Everyone’s Talking About These 35 Cute Short Fluffy Hairstyles

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Written by Rachel Miller

Updated: June 17, 2024

Are you looking to chop your locks and want something cute, fluffy, and playful? Don’t do it without checking out our list of the top 35 cutest short fluffy hairstyles!

No, seriously – these styles are ridiculously cute. Even gals with the longest and most stunning tresses will be tempted to take the scissors to their mane after seeing how adorably charming these looks are.

Oh, and don’t worry – some of these styles are longer than others, so don’t think they’re all pixie haircuts – although, I will say, the pixie styles on this list may be some of the most stylish and cutest chops you’ve seen.

OK, OK – no more talking! Let’s see what these hairstyles are all about!

#1. Pixie Cut with Fluffy Top Layers

Pixie Cut with Fluffy Top Layers

If you’re looking for a pixie haircut that exudes youthfulness and charm, this is the look, babe! The shorter sides and voluminous top are ideal for creating length and showing off your best facial features. Use some mousse to style and keep the layers nice and bouncy.

#2. Tousled Short Waves

Tousled Short Waves

Want a little more length but still want a relaxed approach? These short, jaw-length waves are the ideal choice. They’ll add beautiful, beach-inspired texture without needing too much maintenance or styling.

#3. Wispy Textured Pixie

Wispy Textured

While some pixies prefer to be cute and innocent, this pixie is all about being modern and edgy. The light, feather-like layers ensure a playful and interesting texture that can easily be created with a pinch of texturizing product.

#4. Curly Tapered Pixie Cut

Curly Tapered Pixie Cut

If you have naturally curly locks, I encourage you to give your ringlets the chop. Why? Well, just look at this hairstyle, girlfriend! For one, this short tapered pixie cut enhances curls exquisitely; secondly, it’ll make your curls much more manageable. Win-win!

#5. Fluffy Layered Pixie with Side Bangs

Fluffy Layered Pixie with Side Bangs

This fluffy layered pixie with side bangs has just the right amount of contemporary attitude to fill your modern needs. You’ll want to stick to a deep side part to ensure you’re encouraging sassiness. Oh, and some light highlights around the face will also create a stunning glow.

#6. Wavy Bob with Soft Layers

Wavy Bob with Soft Layers

Yes, short haircuts can be just as elegant as longer ones – if not more so. Leave a little bit of extra length so you can use a curling iron to create these soft curls at home. Then, enjoy your lovely and feminine aesthetic that can be worn just about anywhere.

#7. Short Curly Bob with Natural Volume

Short Curly Bob with Natural Volume

Curly hair is always stunning, but if your ringlets have been lacking the bounce factor lately, it’s time to chop! A short bob such as this will not only emphasize your ringlets beautifully but create some charming, impossibly bouncy volume that’ll turn heads from miles away.

#8. Layered Short Cut with Feathered Bangs

Layered Short Cut with Feathered Bangs

Are you looking for a short cut with plenty of lightweight movement and a carefree vibe? Look no further than this hairstyle. With a series of layers of all shapes and sizes and feathered bangs, it doesn’t get more effortless and chic than this.

#9. Sleek Stacked Bob with Voluminous Crown

Sleek Stacked Bob with Voluminous Crown

On the other side of the spectrum, we have this stunning, sleek, stacked bob with a voluminous crown. The smooth tresses and picture-perfect lines create a style that’s the ideal balance of professional, classy, and cute. This is definitely a more mature look!

#10. Choppy Layered Pixie with Side Swept Bangs

Choppy Layered Pixie with Side Swept Bangs

There is really only one way to describe this hairstyle: fashionably edgy. The collection of choppy layers ensures a bold and vibrant approach, especially when highlighted with light and bright pieces. Side-swept bangs tame it just enough while giving your face some softness.

#11. Short Angled Bob with Fluffy Ends

Short Angled Bob with Fluffy Ends

You’re here for fluffy hairstyles, right? Well, we can confidently say that this look is the epitome of fluffy looks. This short, angled bob is slightly lengthier in the front for a face-framing finish. Use some product to create the famous “fluff” on the ends for a soft, girly, and trendy result.

#12. Fluffy Curled Under Bob

Fluffy Curled Under Bob

Ladies, it’s time to add a romantic twist to your fluffy bob! You’ll need to chop your locks into a jaw-length bob to achieve this style. Then, use your preferred hot tools to craft girls going under in the fluffy portions. Want to add a contemporary twist? Consider color-blocking your strands.

#13. Sassy Side Parted Pixie

Sassy Side Parted

If you’re a gal who doesn’t care what anyone thinks, and you’re not afraid to exude your fierceness throughout your hairstyles, go ahead and choose this style, boss babe. The deep side part paired with a shaved side is undeniably spicy.

#14. Shaggy Bob with Messy Layers

Shaggy Bob with Messy Layers

Shaggy cuts are swiftly becoming one of the trendiest cuts for 2024, and it’s clear to see why. The shaggy look not only offers a retro, flower-child vibe, but it’s effortlessly cool. With a pinch of product, you can easily bring your messy layers to life.

#15. Classic Bob with Subtle Waves

Classic Bob with Subtle Waves

With a classic bob with subtle waves, embracing a physique of timeless elegance has never been easier. The entire look exudes gracefulness and simplicity, making it the go-to for everyday styles and fancier occasions as well.

#16. Short Razored Pixie with Volume

Short Razored Pixie with Volume

Hey, bold babes – it’s time to unleash your inner rockstar. For the daredevil divas who love to try out new, statement-making haircuts, consider this short razored pixie with volume. It has everything you need to bring down the house.

