Women Over 50 Are Embracing These 50 Flattering Long Hairstyles For A Youthful Look

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Written by Rachel Miller

Updated: April 11, 2024

Long hairstyles for women over 50 work both for all types of face shapes and hair texture. If you have a oval face, consider wearing your hair long and straight. If you have a round face, opt for a long, layered-cut with side-swept bangs. And if you have fine hair, we recommend trying long, layered cuts with curls or waves.

Layered Waves with Side Swept Bangs

Layered waves with side-swept bangs are refreshing and bring out the youthful looks of a mature woman. The different layers provide visual interest and movement that upgrade the entire visibility. Side-swept bangs look nice on most face shapes and add interest to the style. This style is very easy to manage, which gives a bit of brilliance for the long hair.

#2. Cascade of Soft Curls

Cascade of Soft Curls

Get soft, bouncy curls cascading down your back for a romantic and girly long hairstyle. The sun-kissed look is mesmerizing, with soft curls that spice up the volume and texture. The long bob hairstyle is perfect for women with scanty hair as it gives an appearance of more volume. To ensure your hair looks dynamic and is full of life, apply light mousse from the roots to sustain the curls.

#3. Long Feathered Layers

Long Feathered Layers

One such lovely hairstyle is the long feathered layers that are so nice for mature hair since they look natural and decrease its weight. This look works well with thin hair, as the light layers give “body” without looking overly full. This means that they can be customized into layers for your face shape and make your features more delicate. This mature women’s hairstyle is trendy and easy to maintain.

#4. Deep Side Part with Voluminous Waves

Deep Side Part with Voluminous Waves

The long deep side part with voluminous waves style gives your long hair a touch of glamour. With a deep part, the style looks stunning, and big waves make it seem tender and beach-inspired. It applies to different hair types that work well for fine ones by creating volume and giving wavy ones a natural texture. This is a wonderful long hairstyle that will look stunning on every woman, provided it has highlighted ends for enhanced dimensions.

#5. Bohemian Long Hair with Middle Part

Bohemian Long Hair with Middle Part

Bohemian long hair with middle part ensures that you have to reveal your natural hair texture. The middle part enables an easy feel, perfect for older women with a straightforward yet trendy view. Give a touch of lightness to this style with some loose waves or natural curls. A wavy hairstyle suits various types of hair, from straight to curly.

#6. Sleek Straight Hair with Tapered Ends

Sleek Straight Hair with Tapered Ends

Sleek straight hair with tapered ends look is polished and chic. It is a perfect hairstyle for women with thin hair because the tapered ends make it appear fuller. The sleekness creates an aspect of sophistication, making it appropriate for official functions. Apply smoothing serum to your hair to add shine and control frizz, giving it a well-polished appearance.

#7. Flowing Layers with a Hint of Curl

Flowing Layers with a Hint of Curl

Long hairstyle with flowing layers and a hint of curl that feels very feminine. These layers bring in some movement and a touch of lightness, which is always one of the most amazing features of the hairstyle that makes it easily manageable by mature women. And a whisper of bending the tips adds a playful touch that makes it look more highly highlighted. It is an alluring manner that goes well with most hairs and offers versatility.

#8. Elegant Updo for Long Hair

Elegant Updo for Long Hair

A timeless choice is this elegant updo for long hair. This should be your bet whenever you want to look sophisticated for special occasions. The style accentuates your face and keeps the hair away in order to avoid interfering with it. It’s a flexible hairstyle, allowing for things like loose strands or a piqued touch. The duchess updo is suitable for women with long hair, giving them a chic look and making their hairstyle perfect.

#9. Classic Ponytail with a Twist

Classic Ponytail with a Twist

The classic ponytail with a twist is stylish and practical. It goes beyond the average ponytail with details such as braid or deliberate messiness. It is suitable for different types of hair and very attractive to women with long and voluminous hair. With a twist that gives it quite a unique touch, it is also ideal to wear for both casual and formal occurrences.

#10. Long Bob with Asymmetrical Ends

Long Bob with Asymmetrical Ends

Modern long bob with asymmetrical ends puts a new spin on the old favorite. This inequality provides a nice sense and modish look. It is a beautiful style for an older woman, providing a nice revamp without losing the length. It works for many hair types, and if you want, you can have it straightened or make waves in it to increase the texture.

#11. Long Hair with Subtle Beach Waves

Long Hair with Subtle Beach Waves

Subtle beach waves long hair for a relaxed, sun-kissed look. With waves, it is easy to make your hair look and feel natural like you never worked on it. It sits well in different hair colors and is perfect for fine hair that needs to be voluminous. Spritz a lightweight texturizing spray to get that beach texture on the waves and keep hair looking fresh and bouncy.

