44 Razor Cut Hair Ideas That Prove This Edgy Style Is The Hottest Trend Of The Year

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Written by Rachel Miller

Updated: April 16, 2024

Razor haircuts have been around since the 1970s, and since their initial debut, they’ve continued to be a style craze in the hair industry. Naturally, the cut is still popular in 2024, although there are a few more awesome ways to indulge in the look. If you’re considering going with a razor cut this year, you need to know what styles are available to you—and that’s why we created this comprehensive list of the top 44 trending razor cut hair ideas for this year. In this list, you’ll find everything from blunt bobs to mullets, long ringlets to pixies—all featuring the classic razor cut style.

magnific oecHcAtVnez6y3cnXmBJ Long Razored Layers with Feathered Ends

Any gal with finer or thinner locks will appreciate this haircut, allowing you to indulge in the timeless razored haircut while still enhancing overall volume. This is a classic style that’s truly ageless.

#2. Asymmetrical Razor-Cut Bob

magnific PoFmoHpH4zH3HHoy9GBm Asymmetrical Razor Cut Bob

Asymmetrical bobs are known for being chic and edgy, but if you want to add a little dose of whimsy to your fierce ‘do, the easiest and fastest way to do it is by incorporating a razor cut on the ends.

#3. Razor-Cut Blunt Bob with Face-Framing Layers

magnific sDhagiEiFHpLLBXzhDqK Razor Cut Blunt Bob with Face Framing Layers

Ladies who prefer sleek cuts will certainly fall in love with this trending haircut. It features a blunt bob nestled just below the jaw-line, complete with stunning face-framing layers. To add some more dimension, consider short side bangs and a side part.

#4. Soft Razored Waves

magnific OklQKAPyU6suZW2nCI9c Soft Razored Waves

Many people with razored haircuts tend to keep things straight. But that doesn’t mean you can’t style your freshly razored locks! Add some lovely loose waves to the mix and you can enjoy femininity at its finest.

#5. Textured Razor Cut for Curly Hair

magnific HcchGyC2pilwUrpfPjYa Textured Razor Cut for Curly Hair

Razor cuts aren’t always recommended for curly locks – but if you’re someone who doesn’t like to play by the rules, consider this super-short textured razor cut specifically designed for curly tresses. The short, razor styling ensures every ringlet is on full display.

#6. Wispy Razor Cut with Balayage

magnific EM4HsG0usDP7hUG2uaSA Wispy Razor Cut with Balayage

If you really want to be fashion-forward, you should pair your wispy razor cut with balayage coloring. This technique allows stylists to hand paint color into your mane, ensuring an all-natural appeal that pairs perfectly with this kind of haircut.

#7. Razor Cut with Soft Undercut

magnific 65yUJDO5k1KnK06WN8rV Razor Cut with Soft Undercut

Let’s just consider this haircut the most dynamic duo in the hairstyling world. Why? Because the ultra-short pixie cut with an undercut is undeniably fierce, yet it gets a slight delicate makeover with the inclusion of razoring. Dip into the best of both worlds!

#8. Razored Ombre Bob with an Angled Front

magnific e1NddSZwaCwXRyAdDdVW Razored Ombre Bob with an Angled Front

We can easily call this haircut a “triple threat” in the trend department. That’s because this look has it all – razored cut for some lively ends, an angled front to achieve a fierce attitude, and ombre hair coloring for a thrilling gradient.

#9. Wavy-Razored Lob with a Beachy Texture

magnific BFd1OoP6oz6zc9pheHVH Wavy Razored Lob with a Beachy

If you want your hair a bit longer but still want to enjoy the razored haircut, start with a lob – or, as we like to call it, the perfect base for a cute razored cut. Then, add lovely “right off the beach” movement with some tousled waves.

#10. Sleek Razor-Cut A-Line Bob

magnific oKJOqBPfGKHvrWOKAJ8L Sleek Razor Cut A Line Bob

Voguish women who want a cut that’s as modern and sophisticated as they are will appreciate this eye-catching cut. The classic a-line bob is given more body with a razor-cut and set of bangs. Make sure you use a straightener and fave hair product to achieve this level of sleekness.

