Why The Short Shag Is Taking Over: 65 Gorgeous Styles

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Written by Rachel Miller

Updated: June 25, 2024

The shag is one of the hottest haircuts of 2024. But don’t think that short hair can get a little love from this stunning style! Everything you know and love about the shag cut, you can get in shorter, striking styles (and so much more). 

Check out these 65 stunning short-shag haircuts to try this year!

#1. Angled Pixie Shag

magnific XEKZd8bpbP1AJAe7O0z3 Angled Pixie Shag

The angled pixie shag is a superb blend of two popular styles. The iconic angled pixie features angled-cut shaggy layers that have a unique way of bringing a dynamic charm and shining a light on your most important facial features.

#2. Textured Shag with Undercut

magnific y9bgaLwLHyxE0sffvh8L Textured Shag with Undercut

If you love surprises, the textured shag with an undercut is perfect for you. The textured shaggy cut offers a soft yet versatile curtain over the spunky undercut, which you can hide or show off, depending on your mood.

#3. Layered Shag with Side Bangs

magnific R5wiRd46y7ACkpMUjaDc Layered Shag with Side Bangs

Can’t choose between length and volume? You don’t have to! With a cut like the layered shag with side bangs, you can go shorter without losing too much length and get tons of volume with some lightweight texture from the layers.

#4. Asymmetrical Shaggy Pixie

magnific NXn538w76B68HreJ4Wzo Asymmetrical Shaggy

The asymmetrical shaggy pixie cut is a melting pot of styles that come together to make a bold, unique, and super-stunning short hairstyle. The bold pixie cut gets shaken up with uneven layers for a strikingly stylish visual imbalance no one can look away from. 

#5. Feathered Shag with Micro Bangs

magnific aIXZfaRqi3Jxy4Bdg8xp Feathered Shag with Micro Bangs

For something that blends old and new, there’s nothing better than an old-fashioned feathered shag cut with super-modern micro bangs. The feathered layers of the shag cut make the perfect low-key background for the outstanding contemporary look of micro bangs.

#6. Razor Cut Shag Bob

magnific ekqwef6Two5icvfKARzS Razor Cut Shag Bob

Nothing has more edge than the razor-cut shaggy bob. This is the perfect short-shag for something bold and cheeky yet sophisticated. The razor cuts are what really steal the show with this style, bringing a unique texture to the usually sleek and straight bob.

#7. Curly Shag with Fringe Bangs

magnific 9xBZdvtC3sh3GajIsWDs Curly Shag with Fringe Bangs

If you think that curly hair can’t get some love from the shag cut, think again! This playful haircut enhances your natural curls for a bit more bounce and body, with the cute fringe bangs coming in for that extra touch of charm.

#8. Sleek Shag with Tapered Ends

magnific ekbbThQ5KolJbeujopxY Sleek Shag with Tapered Ends

For a super dynamic style, go for something like the sleek shag with tapered ends. This look can be polished or punchy, depending on how you style it. The tapered ends bring texture when you want it, and the sleek shag keeps things smooth when you don’t, which makes for a very versatile look that you can dress up to look edgy or soften to look more sophisticated.

#9. Wavy Shag with Side-Swept Bangs

magnific Olng01jrj6LmCHBJk7pL Wavy Shag with Side Swept Bangs

Make your natural texture work for you with a wavy shag and sultry side-swept bangs. The shaggy layers help your waves get more volume and bounce, creating effortless movement. You can also add some side-swept bangs for an added flirty flair. 

#10. Choppy Shag with Hidden Layers

magnific QH7OMGK8bebYBQvOnsRB Choppy Shag with Hidden Layers

Add soft texture and movement to your hair without going too crazy with layering, with a choppy shag fit with hidden layers. If you’re looking for some va-va-voom but need style versatility, this cut is your new go-to.

#11. Messy Shag with Volume

magnific EhxsL3zNrDf768RqjDcg Messy Shag with Volume

If you love that beachy look but you’re held back by thin hair, we’ve got something special for you! The voluminous messy shag emphasizes creating full-bodied height and tons of texture for that breezy seaside vibe.

#12. Edgy Shag with Sharp Layers

magnific 5JiWwh6ghCMrk6jJZLOz Edgy Shag with Sharp Layers

Relive your grunge era, but make it better with an edgy shag with sharp layers. This stunning shag offers texture, movement, and all of the grungy goodness. If you want a simple style that packs a punch, this is it!