#12. Half-Up Half-Down Hairstyle

Half Up Half Down Hairstyle

A nice wig style to go with is the half-up, half-down hairstyle. They help in showing the length of your hair while keeping it off your face. It is a style that can be transformed to suit different events, from informal outings to some official occasions. It blends well with enhanced elements such as curls or braids, making the style appear quite unique and personal.

#13. Layered Hair with Soft Bangs

Layered Hair with Soft Bangs

The layered hair with soft bangs provides a youthful and invigorating appearance. Layers give you volume and lightness, and mild bangs softly delicately frame your face. This style is appropriate for different types of hair and lengths, which makes it look good on older women. This is an excellent way to bring some brightness and softness to your overall look.

#14. Romantic Braided Crown

Romantic Braided Crown

Romantic braided crown requires minimal time and adds refined, airy notes. The style is ultimate for special events that offer an imposing and cultured appearance. Its braid is easily adjustable to your hair type and length to become a very versatile choice. It’s a compliment for women with long hair; one attains the look of elegance and sophistication.

#15. Sleek Low Bun with Side Bangs

Sleek Low Bun with Side Bangs

The sleek low bun with side bangs is a polished and sophisticated hairstyle. The classic look is the low bun, whereas a modern twist kicks in with side bangs. The style has a polished look and can be adopted for formal occasions. The Sea of Spa bio spa hair mask is suitable for different kinds of hairs, and it serves as an easily maintained, stylish form many are interested in trying.

#16. Glamorous Hollywood Waves

Glamorous Hollywood Waves 1

They make you look classic with the introduction of glamorous Hollywood waves. It provides soft and flowing hair that surrounds your stress for the purpose of emphasizing them. These waves are perfect for women who have medium to long hair and want a hypnotic sun-kissed appearance. This style needs a curling iron and is best for special occasions because of its glossy finish, which can be boosted by using shine spray.

#17. Windswept Layers with Light Texture

Windswept Layers with Light

Playful and dynamic windswept layers with light texture. It is especially relevant for adding volume to thin hair, with layers providing a sense of mobility and making it look weightless. With its light texture, it gives a natural beach wave effect, fitting perfectly for casual outings. It is an easy-to-maintain hairstyle for a mature woman; she just needs to keep it slightly messy, and the look will stylishly follow.

#18. Long Hair with Delicate Balayage

Long Hair with Delicate Balayage

Long hair with delicate balayage is the way to add a boost of brightness and dimension to your natural hair color. Balayage is a technique where highlights are blended gently. Hence, it looks very natural. This hair design suits women seeking to make their long style more vibrant without the use of heavy color variations. It is suitable for different hair textures that create some play of colors.

#19. High Bun with Wispy Layers

High Bun with Wispy Layers

High bun with wispy layers is a short and modern look for ladies with long hair. The classic bun meets soft, face-framing layers in this feminine style. Perfect for formal and casual settings alike, the high bun tucks your hair out of the way but lets your visage shine through. It’s a perfect long hairstyle for mature women because it is versatile and flattering.

#20. Retro-Inspired Curls with Side Part

Retro Inspired Curls with Side Part

The retro-inspired curls with side parts make your long hairstyle look vintage. It is a classic style with precise curls that provide volume and glamocity. With the side part, you are able to achieve a vintage look that is perfect for historical occasions or adding originality to your style. Flattering for different hair types allows for enhancing the general looks.

#21. Long Hair with Disconnected Layers

Long Hair with Disconnected Layers

Disconnected layers with long hair gives an edgy and contemporary outlook. The varying length of cuts in layers gives your long hair personality and a difference. This is especially good for women who desire to put the volume and flow of hair in their hairstyle. The disconnected layers fit perfectly for various hairs, giving them a new, stylish look.

#22. Textured Ponytail with Height

Textured Ponytail with Height

A textured ponytail with height is a modern kind of classic ponytail. It also gives extra height at the top, producing a sophisticated style. A textured ponytail is also suitable for casual and official events, hence its versatility in styling. It is an ideal choice for women with long hair, which gives a stylish and controllable hairstyle.

#23. Long Straight Hair with Razor Ends

Long Straight Hair with Razor Ends

The long straight hair with razor ends hairstyle has a fresh and bold look that works well, as it makes you feel in place. It has razor-cut ends, which are characterized by an edgy, modern feel, and this makes it perfect for women who want a new look. It is good for many hair types, especially straight ones, and gives the image of sharpness and neatness.

#24. Messy Braid with Loose Strands

Messy Braid with Loose Strands

Messy braid with loose strands has a bohemian and calculative vibe. It is an ideal hairstyle for giving your look a relaxed and fashionable appeal. The loose hairs on your face are a bit soft and girlie. A great hairstyling idea for women with shoulder-long hair, this braid can be worn at the office or on a date night.

