The Textured Lob Is The “It Girl Hairstyle” For Women In Their 60s! Here Are 35 Haircuts That Prove It!

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Written by Rachel Miller

Updated: June 10, 2024

Women in their 60s are falling head over heels for the textured lob! This fan-favorite hairstyle is effortlessly chic and cool, giving older women an instant shot of age-defying sophistication and spunk, all wrapped in one beautiful mid-length package, and the bow is that irresistibly energized texture.
If you can’t already see what women in their 60s are raving about, join the club and find out why women in their 60s are raving about the new “It Girl” hairstyle for older women with these 35 textured lobs.

#1. Textured Lob with Subtle Layers

magnific BnNM1GXwQ46jQ6maMmf3 Textured Lob with Subtle Layers

If you’re looking for something versatile and vibrant, you need a textured lob with subtle layers. The subtle layering gives aging hair some extra volume and movement while adapting to almost any face shape to create a chic frame to complement your features.

#2. Chin-Length Lob with Choppy Layers

magnific G4LK0NZFEhoFjxCaXMlt Chin Length Lob with Choppy Layers

The chin-length bob with choppy layers is a super lively look for women in their 60s who want something youthful, fun, and unrefined. This look is particularly effective in giving fine and thinning hair some extra life, while the chin-length lob gives you a flattering face frame.

#3. Tousled Lob with Beachy Waves

magnific b1OjVeuTeOC7hC6525nQ Tousled Lob with Beachy Waves

The beach babe aesthetic has no age limit, and nothing proves that better than a tousled lob with beachy waves. This classy yet carefree look features tousled layers that create robust volume and body, making the perfect base for beachy waves to come in and bring a summery, sophisticated charm.

#4. Layered Lob with Side-Swept Bangs

magnific bFVyawkIE7jx0TB8P3hf Layered Lob with Side Swept Bangs

Looking for something that blends elegant and energetic? Try a layered lob with side-swept bangs! The layers contour your facial features for a younger, thinner-looking face, accentuating the chic side-swept bangs for a fab finishing touch.

#5. Shoulder-Length Lob with Textured Ends

magnific qKIOKR5yliYFB73vsoDe Shoulder Length Lob with Textured Ends

Dazzling and dynamic–that’s how we describe the shoulder-length lob with textured ends. This style features lively layering, amplified by textured ends, for an added dose of texture and life to any hair type. And as always, the shoulder-length cut maintains that classic dignified aesthetic.

#6. Textured Lob with Piecey Layers

magnific 3wK30LvYSkgSi4dTATkN Textured Lob with Piecey Layers

If you want a triple-threat style that blends fresh, fab, and flawless, look no further than a textured lob with piecey layers. The choppy layering rejuvenates any hair type with boosted volume, body, and movement for brand-new life and a whole lot of style. 

#7. Lob with Subtle Face-Framing Layers

magnific RRePqV4O5EevfJ96j0Lo Lob with Subtle Face Framing Layers

Nothing says “style and grace” like a lob with subtle face-framing layers. The lob brings boosted body and smooth movement with layers cut specifically to soften and flatter your facial features.

#8. Messy Lob with Wispy Bangs

magnific 8HvhEIWmJj8A2AvCqJmz Messy Lob with Wispy Bangs

Embrace your inner free spirit with a messy lob and wispy bangs! This textured lob is perfect for older women with thin or fine hair, with robust volume and playful movement. The wispy bangs finish the look off with a chic and airy charm.

#9. Textured Lob with a Bold Color Accent

magnific ETmnojxRu1U2thNVzHLn Textured Lob with Bold Color Accent

Feeling bold and adventurous? Try a textured lob with a bold color accent! The textured lob gives that classic face frame with robust body and volume, while the bold accent of color adds a dash of vivacious vibes for some youthful energy. Plus, it’s a great way to play with color without going too crazy.

#10. Asymmetrical Lob with Side-Swept Bangs

magnific wIA6FKRxA56gMBuHDk3j Asymmetrical Lob with Side Swept Bangs

Nothing gives “modern elegance like an asymmetrical lob with side-swept bangs. This style brings that classic lob volume and movement that suits any face shape and hair type. The asymmetrical edge gives the look a trendy and youthful flavor.

#11. Lob with a Side-Swept Fringe and Tapered-Back

magnific IaUXzkThcrY732Wu4B2Z Lob with Side Swept Fringe and Tapered Back

Get that perfect pairing between polished and playful with a lob cut, side-swept fringe, and tapered back. This style brings everything to the table: that super chic lob shape with a side-swept fringe and tapered back for a fun contemporary flair.

