These 33 Short Dark Hair Color Ideas Are So Stunning, They’ll Make You Want To Embrace Your Inner Raven-Haired Goddess

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Written by Rachel Miller

Updated: April 7, 2024

If you want your short locks to make a big impact, one great (and quick) way to do it is to drench them in a dark hair color. But which dark hair colors work best for short-haired gals looking for drama?

For the short-haired queens out there looking to make a serious change to their aesthetic with darker strands, we have the answer. Our comprehensive guide of the top 33 gorgeous short dark hair color ideas has something to suit your personality and style, whether you’re someone who wants to go edgy with jet-black tresses or keep things tamer with a blend of luxe browns.

Espresso Tapered Bob with Ashy Streaks

This espresso-tapered bob is already a sophisticated and smart hairstyle. However, she decides to put her flawless lengthy layers on display by tossing in some ashy streaks. Ashy streaks will subtly brighten the espresso base without being too over the top.

#2. Chocolate Brown Pixie with Rose Gold Tips

Chocolate Brown Pixie with Rose Gold Tips

If you want your chocolate brown pixie to take on a more fashion-forward approach, you can throw rose gold tips onto the end of your chocolaty strands. This blend is not only fashionable, but it adds a sense of femininity and whimsy to a rather dark and mysterious base.

#3. Short Black Shag with Silver Highlights

Short Black Shag with Silver Highlights

Ladies desiring an impactful hair color with loads of contrast – this one’s for you. Blending silver highlights into a jet-black base will create astounding contrast that’s eye-catching and cool. It can work on any hair length, but we enjoy the extra length with this color combo.

#4. Dark Mahogany Blunt Bob

Dark Mahogany Blunt Bob

A blunt bob is known for being sleek and rigid. Naturally, this edgy haircut calls for a hair color that’s just as intense – and that’s where dark mahogany enters the scene. Dark mahogany is rich and elegant, the perfect pairing for a striking blunt bob haircut.

#5. Smoky Grey Angled Bob

Smoky Grey Angled Bob

Although silver is a hit shade for 2024, it can be too intense for many women. If you want to dip your locks in metallics without being too bright and in-your-face, smoky gray is a great choice. It’s a softer take on silver, which is excellent for pairing with other delicate qualities such as side-swept bangs.

#6. Deep Plum Pixie Cut with Side Bangs

Deep Plum Pixie Cut with Side Bangs

If you want people to instantly say “Wow” the second they look at your hair color, you might consider going with a deep plum shade. This enticing shade of purple is unlike the typical shades used on hair, ensuring you’ll enjoy a standout and striking style that’s 100% unique.

#7. Short Dark Mocha Curls

Short Dark Mocha Curls

Not everyone dreams of grabbing attention with bright colors. Dark mocha is the perfect hair color if you enjoy lovely natural shades. Dark mocha is a sensuous shade that looks beautiful regardless of texture, but we can’t help but fall in love with how this color looks on luscious ringlets like these.

#8. Raven Black Bowl Cut

Raven Black Bowl Cut

Posh yet feminine, delicate yet intriguing. The raven black bowl cut is one that stands out from the crowd for all the right reasons. From the avant-garde bowl cut to the enticing raven black shade, there’s so much to love about this tantalizing ‘do.

#9. Midnight Blue Wavy Bob with an Undercut

Midnight Blue Wavy Bob with an Undercut

Anyone looking to make a statement with their locks should consider going with this style! There’s a lot to love here, starting with the enchanting midnight blue shade and finishing with the exotic and unique undercut. It’s a true masterpiece for the artistic babes of the world!

#10. Coffee Brown Bob with Caramel Lowlights

Coffee Brown Bob with Caramel Lowlights

If your brown bob needs a little help with dimension, you don’t have to do anything too crazy. All you really need to do is toss in some highlights and lowlights. This will immediately create some much-needed depth that looks elegant on a short, straight bob.

#11. Dark Auburn Pixie with a Sweeping Fringe

Dark Auburn Pixie with a Sweeping Fringe

This effortless pixie is geared toward the carefree babes, and the fringe is the ideal way to frame the face. Yet, you can give this rather laid-back look an exciting makeover by utilizing dark auburn hair dye. It’s fall-friendly and has a richness to it that can’t be ignored.

#12. Black-to-Burgundy Ombre Pixie

Black to Burgundy Ombre

Black pixies are cool and everything, but if you enjoy a pop of color in their hair, you should highly consider this sensational ombre! Black fades to burgundy ends, ensuring a wowing color you can wear year-round.

#13. Jet-Black Pixie with Feathered Layers

Jet Black Pixie with Feathered Layers

Just because you’re going with a solid jet-black mane doesn’t mean your hair can’t have some movement and fun. The easiest way to encourage dimension is to opt for feathered layers. This is especially handy for thick-haired gals who want to get rid of unwanted weight!

#14. Dark Olive Green Bob with Side Part

Dark Olive Green Bob with Side Part

Wish your short dark hair had an earthy appeal? You don’t need to do anything too wild – all you’ll need is a dark olive green hair color. This earthy shade has a refined aesthetic that will work for the most elegant women out there.

#15. Deep Cherry Buzz Cut

Deep Cherry Buzz Cut

If you’re going with a buzz cut, there’s a high chance that you’re a fierce cat that doesn’t care what anyone thinks. But why stop there? Make your buzz cut something to write home about by dousing it in this lively, deep cherry shade.

