35 Lob Hairstyles That Show Why This Is The Ultimate Haircut For Women Over 50

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Written by Rachel Miller

Updated: May 20, 2024

Effortlessly chic, elegant, and low-maintenance. Lob haircuts really bring everything to the table. 

The lob–short for long bob is a trendy cut that’s absolutely ageless, meaning anyone can wear it. But we’ll let you in on a little secret. It’s the ultimate haircut for women over 50

This charming cut brings that beloved classic bob shape’s contouring talents that take years off your face and highlight your best facial features, but it’s just a little bit longer to keep your styling options wide open. 

If you’re not already in love with the lob, check out these 35 lob hairstyles that show why this is the ultimate haircut for women over 50.

#1. Layered Lob with Side-Swept Bangs

magnific uYxYpZw29O8q2SU3ygWV Layered Lob with Side Swept Bangs

Elevate your look with a spunky yet sophisticated style like a layered lob with side-swept bags. The lob’s frame creates a close-fitting shape that puts your fest features forward, only enhanced by the energetic layers and completed by the side-swept bangs.

#2. Lob with Subtle Layers

magnific MirNTyj85qtV0YsLFx9Z Long Bob Lob with Subtle Layers

The lob with subtle layers is a softer take on the layered look that still gives life, but it’s tastefully toned down for smooth, cascading movement, low maintenance, and total adaptability to your favorite styles–up or down, curly or straight.

#3. Textured Lob with Beachy Waves

magnific XRKvepV5aPGojx0rPU3p Textured Lob with Beachy Waves

Going for a summery-chic style? You need a textured lob haircut with beachy waves! The laidback texture brings a youthful vibe with all that summery fun flair. Then, tousled beachy waves bring for that extra beach-babe look.

#4. Chin-Length Lob with Curtain Bangs

magnific vvLGhQQDHHCZl7rw30xy Chin Length Lob with Curtain Bangs

Looking for something effortlessly chic and age-defying? Go for a chin-length lob with curtain bangs. The chin-length cut creates a tighter neckline and jawline than a typical lob while accentuating your cheekbones for a slimmer-looking face. The curtain bangs bring an exquisite flirty element.

#5. Side-Parted Shoulder-Length Lob

magnific fCI1Uj1rkLWnSauDV7Go Shoulder Length Lob with Side Part

Simple, elegant, and versatile. Three words that perfectly describe the side-parted shoulder-length lob. Shoulder-length cuts like this are the ideal hairstyle for women over 50, instantly giving years back to your face while allowing you to keep some length to style any way you want. The side part comes in as that final dash of chic charm.

#6. Blunt Lob with Subtle Waves

magnific V8H0zLtJwAZziMnWPIRk Blunt Lob with Subtle Waves

Blunt bobs always look super-sleek on straight hair, but when you add subtle waves, you take this neat and tidy cut to the top with voluminous and playful movement. Even for natural waves, this cut is excellent for keeping styling simple but always looks stunning.

#7. Voluminous Lob with Textured Layers

magnific ceJQI8VcmHss8ujZMs5r Voluminous Lob with Textured Layers

If you want something refreshing and ravishing, try a voluminous lob with textured layers. This lob adds total volume, lifting thick and thin hair seamlessly, and the textured layers are a breath of fresh air.

#8. Classic Lob with Soft Curls

magnific LPzVdx6CTuBQ1eLmeTY9 Classic Lob with Soft Curls

Renew your aesthetic with a playful and polished style, like the classic lob with soft curls. These soft and stylish curls instantly elevate the classic lob, keeping all the elegance and versatility but adding graceful movement and a sophisticated yet flirty flair.

#9. Lob with Subtle Face-Framing Layers

magnific J0weBPzvTzv6DmhPdt0B Lob with Subtle Face Framing Layers

Go for something radiant and rejuvenating, and try a lob with some subtle face-framing layers. This look blesses your tresses with all the lob’s beloved volume and body, with the delicate layering giving the lob haircut some light movement. Plus, these layers are precisely cut to frame your face for a youthful style that’s better than any contour kit!

#10. Modern Tousled Lob

magnific tkNqTWL2TL48hzpPrjhA Tousled Lob with a Modern Twist

A modern tousled lob is a chic and confident haircut for women over 50. The modern lob brings all that trendy and flirty flair that flatters your facial features, while the tousled texture livens up even the finest, flattest hair with volume and texture with maximum movement, so you can wear any style fearlessly and flawlessly.

