Top 35 Curly Hairstyles for Women Over 50

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Written by Rachel Miller

Updated: June 23, 2024

Nothing says “aging gracefully” better than curly haircuts. These hairdos are the go-tos of women over 50–and there’s no question why. They’re youthful and playful, all while staying classy and mature. What more could you ask for?

Whether you’re coming into the world of curls through a perm or with the curls you were born with, get ready to find a bigger and better look with our top 35 curly hairstyles for women over 50.

#1. Voluminous Layered Curls

Voluminous Layered Curls

Add some va-va-voom to your curls with a voluminous layered curly cut. These voluminous layers create volume and definition for bold, bouncy curls and create a full shape to frame your facial features.

#2. Elegant Curly Updo

Elegant Curly Updo

If you need a classy look for a special occasion, go for the ultimate upstyle with an elegant updo. This is a simple way to make your curls look stunningly sophisticated. All you have to do is pin your curls up in an elegant updo, and you’re all set!

#3. Soft Curly Shoulder-Length Cut

Soft Curly Shoulder Length Cut

A soft, curly shoulder-length cut is a natural, relaxed, curly hairstyle for women over 50 who want next-level versatility for their curls. Laidback layering gives your curls just enough lift and life without going overboard. Best of all, this cut suits almost any curl type and keeps things lower-maintenance when styling.

#4. Curly Lob with Side-Swept Bangs

Curly Lob with Side Swept Bangs

Go for a cool and contemporary take on the traditional lob, like the curly lob with side-swept bangs! The curly lob enhances curls with more definition and body while creating a youthful frame for your face. Then, side-swept bangs give the look a modern edge.

#5. Tousled Medium-Length Curly Shag

Tousled Medium Curly Shag

The tousled medium-length curly shag is a fun, low-maintenance curly hairstyle for women over 50 who want something to look and feel younger. Shaggy layers create a laidback texture for that perfect bedhead vibe while complementing any face shape.

#6. Sophisticated Curly Bob with Bangs

Sophisticated Curly Bob with Bangs

Looking for something magnificent but mature? You need a sophisticated curly bob with bangs. The bob cut creates more defined curls and a full shape for a complementary face frame. Then, bangs complete the look with a touch of extra charm.

#7. Classic Curly Pixie Cut

Classic Curly Pixie Cut

Give your curls a kick with something chic, like a classic curly pixie cut. This fan-favorite style has just enough length to show off those beautiful curls, and it features that timeless pixie texture for low-effort styling.

#8. Wavy-Curly Long Bob

Wavy Curly Long Bob

A wavy-curly long bob, or lob, is a super stylish and sophisticated curly hairstyle for women over 50 with that in-between texture that’s not quite curly but not quite wavy either. This cut gives a little more life with full-bodied volume and high definition. Plus, it’s super flattering for any face shape.

#9. Romantic Half-Up Curly Hairstyle

Romantic Half Up Curly Hairstyle

Give your look a flirtatiously feminine touch with a romantic half-up curly hairstyle. This style brings instant elegance to curly hair, shoulder-length and longer, by putting up half of your curls and letting the rest flow down. You can dress this look up with a fancy hair clip or half-updo or keep things casual with your natural texture. 

#10. Chic Curly Layered Pixie

Chic Curly Layered

Flirty meets fabulous with the chic curly layered pixie. These short layers enhance your natural texture with body and bounce, giving your look a cheeky vibe. Best of all, styling this playful pixie is as simple as ever.

#11. Bohemian Curly Layered Cut

Bohemian Curly Layered Cut

Go for a sweet and summery look, like a Bohemian curly layered cut. This layered cut gives your curls a little more volume and easy-breezy movement, perfect for that beachy aesthetic.  

#12. Glamorous Hollywood Curls

Glamorous Hollywood Curls

Old-school glam never goes out of style; nothing proves that better than glamorous Hollywood curls. These red carpet-ready ringlets are soft and sleek and bring all those vintage glam vibes, giving you a stunning style for any fancy occasion.

#13. Sleek Curly Bob with an Undercut

Sleek Curly Bob with Undercut

If you’re looking for a trendy and modern style with a little edge, you need a sleek, curly bob with an undercut! This is the quintessential curly hairstyle for women who want something bold-as-brass. The sleek, curly bob gives your curls a cool contemporary vibe, with an undercut for that extra edgy element (and to make styling even easier).

#14. Curly Side Braid

Curly Side Braid Hairstyle

A curly side braid is a fun and flawlessly flattering curly hairstyle for women over 50 who want something soft and romantic that can be styled in seconds for a last-minute event or surprise special occasion. Best of all, it suits any curl type and even waves.

#15. Casual Curly Ponytail

Casual Curly Ponytail

Quick, easy, and oh-so-timeless– that’s how we describe a casual curly ponytail. This style has top-tier versatility, effortlessly fitting any curl type and face shape, so you can let your natural texture shine while keeping it up and out of your face.

#16. Curly Angled Lob

Curly Angled Lob

Want something sharp and spunky for your curls? Look no further than a curly angled lob. This lengthened bob creates voluminous, bouncy curls, and the angled lines create an even more defined frame for your face while giving a look a bit of a modern edge.

