51 Short Haircut Ideas That Will Make You Want To Embrace Your Round Face Shape

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Written by Rachel Miller

Updated: April 7, 2024

It’s the struggle for every beautiful, round-faced gal – finding a haircut that won’t emphasize their round shape. Thankfully, hairstylists are quite the creative and innovative bunch and have created so many stunning haircuts that look flawless on lovely round faces.

Are you on the hunt for a haircut that will flatter your round face? Do you prefer to keep your hair short? If so, you’re in luck – because we’ve found the top 51 most flattering short haircut ideas for round faces. Hey, who said round-faced babes couldn’t rock shorter strands? These hairstyles prove round-faced ladies can wear any length they want – when done correctly, of course.

Sleek Angled Bob with a Deep Side Part

A regular bob with a middle part can be disastrous for round faces. But if you still want to rock a short bob right below the chin, don’t panic – you can. The best option is to go with an angled bob with a deep side part, which will immediately slim your facial structure. Keep it sleek with a delicious brunette shade.

#2. Tousled Pixie with Side-Swept Bangs

Tousled Pixie with Side Swept Bangs

Pixies look good on just about anyone daring enough to chop their locks off. It’s a low-maintenance style you don’t have to worry about, which is always a perk. However, to make this look round-face-friendly, we recommend tousling the top for extra height to balance your round shape.

#3. Textured Short Shag with Baby Bangs

Textured Short Shag with Baby Bangs

When it comes to bangs, you gotta do it right. And well, baby, baby bangs are the ultimate way to go. The ultra-short look will give your round face more height, while a textured short shag will ensure this look remains playful and cute.

#4. Curly Bob with Subtle Highlights

Curly Bob with Subtle Highlights

Naturally curly hair and an adorable round face? How did you get so lucky? Feel free to give your curls the attention they deserve while balancing your bone structure by opting for a bob. Oh, and feel free to toss in some highlights for added dimension.

#5. Choppy Inverted Bob with a Shadow Root

Choppy Inverted Bob with a Shadow Root

Are you looking for an edgier and more modern aesthetic? Girl, I’ve got you covered, and I have three words for you: inverted and shadow root. The inverted bob style is a game-changer for round faces, while the shadow root against an ashy blonde and brown blend is a contemporary masterpiece.

#6. Messy Lob with Soft Waves

Messy Lob with Soft Waves

Lobs are such a perfect choice for round faces. Because they’re longer, they’ll make your face slimmer and longer, too. Give your messy lob the feminine touch by using your favorite tools to craft luxurious waves from root to tip.

#7. Classic Bowl Cut with a Modern Twist

Classic Bowl Cut with a Modern Twist

You might not think a bowl cut works for round faces; think again. The intricate cut is actually a perfect pairing for rounder faces. Not only that but there’s no denying that this hairstyle has an avant-garde attitude that’s ready for the catwalk.

#8. High-Volume Quiff for Short Hair

High Volume Quiff for Short Hair

Want to make your round face look longer immediately? All you need to do is tease your crown, tousle your locks, and douse your sky-high tresses in your fave hairspray. Yup, it’s that easy, and things don’t have to look like a mess. This high-volume quiff is timeless and classy, suitable for even the fanciest events.

#9. Short Wavy A-Line Cut

Short Wavy A Line Cut

Waves + round faces = love. No, this isn’t a cheesy love note. These are directions. Add tight waves to your a-line cut to create a dramatic and bouncy appearance. The added volume will instantly take the attention off your face’s roundness. (Not to mention, you’ll look flawless, honey.)

#10. Retro-Inspired Finger Waves

Retro Inspired Finger Waves

Women have been dealing with round faces for centuries, and they’ve come up with their own list of magical solutions; this is one of them. These gorgeous finger waves have that old-school Hollywood charm that’s not only devilishly attractive but also works wonders on round face shapes.

