35 Luxuriously Long Hairstyles for Round Faces

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Written by Rachel Miller

Updated: June 6, 2024

There is no style as desired and fawned over like long, luscious locks. Above all hairstyles, this look reigns supreme, with the ultimate level of luxury and versatility for any hair type, from pin-straight to tightly curled hair and everything in between.  

And long hairstyles aren’t just for looks, either. There’s a method here, specifically for round faces.  While long hair may weigh down other face shapes, it’s the perfect thing to help elongate the jawline to balance out a rounder face. Plus, layers can help contour your face for an extra slimming effect. 

No matter what look you’re going for, from long, sleek looks to vibrant waves and contouring layers, we’ve got all the best long hairstyles for round faces! Let’s get into it!

#1. Flowing Chestnut Waves with Caramel Highlights

Flowing Chestnut Waves with Caramel Highlights

Flowing chestnut waves with caramel highlights is a luxurious long hairstyle for women with round faces. These warm and inviting chestnut-colored waves flow and fall in the right places to slim and elongate your face while the highlights illuminate your natural texture for depth, dimension, and a soft glow. 

#2. Extra Long Platinum Blonde with Feathered Ends

Extra Long Platinum Blonde with Feathered Ends

Bold, bright, and beautiful—three words to describe extra-long platinum blonde hair with feathered ends. This look pairs an icy, iconic color with long layers to slim and elongate your face. Feathered ends lighten up finer hair with an extra dose of texture while still keeping a sleek finish for a show-stopping aesthetic.  

#3. Glossy Auburn Curls in a Deep Side Part

Deep Side Part with Glossy Auburn Curls

Heat up your long locks with glossy auburn curls in a deep side part. Auburn is a bold and fiery color that captures attention, while the curls bring a sophisticated twist, complemented by the deep side part that contours round faces and brings an undeniably classic charm. 

#4. Long, Straight Chocolate Brown Hair with Subtle Layers

Straight Long Chocolate Brown with Subtle Layers

Understated (but definitely not underrated), long, straight brown hair with subtle layers is just what you need in a long hairstyle for round faces. This soft and subtle style blends warm, enriching chocolate brown with gentle layering to give your straight hair some life while keeping the texture soft and sleek.

#5. Elegant Long Updo with Wispy Bangs

Elegant Long Updo with Wispy Bangs

Got a special occasion to go to, and want a fancy style with a little cheeky flair? Go for an elegant long updo with wispy bangs! This is an easy-breezy look for long hair of any texture, density, and color, giving your look an instant touch of glamor. Then, the light and airy wispy bangs bring attention to your eyes and finish the look with a flirty charm.

#6. Soft Rose Gold Waves with Side-Swept Bangs

Soft Rose Gold Waves with Side Swept Bangs

Soft rose gold waves with side-swept bangs are enchanting and elegant, with a touch of romantic flair. This lovely color looks particularly lovely on soft waves, giving it more movement and wow factor. Then, the side-swept bangs come in to frame your face with an extra chic twist.

#7. Long-Layered Jet Black with a Fringe

Long Layered Jet Black with a Fringe

If you’re looking for an exotic yet elegant aesthetic, you’ve got to try long, layered jet-black hair with a fringe. This style features bold, dramatic jet black in long, sleek layers that create a longer and thinner-looking face, and a fringe bang completes the look like a chic cherry on top.

#8. Bright Copper Red Hair with Gentle Waves

Bright Copper Red Hair with Gentle Waves

Fire up your look with bright copper-red hair with gentle waves! Bright copper red blazes your hair with an attention-grabbing style and a glossy finish. Then, the gentle waves take this look to the top with elegant, breezy movement.

#9. Ash-Blonde Ombre with Beachy Waves

Ash Blonde Ombre with Beachy Waves

Want a stunning summery style? Look no further than an ash-blonde ombre with beachy waves! The ash-blonde ombre brings depth for thicker-looking roots, with bright ends that drastically lighten things up. Then, the beachy waves come in to give any hair type a tidal wave of movement and flatter round faces to create a beautiful beachy-chic aesthetic. 

#10. Long, Vibrant Purple Hair with Subtle Curls

Vibrant Purple Long Hair with Subtle Curls 1

Are you looking for something vibrant and unique? You’ve got to go for long, vibrant purple hair with subtle curls! This super-bold and beautiful style pairs a jaw-dropping purple with long, subtle curls to frame your face and give this look a shot of soft glam.  