#11. Angled Lob with Long Side Bangs

magnific RRmHXRLnUzG3jEwiCyFk Angled Lob with Long Side Bangs

Looking for something timeless yet trendy? You need an angled lob with long side bangs. This style features the classic volume and texture we know and love the lob for, with angles that elongate your jawline (making this lob haircut particularly flattering for square and round face shapes), and long side bangs enhance that frame while bringing a stylish edge.

#12. Lob with Subtle Balayage

magnific StOHWyhkjzLm0Pfpl1FP Lob with Subtle Balayage

A lob with subtle balayage is a great way to get that sunny and chic style. The lob haircut creates a versatile, low-maintenance, and downright lovely look. Then, the balayage gives soft light, depth, and dimension to any hair type, immediately enhancing your natural texture and brightening up your face.

#13. Sleek Lob with Blunt Ends

magnific 5xBnbKwgXp3LcK0FdeAm Sleek Lob with Blunt Ends

If you’re looking to keep things simple and smooth, you’ve got to try a sleek lob with blunt ends. This lob is a great low-key but high-fashion haircut for women over 50 with pristinely-cut blunt ends that enhance the neat and tidy look of the sleek lob’s minimal layering and jaw-slimming frame.

#14. Layered Lob with Flipped-Out Ends

magnific bONdxyabAM2sNXtXOUSP Layered Lob with Flipped Out Ends

Get a lively look with some stylish 2000s nostalgia in the layered lob with flipped-out ends. The playful layering gives voluminous movement, exaggerated by the fun and flashy flipped-out ends, which you can get super-easy with a blow dryer and round brush or flat iron.

#15. Lob with Side-Swept Fringe and Tapered Back

magnific 0mrIgL0h7WkzZoBrThZm Lob with Side Swept Fringe and Tapered Back

Find a look that’s all things fun and fashionable in the lob with a side-swept fringe and tapered back. This trendy lob gives volume and slight texturizing, with a tapered back bringing that modern edge. Then, the side-swept fringe is the fab finishing touch to enhance the lob’s frame.

#16. Lob with Subtle Highlights

magnific ueCUbNTMVyAayEgOAUHn Lob with Subtle Highlights

You don’t need anything fancy to get a drop-dead gorgeous aesthetic! All you need is a lob with subtle highlights. This style pairs the vivacious and versatile lob with subtle highlights to give your natural color a bright contrast that boosts your natural texture with depth and definition for fuller, livelier-looking hair and a whole lot of style.

#17. Polished Rounded Lob

magnific wW8x0D3F0kgvLAfGVEbT Polished Lob with Rounded Shape

Get a tasteful and tidy boss-babe-type look with the polished, rounded lob! This simple yet confident hairstyle for women over 50 features a rounded shape to create the illusion of more volume and body, making you look like you have thicker-looking hair. The polished finish keeps things sleek and simple.

#18. Inverted Lob with Back Layering

magnific ga6O8Gve3CxU2hg3TQ3c Inverted Lob with Layered Back

Does your hair need a serious lift? Go for an inverted bob with back layering! This lob’s inverted shape brings an undeniable contemporary charm while maintaining the classic lob’s beloved movement. Then, the focused layering brings maximum volume and body right where you need it. 

#19. Lob with Long Textured Bangs

magnific pg7k0UQFQiZRJ2Ec5hH0 Lob with Long Textured Bangs

Level up your lovely lob haircut with long textured bangs! The longer bangs are exceptionally flattering to your eyes, and the extra texture creates a more dynamic look. Even if the rest of the lob doesn’t have crazy layering, the textured bangs give it life.

#20. Softly Layered Lob with Natural Gray

magnific POmJWymux7Zdj4dqE6pT Softly Layered Lob with Natural Gray

The softly layered lob with natural gray puts the grace in aging gracefully. This lob features soft layering for just a touch of body and movement that fits any hair type with low-key sophistication. Then, the natural grays bring an organic element that also allows you to embrace your grays with confidence and class.

#21. Lob with Choppy Layers

magnific je6NwsBnMWIP3rc33jwe Lob with Choppy Layers

Looking for a dynamic do to make you look and feel younger? You need a lob with choppy layers! The choppy layers give lifeless hair serious texture that puts some pep back in your strand and your step, all while keeping that flawlessly youthful lob frame.

#22. Chin-Length Lob with Delicate Layers

magnific sp2MQ5gFG6gVFXpOFaA0 Chin Length Lob with Delicate Layers

The chin-length bob is exceptionally age-defying, creating a sharper and youthful contour for your jawline. Then, the delicate layers give the style some soft texture for an energetic yet elegant look.

#23. Lob with Dimensional Color

magnific 15socVFxj0gwGYpkUnGR Lob with Dimensional Color

Want something bold and beautiful? Go for a lab with dimensional color! The lob haircut gives volume and a flirty frame, while the dimensional colors bring vibrant depth and dimension, enhancing the layers (or creating the illusion of them). This is also a great way to get creative with color for an even more fun flair.