#25. Smooth Layers with Blunt Bangs

Smooth Layers with Blunt Bangs

Smooth layers with blunt bangs is sleek and bold. The smooth, flowing layers in this hairstyle allow movement, and the sharp-edged bangs add diversity. This is a great alternative for ladies who want to modernize their long hair. This style works for different hair types and gives an elegant, refined look.

#26.  Undone Waves with Middle Part

Undone Waves with Middle Part

Laid back look with undone waves with middle part. This is a hairstyle that can help to create an atmosphere of relaxation and ease. It makes the style textured and dynamic; the middle part keeps it well-balanced and symmetrical. This is a perfect option for any woman with long hair looking for something easy to handle and trendy.

#27. Edgy Straight Cut with Side-Swept Fringe

Edgy Straight Cut with Side Swept Fringe

On the contemporary side, edgy straight cut with side-swept fringe. Sleek, straight cut with a side-swept fringe to add interest to the overall look. This is ideal for women with long hair who want to make a statement. This look is ideal for many hair types and results in a trendy, sophisticated style.

#28. Elegant Chignon for Long Hair

Elegant Chignon for Long Hair

Timeless and sophisticated, this type of hairstyle is called an elegant chignon for long hair. The updo is polished and elegant, making it a great option for formal occasions. It can be in sleek strands or wispy for a romantic look. This is a great option for middle-aged women, which presents long hair at its best.

#29. Long Hair with Graduated Layers

Long Hair with Graduated Layers

Long hair with graduated layers is sporty and contemporary. The hair in this style is layered such that it reduces in length just a little and rises again, creating continuous locks. The boost is perfect for bodybuilding, and bumps are workable enough for different hair types. This style is very stylish and sweetly youthful on mature women; it’s a fresh update from the long hair.

#30. Sleek Hair with Dramatic Side Sweep

Sleek Hair with Dramatic Side Sweep

Sleek hair with a dramatic side sweep is a sassy and sophisticated hairstyle. A dramatic side sweep adds a glamorous touch to the sleekness of the hair. It is an ideal design for official events that give a woman an elegant, glamorous image. This product is versatile and provides a smooth and fresh appeal to various hair types.

#31. Voluminous Curls with Deep Side Part

Voluminous Curls with Deep Side Part

Soft and voluminous curls with deep side parts bring glamour and life to your long hair. The deep side part is elegant, and it makes a great asymmetry for a chic look. It adds fullness and some glow to poor hair, which is even more appropriate. To get these voluminous curls, you will need to use a curling wand and light-hold hairspray to keep them dense all day.

#32. Long Twisted Braid

Long Twisted Braid

Long twisted braid is a Quick and fashion-forward Look for Long-Haired Women. It’s a perfect hairstyle to add some interest to the eyes and look neat. The twisted braid can be done loosely for a casual look or tightly to achieve that neat appearance. This option is capable of competing in different environments ranging from casual outings to formal events.

#33. Layered Cut with Wispy Ends

Layered Cut with Wispy Ends

Wispy ends and a layered cut for a youthful look. The movement and lightness in your long hair are added by layers; the ends become wispy, resulting in a pure-feathered texture. This design is great for boosting density on fine hair; it suits a range of facial contours. It is a quite simple and modest hairstyle for an adult.

#34. Tousled Waves with Textured Layers

Tousled Waves with Textured Layers

These are the casual tousled waves with textured layers. It makes the hair look bohemian, which is good for casual. Natural hair movements are accommodated by the textured layers that make your hair look laid back and fashion-forward. 

#35. Chic Low Ponytail with Sleek Sides

Chic Low Ponytail with Sleek Sides

The hairstyle is a chic low ponytail with sleek sides. The sides are sleek and give you a neat look while your hair is kept off your face through a low ponytail. This kind of style is perfectly suited to formal occasions, providing an elegant and polished look. The great thing about this service is it suits any hair condition and length.

#36. Long Hair with Soft Undercut

Long Hair with Soft Undercut

There is an edgy spin in your hairstyle with the long hair with soft undercut. A soft undercut is characterized by the model’s unique profile, which makes long hair fully contemporary and stylish. This style is great for the modern touch-seeking woman. It can be used on different hair textures and has a fresh feel to it.

#37. Polished Straight Hair with Feathered Layers

Polished Straight Hair with Feathered Layers

The sleek, polished, straight hair with feathered layers. These feathered layers will give your hair a sense of body and life. This is a good style for ladies with straight hair and who want to look suave and well-off. To make it sleek, use a flat iron and add shine by using a light serum.