#11. Long Razored Curls with Middle Part

magnific jNw6eOBKrZsHMX6sikJO Long Razored Curls with Middle Part

Whether you have natural loose curls or craft ringlets regularly, you can rest assured your tresses will look amazing with a long razored haircut. The razored ends will add some much-needed bounce to your longer ringlets. Go with a trendy middle part to complete your style.

#12. Tousled Razored Bob with Curtain Bangs

magnific 7b0pfxOK43PSdIOnzFOM Tousled Razored Bob with Curtain Bangs

Craving carefree attitude with your mane? Look no further than this trendy and chic ‘do! A long-ish bob dangling above the shoulders is beautifully enhanced with light tousling and a pr of messy curtain bangs. This is one of the most face-framing haircuts you could possibly imagine!

#13. Razor-Cut Crop with Side-Swept Bangs

magnific obwTZmeBfFvc4BPlw7k0 Razor Cut Crop with Side Swept Bangs

Looking for a simple way to liven up a razor-cut crop? Don’t worry, babe – I’ve got you covered. All you need to do is add some dainty side-swept bangs into the picture and you can enjoy carefree movements that’s oh-so-stylish.

#14. Medium-Length Razored Shag with Baby Bangs

magnific 47UXRmseGrxHwVbKKYhu Medium Length Razored Shag with Baby Bangs

Shaggy hair is already undeniably effortless and fun, but if you want even more carefree attitude instilled in your mane, go with a razored shag instead. Toss in some baby bangs for a retro-inspired aesthetic.

#15. Razor-Cut Straight Hair with Blunt Ends

magnific eJQ7TnWbmmOkgP0yVwhN Razor Cut Straight Hair with Blunt Ends

Those seeking a polished and elegant hairstyle won’t want to miss this one! A razor-cut haircut complete with blunt ends adds significant drama. Keep your locks slick-straight and opt for a posh yet refined shade like bright blonde to set the scene.

#16. Razored Bob with Curtain Bangs and Highlights

magnific 0nlSSjBrYP1hkiuar4EZ Razored Bob with Curtain Bangs and Highlights

A razored bob with curtain bangs is a great way to create a whimsical and playful aesthetic. But if you really want those awesome layers to take center stage, add some peek-a-boo highlights that will heavily contrast your base.

#17. Shoulder-Length Razored Cut with Wavy Ends

magnific qB2Xkm9tgQQleVRh23tW Shoulder Length Razored Cut with Wavy Ends

You simply can’t go wrong with a trendy shoulder-length razored cut. It will look flawless regardless of face shape or hairstyle. Yet, if you want to shake things up a bit, don’t hesitate to add some loose waves to your ends. Talk about sassy volume!

#18. Deep-Parted Razor Cut with Face-Framing Layers

magnific X0HqLRrzq8duxacQzEw6 Deep Parted Razor Cut with Face Framing Layers

Face-framing layers are a simple way to add a youthful touch to your style – even if you’re going with a more edgy and dramatic deep-parted razor cut. Add to the dramatic attitude by going with bright, look-at-me blonde hues.

#19. Razor-Cut Layered Pixie with Sideburns

magnific NFndr8OIjh9x2J5lZ7t4 Razor Cut Layered Pixie with Sideburns

Without a second thought, we can confidently say that this hairstyle is the epitome of low-maintenance. The razor-cut layered pixie with sideburns is an ultra-short style that any happy-go-lucky lady will appreciate.

#20. Angled Razor Cut with Wispy Ends

magnific 845KYqgiYpZVgQKWdOmF Angled Razor Cut with Wispy Ends

Have thick tresses, but want to enjoy a short haircut? This may be exactly the look you’ve been waiting for! This angled razor cut applies wispy ends, immediately taking weight out of the hair while ensuring there’s plenty of jaw-dropping body.

#21. Razored Pixie with Faux Hawk

magnific mKcTv4vHJqTeatvCObec Razored Pixie with Faux Hawk

Warning: this hairstyle is reserved for rockstar chicks! This faux hawk ‘do is undeniably unconventional with an “I don’t care what you think” vibe. Yet, the inclusion of razored ends somehow loosens things up a bit for a more delicate take on the classic faux hawk.