#11. Sun-Kissed Honey-Blonde with Soft Layers

Sun Kissed Honey Blonde with Soft Layers

Are you going for that sweet summer girl aesthetic? Go for sun-kissed honey-blonde hair with soft layers! Sun-kissed honey blonde has the perfect natural sunny glow and adds illuminated dimension to elevate the soft layering, bringing out the best in your facial features. 

#12. Straight Cherry Red Hair with Blunt Bangs

Cherry Red Straight Hair with Blunt Bangs

Give your style some juice with an all-around alluring look, like straight cherry red hair with blunt bangs! As always, long hair is super-flattering for round faces. But this style brings the heat with a dramatic color and cut, a blunt bang to highlight your eyes, and a chic charm to top it all off. 

#13. Sleek Raven Black with Side Part

Sleek Raven Black with Side Part

There’s nothing as sleek and super-stylish as raven black hair with a side part. This long, smooth, silky black hairstyle doesn’t just frame your face but gives your aesthetic a modern and bold element, amplified by the side part. Use a flat iron and shine serum for that extra sleek style.

#14. Long Layered Chestnut with Curtain Bangs

Long Layered Chestnut with Curtain Bangs

Long layered chestnut hair with curtain bangs is completely classic. This vivacious and versatile style pairs warm, rich chestnut for a natural glow and layers for volume and movement. Then, the curtain bangs complete the look by creating a perfectly balanced frame for your round face.

#15. Glossy, Deep Blue Straight Hair with a Middle Part

Glossy Deep Blue Straight Hair with Middle Part

Looking for a traditional long hairstyle for round faces with a powerful and contemporary twist? You need glossy, deep blue straight hair with a middle part! This deep shade of blue gives your aesthetic a sultry, dark, and mysterious look that grabs attention wherever you go. The middle part creates an even frame that compliments your facial features.

#16. Long Pastel Pink Waves with Baby Bangs

Pastel Pink Long Waves with Baby Bangs

Going for a soft and chic take on that Barbie Babe aesthetic? You need long, pastel pink waves with baby bangs. The stylish and subdued pastel pink gives the whole look a playful feminine flair, with long, lavish waves to frame your face, magnified by the uber-trendy baby bangs.

#17. Soft Lavender Balayage with Layered Ends

Soft Lavender Balayage with Layered Ends

Soft lavender balayage with layered ends is a delightfully delicate look for women with round faces. The balayage technique gives depth and a seamless blend for gentle definition between the lavender hues and your base color. Then, the layered ends give your hair just a kiss of texture for the perfect amount of movement while flattering your facial features.

#18. Rich Burgundy Loose Ringlet Curls

Rich Burgundy with Loose Ringlet Curls

Give your ringlets some red-hot radiance with a rich burgundy! Dramatic and rich burgundy makes the perfect base for curls, which, as always, create a tasteful frame for round face shapes. You can get these loose ringlet curls using a curl definer on your natural curls. Or, for straight hair, you can get them with a smaller curling wand.

#19. Golden Blonde with Voluminous Curls

Golden Blonde with Voluminous Curls

Want a glamorous look for your natural curls? You need golden blonde voluminous curls. These bouncy, bubbly curls are perfect for complementing round faces, and the brilliant golden blonde brightens things up with a natural glow. 

#20. Long Silver Hair with a Sleek Straight Cut

Long Silver Hair with a Sleek Straight Cut

Looking for a sophisticated look with that fab silver fox flavor? Go for long silver hair with a sleek, straight cut! The super sleek, long, and straight cut gives the perfect frame for your face. Plus, silver hair is one of the biggest, baddest trends out there right now, giving your look a cool, contemporary charm.

#21. Icy Blue Ombre with Long Layered Waves

Icy Blue Ombre with Long Layered Waves

Get a captivating look that gives you ice-cold confidence by trying icy blue ombre with long layered waves. Icy blue brings a contrast that provides depth and a massive eye-catching enigma. Then, the layers add volume and the perfect texture for dynamic movement, making the ideal base for natural and styled waves.    

#22. Vibrant Teal Long Hair with Subtle Layers

Vibrant Teal Long Hair with Subtle Layers

There’s nothing as magnificently magnetizing as vibrant teal on long, subtle layers. This mystical color creates an enchanting background, while the subtle layers help frame your round face and give your hair a breath of life. 

#23. Natural Black with Chunky Highlights and Waves

Natural Black with Chunky Highlights and Waves

Go for something classy with a cool, contemporary twist, like natural black hair with chunky highlights and waves! The chunky highlights give your deep, lustrous natural black a fab futuristic flair with a touch of illuminated dimension, showcased by the waves that top the whole look off with a playful charm.