#24. Messy Lob with Wispy Bangs

magnific EejazSrHpljnZyFYlJjF Messy Lob with Wispy Bangs

The lob doesn’t always haven’t be elegant. It’s also the perfect hairstyle for women over 50 who want that too-cool-to-care kind of look! The messy lob’s energetic texture brings that bedhead vibe with playful, wispy bags to enhance that perfectly undone vibe.

#25. Asymmetrical Lob with Side-Swept Bangs

magnific pHcPTo0QLc33HIedRZLJ Asymmetrical Lob with Side Swept Bangs

Looking for something youthful and unique? You need an asymmetrical lob with side-swept bangs! This is a low-key modern twist on the lob haircut, personalized and cut to suit your facial features. Then, the asymmetry brings that contemporary element to the lob, elevated by side-swept bangs. 

#26. Lob with Shadow Root Color

magnific hzABQ19NTnJ70ke1tzRA Lob with Shadow Root Color

Enhance your lifeless, thin hair while adding some magnetic mystery with a lob haircut and shadow root color. The shadow root technique root color adds depth to the lovely lob for fuller-looking hair while making growing in your natural roots that much easier. 

#27. Textured Lob with Piecey Layers

magnific ONzMycXZsyFcvt6CLMBl Textured Lob with Piecey Layers

The textured lob with piecey layers is energetic and effortlessly stylish. This lob haircut blends two different textures to give your hair maximum life without looking like you’ve gone crazy with layering.

#28. Lob with Feathered Bangs

magnific DWK5ZJJmYhKsQ7uNOwbK Lob with Feathered Bangs

Feathered bangs are a minor upgrade to the lob with major style. The swanky and sophisticated lob gives your face classic volume, soft texture, and shape, but the feathered bangs make things look a little bit light and airy for a delicate girly charm.

#29. Chin-Length Lob with Subtle Curls

magnific 2BV8hwcTf5x3X8RUq3Uf Chin Length Lob with Subtle Curls

Need a style with effortless elegance and a small side of sassy energy? Go for a cin-length lob with subtle curls. The cheeky chin-length cut sculps your facial features for a younger look, while subtle curls completely transform the chic vibes for something softer and more sophisticated.

#30. Lob with Bold Color Accent

magnific voOsjRvcJAsyWhuHfdbX Lob with Bold Color Accent

You’re only as young as you feel. And this cut makes you feel young and free again by blessing your tresses with an adventurous and alluring aesthetic. The bold color accents may be a slight twist, but the vibrant color sets your style on fire, immediately bringing a trendy and eye-catching element to the classic lob for that little bit of fun flair.

#31. Rounded Lob with Soft Layers

magnific AGzkBUK5uyHKW08iAvho Rounded Lob with Soft Layers

The rounded lob with soft layers is all things style and grace. The full, rounded frame softens your facial features, which is incredibly flattering for heart and oblong face shapes. Then, the soft layers bring gentle life with a smooth, sleek finish.

#32. Graduated Lob with Stacked Back

magnific btrPBvWOddaNcyL9Q9YX Graduated Lob with Stacked Back

Go for something simple but oh-so-chic, like the graduated lob with a stacked back. The stacked back gives this chic bob-inspired volume that gives the back more body, while the graduated angles create an exceptionally sleek contour for any face shape.

#33. Lob with a Subtle Undercut

magnific EVe0JDIJa8u5YHzLx0RQ Lob with a Subtle Undercut

Looking for something with a little edge? You need a lob with a subtle undercut. This sleeker lob is delightfully low-key with just a dash of daring attitude from the undercut. Plus, the undercut also removes bulk for heavy, thick hair, making it feather-light and absolutely fabulous.

#34. Wavy Lob with Sun-Kissed Balayage

magnific is2mhtG6jXQNTYEsUPy7 Wavy Lob with Sun Kissed Balayage

A wavy lob with sun-kissed balayage is the quintessential lob haircut for women over 50 who want that beach babe aesthetic (without the sun damage). This lob is designed to boost your waves with full-bodied volume and movement for a cheery tousled texture, sun-kissed balayage for texture-enhancing definition, and a summery charm.

#35. Shoulder-Length Lob with Textured Ends

magnific SquqtLHi4PGvp4C525PP Shoulder Length Lob with Textured Ends

Bring your look something timeless and tasteful with a trendy touch by going for a shoulder-length bob with textured ends. This lob haircut has unbeatable versatility. It has natural texture-enhancing layers and textured ends to top it off with a cool, contemporary element.

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