#13. Retro-Inspired Shaggy Mullet

magnific 7z9QfaAEkYpsuQVsyCon Retro Inspired Shaggy Mullet

Don’t shy away from the business in the front and party in the back look. The retro shag has a new look, bringing some brand new style to this old country look. This hairstyle is great for enhancing natural waves and curls with a little nostalgic flair.

#14. Bohemian Shag with Natural Waves

magnific qKo19SH17Dut1cN0RYsP Bohemian Shag with Natural Waves

Give your natural waves an easy, breezy look with a Bohemian shag cut made just for waves like yours. This relaxed short shag gives you effortless bombshell waves, full of body and texture, and most importantly, jaw-dropping style.

#15. Shaggy Bowl Cut

magnific b8sfHmseoPtsX0KgSyMS Shaggy Bowl Cut

Take everything you know about the old-fashioned bow cut and throw it out the window! This isn’t the same old cut you had as a kid. The shaggy bow is an avant-garde take on a classic, making this once-feared cut a fashionable favorite.

#16. Voluminous Shag with Round Layers

magnific j2Ja0VaLUZYCRkRnvYBF Voluminous Shag with Round Layers

If you love that bombshell blowout look but you want it naturally, the voluminous shag with round layers is perfect for you. The rounded layers work with the classic shag style to create effortless blowout-like fullness and movement.

#17. Shaggy Bob with Jagged Edges

magnific 0IetPrsR6U7MVMmUdqRx Shaggy Bob with Jagged Edges

Stand out from the crowd with a shaggy bob with jaw-dropping jagged edges for that powerful punch of style. This is a contemporary combination of shape and layers style, featuring jagged edges for a sharp, modern look, perfect for all you trendsetters out there. 

#18. Slicked-Back Shaggy Pixie

magnific fiFOyKFwrOYeTcVONwlF Slicked Back Shaggy

If you want stunning, there’s nothing quite like the slicked-back shaggy pixie cut. This sleek cut is an iconic look that screams edgy elegance while keeping your styling routine to a minimum.

#19. Wispy Shag with Flipped Ends

magnific NjjnjOuNEkbgQ7FWK05V Wispy Shag with Flipped Ends

The wispy shag with flipped ends is the quintessential short shag for simple windswept movement. The wispy layers and flipped ends give even the thinnest hair volume and texture from root to tip.

#20. Punk Rock Shag with Spiky Texture

magnific hNjFUTWb5Y01aIo3srFr Punk Rock Shag with Spiky

Punk rock is all about being bold and edgy. And there’s nothing better for that than a punk rock shag with some spiky texture. This short shag haircut has all of the punchy personality your look needs to really rock!

#21. Beachy Wave Shag

magnific LTe4In1Svjvk3C4W7ph3 Beachy Wave Shag

The beachy wave shag is perfect for that summer girl aesthetic. The shaggy cut keeps things lightweight and bouncy, while the beachy waves keep things casual for that laid-back look you can wear every day.

#22. Grunge Deep-Parted Shag

magnific 29z3cMzWQggCHagLcZSP Grunge Deep Parted Shag

If you love the 90s grunge girl look, but want something just a little softer, go for the grungy deep-parted shag. The shag cut gives you all of the perfectly undone texture (without going too far), complemented by a deep side part for that extra flirty flair.

#23. Modern Shag with Sheer Bangs

magnific kC0QYBahIo5x7Bn2JMOz Modern Shag with Sheer Bangs

Nothing says stylish and contemporary like a modern shag with sheer bangs. The textured shag gives body to short hair but leaves the spotlight for the sultry sheer bangs to steal the show.

#24. Soft Shag with Gentle Waves

magnific KTUIAo0sbWxm6qYiJoan Soft Shag with Gentle Waves

The soft shag cut styled in gentle waves brings an airy, feminine charm to any look. Gentle shoulder-length waves create a light, delicate movement that gets a tiny shake from the soft shaggy texture for some added dimension.

#25. French Girl Shag with Curtain Bangs

magnific XkAK2RNfG3h76fQ5pOe4 French Girl Shag with Curtain Bangs

For all things trendy and chic, go for an effortlessly chic French girl shag with some cute curtain bangs. Stemming from the Parisian girl aesthetic, this hairstyle’s shaggy layers create elegant texture, with the curtain bangs bringing that je ne se quoi.

