25 Stylish Older Women Prove the Modern Wedge Cut Is Timeless

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Written by Rachel Miller

Updated: May 25, 2024

The short wedge of the 70s has gotten an upgrade! And now, this cut is taking the style world by storm. And not just for the younger ladies. This modern take on the wedge is practically made for our mature ladies! 

The wedge cut is similar to the stacked bob, with transitioning layers from shorter in the back to longer in the front. It’s great for creating fuller, thicker-looking hair, and lifting aging hair that needs more volume and body. It really is the essential age-defying style. 

If you’re not already sold, check out these 25 modern wedge cuts that prove style never stops!

magnific TY3lQkdsrCnWvQg28fsx Angled Wedge Cut with Side Swept Bangs

The angled wedge cut is a charming and contemporary take on the classic bob, especially paired with side-swept bangs. The angled shape of this sleek cut is the perfect thing to create a slimming frame for any face shape with the bangs sweeping into to soften things up for a youthful touch.

#2. Razor Cut Wedge Bob

magnific rrmaonyBLlra00ND4jqx Razor Cut Wedge Bob

Are you looking for something elegant with a slice of edge? Go for a modern razor-cut wedge-bob. This modern blend of the wedge and bob brings an effortlessly chic vibe with razor cut razor-cut just a small dose of gritty texture, making it especially ideal for fine hair.  

#3. Tapered-Back Wedge on Soft Curls

magnific fcuoVuoMtVLiP9oiyQJ0 Tapered Back Wedge on Soft Curls

Bring out the best in your soft curly texture with a wedge cut that has a tapered back. The tapering creates a softer stacking effect, providing subtle volume in the back and letting the top and front curls do the real work for a graceful style.

#4. Wedge Cut with Subtle Feathering

magnific upT5Zc4R3WvPLZYwoATp Wedge Cut with Subtle Feathering

Give your fine or thin hair a lift, and try a wedge cut with subtle feathering. These feathered layers take the cut to a softer place, creating a light and airy texture for gentle movement. Plus, this style is super-low maintenance.

#5. Shaggy Wedge Bob

magnific LS7cvckPpQi9yRPvKEB6 Shaggy Wedge Bob

Bring some seventies flair to your hair with the shaggy wedge bob. This blend of three iconic cuts brings the shag’s groovy layering and texture, the wedge’s stacked volume, and the bob’s striking shape to create an effortless and eye-catching style for any hair texture.

#6. Curly Wedge Cut

magnific xbAvP9Zj7STwD7sG0RHV Curly Wedge Cut

This one’s for the curly girls! A curly wedge cut is designed to add volume and bounce to your curls, no matter what density your hair is. Plus, this shorter cut can also help retain your natural curl pattern and get them back to how they used to be!

#7. Asymmetric Wedge Cut

magnific i03cfjFPfMrLDVTPSjvP Asymmetric Wedge Cut

Embrace your edgy side with an asymmetric wedge cut. This cheeky twist on the classic wedge features one side with longer layers, without losing that timeless top volume and sleek texture.

#8. Pixie Wedge Hybrid

magnific pheDFRauhoQe6LA0uL8M Pixie Wedge Hybrid

Can’t decide between a pixie cut and a wedge? Now, you don’t have to! Get the best of both styles in a pixie wedge hybrid that pairs the pixie cut’s structured shaping with the wedge’s angled layering for added softness.

#9. Wedge with Undercut

magnific hovAfZo2c2n6S8nu6gmE Wedge with Undercut

Go for a wedge with an undercut for a uniquely powerful style that fits your punchy personality! This wedge cut features short, stacked layering for volume as high as your confidence level and an undercut for that bold-as-brass element.

#10. Rounded Wedge Bob

magnific yCEUf2r3Qrl4JI5K0EOL Rounded Wedge Bob

Are you looking for a soft yet structured style to frame your face without aging you? Try a rounded wedge bob! This balanced bob features blended layering for high volume, gentle texture, and a rounded shape for a sophisticated vibe. The rounded shape also makes this cut ideal for square face shapes.

#11. Long Wedge Bob

magnific SJ1si8RAFWauHJRPD9Gv Long Wedge Bob

The long wedge bob brings the classic shape of the bob with some extra wedged stacking. This is the perfect simple and sleek style for a low-key but high-class aesthetic for straight and wavy hair alike. 

#12. Voluminous Stacked Wedge

magnific hNZEZD5DvoPpRAPAKmEI Voluminous Stacked Wedge

Liven up your look with a voluminous stacked wedge. The back of this cut features the wedge’s classic stacking for extreme body. But, the star of this show is the top layers that bring maximum volume for a high-powered hairstyle.