#11. Edgy Buzz Cut with a Feminine Touch

Edgy Buzz Cut with a Feminine Touch

When you want to absolutely leave hair troubles in the past, a buzz cut is the only choice. Yet, you still want to make sure your buzz cut is suitable for a round face. That said, consider this style – leave a little more hair on top. It’s feminine and elongating!

#12. Blunt-Cut Bob with Straight Bangs

Blunt Cut Bob with Straight Bangs

Round faces tend to have a more “jovial” aesthetic. Blunt cuts do not. When you pair the two together, you achieve harmony unlike ever before. Plus, you get an incredibly posh look that demands ferociously seductive straight bangs. Go for jet-black tresses to complete this five-star look!

#13. Short Curly Afro with a Side Part

Short Curly Afro with a Side Part

Quit tryin’ to hide those natural curls, queen. It’s time to put them on center stage with a short haircut! A short curly afro is undeniably attention-grabbing and beautiful, but the side part is what will disrupt the symmetry of your face, achieving less roundness. It’s a win-win here!

#14. Tapered Pixie with Long Bangs

Tapered Pixie with Long Bangs

This longer pixie is perfect for gals who want a little bit of wiggle room when it comes to styling. And you don’t need to do anything over the top! Tapered sides instantly slim the face, while lengthy, side-swept bangs create an err of grace and femininity.

#15. Straight Bob with a Tucked-Under Finish

Straight Bob with a Tucked Under Finish

You might think tucking your locks underneath will make your face look rounder. But it does the opposite. In fact, by tucking the ends under, you draw attention to the charming flip – which will take the eyes off of the roundness and create elongation.

#16. Textured Pixie with Undercut Sides

Textured Pixie with Undercut Sides

Remember what we said earlier? Creating volume on top is essential for pixie cuts on round faces. However, if you want something with more edgy attitude to match your fierce personality, opt for undercut sides with contrasting colors.

#17. Layered Bob with a Pop of Color

Layered Bob with a Pop of Color

By now, you probably get the point: layered bobs look fantastic on round faces. And it’s true! But if you want to step outside the sea of round-faced gals with a layered bob haircut, one easy way to do so is to douse your tresses in exciting pops of color in every direction. Wow.

#18. Short Slicked-Back Pompadour

Short Slicked Back Pompadour

Looking for high-class? Begging for high style? For my fashionista queens out there who love a vintage flair, this short, slicked-back pompadour is the ultimate choice. This hairstyle is the epitome of refinement and causes a slimming effect for rounder face shapes.

#19. Feathered Bob with Side Bangs

Feathered Bob with Side Bangs

Feathering and side bangs are perfect for women with thin hair who want to create movement. But did you know it’s also a top choice for round faces? To bring the feathering to life, make it more vibrant with some show-stopping highlights.

#20. Short Hair with a Crown Braid

Short Hair with a Crown Braid

Not all braids play well with round faces, but this is certainly one that does! The crown braid is a stunning hairstyle that will make you look – and feel – like a princess. The best part is that it will elongate your face simultaneously, making this the ultimate go-to for upscale occasions.

#21. Graduated Bob with Soft Curls

Graduated Bob with Soft Curls

A graduated bob is an excellent choice for round face shapes on its own, but when you throw some flattering, soft curls into the mix, it becomes a force to be reckoned with. The soft curls craft a cascading effect that will draw attention downward and away from the roundness of your face.

#22. Micro Bob with Blunt Edges

Micro Bob with Blunt Edges

Structure is, essentially, the opposite of roundness. That said, you can’t go wrong with a more rigid haircut like this. The micro bob focuses on structure and bluntness that will counteract your round face. It’s also quite posh if you ask me. 

#23. Short Hair with Flipped Ends

Short Hair with Flipped Ends

If you want to zhuzh up your thin, stick-straight locks, you can flip the ends outwards and take on a more voluptuous and spunky aesthetic. Of course, you’ll also be counterbalancing the round shape of your face, ensuring a five-star style you’ll surely love.

#24. Wispy Bob with Curtain Bangs

Wispy Bob with Curtain Bangs

Sure, some of these styles focus on adding rigidity to a round face shape. That’s not the only option, though. You can also soften things up by going with a charming wispy bob with eye-skimming curtain bangs.