#26. Fluffy Shag with Airy Layers

magnific LqH2y4wV3rpIDfXRlYX9 Fluffy Shag with Airy Layers

The fluffy shag with airy layers is the essential dream girl short style. Capture that head-turning voluminous flow with fluffy and airy shaggy layers, which are perfect for boosting fine hair (and confidence).

#27. Pin Straight Shag with Blunt Ends

magnific By9RREF0C1Ln4fUOebRf Pin Straight Shag with Blunt Ends

A pin-straight short shag cut with blunt ends is perfect for something sleek and polished with a touch of texture for a little kick. This short shag hairstyle is low-maintenance, meaning you get all the style with minimal actual styling.

#28. Twisted Shag with Defined Layers

magnific nmROuYFoKT3HNHLJ9HfP Twisted Shag with Defined Layers

The twisted shag with defined layers is a spicy way to give your wavy or curly hair a unique texture that enhances your curl pattern. If you want some vivacious volume with striking definition, this is the perfect short-shag hairstyle for you.

#29. Rocker Chic Shag with Jagged Bangs

magnific kHYEZYUPLfmgnXdZCZuU Rocker Chic Shag with Jagged Bangs

Calling all rock chicks and backstage babes! This one’s for you. The rocker-chic shag with jagged bangs takes the classic shag and cranks it up with a rock-n-roll vibe and jagged bangs to take this look to center stage.

#30. Unstructured Shag with Random Layers

magnific OdNujMbmji27Nzp8aVl1 Unstructured Shag with Random Layers

Find the beauty in chaos with a short hairstyle like an unstructured shag with random layers. The spontaneous unstructured shag features random layers that electrify hair with texture and style. It’s the perfect way to show off your spunky side with a one-of-a-kind cut.

#31. Hipster Shag with Thick Bangs

magnific dotG09Oa3X0zj270ydaB Hipster Shag with Thick Bangs

The hipster shag with thick bangs brings all of the flashy fearlessness to your look. The hipster shag gives you pronounced definition and volume, with a little extra drama from the thick bangs.

#32. Glam Shag with Hollywood Waves

magnific pSr1xSqX8eZ8VpeAaXbc Glam Shag with Hollywood Waves

If you thought that a short shag hairstyle couldn’t be glam, guess again! The glam shag with Hollywood waves has everything you need to stay trendy and modern while keeping that sophisticated glam that brings you an unbeatable level of confidence.

#33. Androgynous Shag with Minimal Layers

magnific alkDfps8OTE94siA5BXy Androgynous Shag with Minimal Layers

For something gender-fluid but still sleek and stylish, the androgynous shag with minimal layers is perfect. Minimal layers keep things clean and understated for a tradition-defying look with unlimited styling options.

#34. Shaggy Pixie with Elongated Front

magnific 7cJJe5MztkJUk3WJUe9Q Shaggy Pixie with Elongated Front

The shaggy pixie with an elongated front adds an edgy flair to the iconic pixie cut. If you’ve got thin hair, this cut is particularly impactful for packing it full of volume and texture, all with a little 90s flair.

#35. Vintage Shag with Flip Out Ends

magnific WDdQZERmybtSGbfp36PT Vintage Shag with Flip Out Ends

The vintage shag with flipped-out ends suits all kinds of aesthetics, from spunky to sophisticated. The shaggy layers infuse full-bodied volume into your hair, while the flipped-out ends bring some retro charm that creates a windswept look you won’t need to go to the salon for.

#36. Spiky Shag with Disconnected Layers

magnific Aln2XnDA5x5dC33OvJxX Spiky Shag with Disconnected Layers

The spiky shag with disconnected layers packs a punch, bringing tons of boldness to your look. The disconnected layers create drama and edge while packing your hair full of texture and definition. If you love our looks to hit hard, this one’s for you!

#37. Tousled Short Shag with a Middle Part

magnific i9GwOgPnfecn0b2d4CkF Tousled Short Shag with a Middle Part

Nothing says effortlessly stylish like a tousled short shag with a middle part. The short layers lay the foundation for the touseled waves to give any hair density the body and texture it needs, while the middle part keeps things casual and classy.

#38. Shaggy Undercut with Shaved Sides

magnific neWznVAuFf0yDoEaWWbX Shaggy Undercut with Shaved Sides

Get all the edgy vibes you can handle with an avante-garde twist, courtesy of the shaggy undercut with shaved sides. This daring, unconventional take on the short shag is the perfect low-maintenance but high-impact haircut to put some punch in your style.

