These 39 Shaggy Pixie Cut Ideas Are So Chic, They’ll Make You Want To Chop Off Your Locks Right Now

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Written by Rachel Miller

Updated: April 11, 2024

A shaggy pixie cut is a short hairstyle that combines two popular cuts: the pixie and the shag. What we love about this style is how laid-back it really is: casual, no-fuss, and natural. The pixie cut features short sides and a longer top, while the shag is known for its textured, feathery layers. By combining these elements, the shaggy pixie cut offers a lived-in look with choppy, textured layers for added dimension and movement.

magnific 64p527RjRdGEouivS09C Platinum Tapered Shaggy

Pixie cuts may be known for being outrageously cute, but when you tack on some platinum hair color, you can go from “adorable” to “fierce.” Go with a tapered cut if you want long strands around the face (you know, to show off that striking platinum shade).

#2. Jet-Black Pixie with a Side-Swept Fringe

magnific DbUYBn9akcLghLHgFtF4 Jet Black Pixie with a Side Swept Fringe

This look is the epitome of drama paired with cuteness. Start with a fringe pixie haircut, which immediately adds tons of volume (great idea for thin-haired babes!). Then, douse your locks in a mysterious jet-black shade. Tousle it up for more movement and enjoy this edgy ‘do.

#3. Layered Ocean Blue Shag Pixie

magnific QOb93hwYOPDLKITR3N9T Layered Ocean Blue Shag

Pixies are often associated with fairies, but that doesn’t mean you can’t let your inner mermaid shine through. Add a lovely ocean blue coloring to your shaggy pixie cut to transform into an ethereal creature from the sea.

#4. Shaggy Pixie with Baby Bangs

magnific PuPD8bxowWWId3bNhNQn Shaggy Pixie with Baby Bangs

Anyone looking for an infinitely low-maintenance haircut should consider the shaggy pixie with baby bangs. The layers add plenty of playful volume while the baby bangs draw attention to the eyes. Such a gorgeous look!

#5. Two-Toned Lavender and Silver Pixie

magnific rsbxcPm4281x0Om0f4eJ Two Toned Lavender and Silver

Do you want to look like a futuristic diva from the planet Mars? Yeah, I thought so – and this is the best (and easiest) way to do it. Start with a shaggy pixie haircut that’s loaded with dimensional layers. Then, add a blend of lavender and silver hues. The results are majestic.

#6. Auburn Shaggy Pixie with Wispy Ends

magnific ftbju6k2YQEt0qSr2OS4 Auburn Shaggy Pixie with Wispy Ends

Spoiler alert: this hairstyle may just be your new autumn fave. The look starts with a shaggy pixie complete with wispy ends – a simple way to add volume, especially if you have fine or thin hair. To complete this fall-ready look, opt for a head-turning auburn hue.

#7. Multi-Dimensional Gray Pixie Shag

magnific Bd1z4nJZdu0trRbYVEmb Multi Dimensional Gray Pixie Shag

Think gray hair is dull and one-noted? Think again. This magnificent shaggy pixie ‘do is loaded with dimension thanks to the inclusion of different shades of gray. Not only does this create much-needed depth, but it shows off every layer of the pixie cut beautifully.

#8. Asymmetrical Blonde Shaggy Pixie

magnific 0BrpeG3fEdg1Vcxl5s1W Asymmetrical Blonde Shaggy

Want your shaggy pixie haircut to be a bit more modern? Redesign your shaggy pixie style by simply tossing in some asymmetrical framing and dousing your tresses in an eye-catching blonde shade. Yes, it’s voguish, and we love every second of it.

#9. Fiery Red Short-Shag Pixie

magnific oQPJHKFirMWb9D7vQyFu Fiery Red Short Shag

Feelin’ a little daring, hon? Then we’ve got the look for you – this fiery red short-shag pixie. The extra-short layers ensure this look is loaded with volume while being pleasantly low-maintenance. Yet, this look appears anything but casual thanks to the striking red coloring.

#10. Chocolate Brown Pixie with Feathered Layers

magnific xZgLrcDOcEHCGOQki7ZR Chocolate Brown Pixie with Feathered Layers

On the opposite side of the spectrum, we have this lovely shaggy pixie style featuring a luscious chocolate brown shade with feathered layers. Combining sultry brunette tresses with tons of lengthy layers ensures a sophisticated and dainty style you can wear year-round.

#11. Textured Caramel Pixie Shag

magnific hcCEO34Pfz8CICIw6DTj Textured Caramel Pixie Shag

With ultra-short layers, this haircut was designed for texturizing! Simply use your favorite styling products to tousle up your strands, immediately creating a carefree yet fashion-forward finish. Opt for a subtle caramel shade that’s undeniably stylish!

#12. Muted Rose Gold Shaggy Pixie

magnific gSSuafpkKkwXG62ASkcM Muted Rose Gold Shaggy

Rose gold is a hot hair color this year, so if you’re not indulging, you’re definitely missing out. And honestly, why would you want to? This shaggy pixie haircut is the perfect palette for beautiful rose gold tresses. Leave a little longer strands around the face to showcase the color.

