Stop Spending Precious Time Playing With Your Hair! Try These 35 Low-Maintenance Hairstyles For Women Over 50

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Written by Rachel Miller

Updated: June 16, 2024

You’re 50! You’ve got better things to do with your time! But that doesn’t mean you’re anywhere near that “frumpy” stage! 

If you hate wasting hours in front of the mirror trying to style your hair every morning, there’s good news! You don’t have to!  Even better, you don’t have to sacrifice an inch of your style either! Get your groove back with a low-maintenance haircut! 

With our carefully curated list, you’re guaranteed to find something effortless, easy, and iconic. So, stop spending all your precious time playing with your hair and try these 30 low-maintenance hairstyles for women over 30!

#1. Classic Bob with Minimal Layers

magnific Z6VYt37yQzpxNr9bp1g7 Classic Bob with Minimal Layers

The classic bob with minimal layers may be understated, but it certainly isn’t underrated. This bob’s minimal layering is ideal for medium to thick hair, giving volume, body, and a smooth, simple texture. Best of all, it’s totally versatile, adapting to any face shape and hair type with effortless style (and is effortless to style).  

#2. Blunt Bob

magnific Rozb5RY7ier3HnubP9eh Blunt Bob

If you want something chic and sleek, you need a breathtaking blunt bob. The blunt-cut layers create a smooth texture that makes thin and fine hair look thicker and fuller, all while offering next-level versatility and easy styling.

#3. Long Pixie

magnific sJdVC0O5wAE4TQZbToVs Long

Want an ageless style that blends easy styling and versatility better than anything else? Go for a long pixie! This style features a low-maintenance and high-style pixie with longer layers to make it more versatile, suit more face shapes, and keep your styling options open. 

#4. Textured Pixie with Side-Swept Bangs

magnific 5JDmEzhvfrFwKlDeDPVd Textured Pixie with Side Swept Bangs

If you’re all about lively, low-effort looks, the texture pixie with side-swept bangs is your new go-to! This spunky pixie cut gives any hair type a playful texture that makes styling easier than ever, and side-swept bangs finish the look off with a chic and feminine charm.

#5. Shaggy Bob with Choppy Layers

magnific pFP2Oq3MwfRNcchXHBP5 Shaggy Bob with Choppy Layers

The shaggy bob is a lovely and laidback trybrid style pairing the vintage-inspired shag, the classic bob, and choppy layers. This trio brings any hair type vivacious volume and shaggy texture amplified by the choppy layers for an edgy twist, all in the flattering shape of the bob.

#6. Angled Bob

magnific NFiknbkEIZ8DErAOlkvV Angled Bob

Want a modern take on the classic bob that screams “simple and sophisticated“? Look no further than an angled bob! This bob’s angular frame is even more complementary to your face shape than the typical bob, while the rest of the cut brings that beloved body and volume you can style in seconds.

#7. Long Layers with Face-Framing Pieces

magnific UleqFIwpPX2iAeSSycWX Long Layers with Face Framing Pieces

Long hair doesn’t have to be high maintenance! Pare your styling routine down with long, luscious layers with lavish face-framing pieces. No matter the hair type, this style brings life and luxury that keeps styling low-effort.

#8. Graduated Bob

magnific UgyWTB2Lvn6Jtmt0vQif Graduated Bob

Looking for a classy and graceful cut? You need a graduated bob! Graduated layering brings instant volume and movement to any hair type, but it is especially ideal for boosting lifeless, thin hair, making it look fuller, thicker, and livelier, all in a super-complementary face frame. 

#9. Short Bob with Side Bangs

magnific ZocWWVgDlEhiAu2s7WSN Short Bob with Side Bangs

The short bob with side bangs is a low-key look with a whole lot of style. This super-trendy short bob brings years back to our faces, complemented by the side bangs for an extra youthful flair. Plus, styling this bob is as short and simple as the cut itself.

#10. Side-Parted Lob

magnific PGd2G38RkKhgkKRHbPRX Side Parted Lob Long Bob

Trendy, shoulder-length cuts like the side-parted lob are famously flexible, low-maintenance haircuts that suit any hair type and face shape for an instant luxe vibe. This lob has a side part–a minor touch with major impact, infusing a little drama and a modern asymmetrical element.