#39. Sleek Shag with Long Bangs

magnific 5tFSR6Du5UXKZuOWjogw Sleek Shag with Long Bangs

Combine elegance and Bohemian beauty with a haircut like the sleek shag with long bangs. The sleek shag provides relaxed layers for a polished look with a little beachy twist, while the long bangs add an extra touch of chic.

#40. Wild Shag with Extreme Volume

magnific lRiacPbZXhqYTTPkZlVK Wild Shag with Extreme Volume

Embrace your wild side with the wild shag with extreme volume. This energetic style is pumped full of texturized layers for a crazy amount of volume and definition. Perfect for thin hair that needs a little spunk!

#41. Classic Shag with Feathered Texture

magnific tKqjfoeSa6DLcycrguxs Classic Shag with Feathered

If you want maximum slay with minimal effort, go for something timelessly chic, like the classic shag with feathered texture. The feathered texture gives the classic shag a stylish spark while also making your styling routine a breeze.

#42. Layered Shag with Tousled Curls

magnific WqCNYMLkClyGVKkuuaFp Layered Shag with Tousled Curls

Another iconic look for our curly girls, the layered shag with tousled curls has everything you need to get cute, playful curls with more bounce, body, and definition. This fun style also improves your natural curl pattern. Win-win!

#43. High-Fashion Structured-Cut Shag

magnific 9LPCbsKRdsjgzmQY7ZBY High Fashion Structured Cut Shag

Stay runway-ready with a high-fashion structured-cut shag. This is a magnetizing look that gives your hair all of the contemporary pizzazz you need, with textured layered, while the structure of the cut keeps things classy.

#44. Funky Shag with Bold Angles

magnific lowDZjmymFmBrI57Clvr Funky Shag with Bold Angles

Get your groove back with a contemporary cut, like a funky shag cut with bold angles. Bold angles make this short shag haircut as hypnotizing as a disco ball, no matter how you style it.

#45. Relaxed Shag with Effortless Waves

magnific SLy41gIvYIXiO3CcNKwN Relaxed Shag with Effortless Waves

Get all of the natural goddess vibes with a relaxed shag cut with effortless waves. Soft, laid-back layers create subtle movement, while effortless waves create that delightfully divine aesthetic. 

#46. Artistic Shag with Creative Styling

magnific n6d2lT1Wvd3efvlZkx8B Artistic Shag with Creative Styling

Be different, and for a cut like the artistic shag with creative styling to really express yourself. This cut’s creative layers create a completely unique look that you can style any way you want!

#47. Dynamic Shag with Swirling Layers

magnific sMiYwbSIwIAuxtAZHq9C Dynamic Shag with Swirling Layers

Become a blowout queen with a dynamic shag with swirling layers. This iconic cut’s swirling layers create salon-quality waves without all of the styling. It’s perfect for a low-maintenance look that has a high impact.

#48. Urban Shag with Edgy Finish

magnific 9ZvHzLDTDClkmaYZISm0 Urban Shag with Edgy Finish

Nothing has more city-chic vibes than an urban shag with an edgy finish. This cheeky short shag haircut is packed full of style, thanks to the contemporary layering and textured edgy finish.

#49. Romantic Shag with Soft Curls

magnific Eh8ISMNubW6caPd6nWpw Romantic Shag with Soft Curls

Get your OG Taylor Swift on with a ravishing romantic shag with soft curls. This graceful style has everything to give all kinds of hair sky-high volume with soft texture for a super dreamy aesthetic.

#50. Bedhead Shag with Lived-In Look

magnific xlDBn11yjAxqwdDdqrGO Bedhead Shag with Lived In Look

Want that perfectly undone look for your hair? Find it in a bedhead shag cut with a lived-in look. This cut features shaggy, texturized layers that give your hair that “I woke up like this” kind of effortless style. 

#51. Mod Shag with Retro Vibe

magnific u5ncVKGo4h1FiQtqFSBo Mod Shag with Retro Vibe

If groovy is your aesthetic, throw it back to the swinging 60’s with a mod shag with a retro vibe. This style is the perfect way to put some volume and vintage vibes into all hair, pin-straight, or super-curly.