#12. Textured Lob with Subtle Balayage

magnific GhhM6NVJk31LYSBNzoKI Textured Lob with Subtle Balayage

Lovely, lively, and light—that’s the aesthetic you get with a textured lob with subtle balayage. This combo is perfect for giving natural curls a bright boost with dimension movement and a dose of elegance.

#13. Lob with Long Textured Bangs

magnific gVT2zr1lwdXQyfABVPAh Lob with Long Textured Bangs

Go for a youthful take on the classic lob by adding textured bangs! This style features the lob’s timeless body and movement, with long textured bands to give the look a chic and girly twist.

#14. Razored Lob with a Textured Crown

magnific 0f4aNep2seeN5UwD887f Razored Lob with Textured Crown

Need a little extra lift? Go for a razored lob with a textured crown! The razored layers boost the movement of any hair type. Then, the textured crown brings extra volume right where you need it, making this textured lob particularly ideal for women in their 60s with thinning hair that needs a little help with height.

#15. Textured Lob with a Choppy Fringe

magnific 0hC1DyjMy6BrPW2yv9Mn Textured Lob with Choppy Fringe

Need a fresh look with a feisty flair? Try a textured lob with a choppy fringe. This style is excellent for fine and thin curls that need a little extra life with brand-new texture and volume, while the choppy fringe brings a youthful and chic finishing touch.

#16. Wavy Lob with Sun Kissed Balayage

magnific fVIsoUcNffivH38AyEeA Wavy Lob with Sun Kissed Balayage

Bask in the wavy lob’s beautiful, bright, and beachy look with sun-kissed balayage. This style gives a double dose of life and light to any hair texture but is especially effective in enhancing curls and waves for that stylish summery aesthetic.

#17. Layered Lob with Shadow Root Color

magnific yVyditaVNmWSliPxjAoI Layered Lob with Shadow Root Color

The layered lob with shadow root color is sophisticated with a little spark of sass. As always, the layered lob brings that beloved breath of life to any hair texture, with extra depth from the shadow roots for thicker and fuller-looking hair and a super trendy touch. 

#18. Textured Lob with Subtle Highlights

magnific DnZWFo59pmk65FYw7HBC Textured Lob with Subtle Highlights

Give your hair a double dose of rejuvenation with a textured lob and subtle highlights. Textured layers give your hair new life with full-bodied volume and movement, while the subtle highlights illuminate your base color for a dimensional fit that enhances the look of the layers and gives your face a youthful glow.

#19. Rounded Polished Lob

magnific 7T9XJRr3Aaw2QWG8GpQC Polished Lob with Rounded Shape and

There’s no other way to describe the rounded polished lob than  “flawlessly flattering.” The polished lob has a softer texture with all the classic volume and movement, and the rounded shape makes it much more flattering for square or oblong face shapes, creating something truly distinguished. 

#20. Shaggy Lob with Layered Bangs

magnific GidLLRlgLtWmOzUxfoWt Shaggy Lob with Layered Bangs

The shaggy lob with layered bangs is youthful with a dash of vintage vibes. Shaggy layers pack all hair types with volume movement and relaxed texture for a fab look with free-spirited flair.

#21. Textured Lob with a Subtle Undercut

magnific f4cRLnCRuVLkgWOJ4AYf Textured Lob with a Subtle Undercut

Classic meets modern in the textured lob with a subtle undercut. The textured lob brings its famous full-bodied movement, while the subtle undercut creates an element of surprise (making the cut easier to style, especially for thick hair) and a little bit of an edge.

#22. Lob with Feathered Bangs

magnific 3PaCLU0aPRwOK15UxfW3 Lob with Feathered Bangs

Go for something radiant with a bit of razzle-dazzle, like a lob with feathered bangs. The lob gives any hair type an improved natural texture. Then, the feathered bangs add a touch of airy elegance while completing the lob’s chic face frame and highlighting your eyes.

#23. Chin Length Lob with Delicate Layers

magnific KfWoXayNmr428kg2CbP9 Chin Length Lob with Delicate Layers

The chin-length bob is a timeless and tasteful look for older women who want something soft and sophisticated. This lob is particularly age-defying, drawing an upward angle to create a tighter-looking neck and jawline. Lightweight layering is perfect for renewing any hair type.