#38. Messy Updo with Face-Framing Pieces

Messy Updo with Face Framing Pieces

Chic messy updo with face-framing pieces looks so playful. With its loose updo look, it gives an elegant but relaxed style that suits all events. There are some face-framing pieces that soften your features for a more feminine touch. It is a versatile style that caters to different hair types and lengths.

#39. Long Layers with Curtain Bangs

Long Layers with Curtain Bangs

The long layers with curtain bangs provide a stylish and fresh appearance. Your face is very beautiful with the curtain bangs, and the long layers make it full of volume and movement. This style will create a fresh twist to your do and can be applied to different hair types. This is a woman’s flattering choice of a fashionable and easy-to-manage long hairstyle.

#40. Elegant Half Bun with Loose Waves

Elegant Half Bun with Loose Waves

Stylish, versatile, elegant half bun with loose waves. The half bun is edgy, and the waves are kind of romantic. This type of style is ideal for casual and formal events, providing a tasteful, sophisticated look. It works well on equally different hair types and particularly natural waves.

#41. Wavy Hair with Layered Bangs

Wavy Hair with Layered Bangs

The wavy hair with layered bangs looks open and playful. With the hair of layered bangs, there is a lot to look at against the natural waves. This look is good for females who have naturally curly hair as it makes one appear trendy and new. This is a flattering and flexible choice for the elderly women.

#42. Straight Hair with Chunky Layers

Straight Hair with Chunky Layers

Chunky layers for straight hair give a daring and edgy look. Chunky layers give volume and transform your long hair for a unique texture. This style is superb for straight-haired women, giving them a modern look. Apply to smooth serum for extra sleekness and to keep the hair frizzing down.

#43. Boho Braids with Flowing Layers

Boho Braids with Flowing Layers

A whimsical and feminine touch is offered by the Boho braids with flowing layers. The appeal of this hairdo lies in its mix of braids and loose layers, which makes it look bohemian. It is ideal for enhancing the fun side of your outfit; it complements different undertakings. This style is versatile and appropriate for various hair types and lengths.

#44. Long Sleek Hair with Subtle Layering

Long Sleek Hair with Subtle Layering

Refined and elegant long sleek hair with subtle layering. The subtle layering provides some sweep and flow to your locks, emphasizing how sleek they are. The style works well for business occasions, providing a smart and professional look. This suits many hair types, particularly those with non-thick or non-curly locks.

#45. Voluminous Half-Up Bouffant

Voluminous Half Up Bouffant

This is a classic and sophisticated hairstyle called voluminous half-up bouffant. It incorporates height and volume into your crown; the result is a glamorous style. This style is especially for those special days and gives a distinguished look. It fits different hair types and lengths, and it gives finesse to your whole look.

#46. Long Shag with Razored Ends

Long Shag with Razored Ends

Long shag with razored ends is a fresh modern variation of the traditional shag style. Great for introducing a twist, edginess, and messy touch to your image in general, this style works well on many hair types and gives a trendy vibe to long hair. The hairstyle is lightweight with the razored ends and is therefore manageable for mature women. When adopting this look to the long style, it retains some of its edginess while remaining vibrant and youthful.

#47. Sleek Layered Hair with a Hint of Curl

Sleek Layered Hair with a Hint of Curl

Sleek layered hair with a hint of curl is elegant but has a playful touch. Perfect for the well-groomed, fun-loving guy. The layers are responsible for giving this hair movement and volume, while the twirls at the ends of strands make it more feminine. It is a versatile style for many hair types, which helps make it flattering on more women and provides a sophisticated but fun look to mature ladies.

#48. Textured Waves with Voluminous Body

Textured Waves with Voluminous Body

Add some life and movement to your long hair with the textured waves with voluminous body. This type of style adds volume to your hair, giving it a beachy look. Therefore, it is a great option for ladies who want to create an illusion of texture and motion in what they do with their hair. Spray with a texturizing spray to preserve the waves and softness, which is also brightly tinted.

#49. Chic Twisted Low Bun

Chic Twisted Low Bun

The sophisticated hairstyle, a chic twisted low bun is perfect for formal events. This style gives a feminine look to your long hair, with some twist elements to look visually appealing. It is the kind of look that works on both tamed and wild hair for any hair type. This is a classy up-do that will result in an elegant look for mature women.

#50. Flowy Layers with Side Swept Fringe

Flowy Layers with Side Swept Fringe

Flowy layers with side swept fringe are the perfect soft and romantic look to add volume and movement to your long hair. This, combined with the side swept fringe that rests on your face, easily cuts especially along at an ideal length, thereby enhancing all rounded features and bringing out desirable plain faces. 

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