#24. Long Espresso Brown with Swooping Bangs

Long Espresso Brown with Swooping Bangs

Long espresso brown hair with swooping bangs gives your look an instant touch of old-school sophistication with a chic touch. The long, luxurious espresso brown is ideal for any hair type, but it is especially elegant with waves. Then, the swooping bangs complement your round face with a fab finishing touch.

#25. Fiery Orange with Soft End Curls

Fiery Orange with Soft End Curls

Want something that sets your style on fire? You’ve got to try fiery orange with soft end curls. This style features a bold, vivacious burnt orange tone balanced by an understated long hairstyle like soft end curls for something classic and captivating, creating the perfect contour for your round face. 

#26. Platinum Blonde with Beach Waves and Middle Part

Platinum Blonde with Beach Waves and Middle Part

Looking for a lavish yet laidback summer-ready hairstyle for round faces? Go for platinum blonde with middle-parted beach waves!  The bright platinum blonde brings that iconic, brighter take on the beachy look, with breezy beach waves and a balanced middle part to create a flawless frame for your face. 

#27. Warm Cinnamon Brown with Long, Loose Curls

Warm Cinnamon Brown with Long Loose Curls

Spice up your look with something classic and charming, like warm cinnamon brown with long, loose curls. This look features warm and cozy cinnamon brown on long, loose curls that bring an undeniable luxurious vibe and flatter your round face.

#28. Elegant Ash Brown Straight Cut and Side Bangs

Elegant Ash Brown with Straight Cut and Side Bangs

An ash brown straight cut with side bangs is elegant with a slight chic edge. This style blends a trendy and tasteful color like elegant ash brown with a sleek, straight cut designed to complement your round face. Then, the side bangs enhance the frame and give the look a stylish and slightly edgy twist.

#29. Long, Curly Mahogany Hair with Full Bangs

Long Curly Mahogany with Full Bangs

Want a fab, flashy, and fiery look for your curls? You’ve got to try long and curly mahogany hair with full bangs. Rich mahogany tones are magnetizing and give natural curls an allure while bridging a warm, rich glow to your skin tone. Then, the long lengths and full bangs contour your face and bring a cute chic charm.

#30. Sunset Red with Flowing Waves and Middle Part

Sunset Red with Flowing Waves and Middle Part

There’s only one thing as vibrant and hypnotic as a summer sunset: sunset red hair with flowing waves and a middle part. This look starts with a super-bold and flashy sunset red, with flowing waves to a romantic touch and a burst of movement. Then, the middle part brings a symmetrical shape to frame your round face. 

#31. Bold Electric Blue with Straight Layers

Bold Electric Blue with Straight Layers

If you’ve been searching for a high-voltage hairstyle for round faces, look no further than bold electric blue with straight layers. Electric blue creates an intense and irresistibly enchanting look for straight layers, which make a complementary contrast for your facial features. Take this look to the top by going sleek and smooth with a flat iron and shine serum. 

#32. Glossy Chocolate Brown with Light Feathering

Glossy Chocolate Brown with Light Feathering

Indulgent and irresistible—that’s how we describe glossy chocolate brown hair with light feathering. This style features a naturally elegant brunette shade with a silky-smooth finish and light feathering for some help with subtle movement on any hair type. Get that super glossy look with some shine serum or finishing spray. 

#33. Long, Deep Green, Gentle Waves

Deep Green Long Hair with Gentle Waves

Mystical, mysterious, and magnetic—that’s the aesthetic you get with long, gentle, deep green waves. This fabulous forest-inspired color is particularly flattering for olive skin tones but can bring an untenable ethereal element to anyone. Then, gentle waves give this look a soft dose of movement and class.

#34. Rich Violet on a Sleek Straight Style

Rich Violet with Sleek Straight Style

If you’re looking for something with a real wow factor, you’ve got to try rich violet on a sleek, straight style. The long, straight hairstyle is perfect for elongating a round face shape, and rich violet has an attention-grabbing allure that brings a chic and unique twist to boring old straight hair, giving you something that steals the spotlight every time!

#35. Bright Yellow Long Hair with Voluminous Curls

Bright Yellow Long Hair with Voluminous Curls

Bright yellow long hair with voluminous curls is a cheerful, cheeky, and chic long, curly hairstyle for women with round faces who want something vibrant and jubilant. This style features energetic curls with maximum volume and a bright, fun yellow shade that’s so stylish it’ll blind people!

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