#13. Sleek Charcoal Shag Pixie

magnific YSGeIKxFomnkk0s5Wr1T Sleek Charcoal Shag

If you’re looking to create a mysterious aesthetic, there’s no better way to do it than with charcoal hair color. It’s sultry and mystifying all at once. And, when paired with a shag pixie, it takes on an intensely fashion-forward appearance that’s suited for the trendiest fashion mag.

#14. Icy Blonde Shag Pixie with Dark Roots

magnific Jr0JtE7GSuqzBAI05Ugt Icy Blonde Shag Pixie with Dark Roots

Shaggy pixies really don’t need much help in the dimension and depth departments, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enhance it. To create even more contrast and fun to your locks, go with an icy blonde base and dark roots. Don’t forget to tousle it up for some texture!

#15. Sunset Ombre Shaggy Pixie

magnific DamymbBAF2S60ZowEmC2 Sunset Ombre Shaggy

Looking for a style that’s bright, perky, and even enchanting? Then you’ll want to try out this hairstyle! This shaggy pixie gets a definite boost in the color department with a blend of sunset shades, such as orange, red, and pink. So stunning!

#16. Buzzed-Side Shaggy Pixie

magnific q1w5lHo0fbWi3p8wjqNZ Buzzed Side Shaggy

If your goal is to add more volume up on top while creating a daring appearance, you’ll want to consider this buzzed-side shaggy pixie. As the name suggests, the sides are buzzed short, allowing the hair on top to take center stage. This is great for wider face shapes that want to add length.

#17. Forest-Green Shaggy Pixie

magnific DdXAIK7stpG3IFb2t56t Forest Green Shaggy

Pixie cuts are great for those who want to look like a fairy, but what about those who want to look like a woodland fairy? Opt for a forest-green shade with your shaggy pixie cut to transform into an enticing earthy woodland fairy.

#18. Vintage Mocha Shaggy Pixie

magnific FR3IEzfIESKZfyw02P5V Vintage Mocha Shaggy

Those who simply can’t get enough vintage-inspired hairstyles will love this shaggy pixie! Reminiscent of the past, this vintage shaggy pixie is downright timeless and looks exceptionally well paired with a majestic mocha hair color.

#19. Platinum Pixie with Pastel Streaks

magnific jq5OMHjzf6I550zLdfxq Platinum Pixie with Pastel Streaks

Platinum shaggy pixies never go out of style. But if you want to take your pastel pixie to the next level, there’s only one way to do it: with some playful pastel streaks. Opt for a bright, look-at-me pink to create an exciting, feminine style.

#20. Short Shag Pixie with Neon Highlights

magnific g9905SVqLg1NnU0cW295 Short Shag Pixie with Neon Highlights

Pastel colors a bit too bright for you, but don’t want to sacrifice that “wow” factor? No worries – all you need to do is opt for neon highlights instead. All neon shades will look fab on a short, shaggy pixie, but this neon orange is exceptionally trendy.

#21. Salt-and-Pepper Pixie Shag

magnific fo930hMQAxDDM45eYPsk Salt and Pepper Pixie Shag

The great thing about this salt-and-pepper pixie shag is that it’s suitable for all ages. In fact, the pixie shag haircut is an excellent way to add some youthfulness to your appearance, even if you’re rockin’ those all-natural gray hairs (enhanced with some streaks of black, of course!).

#22. Shaggy Pixie with Chunky Lowlights

magnific bYDI9OmWU8WhedlEDpoV Shaggy Pixie with Chunky Lowlights

Is your shaggy pixie haircut lacking some “oomph,” but you don’t want to go too bold? There’s a simple solution: chunky lowlights. This will add some pizzazz to your shaggy pixie haircut without going overboard, ensuring you’ll love your look.

#23. Curly Copper-Shaggy Pixie

magnific 3ljCSfk6J4AizgPvg4Xf Curly Copper Shaggy

If you’re leaving a bit more length with your shaggy pixie haircut, you have more styling options – including fabulous curls. Break out your fave curling iron or wand and create some glamorous ringlets. Oh, and don’t forget to start with a copper base – nothing says sexy quite like this shade!

#24. Boho-Chic Blonde Shag Pixie

magnific DXwcnnGX2bvfBl1FmV1i Boho Chic Blonde Shag

Let’s face it – there’s no denying that this shaggy pixie haircut is riddled with boho-chic vibes. This look is bound to pair beautifully with your boho-inspired outfits and accessories. Opt for a bright blonde shade to complete your aesthetic.

#25. Midnight Blue Shaggy Pixie

magnific ZOT6YVL88CgKnqgcfMsO Midnight Blue Shaggy

Shaggy pixie cuts can be mesmerizing – this look is the perfect example. This look starts with a shaggy pixie with extra-long layers. Then, the tresses are colored with a captivating midnight blue shade. Needless to say, this is the “it” look for winter.

#26. Classy Slicked-Back Pixie Shag

magnific sZsEtvwvQs3SMX4o4wpo Classy Slicked Back Pixie Shag

Have you ever dreamed about rocking a classy, stunning pixie cut like Charlize Theron? Well, here’s a great way to embrace her iconic look – with a classy slicked-back pixie shag. This look comes close to her ‘do, yet it is doused in a darker hue for a more elegant aesthetic.

