume. Pair it with a deep side part some an extra trendy look, or keep a middle part for more versatility. The choice is yours!

#42. Messy Textured Crop with a Fringe

If you love the length of the crop cut but need a little extra flair, we’ve got you, girl! Crank the heat up on your crop cut with some messy textured layers with a fringe bang to finish it off. This style has it all. Volume, texture, and most importantly, style.

#43. Blunt Jawline Bob

Woman 40 years old with Blunt Jawline Bob hair

Who needs contour with a short hairstyle like the blunt jawline bob? The razor-sharp edges accentuate your jawline perfectly for a more youthful appearance. This cut is perfect for thinner hair and is stylish in any color.

#44. Pixie Cut Hair with Face-Framing Twists

Woman 40 years old with Short Hair with Face Framing

Face-framing twists hair add uniqueness and a feminine vibe to your pixie cut. Cut specially to frame your facial features, this style brings total customizability and accentuates all the right spots. Plus, it works well on straight, wavy, and curly hair.

#45. Pixie Cut with Micro-Braids

Woman 40 years old with Pixie Cut with Micro Braids

Pump up your pixie cut with some artistic micro braids. These “barely there” braids add a beachy, bohemian vibe, perfect for all our blonde babes. It’s a small detail that makes a huge difference!

#46. Short Wavy Shag with Bangs

Woman 40 years old with Short Wavy Shag with Bangs

The shag haircut is MADE for shorter, wavy hair. The layers are perfect for creating maximum body, volume, and movement and may even enhance your waves. Finish it off with bangs for that super-chic look.

#47. Short Cut with Tapered Nape

Woman 40 years old with Short Cut with Tapered Nape

If you’re looking for something modern and adventurous, go for a simple short haircut. But dress it up by tapering the nape of your neck. This tapered style gives an undeniable edge to the look while making it easier to style.

#48. Slicked-Back Undercut

Woman 40 years old with Slicked Back Undercut hair

Once upon a time, the slicked-back undercut was the “it” style for men. These days, it’s a bold and feisty style that exudes sophistication and confidence. And did we mention it’s extremely easy to style?

#49. Choppy Layered Pixie

Is your pixie cut looking a little flat these days? Add a twist with some choppy layers. This timelessly trendy style adds texture and volume while offering multiple styling options. Plus, it’s a great way to have a short and trendy cut while keeping some length.

#50. Wavy Short Cut with Subtle Pink Highlights

Woman 40 years old with Wavy Short Cut with Subtle highlights

Infuse a touch of whimsy into your appearance by adding some subtle pink highlights to your waves. The delicate pink colors bring out a playful vibe while the waves create texture and movement in your hair. A perfect combo, if we ever saw one.

#51. Angled Bob with Wispy Bangs

Woman 40 years old with Angled Bob with Wispy Bangs

Angled bobs are perfect for women over 40 who want something that actually makes them look younger. The angle of your hair draws upward, creating the illusion of tighter skin and higher cheekbones. Finish this style off with some wispy bands for some extra style points!

#52. Curly Mohawk

Woman 40 years old with Curly Mohawk hair

Do you think only straight hair can rock a mohawk? Think again! This spunky do embrace your natural curls, showcasing them in a bold fashion statement. Make sure you keep your curls looking their best with curl enhancers!

#53. French Bob with Baby Bangs

Woman 40 years old with French Bob with Baby Bangs

Adding baby bangs to a French bob is a charming compromise between old and new. This super-chic look also accentuates your jawline, giving your facial features a more youthful look, while the baby bangs offer an element of “je ne se quois.” 

#54. Short Coily Afro

Woman 40 years old with Short Coily Afro hair

If you want to celebrate the beauty of your natural texture, go for a short coily Afro hairstyle. This confident choice is perfect for showcasing your natural beauty while keeping your style low-maintenance.

#55. Asymmetric Cut with Long Side Bangs

Woman 40 years old with Asymmetric Cut with Long Side bangs

Finishing an asymmetrical cut with longer side bangs is the best short haircut for those who want something youthful and playful but still sophisticated and elegant. This cut gives body and fullness to thinning hair but could work on any hair type.

#56. Short Bob with Chunky Purple Streaks

Woman 40 years old with Short Bob with Chunky Purple highlights

Want your hair to grab attention? Try a bob with chunky purple streaks. A classic bob provides a great offset for some unexpected chunks of purple. Whether your base color is gray, brown, or blonde, you can use these streaks to show off your fun side.

#57. Tapered Cut with a Quiff

Woman 40 years old with Tapered Cut with a Quiff hair

Another previously masculine haircut women have taken for themselves is the tapered cut with a quiff. The quiff adds much-needed volume while everything else stays tapered down. It’s bold and confident, and you can even add some streaks for something fun.

#58. Short Stacked Bob

Woman 40 years old with Short Stacked Bob hair

If you’re after volume, look no further than the stacked bob. This style is packed with layers for maximum body, movement, and more. And even better, it’s completely universal. Any hair type, any color. It all works!

#59. Curly Pixie with Shaved Sides

Want to showcase your natural curls in a unique and contemporary way? A curly pixie with shaved sides is exactly what you need. The contrast between the shaved sides and the curly top creates a daring look suitable for any curl type.

#60. Spiky Platinum Blonde Cut

Woman 40 years old with Spiky Platinum Blonde Cut

The spiky platinum blonde pixie is the quintessential short hairstyle for women over 40. This contemporary cut never fails to please. It’s got texture, volume, spunk. EVERYTHING. Plus, you can personalize it with different styles or a few fun streaks.

#61. Caramel Balayage on a Short Bob

Woman 40 years old with Caramel Balayage

One color that looks good on anyone at any age is caramel balayage. Infuse your short bob with some sweet, smooth caramel-colored balayage for a sun-kissed vibe with none of the sun damage!

#62. Chin-Length Cut with Feathered Ends

Woman 40 years old with Chin Length Cut with Feathered ends

Achieve effortless movement and softness with a chin-length cut finished with feathered ends. This wispy style is perfect for medium to fine hair that needs a little extra boost in the body department.

#63. Layered Pixie with Silver Highlights

Bring some pep to your pixie cut by adding some layers and silver highlights. This bold and beautiful look suits any face shape and adds an air of class in a truly flattering way. Plus, the silver highlights let you put a cool spin on graying.

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