#17. Asymmetrical Undercut Bob

Asymmetrical Undercut Bob

Sassy meets modern style with this sensational haircut. Asymmetry combines with an edgy undercut to not only exude a powerful, head-turning finish but one that’s entirely on-trend and fashion-forward. It truly doesn’t get more posh.

#18. Softly Tousled Layered Bob

Softly Tousled Layered Bob

When you need a relaxed, feminine, and free-spirited hairstyle, all you need is some texturizing product and some scrunching. Softly tousling your layered bob means achieving an everyday look that’s undeniably stylish and cute.

#19. Choppy Pixie with Textured Top

Choppy Pixie with Textured Top

Some women are all about creating a voguish aesthetic – like something you’d see on the cover of a magazine. Well, you’ve got all the right clothes and accessories. All that’s left is to chop your tresses into this stylish choppy pixie, complete with sleek lines and a textured top.

#20. Short Shag with Disconnected Layers

Short Shag with Disconnected Layers

Going with the same old shaggy haircut loaded with layers can be tedious. If you’re looking for a shaggy style with an unconventional twist, ask your style for disconnected layers. These types of layers add interest to one’s appearance.

#21. Retro-Inspired Voluminous Bob

Retro Inspired Voluminous Bob

A retro-inspired voluminous bob is reserved for classic ladies who desire an unmistakably glamorous style with a vintage vibe. The look is exquisitely refined and ideal for the fanciest events—paired with all your finest jewelry and loveliest dresses, of course.

#22. Sleek Chin-Length Bob with Rounded Ends

Sleek Chin Length Bob with Rounded Ends

Sleek straight chin-length bobs with a middle part have an err of chicness and structure –  but sometimes, you just want a softer style for the day. Toss some rounded ends to soften your rigid haircut and enjoy a more charming take.

#23. Tapered Pixie with Voluminous Top

Tapered Pixie with Voluminous Top

Bring on the volume, honey! If you’re like many other women struggling with thin, fine hair that lacks volume, this tapered pixie with a voluminous top is the remedy. Start with a lengthy tapered pixie. Then, reach for your preferred product to pump up the volume. Thin hair, who?

#24. Softly Feathered Jaw-Length Bob

Softly Feathered Jaw Length Bob

Ah, there is truly nothing like a jaw-length bob. This is the ideal length for showing off your facial features in the best and gentlest way possible – especially when you include feathering into the mix.

#25. Spiky Pixie with Fluffy Texture

Spiky Pixie with Fluffy

If you’re thinking about a spiky pixie, you’re not opposed to the wild side. But if you want to calm the fierceness just a tad, you can always include fluffy texture, especially toward the front of your face.

#26. Short Bob with Gently Curled Ends

Short Bob with Gently Curled Ends

Many women are under the impression that romantic, ultra-feminine styles take a lot of time and effort, but that’s not always the case. This lovely look proves that you can reach the epitome of classy and girly with a few swipes of a curling iron.

#27. Wavy Pixie with Defined Layers

Wavy Pixie with Defined Layers

A straight pixie is fine, but it can be dull day after day. Add some liveliness to your layered pixie cut by throwing in a wavy texture. Larger-than-life waves such as these are stunning and add impeccable movement.

#28. Casual Short Bob with Tousled Waves

Casual Short Bob with Tousled Waves

Look up “effortless elegance” in the dictionary, and you’ll likely encounter this hairstyle. A short bob livened up with tousled waves has a carefree spirit blended with style and flare, and with the right ensemble, it can quickly transition from day to night.

#29. Angled Shaggy Bob with Full Bangs

Angled Shaggy Bob with Full Bangs

Ladies with a love for the arts are going to love this ‘do! The angled shaggy bob with full bangs is an artsy girl’s dream come true. It comes with all the most wonderful elements you could get from a short, fluffy hairstyle.

#30. Short Razor Cut with Dynamic Layers

Short Razor Cut with Dynamic Layers

It’s time to add a new dynamic to your short cut. Why not utilize some razor pieces and more eye-catching layers? The blend of lengths creates one dynamic hairstyle you won’t soon forget – especially when paired with striking platinum blonde highlights.

#31. Voluminous Pixie with Long Bangs

Voluminous Pixie with Long Bangs

Consider this stylish hairstyle if you want to add a hint of drama without going overboard. First and foremost, you’ll need to douse your tresses in a mysterious dark hue. Then, tack on some volume up top for drama. Finish off with long, sultry bangs across one eye.

#32. Textured Bob with Soft Flips

Textured Bob with Soft Flips

Cutesy hairstyles are always in style, whether you’re wearing them to work, a date, or another function. It’s so easy to style, too! Simply reach for your curling iron and add delicate flips to the ends. So adorable.

#33. Choppy Side-Swept Pixie Cut

Choppy Side Swept Pixie Cut

Did you know that bold looks can also be impossibly easy to manage? Grab onto the best of both worlds by chopping your locks into a side-swept pixie cut. Just don’t forget to opt for a smoky gray color and a straightener, too.

#34. Short Layered Bob with Natural Bounce

Short Layered Bob with Natural Bounce

Those who have been blessed with natural waves and curls – this one is for you. Begin this look with a short layered bob haircut that sits about chin-length. Then, use some product to enhance your natural texture. It’s so simple, but the results are out-of-this-world.

#35. Edgy Short Cut with Jagged Layers

Edgy Short Cut with Jagged Layers

She’s got the moves like Jagger? With these jagged layers, you bet. Add a pop of feisty attitude to your short cut with some jagged layers in every direction. Use some product to provide them with some extra life.

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