#24. Lob with Dimensional Color

magnific GGi83QhKpnyVIElfm1eu Lob with Dimensional Color

Looking for an instant irresistible update? You need to try a lob with dimensional color! This is a high-powered hairstyle for women in their 60s who refuse to sacrifice an inch of their bold, adventurous spirit, with unique dimensional color creating an unexpected definition to your natural texture.

#25. Tousled Lob with a Modern Twist

magnific tZ9GUkKmNhbHgyVRaVfN Tousled Lob with a Modern Twist

Nothing is as effortlessly stylish as a tousled lob with a modern twist. This energetic and modern take on the classic bob has tousled layers for vivacious movement and full volume and a side part for that extra classy touch on any hair type, especially waves, and curls.

#26. Softly Layered Lob with Natural Gray

magnific ei4sjLDr8UipicpvXLOn Softly Layered Lob with Natural Gray

Natural beauty has never looked as good as it does on a softly layered lob with natural gray. These layers are subtle and smooth, creating an understated dimension and body that enhances our natural grays with nothing but sophistication and style.

#27. Textured Lob with Sideburns

magnific sk6Y3s9kPhncXICC9Iz8 Textured Lob with Sideburns

Forget the contour kits! Get a textured lob with sideburns! Sideburns add a unique twist that also helps to contour your cheekbones for a slimmer face, making this cut exceptionally flattering for round face shapes. The textured layers bring an unexpected edge to the lovely lob, and together, they create something absolutely age-defying!

#28. Textured Graduated Lob with a Stacked Back

magnific QNf32Kavv0e7Qc8KfExw Graduated Lob with Stacked Back and Texture

Want something refined with a little razzle-dazzle? Look no further than a textured graduated lob with a stacked back. This look replicates the classic stacked bob, giving extra body and volume right where you need it, which is perfect for thinning hair of any texture. And that distinctive graduated shape makes things extra youthful and chic!

#29. Textured Angled Lob with Elongated Front Pieces

magnific fl8lzGz8Lq1qP06UvrPr Angled Lob with Elongated Front and

Go for a dramatic twist on a classic with a textured angled lob and elongated front pieces. The lob’s angular lines create an age-defying frame that works on any face shape but is particularly ideal for slimming and elongating round faces. The elongated front pieces take that up a notch while adding a flirty flair.

#30. Lob with Choppy Layers and Subtle Highlights

magnific Mfp8azxtTAQZCMpwAiQo Lob with Choppy Layers and Subtle Highlights

Get ready to turn heads with an iconic style like a lob with choppy layers and subtle highlights! This style features energetic texture from the choppy layers and an extra dose of dimension and definition from the subtle highlights to create a style as vibrant and vivacious as you!

#31. Textured Lob with Natural Curls

magnific wFLR7OS2qXzrku7G7Vh0 Textured Lob with Natural Curls

This one’s for the curly girls! Let your radiant ringlets take center stage with a textured lob cut just for your natural curls. The textured lob was practically made to let those natural curls shine with renewed body, bounce, and movement. Best of all, this is a low-maintenance look.

#32. Windswept Lob with Piecey Layers

magnific dMJkVZ74kunfpJIVphLy Windswept Lob with Piecey Layers

If you want to be blown away whenever you look in the mirror, you need a windswept lob with piecey layers! This style features the beloved lob shape and volume with easy-breezy texture and sweeping movement, ideal for forgiving waves and curls with that wonderful windswept movement.

#33. Shoulder-Length Lob with Textured Waves

magnific Cr5dY8gvwPpxolm7ZHLu Shoulder Length Lob with Textured Waves

The shoulder-length lob with textured waves is a super chic style for older women looking for easygoing elegance. Shoulder lengths are that sweet spot between short and long, giving you a little more luxury and versatility. This cut gives you all the classic bob’s feature flattering and texture-boosting layers. Then, textured waves bring this look to the top!

#34. Textured-Layered Lob with Voluminous Crown

magnific ZTAqKAriyBhuVBN9wFtv Layered Lob with Voluminous Crown and Texture

Big, bold, and beautiful—that’s how we describe the textured-layered lob with a voluminous crown. The textured layers make your natural texture stand out with style, while the voluminous crown gives your hair a little extra help with height and body, making this the perfect lob haircut for older women struggling with thinning hair.  

#35. Textured Lob with Blunt Ends

magnific 3mwaFrVo7gvQozWtiq5o Textured Lob with Blunt Ends

A textured lob with blunt ends is one of the most stunning looks for women in their 60s. This style gives you that long-loved lob’s volume, texture, and shape with clean-cut blunt ends for a polished edge.

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