#17. Retro Curly Bouffant

Retro Curly Bouffant

Get sky-high volume and confidence, all with a little bit of a vintage flair, with the retro curly bouffant! This curly style gives maximum volume, definition, and a striking, sophisticated throwback look with all those “First Lady” vibes. 

#18. Curly Faux Hawk Style

Curly Faux Hawk Style

Try a daring and dazzling do, like a curly faux hawk style. This iconic style features shaved sides and textured curly top layers inspired by the fauxhawk. Plus, the bold contrast between the sides and top layers makes your curls look thicker and fuller!

#19. Sassy Curly Mohawk

Sassy Curly Mohawk

Go bigger and bolder with a sassy curly mohawk. This punk-inspired look is an adventurous and alluring curly hairstyle featuring texturized, voluminous layers in a mohawk shape and shaved sides for that extra edgy contrast.  

#20. Curly A-Line Bob

Curly A Line Bob

If you’re looking for a timeless and tasteful look, try a curly A-line bob. This is the ultimate classic curly haircut for women of all ages, with full-bodied and bouncy curls and a frame that accentuates your best facial features. 

#21. Beach Waves with Curly Ends

Beach Waves with Curly Ends

Beach waves with curly ends are an easy-breezy and summery curly hairstyle for women over 50 who want that beach babe aesthetic. All you have to do is use texture spray to get those beautiful beach waves and give your ends some curl definer to make them extra playful!

#22. Curly Bob with Subtle Layers

Curly Bob with Subtle Layers

If you’re not into experimenting, go for a tried and true classic curly hairstyle, like a curly bob with subtle layers. Subtle layering improves the volume and movement of your curls while creating a full shape to frame almost any face shape.

#23. Curly Textured High Bun

Curly High Bun with

Showcase your natural texture with something sophisticated and simple but has a fun flair. This style suits almost any occasion, casual or formal, and best of all, it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3. Simply use some texture spray or curl definer, put your hair up into a bun, and pull out some curls for extra definition.  

#24. Dynamic Curly Layered Midi Cut

Dynamic Curly Layered Midi Cut

Go for a modern marvel, like a dynamic curly layered midi cut. This vivacious style is just what you need to revive your curls, with exuberant layering for maximum volume and texture and minimal-effort styling.

#25. Curly Pixie with Long Bangs

Curly Pixie with Long Bangs

Want a bold style with a side of grace? Look no further than a curly pixie with long bangs! This pixie is perfect for putting your natural curls in the spotlight with playful bounce and bold volume. If you’re looking for a low-effort but high-fashion look, trust us—this is it!

#26. Edgy Curly Undercut Bob

Edgy Curly Undercut Bob

The edgy, undercut bob is a high-powered, curly hairstyle for women over 50. This cut gives you an energized and enhanced curl pattern with a chic frame for your facial features and an undercut for that gritty edge. 

#27. Classic Curly Coiffure

Classic Curly Coiffure

If you’re into something that says all things style and grace, you need a classic curly coiffure. This charming curly style puts your curls on a high-definition display, with max volume and body, coiffed for that sultry side-swept look for all those retro vibes.

#28. Curly Tapered Pixie Cut

Curly Tapered Pixie Cut

If you’re into something that says all things style and grace, you need a classic curly coiffure. This charming curly style puts your curls on a high-definition display, with max volume and body, coiffed for that sultry side-swept look for all those retro vibes.

#29. Flowy Long Layers on Curls

Flowy Long Layers with Curls

Give your curls a luxurious and enchanting look with flowy long layers. This soft but stunning style gives your curls a gentle boost with cascading movement and all of the luxe length. It may take a little more styling, but it’s well worth it.

#30. Curly Voluminous Crop

Curly Crop with Volume

The curly voluminous crop cut is a playful and energetic style for curly hair that focuses on giving your natural texture full volume and high-definition for a super spunky look and a cropped frame to complement your facial features.

#31. Bold Curly Pompadour

Bold Curly Pompadour

Go for a classic, edgy style for curly hair, like a bold, curly pompadour. This is a next-level look for women over 50 who want something with some serious spunk. The pompadour gives the ultimate grungy-glam aesthetic with a little twist from your curls.

#32. Curly Side-Parted Bob

Curly Side Parted Bob

Looking for a refined style with a little bit of fun? Try a curly side-parted bob! The side-parted bob is all things sophisticated, creating a charming and youthful frame for your face while giving your curls a classy look.

#33. Airy Curly Bob with Fringe

Airy Curly Bob with Fringe

Bring your curls something soft and lightweight, like an airy curly bob with a fringe. This bob gives skyrocketed volume and body with airy textured curls for a softer look. Then, the fringe bangs finish the look with that girly chic charm.

#34. Elegant Curly Chignon

Elegant Curly Chignon

An elegant curly chignon is a timeless upstyle for any hair texture, but it looks extra glamorous on curls for a cheeky charm without sacrificing that polished vibe. Even better, it’s super easy to do when you’re in a pinch, and it’s fit for any occasion, from professional to formal.

#35. Cascading Curly Layers

Curly Cascading Layers Cut

Give your curls something absolutely showstopping, like cascading curly layers. The long, luscious layers flow down, creating a waterfall-like effect that makes your curls look as lavish as ever. All you need to style them is your favorite curl definer.

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