30 Hairstyles That Prove Round Faces Can Look Absolutely Gorgeous On Women Over 50

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Written by Rachel Miller

Updated: April 10, 2024

The best hairstyle for women over 50 with round faces include cuts that help elongate the face to draw the eye downward. These can be short, medium, or long cuts—the idea is to add dimension to help balance out the round face. From the pixie cut to the curled bob to the textured shag, these are our favorite hairstyles for women over 50 with round faces.

magnific CiqcuSf9XVMSjo93cT5v Layered Pixie Cut

With this particular cut, you get a chic and more youthful look when compared to classic pixie cuts. The voluminous effect of its multiple layers is perfect for giving depth to your hair. Maintaining it is essential; routine trimming maintains the current style. Apart from being simple to maintain, it’s a perfect cut that suits almost all types of hair.

#2. Soft Curled Bob

magnific DDrVWgQlVVei8RrSnCK7 Soft Curled Bob

Soft curled bob gives way to the elegance in your style. This is the best haircut for thin hair, as the curls give fullness. For a definition, go with a light mousse or curl cream. The hairstyle is flexible, fitting in casual and official occasions, and can be employed by any individual with different hair textures.

#3. Angled Shoulder-Length Cut

magnific P6SAZL1lWuuCb8gBDg7r Angled Shoulder Length Cut

This modern angled shoulder-length cut is fabulous for bending your hair around and producing a structured effect. The angle is a modern twist that looks good on straight or wavy hair. It is also time-saving and can be styled with a blow dryer or flat iron for an excellent look.

#4. Textured Shag

magnific HUixLATgbQuMtlx43GXS Textured Shag

Texture shags embrace a bold and edgy look. This style is about softness and texture that creates a voluminous, modern look. Perfect for thick, wavy hair, I styled it up with some texturizing spray. It is perfect for a woman whose thinking about hairstyle should be.

#5. Sleek Inverted Bob

magnific TB5ljb81aS0z1xWCMFK9 Sleek Inverted Bob

One of the timeless choices to make for an inverted bob hairdo is a sleek look that appears sophisticated and sharp. The cuts are long at the front to perfectly frame your face and short at the back for a trendy look. It is best for a person with straight hair and should be kept in shape through regular trims.

#6. Feathered Jaw-Length Bob

magnific 56qDEclebTb0N9HyHnGE Feathered Jaw Length Bob

A feathery jaw-length bob provides your hair with some movement and texture. Feathered layers help to add some lightness and airiness for a soft youth look. This style is adaptable to wavy or straight hair and can benefit from a mist of light-hold hairspray.

#7. Elegant Chignon

magnific 5JAI8laURrLP2AFx4ENB Elegant Chignon

Remember a classic up such an elegant chignon oozes sophistication. It suits for celebrations and gives the clothing a touch of style. This style is most suitable with hair of medium to long length and can be enhanced by incorporating some accessories for a more glamorous appearance.

#8. Tousled Lob

magnific lsP3caMKuB2yERikmneb Tousled Lob

The tousled lob is easy yet chic and gives a casual appearance. Texturizing spray, or sea salt spray, gives it a beachy feel. The cut is versatile for many types of hair and faces, can be worn coifed or tousled, and looks great.

#9. Asymmetrical Undercut

magnific tB9Fug8cJYG7RLIVLNfR Asymmetrical Undercut

For a courageous and present-day diva, an asymmetrical undercut appears. This modern look involves mixing rough, short portions with longer parts. This look particularly enhances straight hair, and it is adjustable to suit your particular fashion.

#10. Voluminous Side-Swept Pixie

magnific wIQna51iotJJcJ8hRXjh Voluminous Side Swept

With the voluminous side-swept pixie, you acquire a playful contemporary appearance. This hair type does not add volume on top. Lightweight hair that needs to be trimmed regularly, this style is easy to maintain, requiring only a bit of pomade or wax for styling.

#11. Classic Layered Lob

magnific 7hN47sHSn1gc4LKeOhsF Classic Layered Lob

Timeless and versatile classic layered lob. The layers create movement and depth, which makes it work for all types of hair. This is easy to style and carry; it’s the ideal look for a lady looking for the best combination of fashion and practicality in hair.

#12. Sassy Spikey Pixie

magnific 1VcN7QAIlf9MhLV6jGkZ Sassy Spikey

The sassy spikey pixie is fierce and has loads of attitude. It is a great choice if you want to look bold; it requires minimal attention and is easily styled with gel. It is the perfect cut for people with fine hair because it creates texture and also adds volume.

#13. Beachy Waves Medium Cut

magnific ILdiixWKyaZtEsjPJ9BT Beachy Waves Medium Cut

Beachy waves on medium cut give a cool, easy-going, and girlish vision. This hairdo is ideal for shoulder-length locks, giving off a carefree summer feel. Style with a curling iron or sea salt spray. This hairstyle is pertinent to many occasions, such as casual or formal events.

#14. Glamorous Hollywood Waves

magnific Pze88nsqeodpkNt8dUtQ Glamorous Hollywood Waves

For that complex and elegant style, glamorous Hollywood waves are ideal. With a focus on medium to long hair, they give a classic look. Set the waves with a curling iron and lock them in place using strong-hold hairsprays.