#13. Classic Dorothy Hamill Wedge

magnific M8crK1RilVnBcLrWQbSQ Classic Dorothy Hamill Wedge

Get the cut of champions with a classic Dorothy Hamill wedge. This timeless style was made iconic by famed figure skater, Dorothy Hamill, and you can believe us when we say that this cut has just as much grace as the woman herself, featuring a soft, rounded shape that complements square face shapes best.

#14. Wedge Cut with Wispy Ends

magnific wNRnx5gcLcPrZKkTqFzO Wedge Cut with Wispy Ends

Elevate your edgy aesthetic with a wedge cut with wispy ends. This cut features airy layers for lightweight volume and wispy ends for just a pinch of gritty texture, making this cut especially great for thinner hair.

#15. Wedge Cut with Fringe Bangs

magnific FLIRRJG91fgTMbhA75VL Wedge Cut with Fringe Bangs

Go for a classic and chic look, like a wedge cut with fringe bangs. This beloved bob-inspired stile brings a timeless aesthetic, with a soft, face-framing shape and clean, straight lines from the fringe bangs for an extra polished element.

#16. Choppy Wedge Pixie Cut

magnific ccsmfNAV5HuBexEiOOw6 Choppy Wedge Pixie Cut

Turn back the clock, and get an age-defying cut, like a choppy wedge-pixie cut. This trio of trendy styles brings the pixie’s iconic shape with the wedges stacking for volume, and choppy layers to finish the look off with an energetic touch.

#17. Curly Wedge with a Side Part

magnific Pj5fyqdmlNSkK3wRSrcI Curly Wedge with a Side Part

A curly wedge with a side part is the perfect look to help you strike a balance between classic and contemporary. The wedge’s classic shape is terrific for enhancing your curls for maximum volume and definition, while the side part brings a glamorous element while giving a contemporary asymmetrical edge. 

#18. Blunt Wedge Bob

magnific LI1ubayl6WYVEYq810Ro Blunt Wedge Bob

If you’re looking for a refined short style, try a blunt-cut wedge bob. This style brings the beloved bob shape and body, with added volume from the wedge’s layering. It’s the perfect way to give fine and thin hair a fuller and thicker appearance.

#19. Short Wedge with a Stacked Nape

magnific bmLACi38feXVvl7blkCK Short Wedge with a Stacked Nape

Give yourself a spunky yet sophisticated style, and try a short wedge with a stack nape. The extra low stacking gives even the finest hair the look of thick texture and full body, transitioning to the short wedge style that brings all of the elegant allure with a small dose of edginess.

#20. Wedge Bob with A-Line Cut

magnific yuedTuN40VvUcbW7YF4L Wedge Bob with A Line Cut

Timeless and tasteful, an A-line cut is just what you need to elevate any haircut, especially a wedge bob. This trendy trio creates a chic shape to flatter any face shape and draw an upward line to create a more youthful appearance while bringing the famed body and volume of the wedge bob.

#21. Feathered Wedge Bob

magnific X9GlzZt1IzqVOHEhW5cA Feathered Wedge Bob

If you’re looking for something fun and flirty, you’ll find it in a feathered wedge bob. The timeless wedge bob gives all of the full body and height to all hair densities, but the feathering gives the whole look a playful flair for an exciting element. 

#22. Wedge Cut with Side Parted Bangs

magnific 6lDnMSnss6XLA5F8W2zu Wedge Cut with Side Parted Bangs

Give your aesthetic a classic style with a slightly modern twist, and go for a wedge cut with side-parted bangs. This versatile cut can bring any hair type all of the full-bodied style and structure it needs, while the side-parted bangs keep things looking soft and sophisticated.

#23. Retro-Inspired Wedge Cut

magnific 987taFYTtg9LT9ILVUah Retro Inspired Wedge Cut

Travel back in time with a retro-inspired wedge cut that comes straight from the swinging sixties (with a modern twist, of course). This updated cut brings a high-impact statement with a sleek structure and soft layering for a smooth-as-butter finish.  

#24. Choppy Wedge with Long Front Layers

magnific 8Wswr7Nd3isDAP9ZljtE Choppy Wedge with Long Front Layers

Bring some drama to your look with a choppy wedge with long front layers. The choppy texture creates a high-powered edge with full volume, while the longer front layers create a flattering frame for any face shape to slightly soften the look and keep it versatile.

#25. Two-Tone Wedge Bob

magnific KixEG2Gvf1xNj7Vw9P7R Two Tone Wedge Bob

Add an element of excitement to your aesthetic with a two-toned wedge bob. The wedge bob creates the perfect full-bodied background for a two-toned style to create a dramatic look and unique dimension.

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