#25. French Bob with Cropped Bangs

French Bob with Cropped Bangs

What’s not to love about this fashion-forward haircut? We love everything about this tantalizing style, from the gorgeous bob to the lovely cropped bangs – both of which combine to make your round face appear longer and slimmer.

#26. Short Hair with a Braided Crown

Short Hair with a Braided Crown

Want to wear a braid but don’t know where it will look *picture-perfect?* Situated right at the crown, this type of braid easily elongates the face to soften the appearance of a round structure. It’s also quite a dashing style, especially for fancy occasions!

#27. Short Bob with a Twisted Bun

Short Bob with a Twisted Bun

If you’re not in the mood to fuss with curls or waves but want to style your hair into something ultra-cute, convenient, and round-face-friendly, this twisted bun is it. The subtle bun paying peek-a-boo at the crown will add more height necessary for rounded faces.

#28. Flapper-Inspired Bob with Marcel Waves

Flapper Inspired Bob with Marcel Waves

Sometimes, it’s best to take inspiration from the past, and this look is proof. These stunning marcel waves may have been reserved for flapper girls in the 1920s, but now, they’re best suited for round-faced gals looking for a flattering and breathtaking hairstyle.

#29. Pixie Cut with a Faux Hawk

Pixie Cut with a Faux Hawk

Talk about height. Fierce babes who want a haircut that’s as feisty as they are should consider this pixie cut with a faux hawk. Not only does this haircut ooze an edgy attitude, but all the hair on top will surely elongate even the roundest faces.

#30. Short Bob with Middle Part

Short Bob with Middle Part

Now, I typically tell round-faced babes to stay away from short hair with middle parts, but we can’t help but notice how fabulous this haircut is! Chopped at the jawline and gently turned inward, it frames the face without making the round structure the center front.

#31. Short Hair with Criss-Cross Braids

Short Hair with Criss Cross Braids

Sometimes, the easiest way to style your locks with a round face is to take the attention off your face’s structure. And what better way to do it than with some incredible criss-cross braids like these? 

#32. Short Bob with Peek-a-Boo Color

Short Bob with Peek a Boo Color

We’ve talked a lot about short bobs and how wonderful they are for round faces. But let’s face it – that can get dull and mundane over time. Spruce up your look and become the talk of the town by tossing in some peek-a-boo colors of all shades.

#33. Short Hair with Double Dutch Braids

Short Hair with Double Dutch Braids

When you have a round face, crown braids aren’t your only option when it comes to braided hairstyles. Another lovely choice is double Dutch braids! The symmetrical style of these lavish braids is eye-catching and softens round faces with ease.

#34. Pixie Cut with a Shaved Design

Pixie Cut with a Shaved Design

At this point, it’s clear that pixie cuts with hair left on top are the go-to for round-faced ladies wishing for a low-maintenance and edgy ‘do. Yet, you can quickly kick things up a notch and add your own creativity to your look by shaving a design into the side of your head. So cool!

#35. Short-Angled Bob with an Ombre Effect

Short Angled Bob with an Ombre Effect

Angled bobs work tremendously well with round faces – there’s no doubt about it. I can understand if you don’t want to try out a different haircut! However, if you want to revive your bob, consider a glowing ombre effect like this one. 

#36. Short Hair with Barrel Curls

Short Hair with Barrel Curls

Barrel curls are known for their retro-glam physique, and we can’t get enough of them. And these types of ringlets should definitely be on your must-try list if you have a round face. They’ll immediately elongate and create a visually appealing aesthetic you won’t soon forget.

#37. Short Bob with a Half-Up Top Knot

Short Bob with a Half Up Top Knot

Half-up, half-down hairstyles like these are a must for when you’re enjoying a casual day and need a carefree yet trendy hairstyle to match. You’ll also love the fact that the topknot adds height, which is critical for balancing out round faces.