#11. Short Shag

magnific JIncg0vWEhSp9r5lyREw Short Shag

Playful meets edgy with a side of vintage vibes in a super stylish short shag. The shaggy layers bring carefree texture for a messy movement with an unrefined vibe and a cool balance of grit and glamour that’s also effortless to style every day.

#12. Chin-Length Bob with Soft Layers

magnific uTvrQ7ssX8ykBewZVYGE Chin Length Bob with Soft Layers

If you want a cute and classic style (without all the actual styling), you need to try a chin-length bob with soft layers! The chin-length bob creates a super-complementary shape that gives your face an instant anti-aging element. Then, soft layers add subtle volume and movement to your hair to give it a little life while keeping the gentle and understated style.

#13. Pixie with Long Bangs

magnific AROxKgXBBUI0wO24O10d Pixie with Long Bangs

The pixie with long bangs is a fan-favorite low-maintenance hairstyle for women over 50. This short and spunky cut with effortless texture and a super cute frame for your upper facial features, magnified by the long, sweeping bangs for that extra chic finishing touch.

#14. Long Layers with Subtle Waves

magnific TSjQku0zDKZ99YV4lwQc Long Layers with Subtle Waves

Whoever said long, luscious locks aren’t for women over 50 clearly hasn’t seen long layers with subtle waves! This style suits absolutely any hair density, giving robust volume and movement intensified by subtle waves. 

#15. Short Bob with Wispy Bangs

magnific eGyYG41wZEkyZ4ONkGKo Short Bob with Wispy Bangs

Get a chic, sporty, low-maintenance style with a short bob and wispy bangs. This bob features short, spunky layers for a spark of texture, ideal for straight hair, with wispy bangs to top it off with a light and airy charm.

#16. Pixie Bob

magnific 2OS3xJQpZd7JJtlqWmbt Pixie Bob

A pixie bob is the perfect blend of two of the best low-maintenance hairstyles for women over 50. This hybrid hairstyle combines the pixie’s versatility to adapt to curls, waves, and straight hair with dynamic texture and volume that adds a little bit of length to create the bob’s super-complementary shape for any face shape.

#17. Feathered Pixie

magnific mavH2E5djz7mexvNU6nM Feathered

Need a light and airy, low-maintenance style for your flat and fine hair? Go for a feather pixie! This lightweight pixie is perfect for giving fine hair sky-high volume with a softer texture that’s easy to style in different ways depending on your aesthetic.

#18. Blunt Lob

magnific JXbpWnKA5MLVKkf4sMWG Blunt Lob

Get a clean, polished look with nothing but class by going for a blunt lob. This style gives the lob more versatility, with layers to create full-bodied volume for any hair type and blunt cuts to finish it off with a tastefully tidy touch.

#19. Long Bob with Curtain Bangs

magnific r9ufLfmpYEtnM6gdcouw Long Bob with Curtain Bangs

Looking for a low-maintenance haircut perfect for that soft, sophisticated aesthetic without the “grandma” look? You need a long bob with curtain bangs. This long bob gives full volume with massive movement reminiscent of those flawless Farrah Fawcett waves.

#20. Textured Pixie with Short Bangs

magnific CTEXwUsRMylfz8PHCcNR Textured Pixie with Short Bangs

A textured pixie with short bangs is a sweet, chic, and sassy short hairstyle for older women who want something stylish but easy to style. Textured layers bring flat, lifeless hair back to life with volume and dimension, giving you an outstanding look with virtually zero effort.

#21. Short Curly Bob

magnific fdWAeDHPGA1AQlpsz0TQ Short Curly Bob

If you think captivating curls don’t come easily, think again! The short curly bob enhances your natural curl texture with body, bounce, and definition, making styling simpler than ever—all in a charming face frame.

#22. Choppy Lob

magnific 2wtjNDfaBY2lix4VIxrS Choppy Lob

Want that bedhed look–just not as “undone“? You need a choppy lob! This trendy lob balances edgy and elegant with high volume and slightly messy texture for an unrefined look that maintains a little sophistication. 

#23. Short Shag with Side-Swept Bangs

magnific ErnxiC3h3C3kAcHDcnzr Short Shag with Side Swept Bangs

Looking for something chic and cheeky? Go for a short shag with side-swept bangs. This short shag brings full-bodied volume and shaggy texture to create a playful look for any hair type that makes you look and feel younger.