#16. Dark Walnut Short-Layer Bob

Dark Walnut Short Layer Bob

Cut right at chin-level, loaded with layers, and adorned with a luxurious dark walnut hair color. Is there anything not to like with this cute hairstyle? Keep things cute, sweet, and to the point with this lovely short-layer bob.

#17. Short Black Hair with Lavender Balayage

Short Black Hair with Lavender Balayage

You can’t go wrong adding a little oomph to your jet-black base, and lavender is a great way to do it! Black roots livened up with lavender balayage always look fabulous. Tousling your locks into loose waves will allow these colors to mingle beautifully.

#18. Charcoal Grey Pixie with Long Bangs

Charcoal Grey Pixie with Long Bangs

Charcoal gray idyllically intermingles darker and lighter shades of gray for a color that’s truly unique and effortlessly cool. It looks especially good on a super-short pixie cut paired with lengthy, dainty bangs and plenty of tousling.

#19. Dark Teal Asymmetrical Bob

Dark Teal Asymmetrical Bob

A face-framing, asymmetrical bob is excellent for framing the face and adding avant-garde chicness to your style. However, the addition of dark teal coloring is truly what makes this style a head-turning sight to be seen.

#20. Muted Black Curly Pixie

Muted Black Curly

Plenty of gals love to go with classic looks – and here’s one of them! A cute pixie cut makes her stunning, all-natural curls the focal point. Opting for a muted black will slightly lighten things up to ensure the coils are pronounced.

#21. Dark Chestnut Bob with Copper Highlights

Dark Chestnut Bob with Copper Highlights

Those looking to seriously transform their aesthetic instantly will appreciate this style! A bold and ultra-dark chestnut base is the perfect palette for copper highlights. This duo allows you to dip into red locks without becoming a full-fledged redhead. Is this the perfect look for fall? You bet!

#22. Black Stacked Bob with Purple Streaks

Black Stacked Bob with Purple Streaks

Are you getting bored of your plain black hair? It’s OK, queen – we get it. We’ve been there, done that. Well, if you’re looking for some more excitement with your tresses, I suggest adding these bright purple streaks. They’re electrifying and fashion-forward!

#23. Graphite Grey Tousled Pixie

Graphite Grey Tousled

Cool, modern, and sophisticated, the graphite gray tousled pixie is perfect for all age groups, yet it tends to be a better choice for women over 40. That’s because this look has a more mature approach compared to the others while still looking incredible.

#24. Short Black Hair with Fiery Red Tips

Short Black Hair with Fiery Red Tips

OK, so you’re ready to demand the attention of the crowd. I’ve got you covered! Start with a pixie cut with very long bangs. Then, douse your mane in a jet-black shade. Finish off this rockin’ style with fiery red tips that are downright scorchin’.

#25. Inky Black Bob with Blunt Bangs

Inky Black Bob with Blunt Bangs 1

Anyone looking for a high-fashion hairstyle that looks like it should be gracing the next posh hair magazine? Here it is. This voguish cut pairs a blunt bob with a set of eye-skimming bangs, excellently enhanced with a shocking, inky black shade.

#26. Dark Cocoa Faux Hawk

Dark Cocoa Faux Hawk

Faux hawks are known for their unconventional, punk rock appeal. That doesn’t mean they have to be over-the-top, though. If you go with a dark cocoa shade from root to tip, you can enjoy just the *right* amount of edginess.

#27. Midnight Black Pixie with Peekaboo Blues

Midnight Black Pixie with Peekaboo Blues

Black hair pairs well with so many outstanding colors – as we’ve proven on this list. But if you’re not a fan of red or purple, don’t worry – another shade’s designed to wow: blue. Adding peek-a-boo neon blue highlights will add excitement and playfulness to your look.

#28. Dark Violet Rounded Bob

Dark Violet Rounded Bob

Ladies, it’s time to enrich those dark tresses with some color. And what better way to go than with violet? We love the blend of violet and black on this adorable rounded bob, adding some sweet dimension destined to turn heads.

#29. Jet Black Shaved Sides with Pompadour

Jet Black Shaved Sides with Pompadour

If you’ve been on the verge of chopping your locks super short, here’s your sign to do it. This impressive pompadour with shaved sides is undoubtedly elegant and refined. Plus, the added height will work well to elongate the face, which may be necessary for oval or round-faced ladies.

#30. Dark Ash-Brown Bob with a Side-Swept Fringe

Dark Ash Brown Bob with a Side Swept Fringe

Keep it classy and timeless with this look! This bob leaves the hair a little longer up front, allowing you to sweep your tresses to one side – which is always encouraged for a feminine approach. Opt for a luxurious, all-natural dark ash-brown shade to complete this hairstyle.

#31. Black Pixie with a Tapered Nape

Black Pixie with a Tapered Nape

Ladies looking for a very low-maintenance hairstyle will love this one! This short pixie is idyllically tapered at the nape of the neck and riddled with layers for lots of volume and depth. Go with a regular black tone to add just a *touch* of drama.

#32. Deep Navy Blue Lob with Wavy Ends

Deep Navy Blue Lob with Wavy Ends

Deep navy and blue is a sensational blend if you choose a more colorful combo. It’s dark and mysterious and has an ethereal vibe that plenty of women enjoy. Toss in some gorgeous waves on the ends to give this style some feminine attitude.

#33. Black and White Zebra-Striped Pixie

Black and White Zebra Striped

This might not be the first option that comes to mind, but after seeing it, I have a feeling it will be on your must-try list. This is undeniably a show-stopping style you won’t find elsewhere. It’s bound to end up with endless likes on your social media feed!

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