#52. Chic Shag with Sleek Silhouette

magnific KWfLuF9vDHIWBl5uSdO3 Chic Shag with Sleek Silhouette

Are you looking for something elegant and refined? The chic shag with a sleek silhouette is your new do! The chic shag has all of the layers for distinguished movement but stays neat and polished, thanks to the sleek silhouette.

#53. Windblown Short Shag

magnific cvR8rvcpTgjRNp0IFluJ Windblown Short Shag

Get sky-high volume with airy texture from the windblown short shag. The texturized layers create windblown movement, bringing energy and life to your look. No crazy styling routine required.

#54. Playful Shag with Bouncy Layers

magnific i7JrfoIk7rNH8i3sYtWs Playful Shag with Bouncy Layers

Spring into a playful shag with bouncy layers for a look that’s full of life. These bouncy layers breathe life and movement into your hair for something youthful but undeniably elegant.

#55. Free-Spirited Shag with Whimsical Touch

magnific ZbVsn3dbEsoyFJwyVM2u Free Spirited Shag with Whimsical Touch

Attention all Bohemian and beachy babes! The free-spirited shag with whimsical touch is the look for you this year. The lightweight shag creates that free-spirited body with a little added whimsy from the bangs.

#56. Structured Shag with Clean Lines

magnific gn4D56dYsVn6fn5ULmen Structured Shag with Clean Lines

If edgy or windblown doesn’t fit your style, no sweat! Keep things neat and tidy with a structured short shag with clean lines. This is a simple look with clean, straight lines for a minimalistic type of elegance.

#57. Eclectic Shag with Mixed Textures

magnific AMdYfKpJwTQDoldSzAVL Eclectic Shag with Mixed

Stand out with something adventurous, like the eclectic shag with mixed textures. Mixing textures gives this haircut a unique facelift for ultra volume and texture for an extra sassy style that complements straight, wavy, and curly hair.

#58. Shaggy Lob with Effortless Elegance

magnific Nb4MmwDFBppRPgpj4KNP Shaggy Lob with Effortless Elegance

The shaggy lob with effortless elegance is the perfect compromise between edge and elegance. The secret? Graceful shaggy layers that sweep in to give the look some cheeky texture, but the lob shape keeps things classy. 

#59. Contemporary Shag with Geometric Layers

magnific Z7i9S7PQ1cbPbHKrkE0V Contemporary Shag with Geometric Layers

Is your aesthetic artsy and avante-garde? The contemporary shag with geometric layers is perfect for you! If you’re down for all things creative, shaggy, geometric layers are just the thing to shape up your style.

#60. Shag with Disheveled Elegance

magnific HuAF9mkZfhDaRv89doO3 Shag with Disheveled Elegance

Another delightfully distressed look, the shag with disheveled elegance is the perfect thing. The shag’s structure keeps things classy, while the slightly shaggy layers provide a softer undone kind of vibe. 

#61. Sculpted Shag with Defined Curls

magnific TTKiiqrD0NgpEYg48zqb Sculpted Shag with Defined Curls

A well-shaped style like the sculpted shag with defined curls shows some love to your natural texture. Sculpted shaggy layers work to define your captivating curls while also creating an elegant frame for your face.

#62. Softly Layered Shag with Delicate Bangs

magnific ZBSr8TLeaWPgqCcUtOcJ Softly Layered Shag with Delicate Bangs

Nothing says beauty and grace quite like a softly layered shag with delicate bangs. Soft layers create graceful body and movement for all hair types, and the delicate bangs are the chic cherry on top.

#63. Boho Shag with Flowy Texture

magnific 5CUa96rjeZup4oTUclc7 Boho Shag with Flowy

Effortlessly charming. That’s how we describe the boho shag with flowy texture. This style’s layers bring flowy texture, which gives the classic shag a seaside twist, nailing that laid-back beach babe vibe. 

#64. Minimalist Shag with Subtle Undercut

magnific 49grwxm08fqOf6oTvhEl Minimalist Shag with Subtle Undercut

The minimalist shag with a subtle undercut has everything a sleek, edgy style needs to shine. This shag sticks to the minimalist vibe with minimal-yet-impactful layers and a subtle undercut for a slightly modern twist.

#65. Shag with Bold Volume and Sharp Edges

magnific KNbasZfsMYnViPpi3jJe Shag with Bold Volume and Sharp Edges

Spice up your shoulder-length hair with a cut like a shag with bold volume and sharp edges. Combining bold volume and sharp edges gives the shag even more movement and definition with some chic charm.

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