#15. Chic French Twist

magnific L7SspehCaps878eBV6h2 Chic French Twist

A chic French twist is a stylish updo that stands the test of time and always looks beautiful. This will be ideal for official functions or to make your ordinary appearance appear more sophisticated. A medial hairstyle that can be produced on medium to long hair only needs some pins and a little bit of hairspray.

#16. Sophisticated Stacked Bob

magnific aeGXQ0Ht11qADO437HHc Sophisticated Stacked Bob

This highly achieved stacked bob is incredibly sophisticated. The back is layered, and it adds volume and dimension, so it’s perfect for thin hair. It can be made in a sleek or textured style, depending on the occasion. It is an adaptable cut that would appeal to any woman who wants a fashionable, low-maintenance style.

#17. Flowy Side-Parted Waves

magnific h5goqHe3ReWucx0L7qor Flowy Side Parted Waves

Soft and romantic as you are with flowy side-parted waves. This is the ideal look for women with medium to long hair. Lose waves could be reached with a curling wand and a gentle hairspray for fixation. It is perfect for both casual and formal occasions.

#18. Retro Curls

magnific lhh8CbN8in0U01iZPEaj Retro Curls

Retro curls are very much vintage glamorous. Great for adding volume and character to your hair, perfect for a standout look. To get such defined curls, use rollers or a curling iron and deep-hold hairspray. Themed events or when you need to scream a fashion.

#19. Bohemian Braided Crown

magnific vsYL2c56FPMtJWe3GqEo Bohemian Braided Crown

For a whimsical and artistic look, go for the Bohemian braided crown. It’s perfect for medium to extended hair and delivers a touch of poise to any costume. It is a perfect festive or casual style that can be decorated with flowers or hair accessories for an even more charming look.

#20. Sleek Straight Cut with Layers

magnific lhvMl7Qi6mnHqw2iUtRw Sleek Straight Cut with Layers

The straight cut with layers is a sleek, modern look. The layers afford it motion and adaptability for diverse hair textures. Finish up by pressing sections with a flat iron and adding some shine serum. It gives a look of professionalism and sophistication, especially in the workplace.

#21. Modern Bowl Cut

magnific 5mX1BanNah7VQ28W7246 Modern Bowl Cut

The fact that the modern bowl cut is vivid and fashionable. “It’s a modern bowl cut with a fresh touch. One of the best cuts for this problem is the instance of some kind, which goes well with straight hair perfectly and requires a little care to look captivating.

#22. Playful Pixie with Bangs

magnific gBN2HGCQ1NHpGIlMxXoI Playful Pixie with Bangs

The bangs like a playful pixie, complement the image of youthfulness and energy. The bangs are perfect on your face, while the length is short enough to manage. This is a very cool hairdo that can make you look vibrant.

#23. Edgy Razor Cut

magnific D17AVD8IK0nH5CDCHq3B Edgy Razor Cut

An edgy razor cut is where it really happens in terms of texture and movement. The razor technique is suitable for building up height on fine hair to achieve a choppier, modern look. This cut is flexible and allows her to style it in different ways, an ideal choice for a person who loves to play with their hair.

#24. Half-Up Half-Down Style

magnific 9qXz8xhmAvHIBvb3nYbj Half Up Half Down Style

Half-up half-down hairstyle is very casual and elegant. Medium to long hair is great, being a flexible look that also has the capacity to dress up or down. Fix the style using hairpins and some hairspray, perfect for all-day to evening events.

#25. Relaxed Ponytail with Texture

magnific vF1EbubcARQaDMVvEDPz Relaxed Ponytail with

Effortlessly chic relaxed look with texture in a ponytail. It is great for a fancy look of an ordinary hairstyle. Spray volume-building texturizing spray and secure the ponytail loosely using a hair tie. This style is perfect for a regular outing or when you are in a hurry.

#26. Elegant Low Bun

magnific 2M8BWokivPfHuZKPmYgY Elegant Low Bun

A classic elegant low bun is one of the most sophisticated hair looks. These are excellent for official places or when you need them to dress up your outfit a little bit. This style is best suited for the medium to long hair category, and you can go at it with hair accessories for that added elegant feel.

#27. Wispy Bangs with Bob

magnific KyN8hNaHxNyGq1uJI2EB Wispy Bangs with Bob

Bob with wispy bangs is our fresh and modern solution. With the bangs, you can maintain your face’s softness while at the same time using a bob to keep it less sophisticated. It is a perfect hairstyle to help one experiment with the type of bangs they want without changing dramatically.

#28. Twisted Updo

magnific KGYtOHOwgwINGgPiCLyK Twisted Updo

Another style of hairstyle that most women prefer is the twisted updo, which projects an image of elegance and sophistication. This is ideal for those special times when your outfit needs a bit of class. It is possible for hairspray and pins to secure this style that goes with medium to long hair best.

#29. Voluminous Curly Lob

magnific qyylrGZXdEygN3LyMPhz Voluminous Curly Lob

Curly lob is a stylish and playful voluminous one. The curls make the bob more voluminous and interesting. Safely curl using a hot curling iron and mousse. It s a vivid and energetic hairstyle.

#30. Sleek Pompadour

magnific Sx7iQHmzK515l6ZL6c6V Sleek Pompadour

Sporting a smooth sleek pompadour is daring and fashionable. This provides some height and volume on the front to achieve such an amazing look. This style creates an impression and corresponds to different types of hair.

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