Boho Chic Hairstyles Will Be Everywhere This Summer, Here Are 6 To Try

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Written by Sophie Mara

Updated: June 24, 2024

Whether you lived the boho aesthetic the first time around in the ’60s and ’70s or loved its resurgence in the early 2000s, you’re about to fall head-over-heels for the trend once more.

If early predictions and our social media feeds are anything to go by, boho-chic will dominate summer 2024.

Think more mini braids, cute clips, layered lengths, and curtain bangs, and less Sienna Miller and the Olsen twins rocking off-the-shoulder blouses and the thickest drop-waist belts known to man.

Yes, this year, we’re celebrating the beloved trend in a chic, subtle, and modern way – with our hair.

The best part? We’ve already found all the prettiest hairstyles to embody the aesthetic this season and have the lowdown on how to create each one.

#1. Waist-Length Waves

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image via @thebohocurlsco

We’re crowning this look—the anti-bob. While going for the chop with a bob or lob might be a popular choice this summer, for those of us who just can’t bear to part with our lengths, this waist-length hairstyle is pure perfection.

It says, I love my locks and will never part with them. It also says, this style took me minutes to create since all I did was wash it, brush it, and leave it to dry.

If you’re rocking long hair but don’t have the waves, know it looks just as good with straight or curly tresses. The key is letting your cascading lengths air dry in their most natural state.

The carefree results couldn’t be more summer-appropriate. Our advice? Though we love the I-woke-up-like-this look, summer weather can be harsh on your hair with all the sun, sea, and sand.

So, don’t be afraid to go in hard with the conditioning treatments and even a few drops of oil to restore moisture, softness, and shine.

#2. Baby Braids

Boho Side 2 450 x 560
image via @frontrowhair

One of the easiest yet prettiest and most bohemian-looking hairstyles on our list, baby braids take minutes to create but make such a stylish impact. The perfect look for weekend brunch dates and beach days alike, these mini face-framing braids are as pretty as they are practical.

Whenever you want to wear your hair down but the SPF, makeup, and let’s be honest, beads of sweat make it seem impossible, this boho-chic look will stop your hair from sticking to your face.

To nail this style, simply divide out two equal sections of hair at the front. Somewhere between one and two inches should do depending on the thickness of your locks.

Start at the top and use a simple 3-strand braid technique, repeatedly wrapping the left, then the right strand over the middle one, and braiding down as far as you like.

Pro tip: full-length braids are cute but this style looks far chicer if you only braid halfway or two-thirds down.

Use a clear elastic to secure the braid in place, or, simply flip the ends of your hair back through the last braid loop you made.

This elastic-free fastening method will only work if you refrain from separating the ends of your hair as you braid. Allow them to wrap around each other and your braid will stay put once you flip the ends back through.

#3. Floral Hair Accessories

Boho Side 4 450 x 560
image via @luciebfink

With everything from headbands to claw clips getting the floral treatment this summer, we’re feeling spoiled for choice in the accessory department. Adding a floral finish to your hairstyle is the perfect way to embrace the boho-chic hairstyle trend with minimal effort and maximum impact.

First, let your hair air dry or add a few curls or waves with your go-to heat-styling tool. Just make sure the finished look isn’t too perfect or uniform. Then, grab a floral hair accessory, claw clips in particular work well, scoop up the top section of your hair, and secure it in place.

If you’d rather wear all of your hair up (who could blame you in the height of summer!) go ahead. Sweep the hair back gently with your fingertips rather than a brush and pull a few pieces loose at the front to frame your face.

This will suit the boho-chic style much better than a neatly pulled-back look.

#4. Half Up Braids

Boho Side 5 450 x 560
image via @avedauk

If you’ve grown out of pigtails but still have a fondness for them, try this more sophisticated, bohemian-inspired take on the look. The most romantic and playful weekend hairstyle, it’ll also elevate any summer outfit you wear it with.

Our advice? Opt for this style on second-day hair with a good amount of wave or curl. You’ll have plenty of grip to style with, plus, the relaxed look of your not-freshly-washed tresses has a more lived-in appeal.

Section off your hair at the front stopping at your ears. Create a center parting so you have two equal sections of hair, and secure the rest away for now.

Next, use whichever braiding technique you like best to braid each section towards the back of your head. You can opt for a simple three-strand, Dutch, French, or fishtail braid, they all work perfectly well.

The key is not to pull too tightly. You want a looser-looking braid for this boho-inspired style.

As long as you braid in the right direction and don’t hold the hair too far from your head, everything will stay in place. Secure each braid with a clear elastic, and pull a few pieces loose around your temples for an effortless-looking finish.

#5. Thick 70s Bangs

Boho Side 6 450 x 560
image via @melgesualdo

Curtain bangs might be everywhere right now, but we think these heavy 70s-inspired bangs are even better.

The ideal way to embrace the boho-chic aesthetic with your next haircut cut, ask your stylist for plenty of choppy, face-framing layers, and thick bangs that cover your brows and blend seamlessly into the rest of your hair.

Better yet, save this photo for inspiration and take it with you to your next salon appointment!

#6. Half-Up Bun

Boho Side 7 450 x 560
image via @tim.carli

Move over top knot, this summer is all about the messy half-up bun. Possibly the coolest and easiest way to secure your hair away from your face as temperatures soar, this style is undeniably pretty yet so easy to pull off.

Start by sectioning off the hair you want to put up and let the rest flow free. Divide the hair you have right down the middle into two sections.

Now, twist them away from your face until they meet in the middle at the back of your head. Hold both sections together, making sure not to loosen the twists, then twist the section as a whole.

Wrap the hair around itself into a messy bun, and secure it with the fastening of your choice. We find clear elastics work well to keep the look simple and focused on the bun.

However, a ribbon or even a patterned scrunchie will work for an elevated, boho-chic finish!

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