#27. Shaggy Pixie with Textured Waves

magnific kNdbylx5KO6xZOq0ybTE Shaggy Pixie with Textured Waves

Beach waves can – and should – be worn all summer long. And yes, you can rock a set of fun beach waves even if you chop your locks short. Just ensure that your shaggy pixie is kept a little longer so you can use your tools to apply some texture. So gorgeous!

#28. Pastel Rainbow Shaggy Pixie

magnific lXDHueeLfWBGWTAGMw4U Pastel Rainbow Shaggy

Is she a walking, talking unicorn? You bet she is. And the best part is, it wasn’t *that* difficult to achieve! Yes, this colorful look will take some time and effort to accomplish. But because it’s on shorter locks, it won’t be too challenging. Enjoy this playful style, babe!

#29. Sleek Jet Black Pixie with Silver Tips

magnific kWgRMfWKSKeOkwJxGmg6 Sleek Jet Black Pixie with Silver Tips

Jet-black pixie shag haircuts are always stylish, but are you tired of the one-note of the black shade? Then add in some silver tips, honey! This simple addition allows you to enjoy added dimension while creating a visually appealing blend.

#30. Textured Golden Blonde Shag Pixie

magnific biBD7tncH8V09B0vatyJ Textured Golden Blonde Shag

If you’re thinking about going blonde but don’t know which shade to pick, know that you can’t go wrong with the ever-popular golden blonde. Golden blonde is timelessly elegant yet exciting – not too bright or too dull. 

#31. Auburn Shaggy Pixie with Feathered Layers

magnific 4x6aXpawirPFLk6YPqpa Auburn Shaggy Pixie with Feathered Layers

Want to spice up your shaggy pixie? Here are two great ways. One, start by coloring your locks with a stunning auburn shade. Then, toss in some feathered layers to create extra movement and body. Finally, rock your striking ‘do all over town.

#32. Lavender Shaggy Pixie Cut

magnific GOvd80QGIyZzlOeHDwNG Lavender Shaggy Pixie Cut

Tender, graceful, and ladylike – those are three words we would definitely use to describe this gorgeous pixie hairstyle. Start with a shaggy pixie haircut that’s a bit shorter. Finish by coloring your strands with a lovely lavender hue, transforming yourself into a mythical creature.

#33. Shaggy Pixie with Blunt Bangs

magnific GHfQX7dOpEos3ixKoEi7 Shaggy Pixie with Blunt Bangs

If you love bangs, don’t panic – you don’t have to say sayonara to your beloved bangs simply because you’re going with a shaggy pixie haircut. Just add some blunt bangs to your style and enjoy. The structure of the blunt bangs is a great twist to the more carefree, shaggy chops.

#34. Honey-Kissed Shaggy Pixie Cut

magnific hAuudwc8Kc82rkJgEGqh Honey Kissed Shaggy Pixie Cut

Did you know that you can make your hair color glow? Yup, it’s true and not as complicated as you might think. It’s as simple as adding honey-kissed coloring to your strands. Then, watch your locks illuminate when you step under the sun. Such a beautiful look, especially on a shaggy pixie!

#35. Tapered Shaggy Pixie with Curls

magnific GZ6ByH2e7DHdi6fwoLZ4 Tapered Shaggy Pixie with Curls

Is your shaggy pixie lacking some volume? That can certainly happen – but you don’t have to settle for the mundane. Instead, add glorious ringlets to your shaggy pixie and enjoy an extensive amount of head-turning volume and flare.

#36. Iridescent Shaggy Pixie Cut

magnific OzfNekWOwNpEYfe5tLRZ Iridescent Shaggy Pixie Cut

Anyone looking to create a style designed to be the center of attention should consider this flawless look! This shaggy pixie cut is anything but the “typical.” The layers are highlighted with iridescent shades, creating a final appearance that can only be described as “out of this world.”

#37. Fiery Red Shaggy Pixie with an Undercut

magnific nNleWTCQWk0IOuVoYrXr Fiery Red Shaggy Pixie with an Undercut

Hey, rebel. You want a style that matches your daring personality? Then try out this look. Start with a regular shaggy pixie haircut. Then, add a fierce undercut. To finish off your rockin’ look, add fiery red coloring to your strands. 

#38. Two-Tone Shaggy Pixie with a Side-Swept Fringe

magnific oMvVCGsGMcLx2WHUkJCv Two Tone Shaggy Pixie with a Side Swept Fringe

This two-tone shaggy pixie with a side-swept fringe is designed for ladies who want to pair playfulness with elegance. The two-tone color ensures plenty of dimension, while the side-swept fringe adds volume. Wear it to the office and the party – it’s that versatile!

#39. Cinnamon Swirl Shaggy Pixie

magnific JwRAzDz7soYe0PiNg51Q Cinnamon Swirl Shaggy

Do you need a hair color that can transition from summer to fall beautifully? Then, you might want to consider this cinnamon swirl shade. Place it atop a shaggy pixie for an effortlessly chic look you’re bound to adore.

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