#38. Retro Victory Rolls on Short Hair

Retro Victory Rolls on Short Hair

Are you looking for a jaw-dropping, totally unique, and retro-inspired ‘do for an upcoming event? I’ve got precisely what you’re looking for: retro victory rolls on short hair. This intricate, blast-from-the-past style is riddled with glam and provides height for rounded facial structures.

#39. Short Hair with Side Cornrows

Short Hair with Side Cornrows

It’s OK to take the attention off your round face and put it onto your hair – especially if you have incredible cornrows like these! Side cornrows are perfect for women who want intricate detailing that’s fashionable and suitable for round face shapes.

#40. Short-Stacked Bob with Waves

Short Stacked Bob with Waves

Need a new way to style your round-face-friendly short-stacked bob? You can craft waves throughout your mane using hot tools or other “non-heated” methods. Of course, this will ensure a stunning and dainty style that looks sensational on round faces.

#41. Short Hair with a Twisted Halo

Short Hair with a Twisted Halo

If your hair is too short for an actual “crown braid,” don’t worry – romantic hairstyles aren’t entirely off-limits. You’ll have to settle for a twisted halo instead. But trust me – it’s just as dreamy as any crown braid, and many enjoy the subtler approach anyhow.

#42. Short Hair with Diagonal Braids

Short Hair with Diagonal Braids

Want your braids to have more drama? You’re not alone – and that’s why this style was born. If your hair’s long enough, don’t hesitate to enjoy some gorgeous diagonal braids. These luxe, in-your-face braids will draw the eye diagonally to break up your round facial structure.

#43. Short Hair with Defined Finger Coils

Short Hair with Defined Finger Coils

Defined finger coils will always be one of the top choices for round-faced gals with naturally textured hair. The coils will soften the roundness and generate a perky and fashionable aesthetic you’ll want to flaunt everywhere.

#44. Short Hair with Asymmetric Undercut

Short Hair with Asymmetric Undercut

You can immediately give your short hair a funky and cool makeover by choosing an asymmetrical undercut. This style is definitely reserved for women who don’t mind having all eyes on them – of course, they won’t be focusing on your round face shape, that’s for sure!

#45. Pixie Cut with Shaved Sides

Pixie Cut with Shaved Sides

OK, wild child. Are you ready to break free from the traditional haircuts? Then I implore you to chop your locks into a pixie cut and shave off the sides. This look emits plenty of daring attitude while also easily slenderizing a round face.

#46. Short Bob with a Messy Updo

Short Bob with a Messy Updo

Updos can be complicated with a round face. My best suggestion if you want something carefree and casual? Make it messy. Some tousling will add some much-needed height to your updo, making sure your round face doesn’t look rounder.

#47. Short Hair with Geometric Lines

Short Hair with Geometric Lines

There is truly no other short haircut that’s as jaw-dropping as this one. Seriously, ladies – if you want to turn heads and let your creativity run free, add some geometric lines to your look and call it a day. Nobody will be paying attention to your round face shape!

#48. Short Hair with a Zig-Zag Part

Short Hair with a Zig Zag Part

Don’t want a side part? Don’t trust a middle part with a round face? You can always go in between with a cool zig-zag part! These types of partings are becoming more popular, and they’ll look awesome on your round face shape.

#49. Classic Pageboy Cut for Short Hair

Classic Pageboy Cut for Short Hair

When we talked about adding some rigidness to balance a round face, this is exactly what we were talking about. The pageboy has that vintage chic appeal that many women love, and all of the structure is precisely what your round face shape is calling for.

#50. Short Hair with Textured Curls

Short Hair with Textured Curls

The more curls, the merrier – especially with a round face! Although curls are undeniably enchanting and full of sexy attitude, they’re also the simplest way to soften up a round face. If you’ve got natural curls, we’re begging you – please wear them with pride!

#51. Short Hair with a Waterfall Braid

Short Hair with a Waterfall Braid

The great thing about a waterfall braid is that it displays a vertical element that will help to offset the roundness of your face. Oh, and it goes without saying that it’s also one of the most romantic and feminine looks you can wear. 

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