#22. Razored Lob with Chunky Highlights

magnific KPdOcB6d11nqIrUejBsZ Razored Lob with Chunky Highlights

Who doesn’t love a lob? With just the right amount of length, you can easily add some 90s-inspired chunky highlights to your locks and look amazing. Of course, you won’t want to forget razored ends to create immediate depth.

#23. Long Razored Hair with Front Bangs

magnific aLGDKaP2W3Ge3gRVth02 Long Razored Hair with Front Bangs

Yes, this hair is commonly seen on models walking the runway – why not you, too? This long razored haircut is flawless, allowing for wispy ends to hit right beneath shoulder-length. The standout feature, though, is the blunt cut bangs, which add some extra drama to this look.

#24. Razor-Cut Stacked Bob with Undone Texture

magnific mw9sPRAAYm5vgeoworVT Razor Cut Stacked Bob with Undone

With this hairstyle, it’s all about body, babe! A razor-cut stacked bob is already loaded with so much interesting depth and movement. Add to this effortless vibe by creating some undone texture. All you’ll need is a good hair product and your fingertips!

#25. Razor-Cut Layered Long Bob

Razor Cut Stacked Bob with Undone

Want your long bob to have more volume? There are two easy ways to do it. One, ask your stylist to add plenty of charming long layers. Then, ask for a razor-cut. The result? A cute, face-framing lob that’s loaded to the max with body.

#26. Asymmetrical Razored Pixie Cut

magnific q3uTz6K45rfW9cSJadGU Asymmetrical Razored Pixie Cut

The great thing about pixie haircuts is that they never go out of style. And if you thought that ultra-short pixies were limited in the styling department, think again! This look proves you can enjoy plenty of stylin’ – asymmetry for a contemporary vibe, layers for movement, and eye-catching highlights.

#27. Razor-Cut Shag with Multi-Tonal Balayage

magnific v1XR8nGmA5dyCQ3IaXbJ Razor Cut Shag with Multi Tonal Balayage

Razor-cut shags have a 70s boho chic vibe, which is great for those who live their lives free and easy. But if you want to add some fun and exciting color to shake things up, consider a multi-tonal balayage that appears anything but natural.

#28. Razor-Cut with Long Side Bangs

magnific JUddeuPokiylJGit4t2j Razor Cut with Long Side Bangs

Adding a touch of mystery to your mid-length razor-cut locks isn’t complicated or difficult. It all comes down to adding some long, sweeping side bangs that dangle over one eye. Opting for a compelling shade of red doesn’t hurt, either.

#29. Short Razored Bob with Blunt Bangs

magnific pAZg0w61kG7pwkrSZ3M9 Short Razored Bob with Blunt Bangs

A short bob haircut, razored ends, and blunt bangs. What more could you ask for? Anyone who wants to achieve a new level of posh should certainly consider this haircut. To enhance the overall intrigue and excitement, go with jet-black tresses.

#30. Razor-Cut Spiral Curls

magnific 52HKkfa9EWxoHD671cLd Razor Cut Spiral Curls

If you don’t mind your gorgeous curls being spotted from a mile away, go ahead and rock a short razor-cut! The razor cut will ensure that your ringlets have a light and airy feel to them while still cranking up the volume.

#31. Inverted Razor-Cut Bob with an Ombre

magnific twmE49nBwvVk9fa6rOtA Inverted Razor Cut Bob with an Ombre

Bobs are lovely and all, but there’s something about an inverted bob that’s so tantalizing. Give your inverted bob a style update by going with a razor-cut and an interesting ombre effect using an unnatural, yet cool color to go with your base.

#32. Mid-Length Razor Cut with Flipped Ends

magnific rJsBe9C88JIIkYCfYup9 Mid Length Razor Cut with Flipped Ends 1

Can’t decide between vintage and modern? You’re not alone – and that’s why this hairstyle was born. Enjoy a youthful mid-length razor cut. Use your blow dryer or favorite hot tool to add some playful flipped ends. Go the extra mile by opting for bright, in-your-face blonde hues.

