30 Short Hairstyles That Prove Fine Hair Can Be Stylish And Stunning For Women Over 70

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Written by Rachel Miller

Updated: June 8, 2024

Just because you’re over 70, it’s not time to drop the ball with your hairstyle, babe. If you’re over 70 and want to look fantastic, but you’re struggling with fine hair, don’t worry – we have compiled a list of the top 30 hairstyles for women over 70 with fine hair – all of which are designed to make your hair look fuller and make you look stunning.

Whether you’re looking for a cute, low-maintenance pixie cut or want a little more length (while still keeping things short and sweet), you’re destined to find it below. Our 30 flattering short hairstyles are so cute you’ll want to share this list with all your lovely friends!

magnific 4WTi96erxprkGZ8Xxzt2 Voluminous Curled Bob Fine Hair

When most people think of a short haircut, they think of the timeless bob. This is a style that works for all age groups, especially for those with thin hair. Bobs immediately create volume, but you can up the body with fancy hair drying work and a volumizing product.

#2. Rounded Layered Pixie

magnific H8FPvdNSc2KXmK3lnXNv Rounded Layered

A rounded, layered pixie has everything you want from a hairstyle. It’s super low-maintenance, is mature yet trendy, and all the layers add the much-needed volume you want. A little bit of tousling can go a long way with this one, ladies.

#3. Classic Bob with Subtle Waves

magnific R1TVZoU22TWE2Vv6Xrul Classic Bob with Subtle Waves

When you want volume that’s as full-bodied as it is luxurious and feminine, there’s no better option than subtle waves. A pinch of product and the right hair tools can recreate this charming look in no time.

#4. Angled Stacked Bob

magnific SBXtbCFLX7oCxWqwL2Ik Angled Stacked Bob

Is your bob looking flat? That can be a problem for fine-haired women over 70! Luckily, there’s a simple fix – and you don’t need any tools or products to get there. All you need to do is ask for a stacked bob. The added layers will immediately create the full-bodied look you crave.

#5. Textured Bob with Side Part

magnific Hh2BULWiDMhyUNorOBqg Textured Bob with Side Part

Need some carefree movement that’s still plenty mature? Some subtle texturing throughout your bob is all it takes! Use your favorite hair product and your fingers to texturize your bob. Utilize a side part to give your bob some trendy ‘tude.

#6. Soft Pixie with a Feathered Crown

magnific oGM0fTX0gI14CCPrUEKZ Soft Pixie with a Feathered Crown

Feathering your pixie at the crown is an excellent idea for women over 70 needing some volume for their thin strands. Feathering, on its own, is designed to create a full-bodied appearance. When worn on a pixie, it will employ height, which means even more volume to your mane.

#7. Asymmetrical Wavy Pixie

magnific 5ZydJjL6jV85FbLrKaDf Asymmetrical Wavy

Asymmetry = cool, smart, and full-bodied. It’s that simple. The next time you go for a haircut, ask your stylist for an asymmetrical haircut. Then, add some waves throughout your mane. Enjoy a hairstyle that is easy to maintain yet looks anything but simple.

#8. Chin-Length Cut with Blunt Ends

magnific FbXF5FKc7yJYOyRZHlZW Chin Length Cut with Blunt Ends

Not every woman over 70 enjoys the tousled, bedhead look. Does that sound like you? Then you’ll love this haircut, featuring a chin-length chop with very blunt ends. The blunt cut ensures this look has lots of structure, immediately constructing a more voluminous silhouette.

#9. Short Shaggy Layers

magnific 5xnAfZtFwfi0vCtZsUem Short Shaggy Layers

Did you know? Shaggy haircuts are all the rage in 2024, and it’s clear why! This retro-inspired cut is loaded with layers of all shapes and sizes, promoting a carefree look riddled with playful volume.

#10. Wispy Pixie with Long Bangs

magnific Slx5JivlQrzVfpBOam0N Wispy Pixie with Long Bangs

Women over 70 with fine hair don’t have to refrain from bangs. But they need to do it right. This is the ideal example. A wispy pixie is slightly longer than the average pixie cut, allowing for more styling options. The long bangs are not only face-framing and youthful but add some volume.

#11. Retro Curls with Side Part

magnific bvrZKmvU2iIk5GNy8ScA Retro Curls with Side Part

The easiest (and best) way to give your hair an instant boost in the volume department is to construct ringlets throughout your mane – such as these flawless retro curls. These tighter ringlets have a feminine err that looks especially nice on women over 70.

#12. Choppy Bob with Undercut

magnific 4lWYIgkeR978sSi1uIhV Choppy Bob with Undercut

For those with very fine hair, you might need to opt for a “double boost” – which is the case with this hairstyle. The choppy bob starts by adding lots of layers for an instant boost in body. Yet, the undercut creates contrast, taking this look to new heights – literally.

#13. Slicked-Back Pixie

magnific LBFcRvWQ0LD3wxJrEcHi Slicked Back

Women over 70 with fine hair looking for a low-maintenance yet very posh and upscale style should consider going the slicked-back pixie route. This hairstyle is not only immediately sleek and refined but volumizes the mane with ease. You can’t go wrong with this one!

#14. Curls with Tapered Nape

magnific ByLqpGdTBwrvRbFBzuAb Curls with Tapered Nape

Just because you have fine hair doesn’t mean your hair can’t be curly. If you have gorgeous natural ringlets, a shorter haircut is the ultimate way to go. It will put your curls on display while adding tons of bouncy volume – especially with tapering at the neck!