#24. Stacked Bob with a Textured Crown

magnific iawhIniPK96OzAIDZx0o Stacked Bob with Textured Crown

A stacked bob with a textured crown is the perfect low-maintenance style for women over 50 with fine or thinning hair who hate teasing their hair for volume. The stacked bob is famous for its full, voluminous, bubbly shape, thanks to the stacked layering in the back. But this bob has a little extra texture in the crown to give your hair a little lift and life.

#25. Long Layers with Textured Ends

magnific z2Uy2an3xVZwUGpm63zA Long Layers with Textured Ends

Find an effortlessly luxurious look with a little airy edge in long layers with textured ends. The long layers give a little volume that makes giving your hair some movement easier than ever. Style any way you want. Your options are wide open! 

#26. Classic Pixie with Sideburns

magnific DJjvj2tGxeKpFdBV2UfE Classic Pixie with Sideburns

The classic pixie never fails to be a timeless and sophisticated look for women over 50. But this pixie has a little bit of a twist–-sideburns! These wisps may be tiny, but they have a significant purpose, creating a contoured look for an instantly younger look.

#27. Angled Lob with a Long Front

magnific 06REzqdEV6cS69KbZgXm Angled Lob with Long Front

Get a hairstyle that works better than Botox: an angled lob fitted with a longer front. This low-maintenance haircut has a charming and tasteful look with subtle volume, sleek texture, and a longer front for a more defined face frame. It’s even more flattering for mature women since the angle tightens up your neck and jawline, immediately making you look years younger.

#28. Textured Bob with Subtle Highlights

magnific CQ62p4cEnDKWwZlq7Brx Textured Bob with Subtle Highlights

You don’t need a long styling routine for a stunning, summery look. All you need is a timeless textured bob with subtle highlights. These highlights add depth and dimension to the dynamically textured layers for a lively texture and bright, sunny glow for your skin tone.

#29. Short Hairstyle on Natural Curls

magnific QynFZ8kIfKgr3thuLx9g Short Hairstyle with Natural Curls

Short hairstyles are a game-changer for curls. These low-maintenance haircuts are the perfect way to give your curls a brand-new look and life with better definition and bounce. Plus, a short haircut makes styling your curls super simple without sacrificing an ounce of your style.

#30. Shag with Wispy Bangs

magnific 3OKaTHKxHoOdQY5guBZT Shag with Wispy Bangs

A shag with wispy looks is a vigorous look with vintage vibes. Choppy layers create a tousled texture that gives any hair texture those flawlessly fab vibes with low-effort styling and wispy bangs for an extra flirty flair.

#31. Bob with an Undercut

magnific fqxDwA9Zj8mYRgZ3S0fB Bob with Undercut

Adding an undercut gives the classic bob a bold and modern twist, making styling even lower-maintenance! This edgy-chic style features an asymmetrical-esque bob with an undercut for that grungy contemporary twist. This look is ideal for freeing thick hair of bulk and creating something you can style in a snap.

#32. Long Bob with Subtle Waves

magnific 11BLhUxGrg3DodKD2lf5 Long Bob with Subtle Waves

The long bob is a super low-maintenance hairstyle that gives you the best of both worlds—the bob-inspired frame highlights your facial features, while the longer length gives full versatility and elegant movement, boosted by subtle waves for a radiant and romantic aesthetic.

#33. Shoulder-Length Cut with Face-Framing Layers

magnific twZUgz2dJ51u06CwsPsK Shoulder Length Cut with Face Framing Layers

Shoulder-length cuts are always charming and low-maintenance hairstyles perfect for women over 50. This style offers full versatility, with full-bodied volume and movement and face-framing layers to take this lavish look to the top.

#34. Short Layered Cut with Subtle Bangs

magnific zdOI9z5PGBPHZVU97qpl Short Layered Cut with Subtle Bangs

Get the perfect blend of lovely and lively with short layers and subtle bangs. The short frame gives an instant youthful effect, with layers and subtle bangs to give any hair type a soft touch of texture that makes styling uber-easy.

#35. Chin-Length Hair with Soft Waves

magnific C6KRRxTyh0NlYO8BTzR1 Chin Length Hair with Soft Waves

No matter which one you get, a chin-length cut with soft waves is a super chic and stunning style that complements almost any face shape and hair type for a flawless face frame, with soft waves to amplify your hair’s natural movement with an unparalleled lavish vibe.

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