#33. Razor Cut with A-Line Perimeter

magnific jgkijHMAjMo0lR4x8bej Razor Cut with A Line Perimeter

A-line haircuts can be a little too bold for some. If that sounds like you, but you’re not ready to give up on your a-line dreams, it may be time to go with a slightly less intense razor-cut with a-line perimeter.

#34. Razor-Cut Shag with Peekaboo Color

magnific eBiTAiwEH0OB95cIU1do Razor Cut Shag with Peekaboo Color

Razor-cut shags that are perfectly tousled have that “bedhead vibe” that’s relaxed and effortless. However, you can still add some contemporary cool to your look by going with peek-a-boo colors like pink.

#35. Long Razor Cut with Hidden Undercut

magnific j0snQRQWey6NdetIGrtU Long Razor Cut with Hidden Undercut

Sick and tired of dealing with your hair, but still want to stay on-trend? Consider this haircut! The long razor cut will allow you some styling room – you know, just in case you want to add some texture for a night out on the town. The undercut ensures things are kept low-maintenance yet modern.

#36. Razor-Cut Bob with Chunky Layers

magnific WBGazgnB7zkD0AjOtWh6 Razor Cut Bob with Chunky Layers

Add some liveliness to your razor-cut bob by going with chunky layers! These will add intense volume to your locks, so be careful if you already have thick tresses. Some piecey highlights are recommended to draw more attention to the layers.

#37. Razor-Cut with Feathered Crown

magnific Irmft4iWZIRh65fI6G7D Razor Cut with Feathered Crown

Do you need to elongate your face shape? There are many hairstyles that can help you out, but one of the favorites is none other than the razor-cut with feathered crown. The feathering on top adds some interesting height that pairs beautifully with razored ends.

#38. Tapered Razor-Cut with Side Part

magnific 1a3zEyz9CUW1UibNQqn8 Tapered Razor Cut with Side Part

Extremely short pixie haircuts are always trendy and cute, but for many women, they’re simply too intense. Luckily, if you go with a tapered razor-cut with a side part, you can achieve a level of daintiness you never thought possible.

#39. Razor-Cut Lob with Micro Bangs

magnific gXkyBEFkuhM60wZSYUYZ Razor Cut Lob with Micro Bangs 1

Those with finer strands will love this haircut! A razor-cut lob will ensure your tresses have lots of delicious volume. Add some micro bangs into the mix and you can indulge in a high-style, high-class vibe that can’t be ignored.

#40. Razor-Cut with Voluminous Curls

magnific 4dGV6fD3DFzAJ9OzDu9Z Razor Cut with Voluminous Curls

If your voluminous curls have become unmanageable, it might be time for a new haircut. And that’s exactly what this look is all about. This shoulder-length razor cut is perfect for voluminous curls, allowing them to be bouncy and cute without all the hassle of longer lengths.

#41. Razor Cut with Wispy Sideburns

magnific aVg0qT0ryqupYKedBA2u Razor Cut with Wispy Sideburns

Do you wish for a pixie haircut that’s loaded with 70s vibes? Then you need to get this haircut, girlfriend! Razor cut with wispy sideburns is a retro-inspired haircut that’s delightful, delicate, and incredibly versatile. Wear this lovely ‘do anywhere!

#42. Long Razor Cut with Beach Waves

magnific nxbUQcUy9zIJQXkVtLQl Long Razor Cut with Beach Waves 1

Razor cuts are known for adding dimension to one’s hair, but why stop there? Add some joyfulness and texture to your tresses by going with loose, beachy waves. You’ll want to wear this look all summer long!

#43. Razor-Cut Blunt Bob with Deep Side Part

magnific Zuue5lHcF4hcsCOyew99 Razor Cut Blunt Bob with Deep Side Part

Polished. Sleek. Modern. If you want your look to exhibit these three adjectives, this is the look for you. Simply ask for a razor-cut blunt bob and style with a deep side part. Create an even more intriguing aesthetic with a black-and-white color scheme.

#44. Razored Textured Mullet

magnific qBFolW9cF2sNbDfwMFD0 Razored Textured Mullet

Yup, mullets are 100% on-trend for this year – as surprising as it may be. Step into the world of uniqueness by going with a razored mullet that’s lightly textured for a carefree vibe. Don’t forget your hairspray!

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