#15. Straight Bob with Feathered Ends

magnific sBLs53GMbV9aHa3Gokvm Straight Bob with Feathered Ends

Want a bit more length but don’t want your fine strands to look worn down? While this can be a *challenge,* it’s certainly not impossible. One great way to achieve a volumized, longer hairstyle is to choose feathered ends.

#16. Piecey Pixie Cut

magnific qbZbedVFW82q6IELz7r6 Piecey Pixie Cut

A piecey pixie cut utilizes random pieces of hair that are skillfully cut at strategic lengths with the sole goal of ensuring lots of stunning body and flare. Although this hairstyle looks very playful and intricate, it’s effortless to maintain – which is a huge perk!

#17. Crown Lift Pixie

magnific fRc32HeXkzu7toVBN04a Crown Lift

Is your pixie haircut seriously lacking some pizazz? No worries – it happens to the best of us. Don’t settle for drab, though, darling. Create volume and heighten your hair by teasing your locks at the crown. 

#18. Layered Bob with Fringe

magnific ijmCtWegMNi4Zjn3fiym Layered Bob with Fringe

Layered bobs don’t have to be reserved to the sides and back of the head. To create fluidity throughout your layered hairstyle, go with a set of bangs with a fringe haircut – which, of course, are exquisitely layered you’re sure to enjoy.

#19. Short Crop with Side-Swept Fringe

magnific rrApGZMqH4yNqkBDgsLY Short Crop with Side Swept Fringe

This ultra-short crop haircut has a youthful energy that can’t be dismissed, especially when paired with an adorable side-swept fringe. Do we think this is a perfect look for women over 70? Yup, we certainly do, and we feel you should give it a try ASAP.

#20. Soft Waves with an Undercut

magnific fUAkOYsWwlZBAvlcZcQ7 Soft Waves with an Undercut

As we mentioned earlier, an undercut offers contrast to a pixie, which immediately gives body to your mane’s silhouette. Why stop there, though? Toss some daintiness and more movement into your look with lovely soft waves.

#21. Volumized Pompadour Pixie

magnific A8m8OWEIzbNGwZzi7uts Volumized Pompadour

Pompadours are known for their sophistication, allowing every woman to look like she’s ready to take the corporate world by storm. Well, it’s time to make your pompadour fine-hair-friendly: add some impressive lift at the front with product, a hair dryer, and hairspray.

#22. Messy-Textured Bob

magnific pV01CeKbNjIgzfrjorVp Messy Textured Bob

Don’t let your bob look dragged down! Update your look with some casual, carefree, and full-bodied flare. Yes, it’s that famous “bedhead” style we all know and love, and yes, it works well for any woman of any age – including over 70.

#23. Curled-Under Bob

magnific qSLZHZkhn4hp2mZmifgw Curled Under Bob

If the bedhead look is too much for you, and you prefer something more mature yet stylish, use your curling iron to curl your bob under. Curling under creates a lift to your locks, ensuring a voluminous and graceful aesthetic.

#24. Tousled Pixie with Crown Volume

magnific iFuCaLiIZq8svVUU454a Tousled Pixie with Crown Volume

Bolstering up your volume isn’t complicated, especially if starting with a “simple” pixie haircut. Start by teasing your crown to give your look some height. Then, use product and your fingers to tousle your locks. The result? So much movement that makes your hair appear anything but fine.

#25. Flip-Out Bob

magnific S79uBvOGR9nQ7nAlHWS0 Flip Out Bob

We discussed a flipped-under bob already. But what if you prefer to flip your hair outward? Don’t worry, darlin’! You can. A flipped-out bob has an energetic yet dainty appeal to it that’s mature, full-bodied, and flawless.

#26. Vintage Coils

magnific CmfntPw2zEJAaigjRQwu Vintage Coils

Embrace the vintage side of life by choosing vintage-inspired curls such as these. Reserved for the finest occasions, these ringlets are designed to make you look and feel like a million dollars’ worth. Oh, and of course, they add the right amount of volume to fine locks!

#27. Short Bob with Micro Bangs

magnific VQi5KVcTZXVBMIXQvvFD Short Bob with Micro Bangs

It’s OK to go with a more uncomplicated hairstyle, especially if you’re worried about extravagant or longer styles looking too fine or thin. This short bob is adorable, but the addition of the micro bangs ensures this look has a contemporary twist that works wonders on fine hair.

#28. Sleek Pixie with Side Volume

magnific Zd2UlIgObnLoB7Pz2VXZ Sleek Pixie with Side Volume

When it comes to giving your fine strands a boost, don’t focus solely on the top of your crown. The sides should also be amplified to create a full-bodied aesthetic that can be seen from every direction. Use your favorite comb to make this possible!

#29. Inverted Bob with Soft Waves

magnific suGYA06sVvXJ7stEmg5a Inverted Bob with Soft Waves

This is probably one of the most stylish and youthful approaches on this list – and it’s bound to look incredible on any woman over 70! This inverted bob is designed for a voluptuous silhouette, and the soft waves bring the volume to new, beautiful levels.

#30. Classic Pageboy Cut

magnific w8jDbsnVIhZD4uikMSHl Classic Pageboy Cut

The pageboy is a classic for a reason – it looks good on just about anyone. And although this is a “timeless” style that works well with fine hair strands, it has a certain modern appeal that can’t be ignored.

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